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Nutritional Needs of Lactating Women
item Effect of acyl activating enzyme (AAE) 3 on the growth and development of Medicago truncatula (Sep 2018)
item In silico mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) regulating the milk ionome in mice identifies a milk iron locus on chromosome 1 (Aug 2018)
item Intestinal permeability, digestive stability and oral bioavailability of dietary small RNAs (Jul 2018)
item Purification, identification and functional characterization of a novel immunomodulatory protein from Pleurotus eryngii (Jun 2018)
item Transcriptome analysis re1.eals the role of glutaredoxin 3 in cardiac energy metabolism in obese mice (Apr 2018)
item Identification of an epoxide metabolite of lycopene in human plasma using 13C-labeling and QTOF-MS (Mar 2018)
item Role of glutaredoxin 3 in iron homeostasis (Mar 2018)
item Genetic variation in sensitivity to estrogens and breast cancer risk (Feb 2018)
item A non-invasive assessment of skin carotenoid status through reflection spectroscopy is a feasible, reliable and potentially valid measure of fruit and vegetable consumption in a diverse community sample (Feb 2018)
item Uptake of dietary milk microRNAs by adult humans: Rules for the game of hide and seek (Jan 2018)
item Effects of Fe and Mn deficiencies on the protein profiles of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) xylem sap as revealed by shotgun analyses (Jan 2018)
item Silencing of OsGRX17 in rice improves drought stress tolerance by modulating ROS accumulation and stomatal closure (Nov 2017)
item Diet-induced inflammation and mammary ductal development: Alternative activation of estrogen-dependent stromal-epithelial signaling (Oct 2017)
item Expression of a monothiol glutaredoxin, AtGRXS17, in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) enhances drought tolerance (Sep 2017)
item Closer to clarity on the effect of lipid consumption on fat-soluble vitamin and carotenoid absorption: do we need to close in further? (Sep 2017)
item Conjecture regarding posttranslational modifications to the arabidopsis type I proton-pumping pyrophosphatase (AVP1) (Sep 2017)
item Efficacy and safety of mini-dose glucagon for treatment of nonsevere hypoglycemia in adults with type 1 diabetes (Aug 2017)
item Racial and ethnic differences among children with new-onset autoimmune type 1 diabetes (Jul 2017)
item Bioavailability of transgenic microRNAs in genetically modified plants (Jul 2017)
item Heterodimerization of Arabidopsis calcium/proton exchangers contributes to regulation of guard cell dynamics and plant defense responses (Jun 2017)
item Navigating dietary small RNAs (Jun 2017)
item Arabidopsis glutaredoxin s17 contributes to vegetative growth, mineral accumulation, and redox balance during iron deficiency (May 2017)
item IGF1 stimulates greater muscle hypertrophy in the absence of myostatin in male mice (May 2017)
item National Academies report has broad support (Apr 2017)
item Cardiac-specific ablation of glutaredoxin 3 leads to cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure (Apr 2017)
item MicroRNAs: Bioactive molecules at the nexus of nutrition and disease (Mar 2017)
item The atypical genesis and bioavailability of the plant-based small RNA MIR2911: Bulking up while breaking down (Mar 2017)
item Clinical features and management of non-HIV related lipodystrophy in children: A systematic review (Feb 2017)
item Poor adherence to ketone testing in patients with Type 1 Diabetes (Jan 2017)
item Chronic maternal low-protein diet in mice affects anxiety, night-time energy expenditure and sleep patterns, but not circadian rhythm in male offspring (Jan 2017)
item Minerals, vitamin C, phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant activity of Amaranthus leafy vegetables (Jan 2017)
item Summer research training provides effective tools for underrepresented minorities to obtain doctoral level degrees (Jan 2017)
item Construction of pDUO: A bicistronic shuttle vector series for dual expression of recombinant proteins (Jan 2017)
item Plant macro- and micronutrient minerals (Dec 2016)
item Determining the biochemical properties of the Oxalate Biosynthetic Component (Obc)1 from Burkholderia mallei (Sep 2016)
