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Industrial Processes & Products
item Evaluation of polyblends of cottonseed protein and polycaprolactone plasticized by cottonseed oil (May 2019)
item Cottonseed protein-based wood adhesive reinforced with nanocellulose (May 2019)
item Surface Modified Cellulose Nanocrystals for Tailoring Interfacial Miscibility and Microphase Separation of Polymer Nanocomposites (May 2019)
item Effects of harvesting and ginning practices on southern high plains cotton - fiber quality (Apr 2019)
item Decontamination of Bovine Hide surfaces for Enhancing Food Safety: Use of Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide and Chlorhexidine Digluconate (Apr 2019)
item NMR analysis of poly(lactic acid) via statistical models (Apr 2019)
item Enzymatic modification of polymers (Apr 2019)
item How current cotton ginning practices affect fiber length uniformity index (Apr 2019)
item Long-term cropping system, tillage, and poultry litter application affect the chemical properties of an Alabama ultisol (Apr 2019)
item Characterization of phosphorus in algae from a eutrophic lake by solution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (Apr 2019)
item A comprehensive gin maintenance program (Apr 2019)
item Partial Hydrodeoxygenation of corn cob hydrolysate over palladium catalysts to produce 1-hydroxy-2-pentanone (Mar 2019)
item Cellulose nanocrystal driven microphase separated nanocomposites: Enhanced mechanical performance and nanostructured morphology (Mar 2019)
item Three-year field observation of biochar-mediated changes in soil organic carbon and microbial activity (Mar 2019)
item Charged phospholipid effects on AAPH oxidation assay as determined using liposomes (Feb 2019)
item Atomic resolution of cotton cellulose structure enabled by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR (Feb 2019)
item Effects of ball milling on the structure of cotton cellulose (Feb 2019)
item Development of a new industrial method to measure starch in sugar products (Feb 2019)
item Three decades of changes in water environment of a large freshwater Lake and its relationship with socio-economic indicators (Feb 2019)
item Adsorption of phosphate by sediments in a eutrophic lake: Isotherms, kinetics, thermodynamics and their influence of dissolved organic matter (Feb 2019)
item A comparison of the transcriptomes between diploid and autotetraploid Paulownia fortunei under salt stress (Jan 2019)
item Rapid data analytics to relate sugarcane aphid [(Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner)] population and damage on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) (Jan 2019)
item Characterization and sources of dissolved and particulate phosphorus in 10 freshwater lakes with different trophic statuses in China by solution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (Jan 2019)
item Evaluation of adhesion properties of blends of cottonseed protein and anionic water-soluble polymers (Jan 2019)
item Cinnamon polyphenol extract and insulin regulate diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene expression in mouse adipocytes and macrophages (Jan 2019)
item Specialized lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases contribute to unusual fatty acid accumulation in exotic Euphorbiaceae seed oils (Jan 2019)
item The inhibitory effects of aconitic acid on bioethanol production (Jan 2019)
item Boosting C16 fatty acid biosynthesis of Escherichia coli, yeast and tobacco by tung tree (Vernicia fordii Hemsl.) beta-hydroxyacyl-acyl carrier protein dehydratase gene (Jan 2019)
item Cinnamayldehyde/ Lactic Acid Spray Wash Treatment for Meat Safety and Byproduct Quality Assurance (Dec 2018)
item Procedures for moisture analytical tests used in cotton ginning research (Dec 2018)
item Identification of the major diacylglycerol acyltransferase mRNA in mouse adipocytes and macrophages (Dec 2018)
item Evaluation of filter media options for high volume PM2.5 sampling (Dec 2018)
item Characterization of defatted cottonseed meal-derived pyrolysis bio-oil by ultrahigh resolution electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (Dec 2018)
item Green polymer chemistry: pipelines toward new products and processes (Nov 2018)
item Determination of pH Effects Phosphatidyl-hydroxytyrosol and Phosphatidyl-tyrosol bilayer behavior (Nov 2018)
item Effect of cyclic stress while being dried on the mechanical properties and thermostability of leathers (Nov 2018)
item Blending cottonseed meal products with different protein contents for cost-effective wood adhesion performances (Nov 2018)
item Optimization of media and reaction conditions for production of polyol oils from soybean oil by Pseudomonas aeruginosa E03-12 NRRL B-59991 (Oct 2018)
item Preparation and characterization of xylan derivatives and their blends (Oct 2018)
item Using dual isotopes and a Bayesian isotope mixing model to evaluate sources of nitrate of Tai Lake, China (Sep 2018)
item Preservation of Bovine Hide using Less Salt with Low Concentration of Antiseptic, Part II: Impact of Developed Formulations on Leather Quality And Environment (Sep 2018)
item Effects of soil amendments on cadmium transfer along the lettuce-snail food chain: Influence of chemical speciation (Aug 2018)
item Welcome to agriengineering—a new open-access, open-source, open-hardware journal for the growing multidisciplinary scientific and engineering agricultural research community (Aug 2018)
item Tung tree (Vernicia fordii, Hemsl.) genome and transcriptome sequencing reveals co-ordinate up-regulation of fatty acid beta-oxidation and triacylglycerol biosynthesis pathways during eleostearic acid accumulation in seeds (Aug 2018)
