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Animal Disease/Parasite Resistance
item "Chicken novel leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamilies B1 and B3 are transcriptional regulators of MHC class I genes and signaling pathways" (Oct 2019)
item Vaccination with Eimeria tenella Elongation Factor-1a with IL-7 DNA vaccine Protect Broiler Chickens against Coccidiosis (May 2019)
item Viable Eimeria oocysts in poultry house litter at time of chick placement (Apr 2019)
item Large-scale analysis of Flavobacterium psychrophilum MLST genotypes recovered from North American salmonids indicates both newly identified and recurrent clonal complexes are associated with disease (Mar 2019)
item Circular RNA Vav3 sponges gga-miR-375 to promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition (Jan 2019)
item Validation of a site-specific recombination cloning technique for the rapid development of an infectious cDNA clone of a virulent field strain of vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (Jan 2019)
item Pleiotropic anti-infective effects of a small-molecule lipid II binder (Dec 2018)
item Immunity, immunomodulation, and antibiotic alternatives to maximize the genetic potential of poultry for growth and disease response (Dec 2018)
item Vesicular stomatitis virus transmission: A comparison of incriminated vectors (Dec 2018)
item An optimized procedure for detecting enterocytozoon intestinalis and encephalitozoon bieneusi using polymerase chain reaction technology (Dec 2018)
item Analysis of the gut and gill microbiome of resistant and susceptible lines of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Dec 2018)
item First complete genome sequence of a genotype A2, subgroup 4 small ruminant lentivirus (Nov 2018)
item "Interleukin-4 (IL-4) regulates alternative activation of macrophages in chickens: a sequential study using novel and specific neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against chicken IL-4" (Oct 2018)
item The emergence of the infection of subgroup J avian leukosis virus escalated the tumor incidence in commercial Yellow chickens in Southern China in recent years (Oct 2018)
item Museum metabarcoding: A novel method revealing gut helminth communities of small mammals across space and time (Oct 2018)
item Low-volume goat milk transmission of classical scrapie to lambs and goat kids (Sep 2018)
item Closed genome sequences and antibiograms of 16 pasteurella multocida isolates from bovine respiratory disease complex cases and apparently healthy controls (Sep 2018)
item "Interlaeukin-34 regulates Th1 and Th17 cytokine production by activating multiple signaling pathways through CSF-1R in chicken cell lines" (Sep 2018)
item Flagellar regulation is required for virulence in Yersinia ruckeri (Sep 2018)
item Complete genome sequence of Moraxella bovis strain Epp63, an etiologic agent of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (Aug 2018)
item Increased virulence of an epidemic strain of vesicular stomatitis virus is associated with interference of the innate response in pigs (Aug 2018)
item Characterization of intestinal immune response to clostridium perfringens infection in broiler chickens characterization of intestinal immune tesponse to clostridium perfringens infection in broiler chickens (Aug 2018)
item Multi-Locus Variable number of tandem repeat Analysis (MLVA) of Yersinia ruckeri 2 confirms the existence of host-specificity, geographic endemism and anthropogenic 3 dissemination of virulent clones (Aug 2018)
item Three generations of selective breeding improved Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) disease resistance against natural challenge with Flavobacterium psychrophilum during early life-stage rearing (Aug 2018)
item Accurate genomic predictions for BCWD resistance in rainbow trout are achieved using low-density SNP panels: Evidence that strong long-range LD is a major contributing factor (Aug 2018)
item Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry identification of Moraxella bovoculi and Moraxella bovis isolates from cattle (Jul 2018)
item Host use dynamics in a heterogeneous fitness landscape generates oscillations and diversification (Jul 2018)
item Comparison of pathogenicity of several Clostridium perfringens strains with Eimeria maxima co-infection in inducing necrotic enteritis lesions in broiler chickens (Jul 2018)
item Characterization of clostridium perfringens netB+tpel+ type A atrains isolated from necrotic enteritis-afflicted broiler chickens (Jul 2018)
item Breeding scrapie resistant goats: A new DNA test to enhance goat health and your business (Jul 2018)
item A new tool: Genetic scrapie resistance in goats (Jun 2018)
item Rainbow trout genetic resistance to bacterial cold water disease: Contribution of interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 genes (Jun 2018)
item Differential expression and evolution of three tandem, interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 genes in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Jun 2018)
item Down-regulation of common cytokine receptor gamma chain inhibits inflammatory responses in macrophages stimulated with Riemerella anatipestifer (Jun 2018)
