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Nutritional Requirements of Adolescents
item Childhood obesity prevention: Changing the focus (Jan 2018)
item Drawing conclusions from within-group comparisons and selected subsets of data leads to unsubstantiated conclusions: Letter regarding Malakellis et al. (Dec 2017)
item Text messaging based obesity prevention program for parents of pre-adolescent African American girls (Dec 2017)
item What do US and Canadian parents do to encourage or discourage physical activity among their 5-12 year old children? (Dec 2017)
item Dairy consumption and body mass index among adults: Mendelian randomization analysis of 184802 individuals from 25 studies (Nov 2017)
item DsbA-L prevents obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistance by suppressing the mtDNA release-activated cGAS-cGAMP-STING pathway (Nov 2017)
item Factors of health in the protection against death and cardiovascular disease among adults with subclinical atherosclerosis (Nov 2017)
item Informative priors on fetal fraction increase power of the noninvasive prenatal screen (Nov 2017)
item Asprosin is a centrally acting orexigenic hormone (Nov 2017)
item Sugar-sweetened beverage intake associations with fasting glucose and insulin concentrations are not modified by selected genetic variants in a ChREBP-FGF21 pathway: A meta-analysis (Nov 2017)
item Multi-ethnic meta-analysis identifies RAI1 as a possible obstructive sleep apnea related quantitative trait locus in men (Oct 2017)
item SIRT3 protects hepatocytes from oxidative injury by enhancing ROS scavenging and mitochondrial integrity (Oct 2017)
item A gata2-dependent transcription network regulates uterine progesterone responsiveness and endometrial function (Oct 2017)
item Characterizing diabetes burnout in parents of youth with type 1 diabetes (T1D)[abstract] (Oct 2017)
item Food and eating behaviors among adolescents with type 1 diabetes and their parents [abstract] (Oct 2017)
item Impact of child summertime obesity interventions on body mass index, and weight-related behaviours: A systematic review and meta-analysis protocol (Oct 2017)
item Enhanced inflammation and attenuated tumor suppressor pathways are associated with oncogene-induced lung tumors in aged mice (Oct 2017)
item Food and eating behaviors among adolescents with type 1 diabetes and their parents (Oct 2017)
item Characterizing diabetes burnout in parents of youth with type 1 diabetes (T1D) (Oct 2017)
item Mommio's recipe box: Assessment of the cooking habits of mothers of preschoolers and their perceptions of recipes for a video game (Oct 2017)
item Omega-6 fatty acid biomarkers and incident type 2 diabetes: Pooled analysis of individual-level data for 39740 adults from 20 prospective cohort studies (Oct 2017)
item Determining transition readiness in congenital heart disease: Assessing the utility of the Transition Readiness Questionnaire (Oct 2017)
item Response to a comment on Cullen K "From Squires Quest! II: A serious video game intervention": Methodological issues (Oct 2017)
item Coffee consumption is not associated with prevalent subclinical cardiovascular disease (CVD) or the risk of CVD events, in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Results from the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (Oct 2017)
item Building mobile technologies to improve transitions of care in adolescents with congenital heart disease (Sep 2017)
item Genome-wide interactions with dairy intake for body mass index in adults of European descent (Sep 2017)
item Increased lipolysis, diminished adipose tissue insulin sensitivity and impaired B-cell function relative to adipose tissue insulin sensitivity in obese youth with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) (Sep 2017)
item Item response modeling: A psychometric assessment of the children's fruit, vegetable, water, and physical activity self-efficacy scales among Chinese children (Sep 2017)
item Food parenting practices for 5 to 12 year old children: A concept map analysis of parenting and nutrition experts input (Sep 2017)
item Predicting preschool children's eating in the absence of hunger from maternal pressure to eat: A longitudinal study of low-income, Latina mothers (Sep 2017)
item Perceived medication adherence barriers mediating effects between gastrointestinal symptoms and health-related quality of life in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (Sep 2017)
item Heparin increases food intake through AgRP neurons (Sep 2017)
item Acute activation of GLP-1-expressing neurons promotes glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity (Sep 2017)
item Perceived influences on farmers' market use among urban, WIC-enrolled women (Sep 2017)
item Association between sleep duration and body mass index among US low-income preschoolers (Aug 2017)
item On the null distribution of Bayes factors in linear regression (Aug 2017)
item Flavored milk consumers drank more milk and had a higher prevalence of meeting calcium recommendation than nonconsumers (Jul 2017)
item Insulin sensitivity across the lifespan from obese adolescents to obese adults with impaired glucose tolerance: Who is worse off? (Jul 2017)
item Reliability of the echoMRI infant system for water and fat measurements in newborns (Jul 2017)
item Activity level in the lab: Overlap with shyness indicates it is more than pure motoric activity (Jun 2017)
item Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in hispanic youth with dysglycemia: Risk for subclinical atherosclerosis? (Jun 2017)
item Outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of nutrition education to promote farmers' market fruit and vegetable purchases and consumption among women enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, (Jun 2017)