item Cyclopropane fatty acid biosynthesis in plants: phylogenetic and biochemical analysis of litchi kennedy pathway and acyl editing cycle genes (Aug 2018)
item Development of an enzyme processing cocktail for sweet sorghum processing by-products (Aug 2018)
item Outreach to future scientists and engineers (Aug 2018)
item How conventional and experimental lint cleaning processes affect fiber length uniformity index (Jul 2018)
item How conventional and experimental lint cleaning processes affect fiber length uniformity index (Jul 2018)
item Current procedures for finding moisture content in seed cotton, lint, and cottonseed (Jul 2018)
item Exploring methods to detect stickiness in seed cotton at the cotton gin (Jul 2018)
item Saving energy in cotton gins (Jul 2018)
item Leaf aging effects on copper and cadmium transfer along the lettuce-snail food chain (Jul 2018)
item Nanoparticles and films derived from sucrose-based water-insoluble glucans (Jul 2018)
item Isolation of cottonseed extracts that affect human cancer cell growth (Jul 2018)
item Effects of saw ginning, roller ginning, and lint cleaning on fiber length uniformity index (Jul 2018)
item Current research at the USDA-ARS Cotton Ginning and Textile Processing Laboratories (Jun 2018)
item Cottonseed extracts and gossypol regulate diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene expression in mouse macrophages (Jun 2018)
item Seed Cotton Mass Flow Measurement in the Gin (Jun 2018)
item Seed cotton and lint moisture addition at a Western cotton gin (Jun 2018)
item Protein profiling of water and alkali soluble cottonseed protein isolates (Jun 2018)
item Colloidal stability of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles differentially impacted by dissolved organic matter and cations in synthetic and naturally-occurred environmental waters (Jun 2018)
item Production of plywood panels using washed cottonseed meal as bonding reagents (Jun 2018)
item QXLA: Adding upper quantiles for the studentized range to Excel for multiple comparison procedures (Jun 2018)
item Seed-fiber ratio, seed index, and seed tissue and compositional properties of current cotton cultivars (Jun 2018)
item Effects of Gin Machinery on Cotton Quality (Jun 2018)
item Thermal, microstructural, and spectroscopic analysis of Ca2+ alginate/clay nanocomposite hydrogel beads (Jun 2018)
item Using clarifier mud as carbon source for biofuel and solvent production (Jun 2018)
item Quality attributes of sweet sorghum for the large-scale production of bioproducts: A 1 year comparison of commercial hybrids and a cultivar (Jun 2018)
item Dehydration of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by a core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2-SO3H magnetic nanoparticle catalyst (Jun 2018)
item Comparative mechanical harvest efficiency of six New Mexico Pod-type green chile pepper cultivars (Jun 2018)
item Processing attributes and performance of sweet sorghum biomass for large-scale biorefineries: a 1-year comparision of commerical hybrids and a cultivar (Jun 2018)
item Cottonseed and cotton plant biomass (Jun 2018)
item New tools for managing cotton modules (May 2018)
item New technologies for managing cotton modules (May 2018)
item Fuel use patterns in cotton gins (May 2018)
item Accuracy of alternate oven drying procedures (May 2018)
item Increasing cotton stand establishment in soils prone to soil crusting (May 2018)
item Implications of ultra-low gossypol cottonseed (May 2018)
item How different lint cleaning processes affect fiber length uniformity index (May 2018)
item Evaluation of mechanical cotton seed delinter for breeders (May 2018)
item Current university and USDA lab cotton contamination research (May 2018)
item Acoustic sensing of seed-cotton trash levels (May 2018)
item Cottonseed air-handling and storage requirements (May 2018)
item Exploring methods to detect stickiness at the gin (May 2018)
item Anti-flammable properties of cotton fabrics using eco friendly inorganic materials by layering self-assisted processing (May 2018)
item Physico- and bio-activities of nanoscale regenerated cellulose nonwoven immobilized with lysozyme (May 2018)
item Biobutanol production from sweet sorghum biorefinery byproducts (May 2018)
item In situ and ex situ 2D infrared/fluorescence correlation monitoring of surface functionality and electron density of biochars (May 2018)
item Efficient removal of dyes from aqueous solutions using a novel hemoglobin/iron oxide composite (May 2018)
item Development of washed cottonseed meal-based wood adhesives for industrial application (May 2018)
item Amino acid and carbohydrate profiles of cotton plant biomass products (May 2018)
item Fermentation of sweet sorghum syrup to butanol in the presence of natural nutrients and inhibitors (May 2018)
item Preliminary study on the use of inexpensive, unsaturated vegetable oils as surface sealants in the long- and short-term storage of syrup feedstocks from sweet sorghum (May 2018)
item Using starch-rich byproducts from a sweet sorghum biorefinery for butanol production (Apr 2018)
item Comparison of international methods for the determination of total starch in raw sugars: Part II (Apr 2018)
item Main characteristics of underexploited Amazonian palm fibers for using as potential reinforcing materials (Apr 2018)
item Characterization and thermal properties of polygenipin-crosslinked hide powders (Apr 2018)
item Evaluation of novel pre-slaughter cattle wash formulations for meat and byproduct safety and quality (Mar 2018)
item "Greener" hybrid adhesives composed of urea formaldehyde resin and cottonseed meal for wood based composites (Mar 2018)
item Structure/function analysis of cotton-based peptide-cellulose conjugates: spatiotemporal/kinetic assessment of protease aerogels compared to nanocrystalline and paper cellulose (Mar 2018)
