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Animal Behavior
item Evaluating the effects of in utero heat stress on piglet physiology and behavior following weaning and transport (Apr 2019)
item Effects of pen location on thermoregulation and growth performance in grow-finish pigs during late summer (Mar 2019)
item Technical note: Development of an indirect calorimetry system to determine heat production in individual lactating sows (Feb 2019)
item Postnatal consequences of in utero heat stress in pigs (Feb 2019)
item The impact of farrowing room noise on sows’ reactivity to piglets (Dec 2018)
item In vivo response of peripheral leukocytes to oral delivery of probiotics in neonatal dairy calves (Dec 2018)
item Leukocyte gene expression of dairy cattle in response to flooring type and additional substance P (Oct 2018)
item Effect of floor cooling on behavior and heart rate of late lactation sows under acute heat stress (Sep 2018)
item Comparison of vocalization patterns in piglets which were crushed to those which underwent human restraint (Aug 2018)
item Effects of probiotic supplementation on performance traits, bone mineralization, cecal microbial composition, cytokines, and corticosterone in laying hens (May 2018)
item Heat stress: Impact on livestock well-being and productivity and mitigation strategies to alleviate the negative effects (May 2018)
item Probiotic microbes evoke different responses from bovine BAL in vitro (May 2018)
item Supplementation of Bacillus subtilis based probiotic reduces heat stress-related behaviors and inflammatory response in broiler chickens (May 2018)
item Early life thermal stress: Impact on future thermotolerance, stress response, behavior, and intestinal morphology in piglets exposed to a heat stress challenge during simulated transport (Apr 2018)
item A two-step process of nitrous oxide before carbon dioxide for humanely euthanizing piglets: on-farm trials (Apr 2018)
item Evaluation of floor cooling on lactating sows under mild and moderate heat stress (Feb 2018)
item Effects of heat stress and insulin sensitizers on pig adipose tissue (Jan 2018)