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Stress Factors in Animals
item Copper sulfate pre-treatment for snail control reduces channel catfish survival (Apr 2019)
item Effects of light-sources and photoperiod on hemato-physiological indices of broilers grown to heavy weights (Feb 2019)
item Effect of light intensity adjusted for species-specific spectral sensitivity on blood physiological variables of male broiler chickens (Feb 2019)
item Pond-raised hybrid catfish, male Ictalurus punctatus X female Ictalurus furcatus, do not respond to microbial phytase “super-dosing” (Feb 2019)
item Influence of prenatal transportation stress on innate immune response to an endotoxin challenge in weaned Brahman bulls calves (Jan 2019)
item Water quality. (Jan 2019)
item Resource use and the environment (Jan 2019)
item Catfishes (Jan 2019)
item The future of aquaculture (Jan 2019)
item Aquaculture:Farming aquatic animal and plants (Jan 2019)
item Economics of alternative catfish production technologies (Dec 2018)
item Evaluating the microbial effects of stocking freshwater snails (Physa gyrina) in water reuse systems culturing rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Nov 2018)
item Museum metabarcoding: A novel method revealing gut helminth communities of small mammals across space and time (Oct 2018)
item Woodchip bioreactors as treatment for recirculating aquaculture systems’ wastewater: A cost assessment of nitrogen removal (Sep 2018)
item Retrospective analysis of relationships between pro-inflammatory, hematology, and metabolic variables, and mortality following a bovine respiratory disease challenge in weaned calves (Aug 2018)
item Elucidating natural variations in the proinflammatory response of the domesticated bovine using an endotoxemia model (Aug 2018)
item Differential responses to a bovine respiratory disease challenge based on Bovine Herpes Virus 1 antibody titer status (Aug 2018)
item Challenges with managing beef cattle health: Naturally occurring variations (Aug 2018)
item Replacing Soybean Meal with Alternative Protein Sources in Diets for Pond-raised hybrid catfish, ¿ Ictalurus punctatus × ¿ Ictalurus furcatus (Aug 2018)
item Host use dynamics in a heterogeneous fitness landscape generates oscillations and diversification (Jul 2018)
item Hydrodynamics of octagonal culture tanks with Cornell-type dual-drain system (Jun 2018)
item Adding complexity and confusion to understanding bovine respiratory disease (Jun 2018)
item Recirculating Aquaculture (4th edition) (Jun 2018)
item Water supply rates for recirculating evaporative cooling systems in poultry housing (May 2018)
item RAS report card - How RAS deployments have evolved to make business case for adoption (May 2018)
item Preliminary analysis of the proteome of exhaled breath condensate in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) (May 2018)
item Effects of different levels of lespedeza and supplementation with monensin, coconut oil, or soybean oil on ruminal methane emission by mature Boer goat wethers after different lengths of feeding (May 2018)
item Dissolved oxygen and aeration in ictalurid catfish aquaculture (May 2018)
item Plastic carrier polishing chamber reduces pollution swapping from denitrifying woodchip bioreactors (May 2018)
item Effects of grazing different ergovaline concentrations on vasoactivity of bovine lateral saphenous vein (Apr 2018)
item Water velocity in commercial RAS culture tanks for Atlantic salmon smolt production (Mar 2018)
item How research is fueling the RAS boom (Mar 2018)
item Managements for mitigating fescue toxicosis (Mar 2018)
item Developments in closed-containment technologies for salmonids, Part 2 (Mar 2018)
item Diversity of gastrointestinal helminths in Dall's sheep and the negative association of the abomasal nematode, Marshallagia marshalli, with fitness indicators (Mar 2018)
item Acute immunological responses to a combined viral-bacterial respiratory disease challenge in heifers administered transdermal flunixin meglumine (Mar 2018)
item Supplementation with an all-natural saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product alters intraperitoneal temperature and serum pro-inflammatory cytokines following an oral salmonella typhimiurium challenge (Mar 2018)