item Positive aspects of cane sugar and sugarcane derived products in food and nutrition (Mar 2018)
item Solution blow spun spinel ferrite and highly porous silica nanofibers (Mar 2018)
item Prediction of carboxylic and polyphenolic chemical feedstock quantities in sweet sorghum (Mar 2018)
item How to use and interpret the results from a high performance liquid chromatography system at a sugarcane factory (Mar 2018)
item The application of ultrasound and enzymes in textile processing of greige cotton (Mar 2018)
item Activated carbons prepared by physical activation from different pretreatments of amazon piassava fibers (Feb 2018)
item Effect of compacting and ensiling on stabilization of sweet sorghum bagasse (Feb 2018)
item Effect of feed source and pyrolysis conditions on properties and metal sorption by sugarcane biochar (Feb 2018)
item Structural and functional effects of manipulating the degree of methylesterification in a model homogalacturonan with a pseudo-random fungal pectin methylesterase followed by a processive methylesterase (Feb 2018)
item Evaluation of genetically-improved (glandless) and genetically-modified low-gossypol cottonseed meal as alternative protein sources in the diet of juvenile southern flounder Paralichthys lethostigma reared in a recirculating (Feb 2018)
item Carbohydrates (Feb 2018)
item Efficacy of Citrilow® and Cecure® spray wash on the prevalence of aerobic and enterobacteriaceae/gram negative enteric bacilli and cattle hide quality (Jan 2018)
item Microbial stability of worm castings and sugarcane filter mud compost blended with biochar (Jan 2018)
item Cation-induced coagulation of aquatic plant-derived dissolved organic matter: Investigation by EEM-PARAFAC and FT-IR spectroscopy (Jan 2018)
item Surface characterization of cottonseed meal products by SEM, SEM-EDS, XRD and XPS analysis (Jan 2018)
item Microbiology in the sugar industries (Jan 2018)
item Preservation of bovine hide using less salt with low concentration of antiseptic, part I: effectiveness of developed formulations (Jan 2018)
item Bioaccumulation of CeO2 nanoparticles by earthworms in biochar-amended soil:a synchrotron microspectroscopy study (Dec 2017)
item Development and characterization of genipin cross-linked gelatin based composites incorporated with vegetable-tanned collagen fiber (vcf) (Dec 2017)
item Effects of particle size on the morphology and waterand thermo-resistance of washed cottonseed meal-based wood adhesives (Dec 2017)
item Absorbent properties of carboxymethylated fiber, hydroentangled nonwoven and regenerated cellulose: a comparative study (Dec 2017)
item USDA and university researchers work to prevent U.S. cotton contamination (Dec 2017)
item Discovery of a new mechanism for regulation of plant triacylglycerol metabolism: The peanut diacylglycerol acyltransferase-1 gene family transcriptome is highly enriched in alternative splicing variants (Dec 2017)
item Roller ginning (Dec 2017)
item Preparation and characterization of gelatin/chitosan/carbodiimide films (Dec 2017)
item Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of phytohormone biosyntheis and signaling genes in the flowers of Chinese chinquapin (Castanea henryi) (Nov 2017)
item Hydrogenation of furfural at the dynamic Cu surface of CuOCeO2/Al2O3 in vapor phase packed bed reactor (Nov 2017)
item Contamination sources, prevention, and research (Nov 2017)
item Characterization of cottonseed protein isolate as a paper additive (Nov 2017)
item Molecular characterization of macrophyte-derived dissolved organic matters and their implications for lakes (Nov 2017)
item Diversity in science: An overview (Nov 2017)
item Novel polymeric products derived from biodiesel (Nov 2017)
item Scale-up of an ultrasound-enhanced bioscouring process (Nov 2017)
item Impact of management practices on water extractable organic carbon and nitrogen from 12-year poultry litter amended soils (Oct 2017)
item Practical Limitations of the Dilute Acid Hydrolysis Method for Solubilizing Meat and Bone Meal Protein (Oct 2017)
item Cottonseed meal-based wood adhesives for non-structural interior applications (Oct 2017)
item Simulated bioavailability of phosphorus from aquatic macrophytes and hytoplankton by aqueous suspension and incubation with alkaline phosphatase (Oct 2017)
item Preparation of flame retardant cotton fabric using environmental friendly supercritical carbon dioxide (Oct 2017)
item Variant amino acid residues alter the enzyme activity of peanut type 2 Diacylglycerol Acyltransferases (Oct 2017)
item Solution blow spun nanocomposites of poly(lactic acid)/cellulose nanocrystals from Eucalyptus kraft pulp (Oct 2017)
item Designing cellulosic and nanocellulosic sensors for interface with a protease sequestrant wound-dressing prototype: implications of material selection for dressing and protease sensor design (Oct 2017)
item Formation of polyphenol-denatured protein flocs in alcohol beverages sweetened with refined cane sugars (Oct 2017)
item 7,10-Epoxyoctadeca-7,9-dienoic acid: a small molecule adjuvant that potentiates ß-Lactam antibiotics against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (Oct 2017)
item Wood adhesive properties of cottonseed protein with denaturant additives (Sep 2017)
item Effect of drying methods on the physicochemical properties and adhesion performance of water-washed cottonseed meal (Sep 2017)
item Structural transformation of biochar black carbon by C60 superstructure: Environmental implications (Sep 2017)
item Chemical analysis of fermentable sugars and secondary products in 23 sweet sorghum cultivars (Sep 2017)
item Non-bleaching heather method for improved whiteness of greige cotton (Sep 2017)
