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Animal Microbes: Symbiosis/Modification
item A modified method for preparing the lithium salt of chromium EDTA and comparison to the Binnerts method (May 2019)
item Effect of oil source and peroxidation status interactively affects growth performance and oxidative status in broilers from 4 to 25 days of age (Apr 2019)
item Effect of experimental design on responses to two levels of metabolizable protein in multiparous dairy cows (Mar 2019)
item Edible coatings fortified with carvacrol reduce Campylobacter jejuni on chicken wingettes and modulate expression of select virulence genes (Mar 2019)
item A soluble and highly fermentable dietary fiber with carbohydrases improved gut barrier integrity markers and growth performance in ETEC challenged pigs (Mar 2019)
item Physicochemical and enzymatic hydrolysis characteristics of glycogen granules isolated from ruminal protozoa that are relevant to their analysis and digestion (Mar 2019)
item Essential oils: Opportunities to improve food safety in organic poultry production and processing (Mar 2019)
item Reducing foodborne pathogens in organic poultry: Challenges and opportunities (Mar 2019)
item Natural and environmentally friendly strategies for controlling Campylobacter jejuni colonization in poultry, survival in poultry products and infection in humans (Mar 2019)
item Pectin or chitosan coating fortified with eugenol reduces Campylobacter jejuni on chicken wingettes and modulates expression of critical survival genes (Mar 2019)
item Eating for 3.8x10^13: Examining the impact of diet and nutrition on the microbiota-gut-brain axis through the lens of microbial endocrinology (Jan 2019)
item Postpartum supplementation of fermented ammoniated condensed whey improves feed efficiency and metabolic profile (Jan 2019)
item Avian intestinal mucus modulates Campylobacter jejuni gene expression in a host-specific manner (Jan 2019)
item Exogenous carbohydrase reduced markers of intestinal and systemic immune activation and decreased Lactobacillus in weaned pigs (Dec 2018)
item Effect of early neonatal development and delayed feeding immediately post-hatch on jejunal and ileal calcium and phosphorus transporter genes expression in broiler chickens (Dec 2018)
item Differential expression of intestinal nutrient transporters and host defense peptides in E. maxima infected Fayoumi and Ross chickens (Dec 2018)
item Development of severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) pig models for translational cancer modeling: future insights on how humanized SCID pigs can improve preclinical cancer research (Nov 2018)
item Development of a chicken enterocyte culture to study its functional physiology (Nov 2018)
item Complete genome sequence of the multi-drug resistant neonatal meningitis Escherichia coli serotype O75:H5:K1 strain mcjchv-1 (NMEC-O75) (Sep 2018)
item Effects of delayed feeding post-hatch on gut barrier-related genes expression during early neonatal development in broiler chickens (Sep 2018)
item Delayed access to feed impacts developmental gene expression in young broiler breast muscle (Sep 2018)
item Effects of heat stress on hypothalamic and pituitary mRNA expression in broilers (Sep 2018)
item Effects of limestone particle size and dietary Ca concentration on apparent P and Ca digestibility in the presence or absence of phytase (Jul 2018)
item Influence of feeding thermally peroxidized soybean oil to finishing pigs on carcass characteristics, loin quality, and shelf-life of loin chops (Jul 2018)
item Influence of feeding thermally peroxidized soybean oil on growth performance, digestibility, and gut integrity in finishing pigs (Jul 2018)
item Influence of feeding thermally peroxidized soybean oil to finishing barrows on processing characteristics and shelf-life of commercially manufactured bacon (Jul 2018)
item What if we got rid of livestock? (Jul 2018)
item Identification of activation of tryptophan-NAD+ pathway as a central metabolic response to thermally oxidized oil through metabolomics-guided biochemical analysis (Jul 2018)
item A method to culture chicken enterocytes and their characterization (Jun 2018)
item Effects of molasses and corn grain at 2 levels of ruminally degradable protein on lactating cow ruminal fermentation and rumen content mass (Jun 2018)
item Physiological effects of low rumen pH in calves before, during and after weaning (Jun 2018)
item Effects of microbial inoculum composition on rumen microbial ecology of dairy calves (Jun 2018)
item Microbial inocula alter the ruminal environment and animal performance of post-weaned dairy calves (Jun 2018)
item Probiotic cultures of Lactobacillus spp. isolates reduce the foodborne pathogen, Campylobacter jejuni on post-harvest chicken (Jun 2018)
item In vivo and in vitro evaluation of tissue colonization and survival capacity of Salmonella Oranienburg in laying hens (May 2018)
item Butyricicoccus porcorum sp. nov. a butyrate-producing bacterium from swine intestinal tract (May 2018)
