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Functional Performance Properties
item Identification of loci and molecular markers associated with super soft kernel texture in wheat (May 2019)
item Agronomic traits in durum wheat germplasm possessing puroindoline genes (May 2019)
item Sorghum grain: improving quality and creating new uses Sorghum research at the USDA-ARS research center in Manhattan, Kansas (Apr 2019)
item Low-Temperature Tolerance of Maize and Sorghum Seedlings Grown under the Same Environmental Conditions (Mar 2019)
item Gluten Viscoelasticity: Rapid Method for Classification of Soft-like Wheat Genotypes (Mar 2019)
item Variation of protein molecular weight distribution parameters and their correlations with gluten and mixing characteristics for winter waxy wheat (Mar 2019)
item Solvent retention capacity (SRC) application to assess soft wheat flour quality for making white-salted noodles (Mar 2019)
item Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2018 Crop (Feb 2019)
item Water deficit and heat stress induced alterations in grain physico-chemical characteristics and micronutrient composition in field grown grain sorghum (Jan 2019)
item Tannin analysis in sorghum grains (Jan 2019)
item Sorghum phytochemicals and their potential impact on human health (Jan 2019)
item Registration of six grain sorghum pollinator (R) lines (Dec 2018)
item Genetic analysis of a unique 'super soft' kernel texture phenotype in soft white spring wheat (Dec 2018)
item Monoclonal Antibodies Recognizing the Immuno-Dominant Ana o 3 Cashew Nut Allergen (Dec 2018)
item Registration of "LCS Compass" Wheat (Dec 2018)
item Encapsulation of essential oils into degradable microcapsules for controlled release (Dec 2018)
item Mapping kernel texture in a soft durum (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) wheat population (Nov 2018)
item Effect of bran hydration with enzymes on functional properties of flour-bran blends (Nov 2018)
item Color characteristics of white salted, alkaline, and egg noodles prepared from Triticum aestivum L. and a soft kernel durum T. turgidum ssp. durum flour (Nov 2018)
item Review of genetic basis of protein digestibility in Grain sorghum (Oct 2018)
item Starch and protein chemistry and functional properties (Oct 2018)
item Determinants of wheat noodle color (Oct 2018)
item RE-evolution of durum wheat by restoring the hardness locus (Sep 2018)
item The Effect of Genotype and Traditional Food Processing Methods on In-vitro Protein Digestibility and Micronutrient Profile of Sorghum Cooked Products (Sep 2018)
item ‘TAM 114’ Wheat, Excellent Bread-making Quality Hard Red Winter Wheat Cultivar Adapted to the Southern High Plains (Aug 2018)
item Influence of genotype and environmental interaction on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) grain chemistry and digestibility (Aug 2018)
item Camelina protein enhanced by polyelectrolyte interaction and its plywood bonding properties (Aug 2018)
item Pre-harvest sprouting resistance of soft winter wheat varieties and associated grain characteristics (Aug 2018)
item Influence of Different Nutrient Solution NH4+ to NO3-Ratios on Photosystem II Photochemistry and Thermal Energy Dissipation in Hydroponically Grown Lettuce (Jul 2018)
item Evaluation of Lettuce Cultivars for Hydroponic Culture (Jul 2018)
item Potato peels and their bioactive glycoalkaloids and phenolic compounds inhibit the growth of pathogenic trichomonads (Jul 2018)
item Using DDGS-soy flour mixtures as adhesives for wood composites (Jul 2018)
item Production and characterization of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) from agricultural waste corn stover (Jul 2018)
item Solubilization of cashew gum from Anacardium Occidentale in aqueous medium (Jul 2018)
item Microwave fixation enhances gluten fibril formation in wheat endosperm (Jul 2018)
item Comparison of Oryza sativa and Oryza brachyantha genomes reveals selection-driven gene escape from the centromeric regions (Jul 2018)
item Viscoelastic properties of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) produced from agricultural residue corn stover (Jun 2018)
item Using chitosan from mushroom waste for preservation of agricultural food products; quality and storability enhancement of fresh-cut melons (Jun 2018)
item Improvement of the Antioxidative Activity of Soluble Phenolic Compounds in Chickpea by Germination (Jun 2018)