item The effects of the DFM CLOSTAT® and experimental Salmonella challenge on the microbiome of the ileum in weaned Holstein steer calves (Mar 2018)
item Developments in closed-containment technologies for salmonids, Part 1 (Feb 2018)
item Effects of semi-continous peracetic acid dosing on rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss performance, water quality, and off-flavor compounds in recirculation aquaculture systems (Feb 2018)
item Computational fluid dynamics characterization of a novel mixed cell raceway design (Feb 2018)
item Oxygen requirements of separated hybrid catfish female Ictalurus punctatus male I. furcatus eggs (Feb 2018)
item Membrane biological reactors to remove nitrate, digest biosolids, and eliminate water flushing requirements within replicated recirculation systems culturing rainbow trout (Feb 2018)
item Evaluation of porcine meat and bone meal in diets for pond-raised hybrid catfish (Feb 2018)
item Considerations for farm animal proteomics experiments:an introductory view gel based versus non-gel based approaches. In proteomics in domestic animals: from farm to system biology (Feb 2018)
item Pharmacologic assessment of bovine ruminal and mesenteric vascular serotonin receptor populations (Feb 2018)
item Dissolved oxygen and aeration in ictalurid catfish aquaculture (Feb 2018)
item The effects of long-term 20 mg/L carbon dioxide exposure on the health and performance of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar post-smolts in water recirculation aquaculture systems (Jan 2018)
item Growth and fillet quality attributes of five genetic strains of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared in a partial water reuse system and harvested at different sizes (Jan 2018)
item Contractile response of bovine lateral saphenous vein to ergotamine tartrate exposed to different concentrations of molecularly imprinted polymers (Jan 2018)
item The effects of swimming exercise and dissolved oxygen on growth performance, fin condition and precocious maturation of early-rearing Atlantic salmon Salmo salar (Jan 2018)
item A new worm infiltrating the human cornea: A report of 3 cases (Jan 2018)
item A tale of three kingdoms: members of the Phylum Nematoda independently acquired the detoxifying enzyme cyanase through horizontal gene transfer from plants and bacteria (Jan 2018)
item Embracing colonizations: A new paradigm for species association dynamics (Jan 2018)
item Inhibition of growth and ammonia production of ruminal hyper ammonia-producing bacteria by Chinook or Galena hops after long-term storage (Dec 2017)
item Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of Escherichia coli strains associated with persistent and transient bovine mastitis and the role of colanic acid (Dec 2017)
item Oxygen requirement of separated hybrid catfish eggs (Dec 2017)
item The effects of ozonation on select waterborne steroid hormones in recirculation aquaculture systems containing sexually mature Atlantic salmon Salmo salar (Dec 2017)
item Freshwater Institute: Focused on improving recirculating aquaculture system technology (Dec 2017)
item Effects of a graded partial-harvest on hybrid catfish size variation (Dec 2017)
item Capsular Polysaccharide Interferes With Biofilm Formation by Pasteurella Multocida Serogroup A (Nov 2017)
item Biochanin A improves fiber fermentation by cellulolytic bacteria (Nov 2017)
item Assessing the utility of ultraviolet irradiation to reduce bacterial biofilms in fish hatchery well water supplies (Aug 2017)
item Evaluating the chronic effects of nitrate on the health and performance of post-smolt Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in freshwater recirculation aquaculture systems (Aug 2017)
item Fillet quality and processing attributes of postsmolt Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, fed a fishmeal-free diet and a fishmeal-based diet in recirculation aquaculture systems (Aug 2017)
item Immune dysfunction in periparturient dairy cows: Insight into pharmacologic and dietary immune treatments (Aug 2017)
item Denitrifying woodchip bioreactor and phosphorus filter pairing to minimize pollution swapping (May 2017)
item A fishmeal-free diet for post-smolt Atlantic salmon in RAS (May 2017)
item Remember the basics when evaluating milk quality on a dairy farm (Apr 2017)