item Validity of a digital diet estimation method for use with preschool children (Jun 2017)
item Individual, social and environmental determinants of sleep among women: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis (Jun 2017)
item Sulforaphane reduces hepatic glucose production and improves glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes (Jun 2017)
item Conceptualizing physical activity parenting practices using expert informed concept mapping analysis (Jun 2017)
item Barriers to healthy eating among food pantry clients (Jun 2017)
item Association of infant feeding with trajectories of body composition and growth (Jun 2017)
item Parents' qualitative perspectives on child asking for fruit and vegetables (Jun 2017)
item Identification and characterization of a supraclavicular brown adipose tissue in mice (Jun 2017)
item Teaching parents about responsive feeding through a vicarious learning video: A pilot randomized controlled trial (Jun 2017)
item Quantitative real-time imaging of glutathione (May 2017)
item The baseline characteristics of parents and African American girls in an online obesity prevention program: A feasibility study (May 2017)
item Assessment of nitric oxide production in mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes syndrome with the use of a stable isotope tracer infusion technique (May 2017)
item The Team Up for School Nutrition Success workshop evaluation study: 3-month results (May 2017)
item Diabetes care provider perceptions on family challenges of pediatric type 1 diabetes (May 2017)
item Exome sequencing reveals novel genetic loci influencing obesity-related traits in Hispanic children (May 2017)
item Behavioral interventions to promote adequate sleep among women: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis (May 2017)
item Functional data analysis of sleeping energy expenditure (May 2017)
item Generalized metabolic bone disease and fracture risk in Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (May 2017)
item Psyllium fiber reduces abdominal pain in children with irritable bowel syndrome in a randomized, double-blind trial (May 2017)
item DPD epitope-specific glutamic acid decarboxylase GAD)65 autoantibodies in children with Type 1 diabetes (May 2017)
item Patient health communication mediating effects between gastrointestinal symptoms and gastrointestinal worry in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (May 2017)
item Melanocortin 4 receptor is not required for estrogenic regulations on energy homeostasis and reproduction (May 2017)
item Combined vitamin B-12 and balanced protein-energy supplementation affect homocysteine remethylation in the methionine cycle in pregnant south Indian women of low vitamin B-12 status (Apr 2017)
item Glutaredoxins in plant development, abiotic stress response, and iron homeostasis: From model organisms to crops (Apr 2017)
item Correlation of serum MMP3 and other biomarkers with clinical outcomes in patients with ankylosing spondylitis: A pilot study (Apr 2017)
item The effectiveness of asking behaviors among 9-11 year-old children in increasing home availability and children's intake of fruit and vegetables: Results from the Squire's Quest II self-regulation game intervention (Apr 2017)
item The analysis Arabidopsis thaliana overexpressing a 14kDa self-folding protein [abstract] (Apr 2017)
item The limitations of transforming very high body mass indexes into z-scores among 8.7 million 2- to 4-year-old children (Apr 2017)
item Suppression of GHS-R in AgRP neurons mitigates diet-induced obesity by activating thermogenesis (Apr 2017)
item Story immersion may be effective in promoting diet and physical activity in Chinese children (Apr 2017)
item The collaborative African genomics network training program: A trainee perspective on training the next generation of African scientists (Apr 2017)
item Longitudinal monitoring of whole body counter NaI(TI) detector efficiency (Apr 2017)
item Brain nuclear receptors and body weight regulation (Apr 2017)
item Avocado consumption by adults is associated with better nutrient intake, diet quality, and some measures of adiposity: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2001-2012 (Apr 2017)
item Lactulose breath test gas production in childhood IBS is associated with intestinal transit and bowel movement frequency (Apr 2017)
item Acceptability of locally produced ready-to-use therapeutic foods in Ethiopia, Ghana, Pakistan and India (Apr 2017)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction is associated with altered bile acid metabolism (Apr 2017)
item Evaluation of diet pattern and weight gain in postmenopausal women enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study (Apr 2017)
item Genetic associations with lipoprotein subfraction measures differ by ethnicity in the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA) (Mar 2017)
item Acculturation and weight change in Asian-American children: Evidence from the ECLS-K:2011 (Mar 2017)
item Dairy consumption, systolic blood pressure, and risk of hypertension: Mendelian randomization study (Mar 2017)
item The baseline characteristics of parents and African American girls in an online obesity prevention program: A feasibility study (Mar 2017)
item Discovery and fine-mapping of loci associated with monounsaturated fatty acids through trans-ethnic meta-analysis in Chinese and European populations (Mar 2017)
item Beverage consumption among U.S. children aged 0–24 months: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) (Mar 2017)
item Improved starch digestion of sucrase deficient shrews treated with oral glucoamylase enzyme supplements (Mar 2017)
