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Fiber Products
item Water-based binary polyol process for the controllable synthesis of silver nanoparticles inhibiting human and foodborne pathogenic bacteria (Jun 2018)
item Thermally induced structural transitions in cotton fiber revealed by a finite mixture model of fiber tenacity distribution (Apr 2018)
item Intumescent flame-retardant cotton produced by tannic acid and sodium hydroxide (Jun 2017)
item Natural resistance of raw cotton fiber to heat evidenced by the suppressed depolymerization of cellulose (Mar 2017)
item The adsorption of alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl-ammonium chloride onto cotton nonwoven hydroentangled substrates at the solid-liquid interface is minimized by additive chemistries (Jan 2017)
item Silver-cotton nanocomposites: nano-design of microfibrillar structure causes morphological changes and increased tenacity (Nov 2016)
item The GhTT2_A07 gene is linked to the brown colour and natural flame retardancy phenotypes of Lc1 cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fibres (Aug 2016)
item High resistance to thermal decomposition in brown cotton is linked to tannins and sodium content (Feb 2016)
item Segal crystallinity index revisited by the simulation of x-ray diffraction patterns of cotton cellulose IB and cellulose II (Jan 2016)
item Rethinking cotton in nonwovens (May 2015)