item Characterizations on the stability and release properties of ß ionone loaded thermosensitive liposomes (TSLs) (May 2018)
item Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) as a virus-induced gene silencing vector in maize seedlings (May 2018)
item Relationships between falling number, a-Amylase activity, milling, and sponge cake quality of soft white wheat (May 2018)
item High-polyphenol sorghum bran extract inhibits cancer cell growth through DNA damage, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis (May 2018)
item Acid-etching of zinc metal particles augments adsorption and removal of cashew allergens from extracts (May 2018)
item Gluten-free ancient whole grain buckwheat snacks (Apr 2018)
item Gluten-free ancient whole grain buckwheat snacks (Apr 2018)
item Structure and chemistry of the sorghum grain (Apr 2018)
item Using heat-treated starch to modify the surface of biochar and improve the tensile properties of biochar-filled stryene-butadiene rubber composites (Apr 2018)
item Distinguishing allergens from non-allergenic homologues using Physical–Chemical Property (PCP) motifs (Apr 2018)
item Falling number of soft wheat wheat by near-infrared spectroscopy: a challenge revisited (Mar 2018)
item Registration of 'Bolles' hard red spring wheat with high grain protein concentration and superior baking quality (Mar 2018)
item Polyphenol-Rich pomegranate juice reduces IgE binding to cashew nut allergens (Mar 2018)
item Genetic dissection of end-use quality traits in adapted soft white winter wheat (Mar 2018)
item Efficient production of fungal chitosan utilizing an advanced freeze-thawing method; quality and activity studies (Mar 2018)
item The role of leaf epicuticular wax in the adaptation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to high temperatures and moisture deficit conditions (Mar 2018)
item Evaluation of commercial a-amylase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test kits for wheat (Mar 2018)
item Cross-reaction of recombinant termite (Coptotermes formosanus) tropomyosin with IgE from cockroach and shrimp allergic individuals (Mar 2018)
item Methacrylamide grafted elastomer composites reinforced with biobased particles (Mar 2018)
item Structural consequences of the interaction of puroindolines with gluten proteins (Mar 2018)
item Correction of wheat meal falling number to a common barometric pressure at simulated laboratory elevations of 0 to 1500 meters (Mar 2018)
item Preparation of fish skin gelatin-based nanofibers incorporating cinnamaldehyde by solution blow spinning (Feb 2018)
item Registration of 'Linkert' spring wheat with good straw strength and adult plant resistance to the Ug99 family of stem rust races (Feb 2018)
item Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2017 Crop (Feb 2018)
item Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging of blends of conventional and waxy hard wheats (Feb 2018)
item Wheat breeding for quality: An historical review (Feb 2018)
item Impact of an N-terminal poly histidine tag on protein thermal stability (Jan 2018)
item Particle reinforced composites from acrylamide modified blend of styrene-butadiene and natural rubber (Jan 2018)
item Co-milled silica and coppiced wood biochars improve elongation and toughness in styrene-butadiene elastomeric composites while replacing carbon black (Jan 2018)
item ‘Savoy’: An adapted soft red winter wheat cultivar for Georgia and the South East regions of the USA (Jan 2018)
item Registration of 'Norden' hard red spring wheat (Jan 2018)
item Genetic analysis of kernel texture (grain hardness) in a hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) bi-parental population (Jan 2018)
item Post-harvest and post-milling changes in wheat grain and flour quality characteristics (Jan 2018)
item Evaluating effects of deficit irrigation strategies on grain sorghum attributes and biofuel production (Jan 2018)
item Bran characteristics influencing quality attributes of whole wheat Chinese steamed bread (Jan 2018)
item Improved natural rubber composites reinforced with a complex filler network of biobased nanoparticles and ionomer (Jan 2018)
item Soft wheat quality characteristics required for making baking powder biscuits (Jan 2018)
item GlutoPeak profile analysis for wheat classification: skipping the refinement process (Jan 2018)