item The mechanisms of sirtuin 2-mediated exacerbation of alpha-synuclein toxicity in models of Parkinson disease (Mar 2017)
item The epigenetics of obesity (Mar 2017)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction is associated with carnitine deficiency and altered fatty acid oxidation (Mar 2017)
item Diet and physical activity in African-American girls: Seasonal differences (Mar 2017)
item Differences in beta-cell function and insulin secretion in Black vs. White obese adolescents: Do incretin hormones play a role? (Mar 2017)
item Sufficient protein quality of food aid varies with the physiologic status of recipients (Mar 2017)
item Pediatric irritable bowel syndrome patient and parental characteristics differ by care management type (Mar 2017)
item BMI z-scores are a poor indicator of adiposity among 2- to 19-year-olds with very high BMIs, NHANES 1999-2000 to 2013-2014 (Feb 2017)
item Incorporating behavioral techniques into a serious video game for children (Feb 2017)
item Body-composition changes in the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy (CALERIE)-2 study: A 2-y randomized controlled trial of calorie restriction in nonobese humans (Feb 2017)
item Applying recovery biomarkers to calibrate self-report measures of sodium and potassium in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (Feb 2017)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction and the fecal microbiota in Malawian children (Feb 2017)
item Motivational theater to increase consumption of vegetable dishes by preschool children (Feb 2017)
item Tracing how normative messages may influence physical activity intention (Feb 2017)
item The Women, Infants, and Children food package and 100% fruit juice (Feb 2017)
item Short sleep duration is associated with eating more carbohydrates and less dietary fat in Mexican American Children (Feb 2017)
item Associations of coffee, tea, and caffeine intake with coronary artery calcification and cardiovascular events (Feb 2017)
item A combined intervention of zinc, multiple micronutrients, and albendazole does not ameliorate environmental enteric dysfunction or stunting in rural Malawian children in a double-blind randomized controlled trial (Feb 2017)
item Perspectives on barriers to eating healthy among food pantry clients (Jan 2017)
item Genetic variation underlying renal uric acid excretion in Hispanic children: The Viva La Familia Study (Jan 2017)
item The contribution of the USDA school breakfast and lunch program meals to student daily dietary intake (Jan 2017)
item Applying nutrition science to the public's health (Jan 2017)
item Strategies low-income parents use to overcome their children's food refusal (Jan 2017)
item Younger elementary students waste more school lunch foods than older elementary students (Jan 2017)
item Culture and diet among Chinese American children aged 9–13 years: A qualitative study (Dec 2016)
item SRC-1 regulates blood pressure and aortic stiffness in female mice (Dec 2016)
item The new federal school nutrition standards and meal patterns: Early evidence examining impact on student dietary behavior and the school food environment (Dec 2016)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction and growth failure/stunting in global child health (Dec 2016)
item Metabolomic changes in serum of children with different clinical diagnoses of malnutrition (Dec 2016)
item Gastrointestinal symptoms predictors of health-related quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Dec 2016)
item Depressive symptoms and perceptions of child difficulty are associated with less responsive feeding behaviors in an observational study of low-income mothers (Dec 2016)
item The impact of acculturation level on weight status and weight outcomes in Hispanic children (Dec 2016)
item Variants in angiopoietin-2 (ANGPT2) contribute to variation in nocturnal oxyhaemoglobin saturation level (Dec 2016)
item Emotion regulation strategies and childhood obesity in high risk preschoolers (Dec 2016)
item Development of a nutrition education intervention for food bank clients (Nov 2016)
item Exergaming: Hope for future physical activity? or blight on mankind? (Nov 2016)
item Early-life effects on adult physical activity: Concepts, relevance, and experimental approaches (Nov 2016)
item Qualitative analysis of cognitive interviews with school children: A web-based food intake questionnaire (Nov 2016)
item Race or vitamin D: A determinant of intima media thickness in obese adolescents? (Nov 2016)
item Loss of glutaredoxin 3 impedes mammary lobuloalveolar development during pregnancy and lactation (Nov 2016)
item A small potassium current in AgRP/NPY neurons regulates feeding behavior and enery metabolism (Nov 2016)
item How maternal malnutrition affects linear growth and development in the offspring (Nov 2016)
item Adiponectin, insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function, and racial/ethnic disparity in treatment failure rates in TODAY (Nov 2016)
item Endothelial function in youth: A biomarker modulated by adiposity-related insulin resistance (Nov 2016)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction is associated with poor linear growth and can be identified by host fecal mRNAs (Nov 2016)
item The active video games' narrative impact on children's physical activities (Oct 2016)
item Interrelationships of child appetite, weight and snacking among Hispanic preschoolers (Oct 2016)
item The narrative impact of active video games on physical activity among children: A feasibility study (Oct 2016)
item Gastrointestinal symptoms predictors of health-related quality of life in pediatric patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders (Oct 2016)