item Identification of duck IL-4 and its inhibitory effect on IL-17A expression in R. anatipestifer-stimulated splenic lymphocytes (Jun 2018)
item Avian leukosis virus subgroup J attenuates type I interferon production through blocking IkB phosphorylation (May 2018)
item Narrowing the wingless-2 mutation to a 227 Kb candidate region on chicken chromosome 12 (May 2018)
item Draft Genome Sequence of the Fish Pathogen Flavobacterium columnare Strain MS-FC-4 (May 2018)
item Bacillus spp. as direct-fed microbial antibiotic alternatives to enhance poultry growth, immunity and intestinal health (May 2018)
item Antibiotic growth promoter-induced changes in the chicken intestine: A metabolomics analysis of virginiamycin and bacitracin methylene disalicylate (Apr 2018)
item The Wnt signaling pathway is differentially expressed during the bovine herpesvirus 1 latency-reactivation cycle: evidence that two protein kinases associated with neuronal survival (Akt3 and bone morphogenetic protein.... (Apr 2018)
item Allium hookeri supplementation improves intestinal immune response against necrotic enteritis (Apr 2018)
item Diversity of gastrointestinal helminths in Dall's sheep and the negative association of the abomasal nematode, Marshallagia marshalli, with fitness indicators (Mar 2018)
item Scrapie resistant goats: Keep your herd healthy and help your business with a new gene test (Mar 2018)
item Goats singly heterozygous for PRNP S146 or K222 orally inoculated with classical scrapie at birth show no disease at ages well beyond six years (Feb 2018)
item Selective breeding for enhance specific disease resistance: Practical considerations and potential applications (Feb 2018)
item Incorporation of a recombinant Eimeria maxima IMP1 antigen into nanoparticles confers protective immunity against E. maxima challenge infection (Feb 2018)
item Genomic diversity and evolution of the fish pathogen Flavobacterium psychrophilum (Feb 2018)
item Complete genome sequences of slostridium perfringens strain del1 isolated from necrotic enteritis-afflicted chicken farm (Feb 2018)
item Growth promoting and anti-oxidant effects of magnolia bark extract in chicken uninfected or co-infected with clostridium perfringens and eimeria maxima as an experimental model of necrotic enteritis (Jan 2018)
item Poultry Allele-Specific Expression (ASE) of CD4+ T Cells in Response to Marek’s Disease Virus Infection (Jan 2018)
item Identification of aberrantly expressed circRNAs in subgroup J avian leucosis virus induced tumor livers by RNA sequencing (Jan 2018)
item A SNP resource for studying North American moose (Jan 2018)
item A new worm infiltrating the human cornea: A report of 3 cases (Jan 2018)
item Embracing colonizations: A new paradigm for species association dynamics (Jan 2018)
item A tale of three kingdoms: members of the Phylum Nematoda independently acquired the detoxifying enzyme cyanase through horizontal gene transfer from plants and bacteria (Jan 2018)
item Down-regulation of inflammatory cytokines by berberine attenuates Riemerella anatipestifer infection in ducks (Dec 2017)
item Dataset on characterization of recombinant interleukin-23alpha, IL-12p40 and IL-23 complex protein, which activates JAK-STAT signaling pathway in chicken cell line using immunocytochemical (Dec 2017)
item Naturally occurring frame-shift mutations in the tvb receptor gene are responsible for decreased susceptibility to subgroups B, D, and E (Dec 2017)
item Re-evaluation of the life cycle of Eimeria maxima Tyzzer, 1929 in chickens (Gallus domesticus) (Dec 2017)
item Functional analyses of the interaction of chicken interleukin 23 subunit p19 with IL-12 subunit p40 to form the IL-23 complex (Dec 2017)
item Immunoproteomic analysis of proteins from unsporulated Oocysts of Eimeria tenella in MALDI TOF/TOF tandem mass spectrometry (Dec 2017)
item Development of a broadly protective modified-live virus vaccine candidate against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (Nov 2017)
item Domestic sheep show average coxiella burnetii seropositivity generations after a sheep-associated human Q fever outbreak and lack detectable shedding by placental, vaginal, and fecal routes (Nov 2017)
item Pathogen-mediated selection in free-ranging elk populations infected by chronic wasting disease (Nov 2017)
item Closed genome sequences of seven histophilus somni isolates from beef calves with bovine respiratory disease complex (Oct 2017)
item Global proteomic profiling of Yersinia ruckeri strains (Sep 2017)
item Phenotyping and susceptibility of established porcine cells lines to African swine fever virus infection and viral production (Sep 2017)
item Using sheep genomes from diverse U.S. breeds to identify missense variants in genes affecting fecundity (Aug 2017)
item Correlation of cellular factors and differential scrapie prion permissiveness in ovine microglia (Jul 2017)
item Evolution of three tandem copies of the interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 gene in salmonid fish and their contribution to rainbow trout bacterial cold water disease resistant phenotype (Jun 2017)
