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Animal Offspring Reared
item Impact of seasonality, storage of semen, and sperm head-shape on whole tissue methylation and expression of methylation responsive candidate genes in swine placenta and fetal livers from summer and winter breedings (Apr 2019)
item The heritability of pampiniform plexus vessel size and varicocele in boars (Feb 2019)
item Maternal age influences the number of primordial follicles in the ovaries of yearling Angus heifers (Jan 2019)
item Neonatal lactocrine deficiency affects the adult porcine endometrial transcriptome at pregnancy day 13 (Jan 2019)
item Maternal nutrition alters concentrations of nutrients in fetal fluids and expression of genes impacting production efficiencies in bovine fetal liver, muscle, and cerebrum during the first 50 days of gestation (Dec 2018)
item Non-targeted metabolomic profiles within the uterine milieu of porcine pregnancies containing populations of uniform or diverse spherical, ovoid or tubular conceptuses during initiation of embryo elongation (Dec 2018)
item Nutritional strategies for managing growth and body composition in gilts (Oct 2018)
item Dietary manipulation of gilt growth and development (Oct 2018)
item Influences of maternal nutrient restriction and arginine supplementation on visceral metabolism and hypothalamic circuitry of offspring (Oct 2018)
item Influence of preovulatory estradiol on uterine luminal fluid proteomics around maternal recognition of pregnancy in beef cattle (Sep 2018)
item Influence of estrus expression in a fixed-time AI protocol on reproductive performance (Sep 2018)
item Effects of preovulatory estradiol on uterine environment and conceptus survival from fertilization to maternal recognition of pregnancy (Sep 2018)
item How does body composition affect productivity (Aug 2018)
item Energy balance affects pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophesis and expression of neurokinin B in the hypothalamus of ovariectomized gilts (Aug 2018)
item Impact of seasonality and storage of semen on epigenetics in swine placenta and fetal livers (Jul 2018)
item Genotypic differences in placental development during late gestation between Chinese Meishan and White crossbred gilts in response to intrauterine crowding (Jul 2018)
item GnRH-II and its receptor are critical regulators of testicular steroidogenesis in swine (Jul 2018)
item Cyclicity phenotype and ovarian cortex androgen secretion in androgen excess cows are predictive of plasma steroid and lipids, liver enzymes and follicular fluid cytokines (Jul 2018)
item Attainment and maintenance of pubertal cyclicity may predict high A4 cows with reduced fertility (Jul 2018)
item Altered blood plasma and follicular fluid lipid profiles predict alterations in cell signaling, metabolism, and immune function in cows with androgen excess (Jul 2018)
item Maternal age influences folliculogenesis and gene networks in the ovaries of beef heifers (Jul 2018)
item Microarray analysis predicts differentially expressed genes in theca cells from cows with high intrafollicular androstenedione are regulated by ESR1 and VEGFA signaling and increased mRNA stability (Jul 2018)
item Ovarian cortex from high A4 cows secrete excess steroid hormones contributing to arrested follicle development, increased oxidative stress and fibrosis which can be rescued by angiogenic VEGFA165 (Jul 2018)
item Antral follicular count is a tool that may allow the selection of more precocious Bradford heifers at weaning (Jun 2018)
item Invited review: Learning from the future--A vision for dairy farms and cows in 2067 (May 2018)
item Nutritional regulation of LH secretion in gilts: Hypothalamic expression of kisspeptin and neurokinin B (Mar 2018)
item The effect of Slit homolog 2 (SLIT2) on populations of preantral follicles in cultured cortical tissue from pig ovaries (Mar 2018)
item Primary hypogonadism in gonadotropin-releasing hormone II receptor knockdown boars (Mar 2018)
item Characterization of plasma metabolites at late gestation and lactation in early parity sows on production and post-weaning reproductive performance (Mar 2018)
item The heritability of vessel size of the pampiniform plexus as a means to assess the genetic component of varicocele (Feb 2018)
item Regulation of preovulatory estradiol and its impacts throughout the bovine estrous cycle (Feb 2018)
item Current understanding of factors influencing antral follicle count and applications to reproductive management in cattle (Feb 2018)
item Treatment for bovine pathogenic diseases during the first year of life does not alter antral follicle counts in Angus heifers at a year of age (Feb 2018)
item Integration of gene expression profiling of hypothalamic arcuate nucleus with genome-wide associations to discover functional variants associated with age at puberty in gilts (Jan 2018)
item Aberrant secretion of 10 gonadal steroids in gonadotropin-releasing hormone II receptor knockdown boars (Oct 2017)
item Optimal dietary energy and protein for gilt development: Age at puberty, ovulation rate, and reproductive tract traits (Mar 2015)