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Postharvest Handling
item Influence of packaging on the quality of cold-stored grapes packed into boxes for later repacking (Feb 2017)
item Technical Note: Field-observed angles of repose for stored grain in the United States (Jan 2017)
item Technical Note: Stored grain volume measurement using a low density point cloud (Jan 2017)
item Reducing grain storage losses in developing countries (Jan 2017)
item Optimization and modeling of flow characteristics of low-oil DDGS using regression techniques (Jan 2017)
item Alternative Storage Environments for Shelled Peanuts. (Dec 2016)
item Detection of internally infested popcorn using electrically conductive roller mills (Dec 2016)
item Visible and near-infrared instruments for detection and quantification of individual sprouted wheat kernels (Dec 2016)
item Moisture effects on the prediction performance of a single kernel near-infrared deoxynivalenol calibration (Dec 2016)
item Biological differences that distinguish the two major stages of wound healing in potato tubers (Nov 2016)
item Near-infrared spectroscopy, a rapid method for predicting the age of male and female wild-type and Wolbachia infected Aedes aegypti (Oct 2016)
item Fungicide resistance profiling in Botrytis cinerea populations from blueberries in California and Washington and their impact on control of gray mold (Sep 2016)
item Fall and summer pruning to control vigor in d'Anjou pear (Sep 2016)
item Discrete element method as an approach to model the wheat milling process (Sep 2016)
item Evaluating fruit quality and maturity consistency in large open vase trained ‘D’Anjou’ trees (Aug 2016)
item Antioxidant metabolism and gene expression during ‘‘stain’’ development on ‘Fuji’ apples during cold storage (Aug 2016)
item Using composite sinusoidal patterns in structured-illumination reflectance imaging (SIRI) for enhanced detection of defects in food (Jul 2016)
item Economic analysis of a self-propelled apple harvest and in-field sorting machine for the apple industry (Jul 2016)
item Structured-illumination reflectance imaging for enhanced detection of subsurface tissue bruising in apples (Jul 2016)
item Understanding pink eye (Jul 2016)
item Fast demodulation of pattern images by spiral phase transform in structured-illumination reflectance imaging for detection of bruises in apples (Jul 2016)
item Storing Peanuts in Grain Bags (Jul 2016)
item Rapid and non-destructive detection and identification two strains of Wolbachia in Aedes aegypti by near-infrared spectroscopy (Jun 2016)
item Apple fruit responses following exposure to nitric oxide (Jun 2016)
item Ex ante economic evaluation of technologies for managing postharvest physiological disorders (Jun 2016)
item First report of black rot on apple fruit caused by Diplodia seriata in Washington State (Jun 2016)
item Maize Storage in Termite Mound Clay, Concrete, and Steel Silos in the Humid Tropics: Comparison and Effect on Bacterial and Fungal Counts (Jun 2016)
item Mucor rot - An emerging postharvest disease of mandarin fruit caused by Mucor piriformis and other Mucor spp. in California (May 2016)
item Preface (May 2016)
item Introduction to light and optical theories (May 2016)
item Spatially-resolved spectroscopic technique for measuring optical properties of food (May 2016)
item Chapter 11. Quality evaluation of apple by computer vision (May 2016)
item Theory of light transfer in food and biological materials (May 2016)
item Dynamic light scattering for measuring microstructure and rheological properties of food (May 2016)
item Overview of light interaction with food and biological materials (May 2016)
item Botrytis californica, a new cryptic species in the B. cinerea species complex causing gray mold in blueberries and table grapes (Apr 2016)
item Potato tuber wounding induces responses associated with various healing processes (Apr 2016)
item Effects of heat stress on the endogenous contents of hormones and related gene expression in developing axillary tubes of potato (Apr 2016)
item Capacitance Sensors for Nondestructive Moisture Determination in Agricultural and Bio-fuel materials (Apr 2016)
item Determination of fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea from strawberry in the Central Coast Region of California (Mar 2016)
item Managing ‘Bartlett’ pear fruit ripening with 1-methylcyclopropene reapplication during cold storage (Mar 2016)
item Structured-illumination reflectance imaging (SIRI) for enhanced detection of fresh bruises in apples (Feb 2016)
item Enhanced single seed trait predictions in soybean (Glycine max) and robust calibration model transfer with near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (Feb 2016)
item Storage temperature and 1-MCP treatment affect storage disorders and physiological attributes of ‘Royal Gala’ apples (Feb 2016)
item Wounding induces changes in cytokinin and auxin content in potato tuber, but does not induce formation of gibberellins (Feb 2016)
item Nondestructive Determination of Moisture Content in Dry Fruits by Impedance and Phase angle measurements (Dec 2015)
item Evaluating bruise susceptibility of ’Golden Delicious’ apples using hyperspectral scattering technique (Dec 2015)
item Finite element modeling of light propagation in turbid media under illumination of a continuous-wave beam (Dec 2015)
item Up-regulation of genes in diphenylamine- and 1-methylcyclopropene-treated apples during cold storage (Aug 2015)
item An Automated Sample Divider for Farmers Stock Peanuts (Aug 2015)
item Finite element modeling of light propagation in fruit under illumination of continuous-wave beam (Jul 2015)
item Prediction and diagnosis of apple fruit physiological disorders (Jul 2015)
item Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene coupled with controlled atmosphere storage on the ripening and quality of ‘Cavendish’ bananas (Jul 2015)
item Effect of curing time on moisture content and mechanical properties of peanut pods (Jun 2015)
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