item Variation of protein MWD parameters and their associations with free asparagine concentration and quality characteristics in hard red spring wheat (Jan 2018)
item Association between gluten protein composition and breadmaking quality characteristics in historical and modern spring wheat (Dec 2017)
item Improved chemical stability and antiproliferative activities of curcumin-loaded nanoparticles with a chitosan chlorogenic acid conjugate (Nov 2017)
item Quinoa peanut meal beets whole grain gluten-free high protein vegetable snacks (Nov 2017)
item Impacts of fungal stalk rot pathogens on physicochemical properties of sorghum grain (Nov 2017)
item Interaction mechanisms of condensed tannins (proanthocyanidins) with wheat gluten proteins (Nov 2017)
item Synthesis of descriptive sensory attributes and hedonic rankings of dried persimmon (Diospyros kaki sp.) (Nov 2017)
item Characterization of silver nanoparticles synthesized by Bacillus thuringiensis as a nanobiopesticide for insect pest control (Nov 2017)
item Simple methods to reduce major allergen Ara h 1 and Ana o 1/2 in peanut and cashew extracts (Nov 2017)
item Effects of deep-fat frying temperature on antioxidant properties of whole wheat doughnuts (Oct 2017)
item Antiobesity effect of exopolysaccharides isolated from kefir grains (Oct 2017)
item Can wheat bran mitigate malnutrition and enteric pathogens? (Oct 2017)
item Endocytosis of corn oil-caseinate emulsions in vitro: impacts of droplet sizes (Oct 2017)
item Mapping quantitative trait loci for a unique 'super soft' kernel trait in soft white wheat (Oct 2017)
item Characteristics of annealed glutinous rice flour and its formation of fast-frozen dumplings (Oct 2017)
item Assessing the influence of farm fertility amendments, field management, and sorghum genotypes on soil microbial communities and grain quality (Oct 2017)
item Sensitive determination of nitrophenol isomers by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography in conjunction with liquid-liquid extraction (Sep 2017)
item Pasta production: complexity in defining processing conditions for reference trials and quality assessment models (Sep 2017)
item Effects of bran pre-hydration on functional characteristics and bread baking quality of bran and flour blends (Sep 2017)
item Qualitative effect of added gluten on dough properties and quality of Chinese steamed bread (Sep 2017)
item Influence of enzymatic hydrolysis on the allergenic reactivity of processed cashew and pistachio (Aug 2017)
item Encapsulation of essential oils into nanoparticles to be used as environmentally-friendly alternative pesticides (Aug 2017)
item Genetic analysis of soft white wheat end-use quality traits in a club by common wheat cross (Aug 2017)
item Cross-reaction between Formosan Termite(Coptotermes formosanus) Proteins and Cockroach Allergens (Aug 2017)
item Bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in wastewaters from animal feedlots and storage lagoons (Aug 2017)
item Identification of genotyping-by-sequencing sequence tags associated with milling performance and end-use quality traits in hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Aug 2017)
item Effects of industrial cashew nut processing on anacardic acid content and allergen recognition by IgE (Jul 2017)
item Changes in leaf epicuticular wax load and its effect on leaf temperature and physiological traits in wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to high temperatures during anthesis (Jul 2017)
item Reinforcement of latex rubber by the incorporation of amphiphilic particles (Jul 2017)
item Variation and correlation of protein molecular weight distribution and semolina quality parameters for durum genotypes grown in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
item Variation of free asparagine concentration and association with quality parameters for hard red spring wheat grown in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
item The pigments of sorghum pericarp are associated with the contents of cartenoids and pro-vitamin A (Jul 2017)
item Phenotypic diversity of anthocyanins in sorghum accessions with various pericarp pigments (Jun 2017)
item Identification of SNPs, QTLs, and dominant markers associated with wheat flavor preference using genotyping-by-sequencing (Jun 2017)
item Improving genomic prediction for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in wheat by weighting large-effect quantitative trait loci (Jun 2017)