item ICUMSA general subject 7 cane sugar processing report (Sep 2017)
item Major new insights into the cause of floc formation in alcohol beverages sweetened with refined cane sugars (Sep 2017)
item Dihydrosterculic acid from cottonseed oil suppresses desaturase activity and improves liver metabolomic profiles of high-fat-fed mice (Sep 2017)
item Relationships between the physical forms of starch and performance of carbonatation clarification and press filtration at the refinery (Sep 2017)
item How chemical ripeners of sugarcane affect the starch and color quality of juices (Sep 2017)
item Development of a factory/refinery method to measure total, soluble, and insoluble starch in sugar products (Sep 2017)
item New starch methodology to measure both soluble and insoluble starch (Aug 2017)
item Effects of cooking methods on starch and sugar composition of sweetpotato storage roots (Aug 2017)
item Evaluation of wood bonding performance of water-washed cottonseed meal-based adhesives with high solid contents and low press temperatures (Aug 2017)
item Problems, control, and opportunity of starch in the large scale processing of sugarcane and sweet sorghum (Aug 2017)
item Conversion of sweet sorghum bagasse into value-added biochar (Aug 2017)
item Biodegradable baked foam made with chayotextle starch mixed with plantain flour and wood fiber (Aug 2017)
item Electrochemical evaluation of sweet sorghum fermentable sugar bioenergy feedstock (Aug 2017)
item Stability and use of sweet sorghum bagasse (Aug 2017)
item Energy utilization and conservation in cotton gins (Aug 2017)
item Sugar and other sweeteners (Aug 2017)
item Simplified three microphone acoustic test method (Jul 2017)
item A primer on polymer nomenclature: Structure-based, sourced-based and trade names (Jul 2017)
item Cotton gin drying systems–patterns in fuel energy use (Jul 2017)
item Field based plastic contamination sensing (Jul 2017)
item Simplified through-transmission test method for determination of a material's acoustic properties (Jul 2017)
item Identification of the molecular species of acylglycerols containing hydroxy fatty acids in wild edible mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Jul 2017)
item A tale of two pectins: Diverse fine structures can result from identical processive PME treatments on similar high DM subtrates (Jul 2017)
item Effects of phosphorus-containing additives on soy and cottonseed protein as wood adhesives (Jul 2017)
item Removal of straw lignin from spent pulping liquor using synthetic cationic and biobased flocculants (Jul 2017)
item New technologies for managing cotton modules (Jul 2017)
item Ginning Research (Jul 2017)
item Co-digestion of agricultural and municipal waste to produce energy and soil amendment (Jul 2017)
item Surface interactions between gold nanoparticles and biochar (Jul 2017)
item Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel cold-active lipase from Pichia lynferdii NRRL Y-7723 (Jul 2017)
item NMR analysis of compositional heterogeneity in polysaccharides (Jul 2017)
item USDA gin lab updates (Jun 2017)
item Impact of added nutrients in sweet sorghum syrup fermentation to produce ethanol (Jun 2017)
item Sweet sorghum bagasse for production of biochar (Jun 2017)
item Sugarcane residue and bagasse as biochar precursors for soil amendment applications and beyond (Jun 2017)
item Effects of the particle size on the adhesive strength of washed cottonseed meal with white oak (Jun 2017)
item Microbiology in the sugar industries (Jun 2017)
item Use of inexpensive vegetable oils to ensure the long-term stability of sweet sorghum syrups for the manufacture of bioproducts (Jun 2017)
item Detecting adulterated commercial sweet sorghum syrups with ion chromatography oligosaccharide fingerprint profiles (Jun 2017)
item How the quality and processing attributes of commercial sweet sorghum hybrids and cultivar compare for biorefining (Jun 2017)
item Starch in sweet sorghum and sugarcane: Problems, opportunities, and control (Jun 2017)
item Mechanism of removal of undesirable residual amylase, insoluble starch, and select colorants from refinery streams by powdered activated carbons (Jun 2017)
item Limiting microbial degradation in Louisiana sugarcane mills: Are biocides effective? (Jun 2017)
item The first use of a HPLC system at a Louisiana Sugarcane Factory: What it can do for you (Jun 2017)
item The new large-scale sweet sorghum industry in the USA (Jun 2017)
item Microbial and physicochemical properties of sugarcane bagasse for potential conversion to value-added products (Jun 2017)
item Mechanism of removal of undesirable residual amylase, insoluble starch, and select colorants from refinery streams by powdered activated carbons (Jun 2017)
item Adhesive strength of pilot-scale-produced water-washed cottonseed meal in comparison with a synthetic glue for non-structural interior application (Jun 2017)
item Cryogenically treated gin saw wear test – Third season (Jun 2017)
item New information on how to reduce sucrose loss by managing microbial contamination and in Louisiana sugar factories (Jun 2017)
item First year in operating a mechanical detrasher system at a sugarcane factory in Louisiana (Jun 2017)
item Effect of feed source and pyrolysis conditions on sugarcane bagasse biochar (Jun 2017)
item Steam explosion and fermentation of sugar beets from Southern Florida and the Midwestern United States (Jun 2017)
item ARS labs update to California Cotton Ginners and Growers (Jun 2017)
item New technologies for managing cotton modules (Jun 2017)
item How current ginning processes affect fiber length uniformity index (Jun 2017)
item Continued work to develop a low-cost sensor to detect plastic contamination in seed cotton at the gin (Jun 2017)
