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Grading Methods & Standards
item Examination of cotton fibers and common contaminants using an infrared microscope and a focal-plane array detector (May 2106)
item A preliminary investigation into the feasability of gin blending (Apr 2019)
item Study of relating mini-spun yarn tenacity with cotton fiber strength (Mar 2019)
item A comparison of the accelerated solvent extraction method to the Soxhlet method in the extraction of cotton fiber wax (Jan 2019)
item Comparative investigation of secondary cell wall development in cotton fiber near isogenic lines using attenuated total reflection fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR FT-IR) (Jan 2019)
item Chemical composition and characterization of cotton fibers (Nov 2018)
item Effect of instrumental leaf grade on HVI micronaire measurement in commercial cotton bales (Oct 2018)
item Upland cotton surface amino acid and carbohydrate contents vs. color measurements (Sep 2018)
item Comparison of cotton fiber development by the use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy (May 2018)
item Approaches to quantitating the results of differentially dyed cottons (Apr 2018)
item Falling number of soft wheat wheat by near-infrared spectroscopy: a challenge revisited (Mar 2018)
item Correction of wheat meal falling number to a common barometric pressure at simulated laboratory elevations of 0 to 1500 meters (Mar 2018)
item Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging of blends of conventional and waxy hard wheats (Feb 2018)
item Textile industry needs (Nov 2017)
item Impact of temperature and relative humidity on the near infrared spectroscopy measurements of cotton fiber micronaire (Jul 2017)
item Fourier-transform imaging of cotton and botanical and field trash mixtures (May 2017)
item Use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy in non-destructive and rapid assessment of developmental cotton fibers (May 2017)
item Falling number sampling variation within trucks at first point of sale (May 2017)
item Microwave moisture measurement of cotton fiber moisture content in the laboratory (May 2017)
item High quality yarns produced via high-speed roller ginning of upland cotton (Apr 2017)
item Chemical, compositional and structural characterisation of cotton fibers (Apr 2017)
item Cotton fibre cross-section properties (Apr 2017)
item Laboratory microwave measurement of the moisture content in seed cotton and ginned cotton fiber (Mar 2017)
item The relationship between instrumental leaf grade and Shirley Analyzer trash content in cotton lint (Mar 2017)
item Study on length distribution of ramie fibers (Feb 2017)
item Characterization of developmental immature fiber (im) mutant and Texas Marker-1 (TM-1) cotton fibers by Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR FT-IR) spectroscopy (Jan 2017)
item Analysis of grain quality at receival (Dec 2016)
item Infrared imaging of cotton fiber bundles using a focal plane array detector and a single reflectance accessory (Nov 2016)
item Advances in the identification of adulterated cereals and cereal products (Sep 2016)
item Water, moisture and ash content of mechanically cleaned greige cotton, naturally colored brown cotton, flax and rayon (Sep 2016)
item Nanotechnology combined therapy: tyrosine kinase-bound gold nanorod and laser thermal ablation produce a synergistic higher treatment response of renal cell carcinoma in murine model (Aug 2016)
item Separation and quantitation of plant and insect carbohydrate isomers found on the surface of cotton (Jul 2016)
item The effect of seed cotton moisture during harvesting on - part 2- yarn and fabric quality (Jul 2016)
item Fundamental research on spiking, recovery and understanding seed coat nep counts in AFIS analysis of pre-opened cotton (Jul 2016)
item Quantitative analysis of melamine in milk powders using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging and band ratio (Jul 2016)
item Shortwave infrared hyperspectral Imaging for cotton foreign matter classification (Jun 2016)
item Progress report on understanding AFIS seed coat nep levels in pre-opened slivers on the Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS) (May 2016)
item Metal analysis of cotton (May 2016)
item Ion chromatography separation of cotton surface melezitose and raffinose: entomological vs. plant sugars (May 2016)
item Fiber moisture content measurements of lint and seed cotton by a small microwave instrument (May 2016)
item Micronaire measurements on seedcotton and cotton fiber, in and outside of laboratory using micro nir-infrared instruments (May 2016)
item Direct, non-destructive, and rapid evaluation of developmental cotton fibers by ATR FT-IR spectroscopy (May 2016)
item Laboratory and outside the laboratory measurements of ginned and ot ginned cotton for fiber micronaire and maturity by portable Near Infrared (NIR) Instruments (Apr 2016)
item Influence of fiber quality on draftometer measurements (Apr 2016)
item Upgraded almeter gives detailed measures of fiber length parameters (Apr 2016)
item Comparisons of minicard ratings with ion chromatography sugar profiles of water extracts of cotton fibers and those of minicard sticky spot materials (Apr 2016)
item Cotton moisture – its importance, measurements and impacts (Mar 2016)
item Combined treatment of tyrosine kinase inhibitor labeled gold nanorod encapsulated albumin with laser thermal ablation in a renal cell carcinoma model (Jan 2016)
item Binary mixtures of waxy wheat and conventional wheat as measured by nir reflectance (Jan 2016)
item Comparative relationship of fiber strength and yarn tenacity in four cotton cultivars (Nov 2015)
item Calculator to determine moister content (Sep 2015)