item Psychological correlates of self-reported and objectively measured physical activity among Chinese children—psychological correlates of PA (Oct 2016)
item Prevention of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: Critical appraisal of the evidence base (in German) (Oct 2016)
item Genetic associations with obstructive sleep apnea traits in Hispanic/Latino Americans (Oct 2016)
item The association of calcium supplementation and incident cardiovascular events in the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) (Oct 2016)
item Development of a teen-focused exergame (Oct 2016)
item Relationship of cardiac structure and function to cardiorespiratory fitness and lean body mass in adolescents and young adults with Type 2 Diabetes (Oct 2016)
item The role of family in a dietary risk reduction intervention for cardiovascular disease (Sep 2016)
item Associations between objective and self-report measures of traffic and crime safety in Latino parents of preschool children (Sep 2016)
item The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children Fresh Start randomized controlled trial: Baseline participant characteristics and reliability of measures (Sep 2016)
item Perspective: The potential role of essential amino acids and the mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) pathway in the pathogenesis of child stunting (Sep 2016)
item Childhood irritable bowel syndrome characteristics are related to both sex and pubertal development (Sep 2016)
item Interindividual variation in DNA methylation at a putative POMC metastable epiallele is associated with obesity (Sep 2016)
item Social desirability trait is associated with self-reported vegetable intake among women enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (Sep 2016)
item Hypothalamic vitamin D improves glucose homeostasis and reduces weight (Sep 2016)
item Assisted reproductive technology alters deoxyribonucleic acid methylation profiles in bloodspots of newborn infants (Sep 2016)
item Eating ready-to-eat cereal for breakfast is positively associated with daily nutrient intake, but not weight, in Mexican-American children and adolescents: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2002 (Aug 2016)
item Differences in fruit and vegetable intake by race/ethnicity and by Hispanic origin and nativity among women in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, 2015 (Aug 2016)
item Activation of serotonin 2C receptors in dopamine neurons inhibits binge-like eating in mice (Aug 2016)
item Efficient delivery of genome-editing proteins using bioreducible lipid nanoparticles (Aug 2016)
item Latina mothers' influences on child appetite regulation (Aug 2016)
item The shape of the glucose response curve during an oral glucose tolerance test heralds biomarkers of type 2 diabetes risk in obese youth (Aug 2016)
item New insights into environmental enteric dysfunction (Aug 2016)
item Development of an item bank for food parenting practices based on published instruments and reports from Canadian and U.S. parents (Aug 2016)
item Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid biomarkers and coronary heart disease: Pooling project of 19 cohort studies (Aug 2016)
item High fructose corn syrup use in beverages: Composition, manufacturing, properties, consumption, and health effects (Jul 2016)
item Potential use of food/activity, parenting style, and caregiver feeding style measurement tools with American Indian families: A brief report (Jul 2016)
item Use of relational agents to improve family communication in type 1 diabetes: Methods (Jul 2016)
item Breakfast consumption has no effect on neuropsychological functioning in children: A repeated-measures clinical trial (Jul 2016)
item Obesity status trajectory groups among elementary school children (Jul 2016)
item Physical activity behaviors and influences among Chinese-American children aged 9-13 years: A qualitative study (Jul 2016)
item Texting to increase adolescent physical activity: Feasibility assessment (Jul 2016)
item A community-based healthy living promotion program improved self-esteem among minority children (Jul 2016)
item Multimedia technology for diabetes education of school nurses (Jun 2016)
item Long-read sequencing and de novo assembly of a Chinese genome (Jun 2016)
item Maternal feeding styles and food parenting practices as predictors of longitudinal changes in weight status in Hispanic preschoolers from low-income families (Jun 2016)
item Biomarker-predicted sugars intake compared with self-reported measures in US Hispanics/Latinos: Results from the HCHS/SOL SOLNAS study (Jun 2016)
item Relating use of effective responsive, structure, and non-directive control vegetable parenting practices to subscales from the Model of Goal Directed Behavior (Jun 2016)
item Self-perceived food intolerances are common and associated with clinical severity in childhood irritable bowel syndrome (Jun 2016)
item Improvement in fruit and vegetable consumption associated with more favorable energy density and nutrient and food group intake, but not kilocalories (Jun 2016)
item Metabolic alterations in children with environmental enteric dysfunction (Jun 2016)
item The association of serum choline with linear growth failure in young children from rural Malawi (Jun 2016)
item Almond consumption is associated with better nutrient intake, nutrient adequacy, and diet quality in adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2010 (Jun 2016)
item Are the physical activity parenting practices reported by U.S. and Canadian parents captured in currently published instruments? (Jun 2016)
item Adapting the eButton to the abilities of children for diet assessment (Jun 2016)
item Commentary: Writing and evaluating qualitative research reports (Jun 2016)
