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Control Technologies
item Key tomato volatile compounds during postharvest ripening in response to chilling and pre-chilling heat treatments (May 2019)
item Meat quality and sensory attributes of meat produced from broiler chickens fed a high oleic peanut diet (Apr 2019)
item Peanut skin phenolic extract attenuates hyperglycemic responses in vivo and in vitro (Mar 2019)
item Feeding high-oleic peanuts to layer hens enhances egg yolk color and oleic fatty acid content in shell eggs (Mar 2019)
item Dietary supplementation with peanut skin polyphenolic extracts (PSPE) reduces hepatic lipid and glycogen stores in mice fed an atherogenic diet (Mar 2019)
item Metabolite profiles of raw peanut seeds reveal differences between market-types (Feb 2019)
item Atomic resolution of cotton cellulose structure enabled by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR (Feb 2019)
item Effects of ball milling on the structure of cotton cellulose (Feb 2019)
item Effect of Huanglongbing or greening disease on orange juice quality, a review (Jan 2019)
item Postprandial effect of fresh and processed orange juice on the glucose metabolism, antioxidant activity and prospective food intake (Jan 2019)
item Microencapsulation and antimicrobial activity of carvacrol in a pectin-alginate matrix (Jan 2019)
item Applications of gaseous chlorine dioxide on postharvest handling and storage of fruits and vegetables – A review (Jan 2019)
item A comprehensive review of the value-added uses of peanut(Arachis hypogaea) skins and by-products (Dec 2018)
item Using peanut processing waste as functional food ingredients: Maximizing value from peanuts (Nov 2018)
item Yield and fruit quality of sixteen Fragaria vesca accessions grown in southern Florida (Oct 2018)
item Immersion-free, single-pass, commercial fresh-cut produce washing system: an alternative to traditional flume processing (Sep 2018)
item Acceptability of peanut skins as a natural antioxidant in flavor coated peanuts (Sep 2018)
item An entrapped metal-organic framework system for controlled release of ethylene (Aug 2018)
item Comparison of sensory and instrumental methods for the analysis of texture of cooked individually quick frozen and fresh-frozen catfish fillets (Jul 2018)
item Comparative studies on the yield and characteristics of myofibrillar proteins from catfish heads and frames extracted by two methods for making surimi-like protein gel products (Jul 2018)
item Analysis of fluorescence spectra of citrus polymethoxylated flavones and their incorporation into mammalian cells (Jul 2018)
item Anti-flammable properties of cotton fabrics using eco friendly inorganic materials by layering self-assisted processing (May 2018)
item Physico- and bio-activities of nanoscale regenerated cellulose nonwoven immobilized with lysozyme (May 2018)
item Chip processing evaluation among advanced breeding clones at 7 month storage, 2016-2017 (May 2018)
item A novel chlorine-sensing chip for probing sanitizer diffusion into simulated produce cracks and crevices (May 2018)
item Assessment of fruit aroma for twenty-seven guava (Psidium guajava) accessions through three fruit developmental stages (May 2018)
item Effect of par frying on composition and texture of breaded and battered catfish (Mar 2018)
item Consumer preference and physicochemical evaluation of organically grown melon (Mar 2018)
item Consumer preference and physicochemical evaluation of muskmelon grown under organic production in Maryland (Mar 2018)
item Structure/function analysis of cotton-based peptide-cellulose conjugates: spatiotemporal/kinetic assessment of protease aerogels compared to nanocrystalline and paper cellulose (Mar 2018)
item The application of ultrasound and enzymes in textile processing of greige cotton (Mar 2018)
item Active taste compounds in juice from oranges symptomatic for Huanglongbing (HLB) citrus greening disease (Feb 2018)
item Effect of abscission zone formation on orange (Citrus sinensis) fruit/juice quality for trees affected by Huanglongbing (HLB) (Feb 2018)
item Difference in volatile composition between the pericarp tissue and inner tissue of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit (Jan 2018)
item Electronic tongue discrimination of four tomato cultivars harvested at six maturities and exposed to blanching and refrigeration treatments (Jan 2018)
item Comparative analysis of juice volatiles in selected mandarins, mandarin relatives and other citrus genotypes (Jan 2018)
item Effect of fruit abscission on orange fruit and juice quality for healthy trees and trees affected by Huanglongbing (Dec 2017)