item Plant fluid proteomics: Delving into the xylem sap, phloem sap and apoplastic fluid proteomes (Aug 2016)
item Leaf protein and mineral concentrations across the "miracle tree" genus Moringa (Jul 2016)
item Maternal exercise during pregnancy promotes physical activity in adult offspring (Jul 2016)
item The expanding footprint of CRISPR/Cas9 in the plant sciences (Jul 2016)
item Manipulations of MeCP2 in glutamatergic neurons highlight their contributions to Rett and other neurological disorders (Jun 2016)
item Anomalous uptake and circulatory characteristics of the plant-based small RNA MIR2911 (Jun 2016)
item Growth Hormone Research Society perspective on the development of long-acting growth hormone preparations (Jun 2016)
item 605 Salad crops: Root, bulb, and tuber Crops (Jun 2016)
item A rapid and efficient method to study the function of crop plant transporters in Arabidopsis (May 2016)
item Moving on up: H(+)-PPase mediated crop improvement (May 2016)
item CAX-ing a wide net: Cation/H(+) transporters in metal remediation and abiotic stress signalling (Apr 2016)
item Telling our stories (Apr 2016)
item Effects of Fe deficiency on the protein profiles and lignin composition of stem tissues of Medicago truncatula in absence and presence of calcium carbonate (Mar 2016)
item Plant fluid proteomics: Delving into the xylem sap, phloem sap and apoplastic fluid proteomes (Mar 2016)
item Building the future of our society (Mar 2016)
item Nonaqueous, mini-dose glucagon for treatment of mild hypoglycemia in adults with type 1 diabetes: A dose-seeking study (Mar 2016)
item Expanding treatment options for youth with type 2 diabetes: Current problems and proposed solutions: A white paper from the NICHD Diabetes Working Group (Mar 2016)
item An oxalyl-CoA dependent pathway of oxalate catabolism plays a role in regulating calcium oxalate crystal accumulation and defending against oxalate-secreting phytopathogens in Medicago truncatula (Feb 2016)
item Precocious glucocorticoid exposure reduces skeletal muscle satellite cells in the fetal rat (Jan 2016)
item Crop Science Applications (Jan 2016)
item Evaluation of minerals, phytochemical compounds and antioxidant activity of Mexican, Central American, and African green leafy vegetables (Dec 2015)
item GH safety workshop position paper: A critical appraisal of recombinant human GH therapy in children and adults (Dec 2015)
item Tomato expressing Arabidopsis glutaredoxin gene AtGRXS17 confers tolerance to chilling stress via modulating cold responsive components (Nov 2015)
item CHX14 is a plasma membrane K-efflux transporter that regulates K+ redistribution in "Arabidopsis thaliana" (Nov 2015)
item Effects of Fe deficiency on the protein profile of Brassica napus phloem sap (Nov 2015)
item CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing and gene replacement in plants: Transitioning from lab to field (Nov 2015)
item Overexpression of Arabidopsis VIT1 increases accumulation of iron in cassava roots and stems (Nov 2015)
item An assessment of engineered calcium oxalate crystal formation on plant growth and development as a step toward evaluating its use to enhance plant defense (Oct 2015)
item Diet-responsive microRNAs are likely exogenous (Oct 2015)
item Dietary rice bran supplementation prevents salmonella colonization differentially across varieties and by priming intestinal immunity (Sep 2015)
item Elevated copper impairs hepatic nuclear receptor function in Wilson's disease (Sep 2015)
item Mineral accumulation in vegetative and reproductive tissues during seed development in Medicago truncatula (Aug 2015)
item Recommendations from the Pediatric Endocrine Society for evaluation and management of persistent hypoglycemia in neonates, infants, and children (Aug 2015)
item Dietary delivery: A new avenue for microRNA therapeutics? (Aug 2015)
item Localization of an evolutionarily conserved protein proton pyrophosphatase in evolutionarily distant plants oryza sativa and physcomitrella patens (Jul 2015)
item Detection of an abundant plant-based small RNA in consumers (Jul 2015)
item Characterization of oryza sativa acyl activating enzyme3 (OsAAE3) (Jul 2015)