item Strategies for Effective Eating Development-SEEDS: Design of an obesity prevention program to promote healthy food preferences and eating self-regulation in children from low-income families (Jun 2016)
item Genetic variants associated with subjective well-being, depressive symptoms, and neuroticism identified through genome-wide analyses (Jun 2016)
item Cardiac abnormalities in youth with obesity and type 2 diabetes (Jun 2016)
item Hypothalamic roles of mTOR complex I: Integration of nutrient and hormone signals to regulate energy homeostasis (Jun 2016)
item Energy cost of activities in preschool-aged children (Jun 2016)
item Applying the model of Goal-Directed Behavior, including descriptive norms, to physical activity intentions: A contribution to improving the Theory of Planned Behavior (May 2016)
item Outcome evaluation of Family Eats: An eight-session web-based program promoting healthy home food environments and dietary behaviors for African American families (May 2016)
item Association between barriers and facilitators to meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and body weight status of caregiver-child dyads: The HEALTH study (May 2016)
item Relationship between body fat and BMI in a U.S. Hispanic population-based cohort study: Results from HCHS/SOL (May 2016)
item Weight change in the management of youth-onset type 2 diabetes: The TODAY clinical trial experience (May 2016)
item Meal-specific dietary changes from Squires Quest! II: A serious video game intervention (May 2016)
item Droplet digital PCR quantifies host inflammatory transcripts in feces reliably and reproducibly (May 2016)
item Energy intake and energy expenditure for determining excess weight gain in pregnant women (May 2016)
item Neuronal deletion of ghrelin receptor almost completely prevents diet-induced obesity (May 2016)
item Is participatory design associated with the effectiveness of serious digital games for healthy lifestyle promotion? A meta-analysis (Apr 2016)
item Psychosocial mechanisms linking the social environment to mental health in African Americans (Apr 2016)
item Euglycemia restoration by central leptin in type 1 diabetes requires STAT3 signaling but not fast-acting neurotransmitter release (Apr 2016)
item Visualizing estrogen receptor-a-expressing neurons using a new ERa-ZsGreen reporter mouse line (Apr 2016)
item Estrogen receptor-a in the medial amygdala prevents stress-induced elevations in blood pressure in females (Apr 2016)
item Role of physical activity and sleep duration in growth and body composition of preschool-aged children (Apr 2016)
item Asprosin, a fasting-induced glucogenic protein hormone (Apr 2016)
item Psychosocial aspects of type 1 diabetes in Latino- and Asian-American youth (Apr 2016)
item Parental involvement in exercise and diet interventions for childhood cancer survivors: A systematic review (Apr 2016)
item Assessing feedback in a mobile videogame (Apr 2016)
item Children's cognitive and affective responses about a narrative versus a non-narrative cartoon designed for an active videogame (Apr 2016)
item Obesity status transitions across the elementary years: Use of Markov chain modeling (Apr 2016)
item Developmental programming: State-of-the-science and future directions-summary from a Pennington biomedical symposium (Apr 2016)
item Novel lean type 2 diabetic rat model using gestational low-protein programming (Apr 2016)
item Validation of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children (PAQ-C) among Chinese children (Mar 2016)
item Vitamin D receptor in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus is necessary for beneficial effects of 1,25D[3] on peripheral glucose levels (Mar 2016)
item New inducible genetic method reveals critical roles of GABA in the control of feeding and metabolism (Mar 2016)
item Preferred child body size and parental underestimation of child weight in Mexican-American families (Mar 2016)
item Characterizing novel metabolic pathways of melatonin receptor agonist agomelatine using metabolomic approaches (Mar 2016)
item PI3K in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus mediates estrogenic actions on energy expenditure in female mice (Mar 2016)
item Deletion of G-protein-coupled receptor 55 promotes obesity by reducing physical activity (Mar 2016)
item A cross-sectional view of the current state of treatment of youth with type 2 diabetes in the USA: Enrollment data from the Pediatric Diabetes Consortium type 2 diabetes registry (Mar 2016)
item The microbiome, intestinal function, and arginine metabolism of healthy Indian women are different from those of American and Jamaican women (Mar 2016)
item Testing the effects of narrative and play on physical activity among breast cancer survivors using mobile apps: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Mar 2016)
item Maintenance of pain in children with functional abdominal pain (Mar 2016)
item Satiety and the self-regulation of food intake in children: A potential for gene-environment interplay (Mar 2016)
item Diet and adipose tissue distributions: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (Mar 2016)
item Unlike pregnant adult women, pregnant adolescent girls cannot maintain glycine flux during late pregnancy because of decreased synthesis from serine (Mar 2016)
item Kamp K’aana, a 2-week residential weight management summer camp, shows long-term improvement in body mass index z scores (Mar 2016)
item Stability evaluation and correction of a pulsed neutron generator prompt gamma activation analysis system (Mar 2016)
item Including whey protein and whey permeate in ready-to-use supplementary food improves recovery rates in children with moderate acute malnutrition: A randomized, double-blind clinical trial (Mar 2016)