item Differentiation of taste profiles by electronic tongue of full ripe tomato samples from different cultivars and harvest maturities (Dec 2017)
item Sensory quality of fresh-cut mango at the consumer level sampled through the year (Dec 2017)
item Impact of chitosan application technique on refrigerated catfish fillet quality (Dec 2017)
item Absorbent properties of carboxymethylated fiber, hydroentangled nonwoven and regenerated cellulose: a comparative study (Dec 2017)
item Responses of volatile compounds in inner tissues on refrigeration in full ripe tomatoes (Dec 2017)
item Residual impact of methyl salicylate fumigation at the breaker stage on C6 volatile biopathway in red tomato fruit (Dec 2017)
item Health benefits of orange juice and citrus flavonoids (Nov 2017)
item Scale-up of an ultrasound-enhanced bioscouring process (Nov 2017)
item 'Florida Beauty' strawberry (Oct 2017)
item Peanuts as a functional food ingredient (Oct 2017)
item Peanuts as a functional food ingredient (Oct 2017)
item Advanced materials interfaces (Oct 2017)
item Preparation of flame retardant cotton fabric using environmental friendly supercritical carbon dioxide (Oct 2017)
item Designing cellulosic and nanocellulosic sensors for interface with a protease sequestrant wound-dressing prototype: implications of material selection for dressing and protease sensor design (Oct 2017)
item Nutrient composition of raw, dry-roasted, and skin-on cashews (Sep 2017)
item Effect of vector control and foliar nutrition on quality of orange juice affected by Huanglongbing (HLB): chemical analysis (Sep 2017)
item Effect of vector control and foliar nutrition on the quality of orange juice affected by Huanglongbing: Sensory evaluation (Sep 2017)
item Non-bleaching heather method for improved whiteness of greige cotton (Sep 2017)
item Recent advances in research on volatile aroma compounds in tomatoes and their impacting factors (Sep 2017)
item Identification of a methyltransferase catalyzing the final step of methyl anthranilate synthesis in cultivated strawberry (Aug 2017)
item Identification of QTLs controlling aroma volatiles using a 'Fortune' x 'Murcott' (Citrus reticulata) population (Aug 2017)
item A metabolomics-based approach identifies changes in the small molecular weight compound composition of the peanut as a result of dry-roasting (Aug 2017)
item An HPLC-MS analysis of phenolic antioxidants in banana peel (Aug 2017)
item HLB-associated preharvest fruit abscission is mediated by jasmonate/ethylene signaling triggered by secondary fungal infection (Aug 2017)
item The effects of different dry roast parameters on peanut quality using an industrial, belt-type roaster simulator (Jul 2017)
item Effect of pre-roast moisture content and post roast cooling parameters on oil migration during oil roasting of peanuts (Jul 2017)
item Peanut flavor compounds from amino acid precursors (Jul 2017)
item Effect of kernel characteristics on color and flavor development during peanut roasting: two years of data (Jul 2017)
item Applications of peanut skins as a functional food ingredient (Jul 2017)
item Tracking of wild allele introgressions in a peanut chromosome segment substitution line population (Jul 2017)
item Cotyledon density measurements on valencia peanuts grown in the Southwest United States as a tool for developing food products (Jul 2017)
item Nutritional chemistry of the peanut (Arachis hypogaea) (Jun 2017)
item Postharvest and sensory evaluation of selected ‘Hass’x‘Bacon’ and ‘Bacon’x ‘Hass’ avocado hybrids grown in East-Central Florida (Jun 2017)
item Effect of precooking and polyphosphate treatment on the quality of catfish fillets cooked in pouch in boiling water (May 2017)
item The comparison of phosphorus-nitrogen and sulfur-phosphorus-nitrogen on the anti-flammability and thermal degradation of cotton fabrics (May 2017)
item Chemical and nutritional characterization of the wrapped cashew (Apr 2017)
item Attenuated total reflectance fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for determination of long chain free fatty acid concentration in oily wastewater using the double wavenumber extrapolation technique (Apr 2017)
item Rapid volatile metabolomics and genomics in large strawberry populations segregating for aroma (Apr 2017)
item Formulating a natural colorant containing wax for a one-step color-add application for fresh citrus (Apr 2017)
item Association mapping of SSR markers to sweet, bitter and roasted peanut sensory attributes in cultivated peanut (Mar 2017)
item Induction of low-level hydrogen peroxide generation by unbleached cotton nonwovens as potential wound dressing materials (Mar 2017)
