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Fungal Toxins in Commodities
item Detecting peanuts inoculated with toxigenic and atoxienic Aspergillus flavus strains with fluorescence hyperspectral imagery (May 2017)
item Design and testing of safer more effective preservatives for consumer products (May 2017)
item Cyclopiazonic acid is a pathogenicity factor for Aspergillus flavus and a promising target for screening germplasm for ear rot resistance (Apr 2017)
item Transcriptome of Aspergillus flavus aswA (AFLA_085170) deletion strain related to sclerotial development and production of secondary metabolites (Apr 2017)
item Aspergillus flavus aswA, a gene homolog of Aspergillus nidulans oefC, regulates sclerotial development and biosynthesis of sclerotium-associated secondary metabolites (Apr 2017)
item Population genetic structure and mycotoxin potential of the wheat crown rot and head blight pathogen Fusarium culmorum in Algeria (Apr 2017)
item Detection of cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) in maize by immunoassay (Apr 2017)
item Selection and application of strand displacement probes for a fumonisin B1 aptamer (Mar 2017)
item StuA is a key regulator of fumonisin production and virulence in Fusarium verticillioides (Mar 2017)
item Genome-wide identification of horizontal gene transfer in Fusarium verticillioides (Mar 2017)
item Functional and molecular characterization of genes involved in antagonisms between two maize endophytes, Fusarium verticillioides and Sarocladium zeae (Mar 2017)
item Assessment of Mycotoxins in Vitis vinifera Wines of the Southeastern United States (Mar 2017)
item Climate change and crop natural defenses: potential implications for food security and food safety (Mar 2017)
item Characterization of blue mold Penicillium species isolated from stored fruits using multiple highly conserved loci (Mar 2017)
item Genome sequencing and analyses of the postharvest fungus Penicillium expansum R21 (Feb 2017)
item RNA interference (RNAi) as a potential tool for control of mycotoxin contamination in crop plants: concepts and considerations (Feb 2017)
item Aspergillus flavus growth and aflatoxin production as influenced by total lipid content during growth and development of cottonseed (Feb 2017)
item A risk assessment of dietary ochratoxin A in the United States (Feb 2017)
item Mycotoxins (Jan 2017)
item Unravelling the diversity of the cyclopiazonic acid family of mycotoxins in Aspergillus flavus by UHPLC Triple-TOF HRMS (Jan 2017)
item Antifungal efficacy of octylgallate and 4-isopropyl-3-methylphenol for control of Aspergillus (Dec 2016)
item Draft genome sequence of an aflatoxigenic Aspergillus species, A. bombycis (Dec 2016)
item Genetic population structure of Fusarium graminearum species complex in Korean cereals (Nov 2016)
item Bioisosteric ferrocenyl-containing quinolines with antiplasmodial and antitrichomonal properties (Nov 2016)
item Crystal structure of Os79 (Os04g0206600) from Oryza sativa: a UDP-glucosyltransferase involved in the detoxification of deoxynivalenol (Oct 2016)
item Three sorghum serpin recombinant proteins inhibit midgut trypsin activity and growth of corn earworm (Sep 2016)
item Variation in fumonisin and ochratoxin production associated with differences in biosynthetic gene content in Aspergillus niger and A. welwitschiae isolates from multiple crop and geographic origins (Sep 2016)
item A novel population of Fusarium fujikuroi isolated from southeastern U.S. winegrapes reveals the need to re-evaluate the species’ fumonisin production (Aug 2016)
item A quantitative method for determining relative colonization rates of maize callus by Fusarium graminearum for resistance gene evaluations (Aug 2016)
item Genetic diversity of Talaromyces species isolated from maize in North America (Aug 2016)
item The geographic distribution and complex evolutionary history of the NX-2 trichothecene chemotype from Fusarium graminearum (Aug 2016)
item Mono- and multimeric ferrocene congeners of quinoline-based polyamines as potential antiparasitics (Aug 2016)
item Stop and smell the fungi: Fungal volatile metabolites are overlooked signals involved in fungal interaction with plants (Jul 2016)
item Metabolomic evaluation of conditions favoring mycotoxin production in isolates of Fusarium fungi (Jun 2016)
item Quorum quenchers and sensors as possible roles for mycotoxins and other secondary metabolites of fungi (Jun 2016)
item Materials science approaches to solve problems with emerging mycotoxins in corn (May 2016)
item The Occurrence of Balansioid Endophytes in Georgia, Florida, and Southern Grasses (Apr 2016)
item Genome sequence of Penicillium solitum RS1, which causes postharvest apple decay (Apr 2016)
item Blue mold to genomics and beyond: Insights into the biology and virulence of phytopathogenic Penicillium species (Apr 2016)
item He said, she said: mRNA sequencing identifies specificity in metabolic response to Bacillus mojavensis lipopeptides in Fusarium verticillioides (Mar 2016)
item RNA-Seq analysis of stuA mutants in Fusarium verticillioides indicates dramatic genomic wide transcriptional reprogramming (Mar 2016)
item Methyl-esterified 3-hydroxybutyrate oligomers protect bacteria from hydroxyl radicals (Mar 2016)
item Vast potential for using the piggyBac transposon to engineer transgenic plants (Mar 2016)
item Sorghum studies by USDA Peoria Ag Lab in 2015 (Feb 2016)
item Field damage of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) with reduced lignin levels by naturally occurring insect pests and pathogens (Jan 2016)
item Sexual reproduction in Aspergillus flavus sclerotia: acquisition of novel alleles from soil populations and uniparental mitochondrial inheritance (Jan 2016)
item Maize peroxidase Px5 has a highly conserved sequence in inbreds resistant to mycotoxin producing fungi which enhances fungal and insect resistance (Dec 2015)