item Protein quality and growth in malnourished children (Mar 2016)
item Bristol Stool Form Scale reliability and agreement decreases when determining Rome III stool form designations (Mar 2016)
item Growth, nutritional, and gastrointestinal aspects of focal dermal hypoplasia (Goltz-Gorlin syndrome) (Mar 2016)
item Places where preschoolers are (in)active: An observational study on Latino preschoolers and their parents using objective measures (Feb 2016)
item Gluconeogenesis during endurance exercise in cyclists habituated to a long-term low carbohydrate high fat diet (Feb 2016)
item Child stunting is associated with low circulating essential amino acids (Feb 2016)
item An educational video game for nutrition of young people: Theory and design (Feb 2016)
item Underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms in childhood irritable bowel syndrome (Feb 2016)
item Identification of a new supraclavicular brown fat depot in mice (Feb 2016)
item Acculturation and plasma fatty acid concentrations in Hispanic and Chinese-American adults: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (Feb 2016)
item Strong selection at MHC in Mexicans since admixture (Feb 2016)
item Fundamental constructs in food parenting practices: A content map to guide future research (Feb 2016)
item Games for health for children—Current status and needed research (Feb 2016)
item Milk glucosidase activity enables suckled pup starch digestion (Feb 2016)
item Developmental programming of energy balance regulation: Is physical activity more "programmable" than food intake (Feb 2016)
item Energy and protein supplementation does not affect protein and amino acid kinetics or pregnancy outcomes in underweight Indian women (Feb 2016)
item Ghrelin receptor regulates adipose tissue inflammation in aging (Jan 2016)
item An indirect action contributes to c-fos induction in paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus by neuropeptide Y (Jan 2016)
item CpG methylation differences between neurons and glia are highly conserved from mouse to human (Jan 2016)
item Apolipoprotein A-IV inhibits AgRP/NPY neurons and activates POMC neurons in the arcuate nucleus (Jan 2016)
item Childhood environment and obesity (Jan 2016)
item The genetics of obesity. (Jan 2016)
item Pregnancy outcomes in youth with type 2 diabetes: The TODAY Study experience (Jan 2016)
item Removing potatoes from children's diets may compromise potassium intake (Jan 2016)
item Poor adherence to US Dietary Guidelines for children and adolescents in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey population (Jan 2016)
item What type of narrative do children prefer in active video games? An exploratory study of cognitive and emotional responses (Jan 2016)
item Accuracy of delta 18O isotope ratio measurements on the same sample by continuous-flow isotope-ratio mass spectrometry (Dec 2015)
item Environmental enteric dysfunction includes a broad spectrum of inflammatory responses and epithelial repair processes (Dec 2015)
item Predicting habits of vegetable parenting practices to facilitate the design of change programmes (Dec 2015)
item The IDEFICS (Identification and prevention of Dietary and lifestyle-induced health EFfects In Children and infantS) trial outcomes and process evaluations (Dec 2015)
item Should the IDEFICS outcomes have been expected? (Dec 2015)
item Measurements of gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis: A methodological review (Dec 2015)
item Acceptability and applicability of an American health videogame with story for childhood obesity prevention among Hong Kong Chinese children (Dec 2015)
item Obesity risk in children: The role of acculturation in the feeding practices and styles of low-income Hispanic families (Dec 2015)
item Effect of metformin added to insulin on glycemic control among overweight/obese adolescents with type 1 diabetes: A randomized clinical trial (Dec 2015)
item Validation of the Portuguese self-administered computerised 24-hour dietary recall among second-, third- and fourth-grade children (Dec 2015)
item Blunted hypothalamic ghrelin signaling reduces diet intake in rats fed a low-protein diet in late pregnancy (Dec 2015)
item The IDEFICS intervention trial to prevent childhood obesity: Design and study methods (Dec 2015)
item Understanding age-based transition needs: Perspectives from adolescents and adults with congenital heart disease (Dec 2015)
item Fruit and vegetable attitudes, norms, and intake in low-income youth (Dec 2015)
item Genetics of non-conventional lipoprotein fractions (Dec 2015)
item Depressive symptoms in youth with type 1 or type 2 diabetes: Results of the Pediatric Diabetes Consortium screening assessment of depression in diabetes study (Dec 2015)
item Vitamin D status in youth with type 1 and type 2 diabetes enrolled in the Pediatric Diabetes Consortium (PDC) is not worse than in youth without diabetes (Nov 2015)
item Middle school student perceptions of school lunch following revised federal school meal guidelines (Nov 2015)
item Insulin resistance, role of metformin and other noninsulin therapies in pediatric type 1 diabetes (Nov 2015)
item A randomized controlled trial of nutrition education to promote farmers' market fruit and vegetable purchases and consumption among women enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (Nov 2015)
item Common beans and cowpeas as complementary foods to reduce environmental enteric dysfunction and stunting in Malawian children: Study protocol for two randomized controlled trials (Nov 2015)
item Human obesity associated with an intronic SNP in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor locus (Nov 2015)