item What research is happening to help prevent contamination of U.S. cotton? (Jun 2017)
item Release and recovery of pectic hydrocolloids and phenolics from culled citrus fruits (May 2017)
item Investigation using three different lint cleaners with roller-ginning upland cotton in Mississippi (May 2017)
item Modification of cellulose with succinic anhydride in TBAA/DMSO mixed solvent under catalyst-free conditions (May 2017)
item The complete chloroplast genome sequence of tung tree (Vernicia fordii): Organization and phylogenetic relationships with other angiosperms (May 2017)
item The comparison of phosphorus-nitrogen and sulfur-phosphorus-nitrogen on the anti-flammability and thermal degradation of cotton fabrics (May 2017)
item Characterization of film-forming solutions and films incorporating free and nanoencapsulated tea polyphenol prepared by gelatins with different Bloom values (May 2017)
item Classifying cotton bark and grass extraneous matter using image analysis (May 2017)
item Sugarcane bagasse and leaf residue biochars as soil amendment for increased sugar and cane yields (May 2017)
item Adhesive strength of pilot-scale washed cottonseed meal in comparison with a synthetic adhesive for non-structural application (May 2017)
item Identification of molecular species of acylglycerols of Philippine wild edible mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (Apr 2017)
item Solar cooking (Apr 2017)
item Combustibility determination for cotton gin dust and almond huller dust (Apr 2017)
item Influence of vacuum drying temperature on: physico-chemical composition and antioxidant properties of murta berries (Apr 2017)
item Limiting sucrose loss in Louisiana raw sugar factories: Are biocides necessary? (Apr 2017)
item Saw gin stands (Apr 2017)
item Seed cotton unloading systems (Apr 2017)
item Survey results of the research needs and requirements of the ginning industries in Australia and the United States (Apr 2017)
item Harvesting (Apr 2017)
item The relationship between extent of hemoglobin purification and the performance characteristics of a blood-based flocculant (Apr 2017)
item Novel polyurethanes from xylan and TDI: Preparation and characterization (Apr 2017)
item Effect of a biocide treatment on microbes in sweet sorghum juice (Mar 2017)
item Mechanically robust and transparent N-halamine grafted PVA-co-PE films with renewable antimicrobial activity (Mar 2017)
item Recovery of pectic hydrocolloids and phenolics from Huanglongbing related dropped citrus fruit (Mar 2017)
item Introduction and characterization of charged functional domains into an esterified pectic homogalacturonan by a citrus pectin methylesterase and comparison of its modes of action to other pectin methylesterase isozymes (Mar 2017)
item Induction of low-level hydrogen peroxide generation by unbleached cotton nonwovens as potential wound dressing materials (Mar 2017)
item The prediction of leather mechanical properties from airborne ultrasonic testing of hides (Mar 2017)
item Estimation of current cottonseed-fiber ratios, seed indices, and seed tissue and compositional properties (Mar 2017)
item A method for removing adobe-type manure from hides using an oxidizing agent (Mar 2017)
item Naturally occurring high oleic acid cottonseed oil: identification and functional analysis of a mutant allele of Gossypium barbadense fatty acid desaturase-2 (Mar 2017)
item Small-angle neutron scattering studies on an idealized diesel biofuel platform (Feb 2017)
item Using solid 13C NMR coupled with solution 31P NMR spectroscopy to investigate molecular species and lability of organic carbon and phosphorus from aquatic plants in Tai Lake, China (Feb 2017)
item Solubilization of meat & bone meal protein by dilute acid hydrolysis for the production of bio-based flocculant (Feb 2017)
item Identification of molecular species of acylglycerols of Philippine wild edible mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (Feb 2017)
item Bio-based wood adhesives research: Advances and outlooks (Feb 2017)
item Bio-based wood adhesives--preparation, characterization, and testing (Feb 2017)
item Preparation, properties, and bonding utilization of pyrolysis bio-oil (Feb 2017)
item Wood adhesives containing proteins and carbohydrates (Feb 2017)
item Effects of rheology and viscosity of biobased adhesives on bonding performance (Feb 2017)
item Preparation and utilization of water washed cottonseed meal as wood adhesives (Feb 2017)
item Utilization of citric acid in wood bonding (Feb 2017)
item Methylation of hemoglobin to enhance flocculant performance (Feb 2017)
item Synthesis of polymers from liquefied biomass and their utilization in wood bonding (Feb 2017)
item Analytical evaluation of current starch methods used in the international sugar industry: Part I (Feb 2017)
item Use of activated carbon to remove undesirable residual amylase from refinery streams (Feb 2017)
item Use of activated carbon to remove undesirable residual amylase from refinery streams (Feb 2017)
item Reaction of gelatin and chitosan with water soluble carbodiimides (Feb 2017)
item NMR studies of water dynamics during sol-to-gel transition of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) in concentrated aqueous solution (Jan 2017)
item Toward a better understanding of the impact of mass transit air pollutants on human health (Jan 2017)
item Testing of a large-scale mechanical cottonseed delinter: results and improvements (Jan 2017)
item Chemical characterization of cotton plant parts for multiple uses (Jan 2017)
item Impact of potential fermentation inhibitors present in sweet sorghum sugar solutions (Jan 2017)
item Renewable hybrid nanocatalyst from magnetite and cellulose fortreatment of textile effluents (Jan 2017)
