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Natural & Synthetic Chemicals - Animals
item Swainsonine biosynthesis genes in diverse symbiotic and pathogenic fungi (Jun 2017)
item Nutritional modulation of the immune response in poultry (May 2017)
item Anagyrine desensitization of peripheral nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. A potential biomarker of quinolizidine alkaloid teratogenesis in cattle. (May 2017)
item Changes in the rumen bacterial microbiome of cattle exposed to ponderosa pine needles (May 2017)
item Serum toxicokinetics after intravenous and oral dosing of larkspur toxins in goats (May 2017)
item Senecio grisebachii Baker: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and experimental poisoning in calves (May 2017)
item Immunometabolic phenotype alterations associated with the induction of disease tolerance and persistent asymptomatic infection of Salmonella in the chicken intestine (Apr 2017)
item A screen for Swainsonine in select North American Astragalus species (Mar 2017)
item A survey of swainsonine content in Swainsona species (Feb 2017)
item Comparison of lateral flow assay, kidney inhibition swab, and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the detection of penicillin G residues in sow urine (Feb 2017)
item Effects of elevated CO2 on the swainsonine chemotypes of Astragalus lentiginosus and Astragalus mollissimus (Feb 2017)
item Spontaneous poisoning by Prosopis juliflora (Leguminosae) in sheep (Feb 2017)
item Administering multiple doses of a non N-(methylsuccinimido) anthranoyllycoctonine (MSAL)-containing tall larkspur (Delphinium occidentale) to cattle (Jan 2017)
item A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method for the detection and quantitation of monofluoroacetate in plants toxic to livestock (Jan 2017)
item A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method for the detection and quantitation of monofluoroacetate in plants toxic to livestock (Jan 2017)
item Natural toxins of plant origin (phytotoxins) (Jan 2017)
item Experimental poisoning by Niedenzuella stannea in cattle and corresponding detection of monofluoroacetate (Jan 2017)
item Experimental poisoning by Niedenzuella stannea in cattle and corresponding detection of monofluoroacetate (Intoxicação experimental por Niedenzuella stannea em bovinos e correspondente detecção de monofluoroacetato) (Jan 2017)
item Distribution of animal drugs among curd, whey, and milk protein fractions in spiked skim milk and whey (Jan 2017)
item Detection of residues in urine and tissues of sheep treated with trace levels of dietary ractopamine HCl (Dec 2016)
item Dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid toxicity, cytotoxicity, and carcinogenicity (Nov 2016)
item Distribution of flunixin residues in muscles of dairy cattle dosed with lipopolysaccharide or saline and treated with flunixin by intravenous or intramuscular injection (Nov 2016)
item Distribution, identification, and quantification of residues after treatment of ready-to-eat salami with 36Cl-labeled or nonlabeled chlorine dioxide gas (Oct 2016)
item USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory: History and current research on western North American rangelands (Oct 2016)
item Oocytes from small and large follicles exhibit equal development competence following goat cloning despite their differences in meiotic and cytoplasmic maturation (Oct 2016)
item Urinary excretion of the ß-adrenergic feed additives ractopamine and zilpaterol in breast and lung cancer patients (Oct 2016)
item Fungicide treatment and clipping of Oxytropis sericea does not disrupt swainsonine concentrations (Sep 2016)
item Pro-toxic 1,2-Dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid esters, including unprecedented 10-membered macrocyclic diesters, in the medicinally-used Alafia cf. caudata and Amphineurion marginatum (Apocynaceae: Apocynoideae: Nerieae and Apoc (Sep 2016)
item Gut health: The new paradigm in food animal production (Aug 2016)
item Impacts of toxic plants on the welfare of grazing livestock (Aug 2016)
item Development of an electrochemical immunoassay for the detection of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) (Aug 2016)