item Rationale, design, and methods for process evaluation in the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration project (Nov 2015)
item Using pedometers for measuring and increasing physical activity in children and adolescents: The next step (Nov 2015)
item Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation (Nov 2015)
item A child-centered scale of informal social control for Latino parents of preschool-age children: Development and validation (Nov 2015)
item Fit 5 Kids TV reduction program for Latino preschoolers: A cluster randomized controlled trial (Oct 2015)
item Mature adipocytes in bone marrow protect myeloma cells against chemotherapy through autophagy activation (Oct 2015)
item Eosinophilic esophagitis in children and its relationship with parental allergies: Texas Children's Hospital experience (Oct 2015)
item Impact of parental weight status on a school-based weight management programme designed for Mexican-American children (Oct 2015)
item Consumption of various forms of apples is associated with a better nutrient intake and improved nutrient adequacy in diets of children: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2010 (Oct 2015)
item The Automated Self-Administered 24-Hour Dietary Recall for Children, 2012 version, for youth aged 9 to 11 Years: A validation study (Oct 2015)
item Pediatric functional constipation gastrointestinal symptom profile compared with healthy controls (Oct 2015)
item Genome-wide association study of triglyceride response to a high-fat meal among participants of the NHLBI Genetics of Lipid Lowering Drugs and Diet Network (GOLDN) (Oct 2015)
item Assessing dietary intake in childhood cancer survivors: Food frequency questionnaire versus 24-hour diet recalls (Oct 2015)
item Postnatal epigenetic regulation of intestinal stem cells requires DNA methylation and is guided by the microbiome (Sep 2015)
item Genomic medicine and ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease risk (Sep 2015)
item Severe nephrotoxic nephritis following conditional and kidney-specific knockdown of stanniocalcin-1 (Sep 2015)
item Gut DNA viromes of Malawian twins discordant for severe acute malnutrition (Sep 2015)
item Consumption of meat is associated with higher fasting glucose and insulin concentrations regardless of glucose and insulin genetic risk scores: a meta-analysis of 50,345 Caucasians (Sep 2015)
item The effect of dietary resistant starch type 2 on the microbiota and markers of gut inflammation in rural Malawi children (Sep 2015)
item Obesity in youth with type 1 diabetes in Germany, Austria, and the United States (Sep 2015)
item Urine albumin to creatinine ratio: A marker of early endothelial dysfunction in youth (Sep 2015)
item Mother's pre-pregnancy BMI is an important determinant of adverse cardiometabolic risk in childhood (Sep 2015)
item Structure and function of the healthy pre-adolescent pediatric gut microbiome (Aug 2015)
item Effect of emulsifier and viscosity on oil separation in ready-to-use therapeutic food (Aug 2015)
item Feasibility of recruiting families into a heart disease prevention program based on dietary patterns (Aug 2015)
item Food sources of total energy and nutrients among U.S. infants and toddlers: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005–2012 (Aug 2015)
item Triglyceride glucose index as a surrogate measure of insulin sensitivity in obese adolescents with normoglycemia, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes mellitus: Comparison with the hyperinsulinemic–euglycemic clamp (Aug 2015)
item Agreement between prospective diary data and retrospective questionnaire report of abdominal pain and stooling symptoms in children with irritable bowel syndrome (Aug 2015)
item Prose fiction as a narrative companion for a vegetable parenting videogame (Aug 2015)
item Might video games help remedy childhood obesity? (Aug 2015)
item Gene-environment interactions of circadian-related genes for cardiometabolic traits (Aug 2015)
item Vegetable parenting practices scale: Item response modeling analyses (Aug 2015)
item Training vegetable parenting practices through a mobile game: Iterative qualitative alpha test (Jul 2015)
item Metabolomics reveals the formation of aldehydes and iminium in gefitinib metabolism (Jul 2015)
item Estrogen receptor-a in medial amygdala neurons regulates body weight (Jul 2015)
item Young adult males' motivators and perceived barrier towards eating healthily and being active: A qualitative study (Jul 2015)
item Systemic exposure to menthol following administration of peppermint oil to paediatric patients (Jul 2015)
item Letter to the Editor: Nutritional epidemiology data should be analyzed by nutritional epidemiologists (Jul 2015)
item Meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine enhances leptin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice (Jul 2015)
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item High-oleic ready-to-use therapeutic food maintains docosahexaenoic acid status in severe malnutrition (Jul 2015)
item Prophylactic use of probiotics ameliorates infantile colic (Jul 2015)
item Replacing 100% fruit juice with whole fruit results in a trade off of nutrient in the diets of children (Jun 2015)
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item Low demanding parental feeding style is associated with low consumption of whole grains among children of recent immigrants (Jun 2015)
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item Plasma endotoxin core antibody concentration and linear growth are unrelated in rural Malawian children aged 2-5 years (Jun 2015)
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item Nuclear glutaredoxin 3 is critical for protection against oxidative stress-induced cell death (May 2015)