item Atoxigenic Aspergillus flavus endemic to Italy for biocontrol of aflatoxins in maize (Oct 2015)
item Evaluation of fruit quality and susceptibility to blue mold of nine Asian pear cultivars (Sep 2015)
item Reduction of lignin levels in mutant sorghum lines developed for saccharification leads to increased production of insecticidal compounds in stalk pith (Aug 2015)
item Effects of phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) knockdown on cell wall composition, biomass digestibility, and biotic and abiotic stress responses in Brachypodium (Jun 2015)
item Transgenic tobacco expressing a modified spider peptide inhibits the growth of plant pathogens and insect larvae (Jun 2015)
item Current status of genomics research on mycotoxigenic fungi (Apr 2015)
item Sexual recombination in Aspergillus tubingensis (Mar 2015)
item Enhanced diversity and aflatoxigenicity in interspecific hybrids of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus (Mar 2015)
item GenBank submission of draft whole genome sequence of the apple decay pathogen Penicillium solitum (RS1 isolate) (Mar 2015)
item First report of brown rot on apple fruit caused by Monilinia fructicola in the United States (Feb 2015)
item First report of Penicillium expansum isolates with reduced sensitivity to fludioxonil from a commercial packinghouse in Pennsylvania (Feb 2015)
item Sorghum studies by the USDA "Ag Lab" in 2014 (Feb 2015)
item Lack of aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus on a resistant peanut line is associated with delayed expression of aflatoxin genes (Feb 2015)
item Environmental effects on resistance gene expression in milk stage popcorn kernels and associations with mycotoxin production (Dec 2014)
item Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient analysis of aflatoxins in corn (Nov 2014)
item Peanut resistant gene expression in response to Aspergillus flavus infection during seed germination (Oct 2014)
item A non-autonomous insect piggyBac trasposable element is mobile in tobacco (Sep 2014)
item Bioactive natural products from fungicolous Hawaiian isolates: Secondary metabolites from a Phialemoniopsis sp. (Aug 2014)
item Expression of a wolf spider toxin in tobacco inhibits the growth of microbes and insects (Jul 2014)
item Draft genome sequence of Penicillium expansum (R19) that cause postharvest decay of apple fruit (Jun 2014)
item First report of Penicillium crustosum causing blue mold on stored apple fruit in Serbia (May 2014)
item Antimicrobial and antiinsectan phenolic metabolites of dalea searlsiae (Apr 2014)
item GenBank submission of draft whole genome sequence of the apple decay pathogen Penicillium expansum isolate (R19) (Apr 2014)
item Potential involvement of Aspergillus flavus laccases in peanut invasion at low water potential (Apr 2014)
item Effect of fermentation media on the production, efficacy and storage stability of Metarhizium brunneum microsclerotia formulated as a prototype granule (Feb 2014)
item Popcorn and sorghum studies by the USDA "Ag Lab" in 2013 (Feb 2014)
item First report of Penicillium expansum isolates resistant to pyrimethanil from stored apple fruit in Pennsylvania (Jan 2014)
item First report of pyrimethanil resistance in Botrytis cinerea from stored apples in Pennsylvania (Jan 2014)
item Sexual reproduction in Aspergillus flavus sclerotia naturally produced in corn (Dec 2013)
item Population structure of Aspergillus flavus before and after biocontrol treatment (Oct 2013)
item Genetic polymorphism of Puccinia arachidis (Aug 2013)
item The origins of aflatoxin chemotype diversity in Aspergillus populations (Aug 2013)
item Population dynamics of Aspergillus flavus following biocontrol treatment of corn (Aug 2013)
item First report of Pantoea ananatis (Syn. Erwinia uredovora) being associated with peanut rust in Georgia (Jul 2013)
item The inhibitory effect of Bacillus megaterium on aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway gene expression in Aspergillus flavus (Jun 2013)
item Sexual reproduction in Aspergillus tubingensis from section Nigri (May 2013)
item Distribution of bacterial endophytes in peanut seeds obtained from axenic and control plant material under field conditions (Apr 2013)
item Clonality and sex impact aflatoxigenicity in Aspergillus populations (Mar 2013)
item Population shifts and mating-type heterokaryosis in Aspergillus flavus (Mar 2013)
item Molecular markers and strategies to control aflatoxin in peanut (Mar 2013)
item First Report of Neofusicoccum ribis causing postharvest decay of apple fruit from cold storage in Pennsylvania (Mar 2013)
item First report of Botryosphearia dothidea causing white rot on apple fruit in Maryland (Feb 2013)
item Molecular Diversity of the peanut rust pathogen and its host (Feb 2013)
item Effect of sexual recombination on population diversity in aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus (Feb 2013)
item Mating-type heterokaryosis in Aspergillus flavus in North Carolina (Jun 2012)
item Microsatellite markers in plant pathogenic fungi (Mar 2012)
item Molecular tools used in agriculture (Oct 2011)
item UPIC + GO: Zeroing in on informative markers (Dec 2010)
item UPIC: Perl scripts to determine the number of SSR markers to run (Jul 2009)
item Development of SSR markers for Chionanthus retusus (Oleaceae) and effective discrimination of closely related taxa (Jul 2009)
item WUS and STM-based reporter genes for studying meristem development in poplar (Mar 2009)
item Characterization of a higher plant herbicide-resistant phytoene desaturase and its use as a selectable marker (Jan 2006)
item Bioengineering resistance to phytoene desaturase inhibitors in Arabidopsis thaliana (Feb 2004)
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