item Impact of PRRSV infection and dietary soybean meal on ileal amino acid digestibility and endogenous amino acid losses in growing pigs (May 2018)
item Genomic structural differences between cattle and river buffalo identified through a combination and genomic and transcriptomic analysis (May 2018)
item Meat quality characteristics of fast growing broilers reared under different types of pasture management: Implications for organic and alternative production systems (Part II) (May 2018)
item Effect of lower-energy, higher-fiber diets on pigs divergently selected for residual feed intake when fed higher-energy, lower-fiber diets (Apr 2018)
item Influence of feeding thermally peroxidized soybean oil on growth performance, digestibility, and gut integrity in growing pigs (Mar 2018)
item Influence of feeding thermally peroxidized soybean oil on oxidative status in growing pigs (Mar 2018)
item Evaluation of different Campylobacter jejuni isolates to colonize the intestinal tract of commercial turkey poults and selective media for enumeration (Mar 2018)
item Comparative sequence alignment reveals River Buffalo genomic structural differences compared with cattle (Feb 2018)
item Reply to Van Meerbeek and Svenning, Emery, and Springmann et al.: Clarifying assumptions and objectives in evaluating effects of food system shifts on human diets. (Feb 2018)
item Practical implications of erythromycin resistance gene diversity on surveillance and monitoring of resistance (Jan 2018)
item Impact of narasin on manure composition and microbial ecology, and gas emissions from finishing pigs fed either a corn-soybean meal or a corn-soybean meal-dried distillers grains with solubles diets (Jan 2018)
item Antibiotic inclusion in the diet did not alter the standardized ileal digestible tryptophan to lysine ratio for growing pigs (Dec 2017)
item Noni (Morinda citrifolia) modulates the hypothalamic expression of stress- and metabolic-related genes in broilers exposed to acute heat stress (Dec 2017)
item T cell epitope content comparison (EpiCC) of swine H1 influenza A virus hemagglutinin (Nov 2017)
item Effect of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)-enriched diet on hepatic heat shock protein and lipid metabolism-related genes in heat stressed broiler chickens (Nov 2017)
item Gene expression response of Salmonella enterica Serotype Enteritidis phage type 8 to subinhibitory concentrations of the plant-derived compounds trans-cinnamaldehyde and eugenol (Sep 2017)
item Characterization of a multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg outbreak strain in commercial turkeys: Colonization, transmission, and host transcriptional response (Sep 2017)
item Narasin effects on energy, nutrient, and fiber digestibility in corn-soybean meal or corn-soybean meal-dried distillers grains with soluble diets fed to 16-, 92-, and 141-kg pigs (Aug 2017)
item The in-feed antibiotic carbadox induces phage gene transcription in the swine gut microbiome (Aug 2017)
item Alternatives to antibiotics: why and how (Jul 2017)
item Phytochemicals reduce aflatoxin-induced toxicity in chicken embryos (Jul 2017)
item Phytochemicals reduce aflatoxin-induced toxicity in chicken embryos (Jul 2017)
item Beta-resorcylic acid, a phytophenolic compound, reduces Campylobacter jejuni in post-harvest poultry (Jul 2017)
item Trans-cinnamaldehyde, carvacrol, and eugenol reduce Campylobacter jejuni colonization factors and expression of virulence genes in vitro (Apr 2017)
item Application of beta-resorcylic acid as potential antimicrobial feed additive to reduce campylobacter colonization in broiler chickens (Apr 2017)
item Protein profiles of hatchery egg shell membrane (Mar 2017)
item Evaluation of disinfectants and antiseptics to eliminate bacteria from the surface of turkey eggs and hatch gnotobiotic poults (Feb 2017)
item Factors affecting induction of peripheral IFN-gamma recall response to influenza A virus vaccination in pigs (Feb 2017)
item Litter treatment with Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) produced an inconsistent reduction in horizontal transmission of Campylobacter in chickens (Jan 2017)
item Ability of select probiotics to reduce enteric Campylobacter colonization in broiler chickens (Jan 2017)
item Biofilm growth on polyvinylchloride surface incubated in suboptimal microbial warm water and effect of sanitizers on biofilm removal post biofilm formation (Jan 2017)
item Nutritional supplement of hatchery eggshell membrane improves poultry performance and provides resistance against endotoxin stress (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of changes in serum chemistry in association with feed withdrawal or high dose oral gavage with Dextran Sodium Sulfate (DSS) induced gut leakage in broiler chickens (May 2016)
item NK cells are intrinsically functional in pigs with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) caused by spontaneous mutations in the Artemis gene (Apr 2016)