item Chemical free cotton defoliation and dessication (Jan 2017)
item Microwave moisture sensing of seedcotton: Part 1: Seedcotton microwave material properties (Jan 2017)
item Evaluation of physico-mechanical properties of mycelium reinforced green biocomposites made from cellulosic fibers (Dec 2016)
item Removal of sheet plastic materials from seed cotton using a cylinder cleaner (Dec 2016)
item Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of water on hydrolyzed product formation during the feruloylation of vegetable oil (Dec 2016)
item Research Highlight: Water-extractable organic matter from sandy loam soils (Dec 2016)
item Cultivar and maturity effects on the quality attributes and ethanol potential of sweet sorghum (Dec 2016)
item Phosphatidyl-hydroxytyrosol and phosphatidyl-tyrosol bilayer properties (Dec 2016)
item Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of acetonitrile and hexane extracts of Lentinus tigrinus and Pleurotus djamour (Dec 2016)
item Ex situ themo-catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors using a traveling wave microwave reactor (Dec 2016)
item Identification of an Mg2+-independent soluble phosphatidate phosphatase in cottonseed (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Nov 2016)
item Forms and lability of phosphorus in algae and aquatic macrophytes characterized by solution 31P NMR coupled with enzymatic hydrolysis (Nov 2016)
item Proteomic analysis of tung tree (Vernicia fordii) oilseeds during the developmental stages (Nov 2016)
item Microwave moisture sensing of seedcotton: Part 1: Seedcotton microwave material properties (Nov 2016)
item Extraction and characterization of cellulose nanowhiskers from Mandacaru (Cereus jamacaru DC.) spines (Nov 2016)
item Applied and environmental chemistry of animal manure: A review (Nov 2016)
item Preparation, characterization, and activity of a peptide-cellulosic aerogel protease sensor from cotton (Oct 2016)
item 129Xe NMR studies of morphology and accessibility in porous biochar from almond shells (Oct 2016)
item Effect of montmorillonite clay addition on the morphological and physical properties of Jatropha curcas L. and Glycine max L. protein concentrate films (Oct 2016)
item Polyester composites reinforced with corona-treated fibers from pine, eucalyptus and sugarcane bagasse (Oct 2016)
item Polyphenolic reductants in cane sugar (Oct 2016)
item How the physical forms of starch affect filterability at a carbonatation refinery. Part II: simulated carbonatation filtration (Sep 2016)
item Nanotechnology overview: Opportunities and challenges (Aug 2016)
item Nanotechnology in Agriculture (Aug 2016)
item Quantity and nature of water-extractable organic matter from sandy loam soils with potato cropping managements (Aug 2016)
item Flocculation of wheat straw soda lignin by hemoglobin and chicken blood: Effects of cationic polymer or calcium chloride (Aug 2016)
item Mechanical properties of biobased films prepared from collagen solutions derived from bovine hides (Aug 2016)
item Lubbock Gin Lab - Current Research and Leaf Grade Issues (Aug 2016)
item Tyrosol-based liposomal behavior: Size, z-potential, TEM, QCM-D and fluorescence analysis (Aug 2016)
item Polymerized and functionalized triglycerides (Aug 2016)
item Protease biosensors based on peptide-nanocellulose conjugates: from molecular design to dressing interface (Aug 2016)
item Chemistry without borders: An overview (Aug 2016)
item The micro-environmental impact of volatile organic compound emissions from large-scale assemblies of people in a confined space (Aug 2016)
item Full replacement of menhaden fish meal protein by low-gossypol cottonseed flour protein in the diet of juvenile black sea bass Centropristis striata (Aug 2016)
item Controlled-release of tea polyphenol from gelatin films incorporated with different ratios of free/nanoencapsulated tea polyphenols into fatty food simulants (Aug 2016)
item Morphological influence of cellulose nanoparticles (CNs) from cottonseed hulls on rheological properties of polyvinyl alcohol/CN suspensions (Aug 2016)
item Across-phase biomass pyrolysis stoichiometry, energy balance, and product formation kinetics (Jul 2016)
item Design, synthesis, and activity of nanocellulosic protease sensors (Jul 2016)
item Development of a prototype sensor to detect plastic contamination in seed cotton at the gin (Jul 2016)
item Detecting adulterated commercial sweet sorghum syrups with ion chromatography oligosaccharide fingerprint profiles (Jul 2016)
item Preliminary fuel use results from gin audits (Jul 2016)
item Chitin nanofibers as reinforcing and antimicrobial agents in carboxymethyl cellulose films: Influence of partial deacetylation (Jul 2016)
item Conquering the control of insoluble and soluble starch with novel applications of amylase (Jul 2016)
item Adhesive performance of washed cottonseed meal at high solid contents and low temperatures (Jun 2016)
item Urea modified cottonseed protein adhesive for wood composite products (Jun 2016)
item The physical properties, morphology and viscoelasticity of biobased sponges prepared from un-tanned hides (Jun 2016)
item Roles of conjugated double bonds in electron-donating capacity of sorghum grains (Jun 2016)
item A one-pot synthesis of 1,6,9,13-tetraoxadispiro( by hydrodeoxygenation of xylose using a palladium catalyst (Jun 2016)
item Global demand for rare earth resources and strategies for green mining (Jun 2016)
item NMR characterization of polymers: Review and update (Jun 2016)
item Biopolymer films to control fusarium dry rot and their application to preserve potato tubers (Jun 2016)
item Characterization of plant-derived carbon and phosphorus in lakes by sequential fractionation and NMR spectroscopy (Jun 2016)