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item The adipocyte clock controls brown adipogenesis through the TGF-Beta and BMP signaling pathways (May 2015)
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item An adaptive Hidden Markov Model for activity recognition based on a wearable multi-sensor device (May 2015)
item Differential improvements in student fruit and vegetable selection and consumption in response to the new National School Lunch Program regulations: A pilot study (May 2015)
item Commonly consumed protein foods contribute to nutrient intake, diet quality, and nutrient adequacy (Apr 2015)
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item It's the context! (Apr 2015)
item Resistant starch does not affect zinc homeostasis in rural Malawian children (Apr 2015)
item Diagnosis and treatment of severely malnourished children with diarrhea (Apr 2015)
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item Predicting use of ineffective vegetable parenting practices with the Model of Goal Directed Behavior (Apr 2015)
item Risk profiles for weight gain among postmenopausal women: A classification and regression tree analysis approach (Mar 2015)
item Dietary phenolic compounds selectively inhibit the individual subunits of maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase with the potential of modulating glucose release (Mar 2015)
item In cross-sectional observations, dietary quality is not associated with CVD risk in women; in men the positive association is accounted for by BMI (Mar 2015)
item Ghrelin receptor controls obesity by fat burning (Mar 2015)
item Ghrelin (Mar 2015)
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item CDC42 inhibition suppresses progression of incipient intestinal tumors (Oct 2014)
item Effectiveness of the modified progressive aerobic capacity endurance run test for assessing aerobic fitness in Hispanic children who are obese (Oct 2014)
item Is it time for bed? Short sleep duration increases risk of obesity in Mexican American children (Sep 2014)
item Adolescents who perceive their diet as healthy consume more fruits, vegetables and milk and fewer sweet drinks (Sep 2014)
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item Measurement method bias in games for health research (Aug 2014)
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item Informing parent targeted interventions to promote increased physical activity among youth (May 2014)
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item Predicting use of effective responsive, structure, and non-directive control vegetable parenting practices with the Model of Goal Directed Behavior (May 2014)
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item Dietary supplementation with aromatic amino acids increases protein synthesis in children wHh severe acute malnutrition (May 2014)
item Excess body mass is associated with T cell differentiation indicative of immune aging in children (May 2014)
item Mucosal C-terminal maltase-glucoamylase hydrolyzes large size starch digestion products that may contribute to rapid postprandial glucose generation (May 2014)
item Current issues in determining dietary protein quality and metabolic utilization (May 2014)
item Predictors of children's active commuting to school: An observational evaluation in 5 U.S. communities (May 2014)
item Genetic basis of congenital cardiovascular malformations (Apr 2014)
item Maternal nutrition at conception modulates DNA methylation of human metastable epialleles (Apr 2014)
item Relationship between snacking patterns, diet quality and risk of overweight and abdominal obesity in children (Apr 2014)
item Snacking patterns, diet quality, and cardiovascular risk factors in adults (Apr 2014)
item Branch pattern of starch internal structure influences the glucogenesis by mucosal Nt-maltase-glucoamylase (Apr 2014)
item A switch from low to high Shh activity regulates establishment of limb progenitors and signaling centers (Apr 2014)
item Comparative analyses of lung transcriptomes in patients with alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins and in foxf1 heterozygous knockout mice (Apr 2014)
item The phosphatase JKAP/DUSP22 inhibits t-cell receptor signalling and autoimmunity by inactivating Lck (Apr 2014)
item Methylation at CPT1A locus is associated with lipoprotein subfraction profiles (Apr 2014)
item Isotope concentrations from 24-h urine and 3-h serum samples can be used to measure intestinal magnesium absorption in postmenopausal women (Apr 2014)
item Rice consumption is associated with better nutrient intake and diet quality in adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005-2010 (Mar 2014)
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item Current issues in determining dietary protein and amino-acid requirements (Mar 2014)
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item Robust scientific evidence demonstrates benefits of artificial sweeteners (Jan 2014)
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item A randomized controlled trial of a commercially available weight loss program (Dec 2013)
item Mexican-American children have different elevation of metabolic biomarkers that is proportional to obesity status (Dec 2013)
item The nutritional role of flavored and white milk in the diets of children (Oct 2013)
item The nutritional role of flavored and white milk in the diets of children (Oct 2013)
item Mothers' amygdala response to positive or negative infant affect is modulated by personal relevance (Oct 2013)
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item Replicative mechanisms for CNV formation are error prone (Sep 2013)
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