item Chicken-specific kinome array reveals that Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis modulates host immune signaling pathways in the cecum to establish a persistence infection (Jul 2016)
item Effects of high selenium forages on reproduction in sheep (Jul 2016)
item Is there a difference between exposures to one or two plant toxins? (Jul 2016)
item Resistance to toxic plants: The right animal in the right pasture at the right time (Jul 2016)
item The relationship between swainsonine containing plants and endophytic fungi (Jul 2016)
item Sweet clover poisoning (Jul 2016)
item Bracken fern poisoning (Jul 2016)
item Analysis of swainsonine and swainsonine N-oxide as trimethylsilyl derivatives by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and their relative occurrence in plants toxic to livestock (Jul 2016)
item Activation and desensitization of peripheral muscle and neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by selected, naturally-occurring pyridine alkaloids (Jul 2016)
item Comparison of the serum toxicokinetics of larkspur toxins in cattle, sheep and goats (Jun 2016)
item Activity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids against biofilm formation and Trichomonas vaginalis (Jun 2016)
item Effect of protein supplementation on forage utilization by cattle in annual grass-dominated rangelands in the Channel Scablands of Eastern Washington (Jun 2016)
item Rumen microorganisms decrease bioavailability of inorganic selenium supplements (Jun 2016)
item The comparative toxicity of a reduced, crude comfrey (Symphytum officinale) alkaloid extract and the pure, comfrey-derived pyrrolizidine alkaloids, lycopsamine and intermedine in chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) (May 2016)
item Liver biopsy as diagnostic method for poisoning by swainsonine-containing plants (May 2016)
item Detection of Ptaquilosides in different phenologic stages of Bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum) and analysis of milk samples in farms with hematuria in Tolima, Colombia (Apr 2016)
item A swainsonine survey of North American Astragalus and Oxytropis taxa implicated as locoweeds (Apr 2016)
item Induction and transfer of resistance to poisoning by Amorimia pubiflora in sheep with non-toxic doses of the plant and ruminal content (Apr 2016)
item Maternal ingestion of Ipomoea carnea: Effects on goat-kid bonding and behavior (Mar 2016)
item Studies in regard to the classification and putative toxicity of Fridericia japurensis (Arrabidaea japurensis) in Brazil (Mar 2016)
item Conditioning and aversion to toxic Solanum bonariense (naranjillo) leaves in calves (Mar 2016)
item White snakeroot poisoning in goats: Variations in toxicity with different plant chemotypes (Feb 2016)
item AMPK and mTOR: Sensors and regulators of immunometabolic changes during Salmonella infection in the chicken (Feb 2016)
item Seasonal variation in the secondary chemistry of foliar and reproductive tissue of Delphinium nuttallianum (Feb 2016)
item Interactions between bacteria and the gut mucosa: Do enteric neurotransmitters acting on the mucosal epithelium influence intestinal colonization or infection? (Jan 2016)
item The effect of co-administration of death camas (Zigadenus spp.) and low larkspur (Delphinium spp.) in cattle (Jan 2016)
item Interactions between bacteria and the gut mucosa: Do enteric neurotransmitters acting on the mucosal epithelium influence intestinal colonization or infection? (Jan 2016)
item Determination of toxicity in rabbits and corresponding detection of monofluoroacetate in four Palicourea (Rubiaceae) species from the Amazonas state, Brazil (Jan 2016)
item Spontaneous and experimental poisoning of cattle by Palicourea aeneofusca in the region of Pernambuco and introduction of conditioned food aversion (Jan 2016)
item Safety concerns of herbal products and traditional Chinese herbal medicines: Dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids and aristolochic acid (Dec 2015)
item Heterozygous P53 knockout mouse model for dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid-induced carcinogenesis (Dec 2015)
