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Nutritional Requirements of Children
item Diet, Microbiome and Epigenetics in the Era of Precision Medicine (Sep 2018)
item Developmental process and early phases of implementation for the United States Interagency Committee on Human Nutrition Research National Nutrition Research Roadmap (Aug 2017)
item A Partnership for Public Health: USDA Branded Food Products Database (Jul 2017)
item Omics for Understanding the Gut-Liver-Microbiome Axis and Precision Medicine (Mar 2017)
item Research gaps in evaluating the relationship of meat and health (May 2015)
item Genetic associations with micronutrient levels identified in immune and gastrointestinal networks (May 2014)
item Methylation potential associated with diet, genotype, protein, and metabolite levels in the Delta Obesity Vitamin Study (Apr 2014)