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Properties: Fibers/Feeds/Other Materials
item Examination of cotton fibers and common contaminants using an infrared microscope and a focal-plane array detector (May 2106)
item Decontamination of Bovine Hide surfaces for Enhancing Food Safety: Use of Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide and Chlorhexidine Digluconate (Apr 2019)
item A preliminary investigation into the feasability of gin blending (Apr 2019)
item Study of relating mini-spun yarn tenacity with cotton fiber strength (Mar 2019)
item A comparison of the accelerated solvent extraction method to the Soxhlet method in the extraction of cotton fiber wax (Jan 2019)
item Comparative investigation of secondary cell wall development in cotton fiber near isogenic lines using attenuated total reflection fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR FT-IR) (Jan 2019)
item Cinnamayldehyde/ Lactic Acid Spray Wash Treatment for Meat Safety and Byproduct Quality Assurance (Dec 2018)
item Encapsulation of essential oils into degradable microcapsules for controlled release (Dec 2018)
item Chemical composition and characterization of cotton fibers (Nov 2018)
item Effect of cyclic stress while being dried on the mechanical properties and thermostability of leathers (Nov 2018)
item Effect of instrumental leaf grade on HVI micronaire measurement in commercial cotton bales (Oct 2018)
item Upland cotton surface amino acid and carbohydrate contents vs. color measurements (Sep 2018)
item Preservation of Bovine Hide using Less Salt with Low Concentration of Antiseptic, Part II: Impact of Developed Formulations on Leather Quality And Environment (Sep 2018)
item Using DDGS-soy flour mixtures as adhesives for wood composites (Jul 2018)
item Production and characterization of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) from agricultural waste corn stover (Jul 2018)
item Solubilization of cashew gum from Anacardium Occidentale in aqueous medium (Jul 2018)
item Viscoelastic properties of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) produced from agricultural residue corn stover (Jun 2018)
item Comparison of cotton fiber development by the use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy (May 2018)
item Efficient removal of dyes from aqueous solutions using a novel hemoglobin/iron oxide composite (May 2018)
item Approaches to quantitating the results of differentially dyed cottons (Apr 2018)
item Using heat-treated starch to modify the surface of biochar and improve the tensile properties of biochar-filled stryene-butadiene rubber composites (Apr 2018)
item Characterization and thermal properties of polygenipin-crosslinked hide powders (Apr 2018)
item Evaluation of novel pre-slaughter cattle wash formulations for meat and byproduct safety and quality (Mar 2018)
item Methacrylamide grafted elastomer composites reinforced with biobased particles (Mar 2018)
item Particle reinforced composites from acrylamide modified blend of styrene-butadiene and natural rubber (Jan 2018)
item Co-milled silica and coppiced wood biochars improve elongation and toughness in styrene-butadiene elastomeric composites while replacing carbon black (Jan 2018)
item Efficacy of Citrilow® and Cecure® spray wash on the prevalence of aerobic and enterobacteriaceae/gram negative enteric bacilli and cattle hide quality (Jan 2018)
item Improved natural rubber composites reinforced with a complex filler network of biobased nanoparticles and ionomer (Jan 2018)
item Preservation of bovine hide using less salt with low concentration of antiseptic, part I: effectiveness of developed formulations (Jan 2018)
item Development and characterization of genipin cross-linked gelatin based composites incorporated with vegetable-tanned collagen fiber (vcf) (Dec 2017)
item Preparation and characterization of gelatin/chitosan/carbodiimide films (Dec 2017)
item Characterization of silver nanoparticles synthesized by Bacillus thuringiensis as a nanobiopesticide for insect pest control (Nov 2017)
item Textile industry needs (Nov 2017)
item Practical Limitations of the Dilute Acid Hydrolysis Method for Solubilizing Meat and Bone Meal Protein (Oct 2017)
item Sensitive determination of nitrophenol isomers by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography in conjunction with liquid-liquid extraction (Sep 2017)
item Encapsulation of essential oils into nanoparticles to be used as environmentally-friendly alternative pesticides (Aug 2017)
item Impact of temperature and relative humidity on the near infrared spectroscopy measurements of cotton fiber micronaire (Jul 2017)
item Reinforcement of latex rubber by the incorporation of amphiphilic particles (Jul 2017)
item Removal of straw lignin from spent pulping liquor using synthetic cationic and biobased flocculants (Jul 2017)
item Fourier-transform imaging of cotton and botanical and field trash mixtures (May 2017)
item Increased water resistance of paper treated with amylose-fatty ammonium salt inclusion complexes (May 2017)
item Use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy in non-destructive and rapid assessment of developmental cotton fibers (May 2017)
item Reinforcement effect of soy protein nanoparticles in amine-modified natural rubber latex (May 2017)
item Microwave moisture measurement of cotton fiber moisture content in the laboratory (May 2017)
item High quality yarns produced via high-speed roller ginning of upland cotton (Apr 2017)
item The relationship between extent of hemoglobin purification and the performance characteristics of a blood-based flocculant (Apr 2017)
item Higher value films prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol) and amylose-fatty acid derivatives inclusion complexes (Apr 2017)
item Chemical, compositional and structural characterisation of cotton fibers (Apr 2017)
item Cotton fibre cross-section properties (Apr 2017)