item The non-competitive blockade of GABAA receptors by an aqueous extract of water hemlock (Cicuta douglassi) tubers (Oct 2015)
item Differences between Angus and Holstein cattle in the Lupinus leucophyllus induced inhibition of fetal activity (Sep 2015)
item Feeding preferences of experienced and naïve goats and sheep for the toxic plant Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa (Sep 2015)
item Effects of juniperus species and stage of maturity on nutritional, in vitro digestibility, and plant secondary compound characteristics (Aug 2015)
item The effect of administering multiple doses of tall larkspur (Delphinium barbeyi) to cattle (Aug 2015)
item Evaluation of the seasonal and annual abortifacient risk of western juniper trees on Oregon rangelands: Abortion risk of western juniper trees (Aug 2015)
item Adverse effects of larkspur (Delphinium spp.) on cattle (Jul 2015)
item Safety concerns of herbal products and traditional Chinese herbal medicines: Dehydopyrrolizidine alkaloids and aristolochic acid (Jul 2015)
item Elk (Cervus elaphus canadensis) preference for feeds varying in selenium concentration (Jul 2015)
item Larkspur poisoning of cattle: Current knowledge and research (Jun 2015)
item Pro-toxic dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids in the traditional Andean herbal medicine "asmachilca" (Jun 2015)
item Pine needle abortion in cattle update: Metabolite detection in sera and fetal fluids from abortion case samples (Jun 2015)
item Lupine consumption by cattle in the scablands of Eastern Washington. (Jun 2015)
item Halogeton (Halogeton glomeratus) poisoning in cattle. (Jun 2015)
item In vitro cytotoxicity of various dehydropyrrolizidine ester alkaloids (Jun 2015)
item A global perspective of selenium deficiency and toxicity (Jun 2015)
item Species susceptibility to locoweed poisoning and evaluation of chicks as a small animal model of poisoning (Jun 2015)
item Agonist mediated fetal muscle-type nicotinic acetylcholine receptor desensitization (Jun 2015)
item The role of chemistry in poisonous plant research: Current status and future prospects (Jun 2015)
item Intermittent grazing: A management tool to reduce the impact of lupine-induced Crooked Calf Syndrome (CCS) (Jun 2015)
item Could nitrile derivatives of turnip (Brassica rapa) glucosinolates be Hepato-and/or cholangiotoxic in cattle? (Jun 2015)
item Wild parsnip (Pastinaca sativa)-induced photosensitization in goats and horses (Jun 2015)
item Carcinogenic effects of riddelliine on P53 knockout mice (Jun 2015)
item Identification of the toxic components in white snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) (Jun 2015)
item The role of endophyte in determining swainsonine concentrations (Jun 2015)
item Isolation of endosymbionts from Ipomoea carnea and Swainsona canescens that produce swainsonine (Jun 2015)
item New dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids isolated from a Crotalaria and two Cryptantha species (Jun 2015)
item A monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for the hedgehog inhibitors cyclopamine and cyclopamine derivatives (Jun 2015)
item A rapid HPLC-APCI-MS method to detect fluoroacetate in plants (Jun 2015)
item The effect of multiple plant toxins on livestock (Jun 2015)
item The clearance of delphinium alkaloids from the serum of cattle (Jun 2015)
item The serum concentrations of lupine alkaloids in orally-dosed Holstein cattle (Jun 2015)
item The effect of ensiling and haymaking on the concentrations of steroidal saponin in two Brachiaria grass species (May 2015)
item Recognition of pyrrolizidine alkaloid esters in the invasive aquatic plant Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (Asteraceae) (May 2015)
item The relative toxicity of Delphinium stachydeum in mice and cattle (Mar 2015)
item A survey of tremetone, dehydrotremetone and structurally related compounds in Isocoma spp. (Goldenbush) in the southwestern United States (Mar 2015)
item Changes in swainsonine, calystegine, and nitrogen concentrations on an annual basis in Ipomoea carnea (Mar 2015)
item Toxicity of White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) and chemical extracts of White Snakeroot in goats (Feb 2015)