item End-use quality of CIMMYT-derived soft kernel durum wheat germplasm: I. Grain, milling, and soft wheat quality (Jun 2017)
item Exploiting trait correlations for next-generation grain yield and end-use quality improvement of U.S. hard winter wheat (May 2017)
item Genetic mapping of flavor loci in wheat (May 2017)
item Increased water resistance of paper treated with amylose-fatty ammonium salt inclusion complexes (May 2017)
item Effects of cyclodextrin glycosiltransferase modified starch and cyclodextrins on plasma glucose and lipids metabolism in mice (May 2017)
item Reinforcement effect of soy protein nanoparticles in amine-modified natural rubber latex (May 2017)
item Cluster analysis of historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars based on parentage and HPLC analysis of gluten forming proteins (May 2017)
item Falling number sampling variation within trucks at first point of sale (May 2017)
item Whole grain gluten-free high protein buckwheat-kale snacks (abstract) (Apr 2017)
item ‘GA 03564-12E6’: A high-yielding soft red winter wheat cultivar adapted to Georgia and the southeastern regions of the United States (Apr 2017)
item Lexicon development, consumer acceptance, and drivers of liking of quinoa varieties (Apr 2017)
item Higher value films prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol) and amylose-fatty acid derivatives inclusion complexes (Apr 2017)
item Preparation and characterization of sorghum flour with increased resistant starch content (Apr 2017)
item Sugar and organic acid content of astringent, non-astringent, and pollination variant persimmons (abstract) (Apr 2017)
item Adaption of Ehrlich’s Reagent to a HPLC post-column reaction system for the quantification of limonoid glucosides (abstract) (Apr 2017)
item Characterization of the organoleptic properties, vitamin C levels and anti-oxidant contents of Californian grown persimmons (abstract) (Apr 2017)
item Is it a biological response or chemical process? Chemical and transcriptional regulation experiments probe the cause for the increased accumulation of chlorogenic acid (CGA) in carrot root slices exposed to UV-B light (Apr 2017)
item Genome-wide association study dissects the genetic architecture of polyphenols and antioxidant capacity in a sorghum diversified collection (Mar 2017)
item Whole wheat bread: Effect of bran fractions on dough and end-product quality (Mar 2017)
item Molecular and immunological characterization of recombinant termite (Coptotermes formosanus) arginine kinase (Mar 2017)
item Sorghum starch properties as affected by growing season, hybrid, and kernel maturity (Mar 2017)
item Biobased composites from cross-linked soybean oil and thermoplastic polyurethane (Mar 2017)
item Identification of triosephosphate isomerase as a novel allergen in octopus fangsiao (Feb 2017)
item Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee 2016 Crop (Feb 2017)
item Allergen valency, dose and FcERI occupancy set thresholds for secretory responses to Pen a 1 and motivate design of hypoallergens (Feb 2017)
item Volatile organic compounds of whole grain soft winter wheat (Jan 2017)
item RNA-seq analysis of developing pecan (Carya illinoinensis) embryos reveals parallel expression patterns among allergen and lipid metabolism genes (Jan 2017)
item Shrimp tropomyosin retains antibody reactivity after exposure to acidic conditions (Jan 2017)
item Identification and characterization of ana o 3 modifications on arginine-111 residue in heated cashew nuts (Jan 2017)
item Triosephosphate isomerase and filamin C share common epitopes as novel allergens of Procambarus clarkii (Jan 2017)
item Genetic architecture of kernel composition in global sorghum germplasm (Jan 2017)
item Registration of 'Prevail' hard red spring wheat (Jan 2017)
item Confirmation of gluten-free status of wheatgrass (Jan 2017)
item Quality characteristics of northern-style Chinese steamed bread prepared from soft red winter wheat flours with waxy wheat flour substitution (Jan 2017)
item Analysis of grain quality at receival (Dec 2016)
item Sensory evaluation of gluten-free quinoa whole grain snacks (Dec 2016)
item Improvement of baking quality traits through a diverse soft winter wheat population (Dec 2016)
item The effects of egg and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of monoglycerides addition on gluten-free sorghum bread quality (Dec 2016)