item Laboratory microwave measurement of the moisture content in seed cotton and ginned cotton fiber (Mar 2017)
item The relationship between instrumental leaf grade and Shirley Analyzer trash content in cotton lint (Mar 2017)
item A method for removing adobe-type manure from hides using an oxidizing agent (Mar 2017)
item Biobased composites from cross-linked soybean oil and thermoplastic polyurethane (Mar 2017)
item The prediction of leather mechanical properties from airborne ultrasonic testing of hides (Mar 2017)
item Study on length distribution of ramie fibers (Feb 2017)
item Solubilization of meat & bone meal protein by dilute acid hydrolysis for the production of bio-based flocculant (Feb 2017)
item Methylation of hemoglobin to enhance flocculant performance (Feb 2017)
item Reaction of gelatin and chitosan with water soluble carbodiimides (Feb 2017)
item Characterization of developmental immature fiber (im) mutant and Texas Marker-1 (TM-1) cotton fibers by Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR FT-IR) spectroscopy (Jan 2017)
item Micro-heterogeneity and micro-rheological properties of high-viscosity barley beta-glucan solutions studied by diffusion wave spectroscopy (DWS) (Dec 2016)
item Infrared imaging of cotton fiber bundles using a focal plane array detector and a single reflectance accessory (Nov 2016)
item Water, moisture and ash content of mechanically cleaned greige cotton, naturally colored brown cotton, flax and rayon (Sep 2016)
item Flocculation of wheat straw soda lignin by hemoglobin and chicken blood: Effects of cationic polymer or calcium chloride (Aug 2016)
item Mechanical properties of biobased films prepared from collagen solutions derived from bovine hides (Aug 2016)
item Preparation and characterization of degradable nanocapsules that release pesticides over an extended period of time (Aug 2016)
item Nanotechnology combined therapy: tyrosine kinase-bound gold nanorod and laser thermal ablation produce a synergistic higher treatment response of renal cell carcinoma in murine model (Aug 2016)
item Effect of fabric structure and polymer matrix on flexural strength, interlaminar shear stress, and energy dissipation of glass fiber-reinforced polymer composites (Aug 2016)
item Separation and quantitation of plant and insect carbohydrate isomers found on the surface of cotton (Jul 2016)
item The effect of seed cotton moisture during harvesting on - part 2- yarn and fabric quality (Jul 2016)
item Fundamental research on spiking, recovery and understanding seed coat nep counts in AFIS analysis of pre-opened cotton (Jul 2016)
item Dynamic mechanical analysis and high strain-rate energy absorption characteristics of vertically aligned carbon nanotube reinforced woven fiber-glass composites (Jul 2016)
item Poly(vinyl alcohol) composite films with high percent elongation prepared from amylose-fatty ammonium salt inclusion complexes (Jul 2016)
item A protocol for the production of gliadin-cyanoacrylate nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (Jul 2016)
item Shortwave infrared hyperspectral Imaging for cotton foreign matter classification (Jun 2016)
item The physical properties, morphology and viscoelasticity of biobased sponges prepared from un-tanned hides (Jun 2016)
item Progress report on understanding AFIS seed coat nep levels in pre-opened slivers on the Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS) (May 2016)
item Metal analysis of cotton (May 2016)
item Ion chromatography separation of cotton surface melezitose and raffinose: entomological vs. plant sugars (May 2016)
item Fiber moisture content measurements of lint and seed cotton by a small microwave instrument (May 2016)
item Micronaire measurements on seedcotton and cotton fiber, in and outside of laboratory using micro nir-infrared instruments (May 2016)
item Direct, non-destructive, and rapid evaluation of developmental cotton fibers by ATR FT-IR spectroscopy (May 2016)
item Preparation of biobased sponges from un-tanned hides (May 2016)
item Laboratory and outside the laboratory measurements of ginned and ot ginned cotton for fiber micronaire and maturity by portable Near Infrared (NIR) Instruments (Apr 2016)
item Influence of fiber quality on draftometer measurements (Apr 2016)
item Upgraded almeter gives detailed measures of fiber length parameters (Apr 2016)
item Extruded foams prepared from high amylose starch with sodium stearate to form amylose inclusion complexes (Apr 2016)
item Comparisons of minicard ratings with ion chromatography sugar profiles of water extracts of cotton fibers and those of minicard sticky spot materials (Apr 2016)
item The effect of chicken blood and its components on wastewater characteristics and sewage surcharges (Apr 2016)
item Soluble collagen approach to a combination tannage mechanism (Apr 2016)
item Reaction of protein and carbohydrates with EDC for making unique biomaterials (Apr 2016)
item Cotton moisture – its importance, measurements and impacts (Mar 2016)
item Films prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol) and amylose-fatty acid salt inclusion complexes with increased surface hydrophobicity and high elongation (Mar 2016)
item Biobased composites from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and cross-linked acrylated-epoxidized soybean oil (Mar 2016)
item Combined treatment of tyrosine kinase inhibitor labeled gold nanorod encapsulated albumin with laser thermal ablation in a renal cell carcinoma model (Jan 2016)
item Particle size and particle-particle interactions on tensile properties and reinforcement of corn flour particles in natural rubber (Jan 2016)
item Biopolymers produced from gelatin and chitosan using polyphenols (Dec 2015)
item Comparative relationship of fiber strength and yarn tenacity in four cotton cultivars (Nov 2015)
item Preservation of hides using low salt methods (Oct 2015)
item Metals bioaccumulation mechanism in neem bark (Jul 2015)