item An in vitro comparison of the cytotoxic potential of selected dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids and some N-oxides (Feb 2015)
item The effect of western juniper on the estrous cycle in beef cattle (Feb 2015)
item Development of a PCR-based method for detection of Delphinium species in poisoned cattle (Jan 2015)
item The effect of intermittent dosing of Nicotiana glauca on teratogenesis in goats (Jan 2015)
item Pyrrolizidine alkaloids: Potential role in the etiology of cancers, pulmonary hypertension, congenital anomalies, and liver disease (Dec 2014)
item Pine needle abortion biomarker detected in bovine fetal fluids (Dec 2014)
item Crude protein supplementation to reduce lupine consumption by pregnant cattle in the scablands of eastern Washington. (Dec 2014)
item Targeted grazing of white locoweed: Short-term effects of herbivory regime on vegetation and sheep (Nov 2014)
item Elimination of the tremorgenic toxin of Ipomoea asarifolia by milk (Nov 2014)
item Poisoning by Poiretia punctata in cattle and sheep (Oct 2014)
item Semi-automated separation of the epimeric dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids lycopsamine and intermedine: Preparation of their N-oxides and NMR comparison with diastereoisomeric rinderine and echinatine (Oct 2014)
item Studies on the teratogenicity of anabasine in a rat model (Sep 2014)
item Production of destruxins from metarhizium spp. fungi in artificial medium and in endophytically colonized cowpea plants (Aug 2014)
item A study on embryonic death in goats due to Nicotiana glauca ingestion (Aug 2014)
item If one plant toxin is harmful to livestock, what about two? (Jul 2014)
item Could nitrile derivatives of turnip (Brassica rapa) glucosinolates be hepato- or cholangiotoxic in cattle? (Jul 2014)
item Cyclopamine: From cyclops lambs to cancer treatment (Jul 2014)
item Monofluoroacetate-containing plants that are potentially toxic to livestock (Jul 2014)
item Teratogenic effects of Mimosa tenuiflora in a rat model and possible role of N-methyl and N,N-dimethyltryptamine (Jul 2014)
item Secondary compounds in floral rewards of toxic rangeland plants: Impacts on pollinators (Jul 2014)
item Profiling of dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids and their N-oxides in herbarium-preserved specimens of Amsinckia species using HPLC-esi(+)MS (Jul 2014)
item Analysis in horse hair as a means of evaluating selenium toxicoses and long-term exposures (Jul 2014)
item Swainsonine-containing plants and their relationship to endophytic fungi (Jul 2014)
item Conditioned food aversion to control poisoning by Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa in goats (Jul 2014)
item Duration of an induced resistance of sheep to acute poisoning by Crotalaria retusa seeds (Jun 2014)
item Identification of the quinolizidine alkaloids in Sophora leachiana (Jun 2014)
item Cardiac fibrosis associated to the poisoning of Amorimia septentrionalis in cattle (May 2014)
item Global perspectives on poisonous plants: The 9th International Symposium on Poisonous Plants (Mar 2014)
item Detection of toxic monofluoroacetate in Palicourea species (Mar 2014)
item Mitigation of larkspur poisoning on rangelands through the selection of cattle (Feb 2014)
item Conditioning food aversions to Ipomoea carnea var. Fistulosa in sheep (Feb 2014)
item Induction and transfer of resistance to poisoning by Amorimia (Mascagnia) septentrionalis in goats (Feb 2014)
item Biosynthesis of natural products in plants by fungal endophytes with an emphasis on swainsonine (Jan 2014)
item Plant alkaloids that cause developmental defects through the disruption of cholinergic neurotransmission (Dec 2013)
item Poisonous plants: Effects on embryo and fetal development (Dec 2013)
item The effect of low larkspur (Delphinium spp.) co-administration on the acute toxicity of death camas (Zigadenus spp.) in sheep (Dec 2013)
item Effect of selenium concentration on feed preferences by cattle and sheep (Dec 2013)
item Evaluation of the respiratory elimination kinetics of selenate and Se-methylselenocysteine after oral administration in lambs (Dec 2013)