item Effect of precooking and polyphosphate treatment on the quality of microwave cooked catfish fillets (Feb 2017)
item Development of a lexicon for cashew nuts (Feb 2017)
item Gender and dose dependent ovalbumin induced hypersensitivity responses in murine model of food allergy (Jan 2017)
item Gender and dose dependent ovalbumin induced hypersensitivity responses in murine model of food allergy (Jan 2017)
item Mild concentration of ethanol in combination with ascorbic acid inhibits browning and maintains quality of fresh-cut lotus root (Jan 2017)
item Difference in volatile profile between pericarp tissue and locular gel in tomato fruit (Dec 2016)
item Nutrition education and promotion in the U.S (Dec 2016)
item Huanglongbing: Devastating disease of citrus (Nov 2016)
item Minimizing the negative flavor attributes and evaluating consumer acceptance of chocolate fortified with peanut skin extracts (Nov 2016)
item Characterization of peanuts after dry roasting, oil roasting, and blister frying (Oct 2016)
item Preparation, characterization, and activity of a peptide-cellulosic aerogel protease sensor from cotton (Oct 2016)
item Tomato chilling injury threshold defined by the volatile profiles of pink harvested tomato fruit (Oct 2016)
item Correlation of Diplodia (Lasiodiplodia theobromae) infection, huanglongbing, ethylene production, fruit removal force and pre-harvest fruit drop (Oct 2016)
item Kinetics of color development of peanuts during dry roasting using a batch roaster (Sep 2016)
item Protease biosensors based on peptide-nanocellulose conjugates: from molecular design to dressing interface (Aug 2016)
item Volatile and nonvolatile flavor chemical evaluation of USDA orange-mandarin hybrids for comparison to sweet orange and mandarin fruit (Jul 2016)
item Design, synthesis, and activity of nanocellulosic protease sensors (Jul 2016)
item Effect of Pre-cooking and Addition of Phosphate on the Quality of Catfish Fillets Baked in Convention Oven (Jul 2016)
item Characterization and value-added utilization of proteins extracted from the by-products from catfish fillet processing plant (Jul 2016)
item Effects of Vacuum Tumbling with Chitosan and Water Soluble Chitosan on the Shelf Life of Catfish Fillets in Refrigerated Storage (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of Catfish Skin Hydrolysates as a Glazing Material for Air-Blast Frozen Shrimp (Jul 2016)
item Effect of Pre-cooking and Addition of Phosphate on the Quality of Microwave Cooked Catfish Fillets (Jul 2016)
item An initial non-targeted analysis of the peanut seed metabolome (Jul 2016)
item Development of metal-organic framework for gaseous plant hormone encapsulation to manage ripening of climacteric produce (Jun 2016)
item Postharvest and sensory evaluation of selected ‘Hass’-‘Bacon’ avocado hybrids grown in East-Central Florida (Jun 2016)
item Peanut fatty acids and their impact on human health (May 2016)
item Microgreens of brassicaceae: mineral composition and content of 30 varieties (May 2016)
item Human neutrophil elastase detection with fluorescent peptide sensors conjugated to cellulosic and nanocellulosic materials: part II, structure/function analysis (Mar 2016)
item Human neutrophil elastase peptide sensors conjugated to cellulosic and nanocellulosic materials: part I, synthesis and characterization of fluorescent analogs (Mar 2016)
item Physical properties of microencapsulated gamma-3 salmon oil with egg white powder (Mar 2016)
item A peptide derivatized cellulosic aerogel from cotton as a point of care diagnostic protease sensor (Mar 2016)
item Peanut oil stability and physical properties across a range of industrially relevant O/L ratios (Jan 2016)
item Peanut composition, flavor, and nutrition (Jan 2016)
item Synthesis and assessment of peptide-nanocellulosic biosensors (Jan 2016)
item Electronic tongue response to chemicals in orange juice that change concentration in relation to harvest maturity and citrus greening or Huanglongbing (HLB) disease (Dec 2015)
item Quantifying fat, oil, and grease deposit formation kinetics (Nov 2015)
item Utilization of Peanut Skin Extracts as Functional Food Ingredients (Nov 2015)
item Tomato flavor changes at chilling and non-chilling temperatures as influenced by controlled atmospheres (Oct 2015)
item Cleavable ester linked magnetic nanoparticles for labeling of solvent exposed primary amine groups of peptides/proteins (Sep 2015)
item Peptide-nanocellulose sensor for human neutrophil elastase detection (Jun 2015)
item Detection of Human Neutrophil Elastase with Fluorescent Peptide Sensors Conjugated to Nanocellulosic Solid Supports Targeting Wound Care Diagnostics (Mar 2015)