item Peanut allergens attached with p-aminobenzamidine are more resistant to digestion than native allergens (Dec 2016)
item Micro-heterogeneity and micro-rheological properties of high-viscosity barley beta-glucan solutions studied by diffusion wave spectroscopy (DWS) (Dec 2016)
item Identification of a thermal processing-induced modification site on the Ana o 3 cashew allergen (Nov 2016)
item Physical, textural, and antioxidant properties of extruded waxy wheat flour snack supplemented with several varieties of bran (Nov 2016)
item Niosomes consisting of Tween-60 and cholesterol improve the chemical stability and antioxidant activity of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate under intestinal tract conditions (Nov 2016)
item Germinated wheat: Phytochemical composition and mixing characteristics (Nov 2016)
item In vitro study on effect of germinated wheat on human breast cancer cells (Nov 2016)
item What are you trying to learn? Study designs and the appropriate analysis for your research question (Oct 2016)
item Pilot study using wheat bran to mitigate malnutrition and enteric pathogens (Oct 2016)
item Influence of soft kernel texture on the flour and baking quality of durum wheat (Oct 2016)
item Genetic markers of wheat (Triticum aestivum) associated with flavor preference using a mouse (Mus musculus) model (Oct 2016)
item Quantification of peptides causing celiac disease in historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars (Oct 2016)
item Cluster analysis of historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars based on parentage and HPLC of gluten protein (Oct 2016)
item Current and potential barley grain food products (Oct 2016)
item Preparation of stable Pickering emulsions with short, medium and long chain fats and starch nanocrystals and their in vitro digestion properties (Oct 2016)
item The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in grain production and nutrition of sorghum genotypes: Enhancing sustainability through plant-microbial partnership (Oct 2016)
item Advances in the identification of adulterated cereals and cereal products (Sep 2016)
item Analysis of historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars based on parentage and HPLC of gluten proteins using Ward's clustering method (Sep 2016)
item Effect of soft kernel texture on the milling properties of soft durum wheat (Sep 2016)
item Effect of condensed tannin profile on wheat flour dough rheology (Sep 2016)
item Puroindoline genes introduced into durum wheat reduce milling energy and change milling behavior similar to soft common wheats (Sep 2016)
item Identifying genetic markers of wheat (Triticum aestivum) associated with flavor preference using a mouse model (Sep 2016)
item Transformation of adsorbed aflatoxin B1 on smectite at elevated temperatures (Sep 2016)
item Preparation and characterization of degradable nanocapsules that release pesticides over an extended period of time (Aug 2016)
item Measurement of antioxidant biological activity of seven food-grad sorghum hybrids grown in a Mediterranean environment (Aug 2016)
item Effect of fabric structure and polymer matrix on flexural strength, interlaminar shear stress, and energy dissipation of glass fiber-reinforced polymer composites (Aug 2016)
item Molecular weight distribution of flour proteins in intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium): Impact on end-use quality parameters (Jul 2016)
item Dynamic mechanical analysis and high strain-rate energy absorption characteristics of vertically aligned carbon nanotube reinforced woven fiber-glass composites (Jul 2016)
item Poly(vinyl alcohol) composite films with high percent elongation prepared from amylose-fatty ammonium salt inclusion complexes (Jul 2016)
item Effects of kernel vitreousness and protein level on protein molecular weight distribution, milling quality, and breadmaking quality in hard red spring wheat (Jul 2016)
item A protocol for the production of gliadin-cyanoacrylate nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (Jul 2016)
item Quantitative analysis of melamine in milk powders using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging and band ratio (Jul 2016)
item Phytate negatively influences wheat dough and bread characteristics by interfering with cross-linking of glutenin molecules (Jun 2016)
item Boiling and frying peanuts decreases soluble peanut (Arachis Hypogaea) allergens Ara h 1 and Ara h 2 but does not generate hypoallergenic peanuts (Jun 2016)
