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item Use of genetically engineered swine to elucidate testis function in the boar (Oct 2016)
item Impact of collection season and storage of semen on methylation activity in swine placental and fetal tissues derived from summer or winter breedings (Jul 2016)
item Expression of the putative gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone receptor, NPFFR1, in the anterior pituitary gland of the gilt is affected by age and sexual maturation (Jul 2016)
item Scan for allele frequency differences from pooled samples in lines of pigs selected for components of litter size (Jul 2016)
item Non-targeted metabolomic evaluation of the uterine milieu during the transitional period of embryo elongation in the pig (Jul 2016)
item Translational genomics for improving sow reproductive longevity (Jul 2016)
item Glucosamine supplementation affects placental development in swine (Jul 2016)
item Effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone II receptor (GnRHR-II) knockdown on testosterone secretion in the boar (Jul 2016)
item Impact of broiler egg storage on the relative expression of selected blastoderm genes associated with apoptosis, oxidative stress, and fatty acid metabolism (Jun 2016)
item Effect of glucosamine supplementation on litter size in a commercial setting, NPB project #14-238 (May 2016)
item a1-acid glycoprotein inhibits lipogenesis in neonatal swine adipose tissue (May 2016)
item Evaluation of contributions to seasonal reproductive inefficiency; NPB project #14-052 (Apr 2016)
item Regulation of cytokine gene expression by orosomucoid in neonatal swine adipose tissue (Apr 2016)
item Selection for uterine capacity improves lifetime productivity of sows (Apr 2016)
item Plasma concentrations of acyl-ghrelin are associated with average daily gain and feeding behavior in grow-finish pigs (Apr 2016)
item The relationship between sperm function and diet: toms are what they eat (Mar 2016)
item Observations of turkey eggs stored up to 27 days and incubated for 8 days: embryo developmental stage and weight differences and the differentiation of fertilized from unfertilized germinal discs (Mar 2016)
item Effects of neonatal litter size and age on ovarian gene expression and follicular development in gilts (Mar 2016)
item Gonadotropin-releasing hormone II receptor (GnRHR-II) knockdown reduces testis size and decreases testosterone secretion during pubertal development in swine (Mar 2016)
item Assessment of the immunocrit ratio assay for evaluation of colostrum quality in sows induced to farrow and inseminated using single dose fixed time insemination (Feb 2016)
item Age and nursing affect the neonatal porcine uterine transcriptome (Feb 2016)
item Lectin staining of epithelia lining the uterovaginal junction and sperm-storage tubules in chicken hens (Jan 2016)
item Development of resources and tools for mapping genetic sources of phenotypic variation (Jan 2016)
item Uterine and placenta characteristics during early vascular development in the pig from day 22 to 42 of gestation (Jan 2016)
item Litter-of-origin trait effects on gilt development (Jan 2016)
item Optimal dietary protein for the development of gilts – NPB #15-119 (14-235-Year2) (Sep 2015)
item The immune system modulator a1-acid glycoprotein inhibits insulin and IGF1 induced protein synthesis in C2C12 myotubes (Aug 2015)
item Measurements of body composition during late gestation and lactation in first and second parity sows and its relationship to piglet production and post-weaning reproductive performance (Aug 2015)
item The role of RFamide-related peptide 3 (RFRP3) in regulation of the neuroendocrine reproductive and growth axes of the boar (Aug 2015)
item Removal of ruminal contents followed by restricted feeding does not affect the frequency of luteinizing-hormone pulses in steers (Aug 2015)
item LH-independent testosterone secretion is mediated by the interaction between GNRH2 and its receptor within porcine testes (Aug 2015)
item Growth curve analysis of placental and fetal growth influenced by adjacent fetal sex status under crowded uterine conditions in pigs (Jul 2015)
item Regulation of alpha-1 acid glycoprotein synthesis by porcine hepatocytes in monolayer culture (Jul 2015)
item Age at puberty, ovulation rate, and uterine length of developing gilts fed two lysine and three metabolizable energy concentrations from 100 to 260 d of age (Jul 2015)
item Development of pre-implantation porcine embryos cultured within a three-dimensional alginate hydrogel system either conjugated with Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) peptide or supplemented with secreted phosphoprotein 1 (SPP1) (Jun 2015)
item Pig endometrium expresses the polyol pathway enzymes necessary to convert glucose to fructose prior to implantation with a shift to chorion expression post-implantation (Jun 2015)
item Can we make the pig placenta work better? (Jun 2015)
item A putative role for GnRH-II and its receptor in spermatogenic function of boars (Jun 2015)
item Relationships between day one piglet serum immunoglobulin immunocrit and subsequent growth, puberty attainment, litter size, and lactation performance (Jun 2015)
item Potential for selection of beneficial traits in swine with site-specific sucleases (Jun 2015)
item Contributions…uterine environment and piglet genotype on weaning survivability potential: II. Piglet growth, lactation performance, milk composition…blood profiles…lactation…reciprocal embryo transfers…Meishan and White…gilts (May 2015)
item Growth and nutrition effects on gilt development (Apr 2015)
item Birth weight, neonatal management and sow longevity potential (Apr 2015)
