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Economics of Animal Pest Control
item Better than DEET repellent compounds derived from coconut oil (Sep 2018)
item Discovery and development of natural product-based technologies for pest management (Aug 2018)
item Does Seeding Rate Effect Establishment-Year Growth and Long-term Forage Yield of Indiangrass? (Feb 2018)
item Identification of stable fly attractant compounds in vinasse, a byproduct of sugarcane-ethanol distillation (Aug 2017)
item Precipitation and temperature effects on stable fly (diptera: muscidae) population dynamics (Mar 2017)
item Augmenting laboratory rearing of stable fly (diptera: muscidae) larvae with ammoniacal salts (Jan 2017)
item Delivery of promise of pheromones: Part II (Oct 2016)
item Semiochemicals in pest management: development, regulation and applications. Subtitle: Delivering on the promise of pheromones (Aug 2016)
item Pheromone-based pest management in china: past, present and future prospects (Aug 2016)
item Environmental parameters associated with stable fly (Diptera: Muscidae) development at hay feeding sites (Mar 2016)
item Visual and olfactory enhancement of stable fly trapping (Jan 2016)
item Biology and trapping of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) developing in pineapple residues (Ananas comosus) in Costa Rica (Oct 2015)
item Development of botanical-based biopesticides and repellents against biting flies on livestock animals (Aug 2015)
item Semiochemical-based technologies for fly management (Jun 2015)