item Vaccination with Eimeria tenella Elongation Factor-1alpha Recombinant Protein Induces protective Immunity against E. tenella and E. maxima infections (Jun 2017)
item Closed genomes and phenotypes of seven Histophilus somni isolates from beef calves with bovine respiratory disease complex (Jun 2017)
item Efficacy testing of 35-year-old commercially-produced ERM bacterin reveals the remarkable stability of this product (May 2017)
item Differentially expressed JAK-STAT signaling pathway genes and target microRNAs in the spleen of necrotic enteritis-afflicted chicken lines (May 2017)
item Dietary Bacillus subtilis-based direct-fed microbials alleviate LPS-induced intestinal immunological stress and improve intestinal barrier gene expression in commercial broiler chickens (May 2017)
item A BCWD-resistant line of rainbow trout exhibits higher abundance of IgT+ B cells and heavy chain tau transcripts compared to a susceptible line following challenge with Flavobacterium psychrophilum (May 2017)
item Supplementation of direct-fed microbial as an alternative to antibiotic on growth performance, intestinal immune status and epithelial barrier integrity in broiler chicken (Apr 2017)
item Delineation of taxonomic species within complex of species: Aeromonas media and related species as a test case (Apr 2017)
item Evolution of interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 and its role in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) resistance to Flavobacterium psychrophilum (Apr 2017)
item Draft genome sequence of the fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare strain CSF-298-10 (Apr 2017)
item Complete genome sequences of two genotype A2 small ruminant lentiviruses isolated from infected U.S. sheep (Mar 2017)
item Eimeria oocyst concentrations and species composition in litter from commercial broiler farms during anticoccidial drug or live Eimeria oocyst vaccine control programs (Mar 2017)
item Genomic selection exploits within-family genetic variation for disease resistance in rainbow trout (Feb 2017)
item Dataset of proinflammatory cytokine and cytokine receptor gene expression in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) measured using a novel GeXP multiplex, RT-PCR assay (Feb 2017)
item Detection of the florfenicol resistance gene floR in Chryseobacterium isolates from rainbow trout. Exception to the general rule? (Feb 2017)
item Draft genome sequences of clostridium perfringens strain LLY_N11, a pathogenic isolate of necrotic enteritis from a healthy chicken (Feb 2017)
item Fish Viruses and Bacteria: Pathobiology and Protection (Jan 2017)
item The Beringian Coevolution Project: Holistic collections of mammals and associated parasites reveal novel perspectives on changing environments in the north (Dec 2016)
item The flagellar master operon flhDC is a pleiotropic regulator involved in motility and virulence of the fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeri (Dec 2016)
item Differential expression of long non-coding RNAs in three genetic lines of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in response to infection with Flavobacterium psychrophilum (Oct 2016)
item Proinflammatory cytokine and cytokine receptor gene expression kinetics following challenge with Flavobacterium psychrophilum in resistant and susceptible lines of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Oct 2016)
item Shotgun proteomic analysis of Yersinia ruckeri isolates under normal and iron-limited conditions (Oct 2016)
item Virulence of Flavobacterium columnare genomovars in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (Aug 2016)
item Draft genome sequence of Lactococcus garvieae str. PAQ102015-99, an outbreak strain isolated from a commercial trout farm in the Northwestern United States (Aug 2016)
item An outbreak of Plesimonus Shigelloides in Zebrafish (Jun 2016)
item Efficacy testing of a 35 year old commercially produced Yersinia ruckeri bacterin for the control of Enteric Redmouth ERM) Disease (Jun 2016)
item Virulence and molecular variation of Flavobacterium columnare affecting rainbow trout in ID, USA (Jun 2016)
item Genetic diversity of Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from three Oncorhynchus spp. in the United States, as revealed by multilocus sequence typing (Jun 2016)
item VIRULENCE OF Flavobacterium columnare GENOMOVARS IN RAINBOW TROUT (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Feb 2016)
item Yersinia ruckeri lipopolysaccharide is necessary and sufficient for eliciting a protective immune response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum) (Jan 2016)
item Exposure to pairs of Aeromonas strains enhances virulence in the Caenorhabditis elegans infection model (Nov 2015)
item Flagellar regulation in Yersinia ruckeri during infection (Sep 2015)
item Selective breeding improves rainbow trout resistance against bacterial cold water disease with little evidence for change in tolerance (Jun 2015)
item Bioinformatic genome comparisons for taxonomic and phylogenic assignments using Aeromonas as a test case (Nov 2014)