item Evaluation of various combinations of alternative protein feedstuffs to replace soybean meal in diets for pond-raised channel catfish (Apr 2017)
item Woodchip bioreactors effectively treat aquaculture effluent (Mar 2017)
item Performance and application of a fluidized bed limestone reactor designed for control of alkalinity, hardness and pH at the Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center (Mar 2017)
item Water quality in hybrid catfish ponds after partial fish harvest (Feb 2017)
item Reducing size variation in hybrid catfish culture through graded partial harvest (Feb 2017)
item Effect of graded fingerlings on hybrid catfish food fish size distribution (Feb 2017)
item Postponed feeding does not substantially reduce production expense during pond rearing of hybrid catfish fry (Feb 2017)
item Effects of feeding frequency on apparent energy and nutrient digestibility/availability of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, reared at optimal and suboptimal temperatures (Feb 2017)
item Reducing size variation in hybrid catfish culture through graded partial harvest (Jan 2017)
item Evaluation of Peanut Meal as an Alternative Dietary Protein Source for Channel Catfish (Jan 2017)
item The Beringian Coevolution Project: Holistic collections of mammals and associated parasites reveal novel perspectives on changing environments in the north (Dec 2016)
item Assessing the impact of swimming exercise and the relative susceptibility of rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum) and atlantic salmon salmo salar L. following injection challenge with weissella ceti (Nov 2016)
item Woodchip bioreactors effectively treat aquaculture effluent (Oct 2016)
item Low head oxygenator performance characterization for marine recirculating aquaculture systems (Oct 2016)
item Aquaculture research at the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute (Oct 2016)
item Investigating the influence of nitrate nitrogen on post-smolt Atlantic salmon Salmo salar reproductive physiology in freshwater recirculation aquaculture systems (Oct 2016)
item A review of factors influencing maturation of atlantic salmon salmo salar with focus on water recirculation aquaculture system environments (Oct 2016)
item Walleye Sander vitreus performance, water quality, and waste production in replicated recirculation aquaculture systems when feeding a low phosphorus diet without fishmeal versus a traditional fishmeal-based diet (Sep 2016)
item Denitrifying bioreactor clogging potential during wastewater treatment (Aug 2016)
item Effects of dietary protein concentrations and sources on production characteristics of pond-raised hybrid catfish fingerlings (Aug 2016)
item Water quality and plankton communities in hybrid catfish (female channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus x male blue catfish, I. furcatus) ponds after partial fish harvest (Aug 2016)
item Getting proficient in RAS fundamentals - TCFFI trains aquaculture facility owners, operators and designers (Aug 2016)
item Survey of large circular and octagonal tanks operated at Norwegian commercial smolt and post-smolt sites (Jul 2016)
item Effects of no feeding, maintenance feeding, and refeeding on production and processing characteristics of market-size hybrid catfish (Jun 2016)
item Costs and risks of catfish split-pond systems (Jun 2016)
item Emergency power for fish produced in intensive, pond-based systems (Jun 2016)
item Comparison of hydraulics and particle removal efficiencies in a mixed cell raceway and burrows pond rearing system (May 2016)
item Modeling and mitigation of denitrification 'woodchip' bioreactor phosphorus releases during treatment of aquaculture wastewater (May 2016)
item Effects of feeding a fishmeal-free versus a fishmeal-based diet on post-smolt Atlantic salmon salmo salar performance, water quality, and waste production in recirculation aquaculture systems (May 2016)
item Production of market-size North American strain Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in a land-based recirculation aquaculture system using freshwater (May 2016)
item The influence of fishmeal-free diets on microbial communities in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar recirculation aquaculture systems (Apr 2016)
item Optimizing hydraulic retention times in denitrifying woodchip bioreactors treating recirculating aquaculture system wastewater (Apr 2016)