item Discrimination of grassland species and their classification in botanical families by laboratory scale hyperspectral imaging NIR: preliminary results (Nov 2013)
item Dose-dependent effects of nectar alkaloids in a montane plant-pollinator community (Nov 2013)
item A toxicokinetic comparison of two species of low larkspur (Delphinium spp.) in cattle (Oct 2013)
item Experimental rayless goldenrod (Isocoma pluriflora) toxicosis in horses (Oct 2013)
item Production of the alkaloid swainsonine by a fungal endophyte in the host Swainsona canescens (Sep 2013)
item Pulmonary and hepatic lesions caused by the dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid-producing plants Crotalaria juncea and Crotalaria retusa in donkeys (Sep 2013)
item Comparative oral dose toxicokinetics of selenium compounds commonly found in selenium accumulator plants (Sep 2013)
item Epidemiological aspects of field intoxication by Amorimia pubiflora (Malpighiaceae) in cattle in Mato Grosso and experimental reproduction of intoxication in cattle and sheep (Sep 2013)
item The role of the a7 subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor on motor coordination in mice treated with methyllcaconitine and anabasine (Sep 2013)
item The role of the a7 subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the acute toxicosis of methyllycaconitine in mice. (Sep 2013)
item Natural and experimental poisoning of goats with the pyrrolizidine alkaloid-producing plant Crotalaria retusa L (Sep 2013)
item Early season grazing by cattle of waxy larkspur (Delphinium glaucescens) in Central Idaho (Aug 2013)
item Methods of inducing conditioned food aversion to Baccharis coridifolia (mio-mio) in cattle (Aug 2013)
item Evaluation of solar exposure on the experimental intoxication by Brachiaria decumbens in sheep (Aug 2013)
item Conditioned food aversion to Ipomoea carnea var. fistulosa induced by Baccharis coridifolia in goats (Aug 2013)
item Alkaloid profiles of Dermatophyllum arizonicum, Dermatophllum gypsophilum, Dermatophyllum secundiflorum, Styphnolobium affine, and Styphnolobium japonicum previously classified as Sophora species (Aug 2013)
item Doença de depósito lisossomal induzida pelo consumo de Ipomoea verbascoidea (Convolvulaceae) em caprinos no semiárido de Pernambuco (Jul 2013)
item Plant toxins that affect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: A review (Jun 2013)
item The alkaloid profiles of Sophora nuttalliana and Sophora stenophylla (Jun 2013)
item Detección de compuestos inductores de aborto en acículas de enebro (Juniperus communis) y suero de vacas abortadas en los montes de la Rioja (Jun 2013)
item Conditioned food aversion for control of poisoning by Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa (Jun 2013)
item Production of the alkaloid swainsonine by a fungal endosymbiont of the ascomycete order Chaetothyriales in the host Ipomoea carnea. (Apr 2013)
item Weather and plant age affect the levels of steroidal saponin and Pithomyces chartarum spores in Brachiaria grass (Apr 2013)
item Stereoselective potencies and relative toxicities of y-Coniceine and N-Methylconiine enantiomers (Mar 2013)
item Persistence of echimidine, a hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloid, from honey into mead (Mar 2013)
item Ptaquiloside reduces NK cell activities by enhancing metallothionein expression, which is prevented by selenium (Feb 2013)
item Effect of a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists and antagonists on motor function in mice (Feb 2013)
item Detection and measurement of carbohydrate deficient transferrin in serum using immuno-capture mass spectrometry: Diagnostic applications for annual regrass toxicity and corynetoxin exposure (Oct 2012)
item Effect of dietary protein level and quebracho tannin on consumption of pine needles (Pinus ponderosa) by beef cows (Oct 2012)
item Conditioned food aversion to control outbreaks of intoxication by Ipomoea carnea and Turbina cordata in goats (Aug 2012)
item The use of ultrasonography to study teratogenicity in ruminants: Evaluation of Ipomoea carnea in goats (Aug 2012)
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