item Exposure of agricultural crops to nanoparticle CeO2 in biochar-amended soil (Jun 2016)
item Microbial and physicochemical properties of sugarcane bagasse for potential conversion to value-added products (Jun 2016)
item Cryogenically treated gin saw wear test-Second season (May 2016)
item Preliminary evaluation of feeder and lint slide moisture addition on ginning, fiber quality, and textile processing of western cotton (May 2016)
item Removing seed coat fragments with a lint cleaner grid bar air knife (May 2016)
item Low-resolution mid-infrared reflection analysis for discernment of contaminants in seed cotton (May 2016)
item Evaluation of relationship between HVI estimated leaf grade and MDTA3 measured percent trash (May 2016)
item Elemental and nutrient composition of cotton plant parts (May 2016)
item Mechanism of removal of undesirable residual amylase, insoluble starch, and select colorants from refinery streams by powdered activated carbons (May 2016)
item Biorefinery developments for advanced biofuels from a widening array of biomass feedstocks (May 2016)
item Isolation of efficient phosphate solubilizing bacteria capable of enhancing tomato plant growth (May 2016)
item Production of polyol oils from soybean oil by Pseudomonas aeruginosa E03-12. (May 2016)
item Synthesis of a novel biologically active amide ester of 7,10-dihydroxy-8(E)-octadecanoic acid (DOD) using lipase (May 2016)
item Advancements in Cotton Harvesting Research (May 2016)
item Preparation of biobased sponges from un-tanned hides (May 2016)
item Determining Seed Cotton Mass Flow Rate by Pressure Drop Across the Blowbox: Gin Testing (May 2016)
item Adhesive properties of water washed cottonseed meal on four types of wood (May 2016)
item Preface for "Agricultural and environmental applications of biochar: Advances and barriers" (Apr 2016)
item Agricultural and environmental applications of biochar: Advances and barriers (Apr 2016)
item Characterization of glycolytic pathway genes using RNA-Seq in developing seeds of Eucommia ulmoides (Apr 2016)
item The effect of chicken blood and its components on wastewater characteristics and sewage surcharges (Apr 2016)
item Characterization of phosphorus forms in lake macrophytes and algae by solution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (Apr 2016)
item Reaction of protein and carbohydrates with EDC for making unique biomaterials (Apr 2016)
item Soluble collagen approach to a combination tannage mechanism (Apr 2016)
item A review on the role of organic inputs in maintaining soil carbon pool of the terrestrial ecosystem (Mar 2016)
item Comparison of the adhesive performances of soy meal, water washed meal fractions, and protein isolates (Mar 2016)
item Effects of pH and storage time on the adhesive and rheological properties of cottonseed meal-based products (Mar 2016)
item Human neutrophil elastase detection with fluorescent peptide sensors conjugated to cellulosic and nanocellulosic materials: part II, structure/function analysis (Mar 2016)
item Human neutrophil elastase peptide sensors conjugated to cellulosic and nanocellulosic materials: part I, synthesis and characterization of fluorescent analogs (Mar 2016)
item Bioinspiration and Biomimicry: Possibilities for Cotton Byproducts (Mar 2016)
item Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds in biochar and biochar-amended soil: A review (Mar 2016)
item Torrefaction of almond shells: effects of torrefaction conditions on properties of solid and condensate products (Mar 2016)
item Torrefaction of almond shells: effects of torrefaction conditions on properties of solid and condensate products (Mar 2016)
item A peptide derivatized cellulosic aerogel from cotton as a point of care diagnostic protease sensor (Mar 2016)
item Use of additives to enhance the properties of cottonseed protein as wood adhesives (Mar 2016)
item How the physical forms of starch affect filterability at a carbonatation refinery. Part I: Filterability of industrial sugars (Mar 2016)
item Dedicated industrial oilseed crops as metabolic engineering platforms for sustainable industrial feedstock production (Feb 2016)
item Comparison of six green chile (capsicum annum) cultivars for efficiency of Etgar® machine harvest (Feb 2016)
item Chile stand management for mechanical green chile harvest (Feb 2016)
item Tung (Vernicia fordii and Vernicia montana) (Feb 2016)
item Cotton: A Massively Underutilized and Often Overlooked Protein and Biomass Resource (Feb 2016)
item Structure-reactivity relationships between fluorescent chromophores and antioxidant activity of grain and sweet sorghum seeds (Feb 2016)
item Soy and cottonseed protein blends as wood adhesives (Feb 2016)
item Solution blow spinning: parameters optimization and effects on the properties of nanofibers from poly(lactic) acid/dimethyl carbonate solutions (Feb 2016)
item Continuous process for enhanced release and recovery of pectic hydrocolloids and phenolics from citrus biomass (Jan 2016)
item Synthesis and assessment of peptide-nanocellulosic biosensors (Jan 2016)
item Dictionary of cotton: Picking & ginning (Jan 2016)
item Field-scale fluorescence fingerprinting of biochar-borne dissolved organic carbon (Jan 2016)
item Selective release of inorganic constituents in broiler manure biochars under different post-activation treatments (Jan 2016)
item Pilot-scale production of washed cottonseed meal and co-products (Dec 2015)
item Continuous, packed-bed, enzymatic bioreactor production and stability of feruloyl soy glycerides (Dec 2015)
item Biopolymers produced from gelatin and chitosan using polyphenols (Dec 2015)
item 129Xe NMR studies of biochar made from biobased materials (Dec 2015)
item Novel polymeric materials from triglycerides (Dec 2015)