item Glycemic response to corn starch modified with cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase and its relationship to physical properties (Jun 2016)
item Anti-food allergic activity of sulfated polysaccharide from gracilaria lemaneiformis is dependent on immunosuppression and inhibition of p38 mapk (May 2016)
item Gliadin functionality in the gluten network: Role of omega-gliadin proteins (May 2016)
item Empirical rheology and pasting properties of soft-textured durum wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) and hard-textured common wheat (T. aestivum) (May 2016)
item Quality requirements of soft red winter wheat for making northern-style Chinese steamed bread (May 2016)
item Degree of starchy endosperm separation from bran as a milling quality trait of wheat grain (May 2016)
item Storage conditions affecting increase in falling number of soft red winter wheat grain (May 2016)
item Pin p 1 is a major allergen from Pine nut and the first food allergen described in the plant group of Gymnosperms (Apr 2016)
item Effect of mahlep on molecular weight distribution of cookie flour gluten proteins (Apr 2016)
item Impact of bran components on the quality of whole wheat bread (Apr 2016)
item Effect of mahaleb on cookie quality (Apr 2016)
item Extruded foams prepared from high amylose starch with sodium stearate to form amylose inclusion complexes (Apr 2016)
item Heat-induced alterations in cashew allergen solubility and IgE binding (Apr 2016)
item Quinoa ancient whole grain gluten-free snacks (Mar 2016)
item Ancient whole grain gluten-free buckwheat snacks (Mar 2016)
item Films prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol) and amylose-fatty acid salt inclusion complexes with increased surface hydrophobicity and high elongation (Mar 2016)
item Biobased composites from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and cross-linked acrylated-epoxidized soybean oil (Mar 2016)
item Termite Proteins Cross-React with Cockroach Allergens (Mar 2016)
item Treatment of cashew extracts with Aspergillopepsin reduces IgE binding to cashew allergens (Mar 2016)
item Tailoring physical properties of transglutaminase-modified gelatin films by varying drying temperature (Feb 2016)
item Removing Peanut Allergen Ara h 1 from Peanut Extracts Using p-Aminobenzamidine (Feb 2016)
item Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2015 Crop (Feb 2016)
item Prediction of wheat tortilla quality using multivariate modeling of kernel, flour and dough properties (Jan 2016)
item Enhanced approaches for identifying Amadori products: application to peanut allergens (Jan 2016)
item Binary mixtures of waxy wheat and conventional wheat as measured by nir reflectance (Jan 2016)
item Standardization of RP-HPLC methods for the detection of the major peanut allergens Ara h 1, Ara h 2 and Ara h 3 (Jan 2016)
item Particle size and particle-particle interactions on tensile properties and reinforcement of corn flour particles in natural rubber (Jan 2016)
item Combination of null alleles with 7+9 allelic pair at Glu-B1 locus on the long arm of group 1 chromosome improves wheat dough functionality for tortillas (Jan 2016)
item Properties of edible films based on pullulan-chitosan blended film-forming solutions at different pH (Dec 2015)
item Teff, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth: Ancient whole grain gluten-free egg-free pasta (Nov 2015)
item Distribution of cadmium, iron and zinc in millstreams of hard winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Nov 2015)
item Cross-reactivity among peanuts and tree nuts (Oct 2015)
item Calculator to determine moister content (Sep 2015)
item Structural and physico-chemical properties of insoluble rice bran fiber: effect of acid–base induced modifications (Sep 2015)
item Use of student’s t statistic as a phenotype of relative consumption preference of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain (Sep 2015)
item Grain quality traits in sorghum association mapping panel (Aug 2015)
item Whole grain gluten-free vegetable spicy snacks (Aug 2015)
item The case for water activity as a specification for wheat tempering and flour production (Jul 2015)
item Metals bioaccumulation mechanism in neem bark (Jul 2015)
item Registration of 'Rollag' spring wheat (Apr 2015)
item Registration of 'Advance' Hard Red Spring Wheat (Dec 2014)