item Efficacy of crystalline lysine in alternative diets for pond-raised hybrid catfish, female Ictalurus punctatus X male Ictalurus furcatus (Apr 2016)
item Fishmeal-free Atlantic salmon feed formulation shows promise - Joint research between TCFFI, USDA and EWOS uses new diet for post-smolt to food-size fish (Apr 2016)
item Effects of co-stocking smallmouth buffalo, Ictiobus bubalus, with channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Apr 2016)
item Effects of co-stocking smallmouth buffalo, Ictiobus bubalus, with channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Apr 2016)
item Considerations when using variable frequency drive technology for pond aquculture (Mar 2016)
item Intensive production of hybrid catfish (Feb 2016)
item Comparative economic performance and carbon footprint of two farming models for producing atlantic salmon (salmo salar): Land-based closed containment system in freshwater and open pen in seawater (Feb 2016)
item Role of production intensification on water use efficiency in catfish pond aquaculture (Feb 2016)
item Catfish production using intensive, pond-based culture systems in Mississippi (Feb 2016)
item Oxygen and nitrogen dyamics in split ponds vs. intensive and conventional catfish production ponds (Feb 2016)
item Performance evaluation of pumping systems used in commercial-scale, split-pond aquaculture (Feb 2016)
item Catfish production using intensive aeration (Feb 2016)
item Alkalinity and hardness: Critical but elusive concepts in aquaculture (Jan 2016)
item Performance evaluation of four different methods for circulating water in commercial-scale, split-pond aquaculture systems (Jan 2016)
item No evidence for intercohort cannibalism in mixed-size cultures of food-size and fingerling hybrid catfish (channel catfish x blue catfish) grown in ponds in winter or summer (Dec 2015)
item Novel air-based system transfers large salmon during harvest (Nov 2015)
item Catfish production using intensive aeration (Oct 2015)
item Improving water-use efficiency for ictalurid catfish pond aquaculture in Northwest Mississippi, USA (Sep 2015)
item Impact of minimum daily dissolved oxygen concentration on production performance of hybrid female channel catfish x male blue catfish (Sep 2015)
item Nitrate removal effectiveness of fluidized sulfur-based autotrophic denitrification biofilters for recirculating aquaculture systems (Jul 2015)
item Crowder/grader units improve harvest efficiency in large circular tanks (Jul 2015)
item Variable speed drives for pumps used in intensive pond culture systems (Jun 2015)
item Complete feeds-intensive systems (Jun 2015)
item Systemic granuloma observed in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar raised to market size in a freshwater recirculation aquaculture system (May 2015)
item Emerging trends in salmonid RAS - Part II. System enhancements (May 2015)
item Evaluation of low-protein alternative diets for pond-raised hybrid catfish, Ictalurus puncatus X Ictalurus furcatus (Apr 2015)
item Reduced photoperiod (18 h light vs 24 h light) during first-year rearing associated with increased early male maturation in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar cultured in a freshwater recirculation aquaculture system (Mar 2015)
item When more is actually less-the tale of chronic ammonia toxicity (Mar 2015)
item Emerging trends In salmonid RAS - Part I. Closed-containment culture advances (Mar 2015)
item Chemical treatment costs reduced with in-pond receway systems comopared to traditional pond aquaculture (Feb 2015)
item Dissolved Oxygen management in catfish ponds using electric paddlewheel aerators: new approaches with old technology (Feb 2015)
item Apparent phosphorus availabilities of selected traditional and alternative feedstuffs for channel catfish (Feb 2015)
item Heterotrophic denitrification of aquaculture effluent using fluidized sand biofilters (Nov 2014)
item Effects of alkalinity on ammonia removal, carbon dioxide stripping, and system pH in semi-commercial scale water recirculating aquaculture systems operated with moving bed bioreactors (Nov 2014)
item Fish farming in land-based closed-containment systems (Mar 2014)
item New technology turns wastes into revenue at Indiana perch farm (Nov 2013)