item Characteristics and degradation of carbon and phosphorus from aquatic macrophytes in lakes: insights from solid-state 13C NMR and solution 31P NMR spectroscopy (Dec 2015)
item Fate of higher-mass elements and surface functional groups during the pyrolysis of waste pecan shell (Nov 2015)
item Compositional features of cotton plant biomass fractions characterized by attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (Nov 2015)
item Utilization of microbes to improve crop production (Nov 2015)
item Identification of Arabidopsis GPAT9 (At5g60620) as an essential gene involved in Triacylglycerol Biosynthesis (Nov 2015)
item Heteroaggregation of cerium oxide nanoparticles and nanoparticles of pyrolyzed biomass (Nov 2015)
item Production of polyol oils from soybean oil by bioprocess and Philippines edible medicinal wild mushrooms (Nov 2015)
item Common editorial mistakes in journal submissions (Nov 2015)
item Biochar production technology: An overview (Oct 2015)
item Preservation of hides using low salt methods (Oct 2015)
item The parts of a research paper? What your readers expect (Oct 2015)
item Identification of molecular species of polyol oils produced from soybean oil by Pseudomonas aeruginosa e03-12 nrrl b-59991 (Sep 2015)
item Efficacy of chicken litter and wood biochars and their activated counterparts in heavy metal clean up from wastewater (Sep 2015)
item Sustainability issues and opportunities in the sugar and sugar-bioproduct industries (Sep 2015)
item Should particle size analysis data be combined with EPA approved sampling method data in the development of AP-42 emission factors? (Aug 2015)
item Examining use of a cylinder cleaner to facilitate plastic removal in a cotton gin (Aug 2015)
item Fiber and seed loss from seed cotton cleaning machinery (Aug 2015)
item Battle of the starches: Insoluble versus soluble at the refinery (Aug 2015)
item Re-examining the applications of amylase in the sugar industry: Conquering the control of insoluble and soluble starch (Aug 2015)
item Novel storage technologies for raw and clarified syrup biomass feedstocks from sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) (Aug 2015)
item Controlled release of linalool using nanofibrous membranes of poly(lactic acid) obtained by electrospinning and solution blow spinning: A comparative study (Aug 2015)
item EPA’s AP-42 development methodology: Converting or rerating current AP-42 datasets (Jul 2015)
item Girdling defoliation of cotton; 2014 field trial (Jul 2015)
item Evaluating EPA’s AP-42 development methodology using a cotton gin total PM dataset (Jul 2015)
item Predicting seed cotton moisture content in a Mississippi gin (Jul 2015)
item Application of particle size distributions to total particulate stack samples to estimate PM2.5 and PM10 emission factors for agricultural sources (Jul 2015)
item Current research to maintain contamination-free U.S. cotton (Jul 2015)
item Case Study: Commercialization of sweet sorghum juice clarification for large-scale syrup manufacture (Jun 2015)
item Peptide-nanocellulose sensor for human neutrophil elastase detection (Jun 2015)
item Dissolved phosphorus speciation of flash carbonization, slow pyrolysis, and fast pyrolysis biochars (Jun 2015)
item Preliminary evaluation of AERMOD using site specific stack and ambient sampling data (May 2015)
item Update on the development of cotton gin PM2.5 emission factors for EPA's AP-42 (May 2015)
item Comparison of classer extraneous matter calls and image shape and color measurements (May 2015)
item Detection of plastic and oily contamination in seed cotton at the gin using infra-red (May 2015)
item Update on the development of cotton gin PM10 emission factors for EPA's AP-42 (May 2015)
item Recycling antibiotics into GUMBOS: A new combination strategy to combat multi-drug resistant bacteria (Apr 2015)
item Modification of eucalyptus pulp fiber using silane coupling agents with aliphatic side chains of different length (Mar 2015)
item Detection of Human Neutrophil Elastase with Fluorescent Peptide Sensors Conjugated to Nanocellulosic Solid Supports Targeting Wound Care Diagnostics (Mar 2015)
item Influence of carbonization methods on the aromaticity of pyrogenic dissolved organic carbon (Mar 2015)
item Multiple applications of ion chromatography oligosaccharide fingerprint profiles to solve a variety of sugar and sugar-biofuel industry problems (Feb 2015)
item Cyclone performance by velocity (Jan 2015)
item Development of an air knife to remove seed coat fragments during lint cleaning (Jan 2015)
item Development of a multi-point isokinetic sampling system to measure poultry house particulate matter emissions (Jul 2014)
item Nanocrystalline cellulose from coir fiber: preparation, properties, and applications (Jun 2014)
item Bionanocomposites (Oct 2013)
item Properties of thermoplastic starch and TPS/polycaprolactone blend reinforced with sisal whiskers using extrusion processing (Sep 2012)
item Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for degradation of nerve agent simulant parathion (Oct 2011)
item Lipophilic super-absorbent polymer gels as surface cleaners for oil and grease (Oct 2011)
item Microwave moisture sensing of wet bales (Jan 2007)
item Real-time sensing of lint quality (Jan 2006)
item Absolute moisture sensing for cotton bales (Jan 2006)
item Microwave bale moisture sensing: Field trial continued (Jan 2005)
item Microwave bale moisture sensing: Field trial (Jan 2004)
item Design of starch coated seed cotton dryers (Jan 2001)
item Non-contact image processing for gin trash sensors in stripper harvested cotton with burr and fine trash correction (Jan 2000)
item Image processing for stripper harvested cotton trash content measurement a progress report (Jan 1999)