item Milk yield differences between 1x and 4x milking are associated with changes in mammary mitochondrial number and milk protein gene expression, but not mammary cell apoptosis or "SOCS" gene expression (Jul 2015)
item Digesting dietary miRNA therapeutics (Jun 2015)
item Re-evaluating "transitional neonatal hypoglycemia": mechanism and implications for management (Jun 2015)
item Dietary RNAs: New stories regarding oral delivery (Apr 2015)
item Detection of dietary plant-based small RNAs in animals (Apr 2015)
item Alpha-tocopherol disappearance rates from plasma depend on lipid concentrations: Studies using deuterium labeled collard greens in younger and older adults (Apr 2015)
item Precursors of hexoneogenesis within the human mammary gland (Apr 2015)
item Commentary: Launch of a quality improvement network for evidence-based management of uncommon pediatric endocrine disorders: Turner syndrome as a prototype (Apr 2015)
item Feeding practices of low-income mothers: How do they compare to current recommendations (Mar 2015)
item Genome-wide association as a means to understanding the mammary gland (Mar 2015)
item Maternal depression, stress and feeding styles: towards a framework for theory and research in child obesity (Jan 2015)
item Tree nut consumption is associated with better nutrient adequacy and diet quality in adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005-2010 (Jan 2015)
item Executive functioning, emotion regulation, eating self-regulation, and weight status in low-income preschool children: How do they relate? (Jan 2015)
item Minimizing morbidity of hypoglycemia in diabetes: A review of mini-dose glucagon (Jan 2015)
item In-silico QTL mapping of postpubertal mammary ductal development in the mouse uncovers potential human breast cancer risk loci (Jan 2015)
item Nutrient intake, diet quality, and weight/adiposity parameters in breakfast patterns compared with no breakfast in adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2008 (Dec 2014)
item Leucine is a major regulator of muscle protein synthesis in neonates (Nov 2014)
item Ethnic disparities among food sources of energy and nutrients of public health concern and nutrients to limit in adults in the United States: NHANES 2003-2006 (Nov 2014)
item Effects of nano-ZnO on the agronomically relevant Rhizobium-legume symbiosis (Nov 2014)
item Maternal oxytocin response predicts mother-to-infant gaze (Nov 2014)
item Mothers who are securely attached in pregnancy show more attuned infant mirroring 7 months postpartum (Nov 2014)
item In-Silico Genomic Approaches To Understanding Lactation, Mammary Development, And Breast Cancer (Oct 2014)
item Ribosome abundance regulates the recovery of skeletal muscle protein mass upon recuperation from postnatal undernutrition in mice (Sep 2014)
item Unresolved trauma in mothers: Intergenerational effects and the role of reorganization (Sep 2014)
item Delivery and detection of dietary plant-based miRNAs in animal tissues (Jul 2014)
item Expression of AtGRXS17 in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) enhances tolerance to drought stress (Jul 2014)
item Ectopic expression of Arabidopsis glutaredoxin gene AtGRXS17 in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) confers tolerance to chilling stress (Jul 2014)
item Prevalence of obesity: A public health problem poorly understood (Jun 2014)
item Nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomics of iron deficiency in soybean leaves (Jun 2014)
item Pediatric diabetes consortium type 1 diabetes new onset (NeOn) study: Factors associated with HbA1c levels one year after diagnosis (Jun 2014)
item Major depression in mothers predict reduced ventral striatum activation in adolescent female offspring with and without depression (May 2014)
item Whole shoot mineral partitioning and accumulation in pea (Pisum sativum) (Apr 2014)
item Evaluation of constitutive iron reductase (AtFRO2) expression on mineral accumulation and distribution in soybean (Glycine max L.) (Apr 2014)
item Mothers' unresolved trauma blunts amygdala response to infant distress (Mar 2014)
item Oxytocin and postpartum depression: Delivering on what's known and what's not (Nov 2013)