item Effects of maternal nutrition and arginine supplementation on postnatal liver and jejunal oxygen consumption and hypothalamic neuropeptide content in ovine offspring (Apr 2015)
item Optimal dietary energy and amino acids for gilt development: Growth, body composition, feed intake, and carcass composition traits (Mar 2015)
item Use of plasma orosomucoid in newborn piglets to predict preweaning growth performance and its mechanism of action (Mar 2015)
item Seasonal and cryopreservation impacts on semen quality in boars (Mar 2015)
item Effects of sire breed, gender, and postnatal litter size on plasma concentrations of acyl ghrelin and its relationship with growth traits and feeding behavior in swine (Mar 2015)
item Litter of origin effects on gilt development in a commercial setting (Mar 2015)
item Metabolomic differences in early and late lactation first-parity gilts (Mar 2015)
item Growth and body composition, feed intake, and carcass composition traits of developing gilts fed different dietary lysine and metabolizable energy levels (Mar 2015)
item Age at puberty, ovulation rate, and reproductive tract traits of developing gilts fed two lysine levels and three metabolizable energy levels from 100 to 260 d of age (Mar 2015)
item Comparative genomics reveals tissue-specific regulation of prolactin receptor gene expression (Feb 2015)
item Apical blebs on sperm-storage tubule epithelial cell microvilli: their release and interaction with resident sperm in the turkey hen oviduct (Jan 2015)
item Placental accommodations for transport and metabolism during intra-uterine crowding in pigs (Dec 2014)
item Optimal dietary energy and protein for the development of gilts - NPB #12-209 (Sep 2014)
item Neuropeptides linking the control of appetite with reproductive function in domestic animals (Aug 2014)
item In vitro development of preimplantation porcine embryos using alginate hydrogels as a three-dimensional extracellular matrix (Aug 2014)
item LH independent testosterone production is mediated by the interaction between GnRH-II and its receptor in the boar testis (Jul 2014)
item Cell localization of SLC2 glucose transporter family member mRNA in endometria and placentae from pregnant pigs (Jul 2014)
item Arginine decarboxylase (ADC) and agmatinase (AGMAT): an alternative pathway for synthesis of polyamines in pig conceptuses and uteri (Jul 2014)
item Sperm-mediated transgenesis in chicken using a PiggyBac transposon system (Jul 2014)
item Non-targeted plasma metabolomic profile at early and late lactation in parity 1 dams with diverging body composition at weaning (Jul 2014)
item Effects of parity and selection for uterine capacity on sow litter performance traits (Jul 2014)
item New observations regarding staging turkey embryos from oviposition through primitive streak formation (Jun 2014)
item Measures of the ovaries and uterus during development of gilts selected for differences in uterine capacity (Jun 2014)
item Effects of RFRP2 and RF9 on secretion of luteinizing hormone in prepubertal gilts (Jun 2014)
item Effect of essential fatty acid and zinc supplementation during pregnancy on birth intervals, neonatal piglet brain myelination, stillbirth, and preweaning mortality (Jun 2014)
item Cryopreservation of turkey semen: effect of breeding line and freezing method on post-thaw sperm quality, fertilization, and hatching (May 2014)
item Applied andrology in chickens and turkeys (May 2014)
item Sperm-mediated transgenesis in chicken using a PiggyBac transposon system (Apr 2014)
item Global changes in uterine protein secretion are associated with differences in the number of antral follicles in heifers (Mar 2014)
item Energy dynamics during fetal to neonatal transition and the influence of perinatal energy stores on early neonatal survival (Mar 2014)
item Variation in the coding and 3’ untranslated regions of the porcine prolactin receptor short form modifies protein expression and function (Feb 2014)
item The inner perivitelline layer sperm-hole assay: use of filter paper rings for the isolation of the perivitelline layer overlying the germinal disc and new observations on its morphology (Jan 2014)
item Uterine and placental interactions during necrotic tip development in the pig from day 22 to 42 of gestation (Jan 2014)
item Successful cryopreservation of avian germplasm: why a multifaceted approach is required (Dec 2013)
item The effect of soluble uterine factors on porcine embryo development within a three-dimensional alginate matrix system (Nov 2013)
item Effect of progesterone on kisspeptin and neurokinin B cell numbers in the arcuate nucleus of the female pig (Nov 2013)
item Metabolic status, gonadotropin secretion, and ovarian function during acute nutrient restriction of beef heifers (Sep 2013)
item Effects of nesfatin-1 on food intake and LH secretion in prepubertal gilts and genomic association of the porcine NUCB2 gene with growth traits (Aug 2013)
item Abundance of total genomic 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in different pig tissues (Jul 2013)
item Lipogenic-associated gene activity of adipose tissue from beef heifers and relation to production and reproductive traits (Jul 2013)
item Relationships of birth weight traits with age at first estrus and number of ovulations in Landrace-Duroc-Yorkshire gilts (Jul 2013)
item Use of the Immunocrit to monitor a split-suckle program in commercial production (Jul 2013)
item Role of GnRH-II and its receptor in testicular function (Jul 2013)
item Triennial Reproduction Symposium: Limitations in uterine and conceptus physiology that lead to fetal losses (Jul 2013)
item Possible roles of transporters SLC2A5 and SLC2A8 in fructose movement between maternal and fetal tissues during pig pregnancy (Jul 2013)
item Laser capture microdissection coupled with RNA-seq reveals that short cuboidal trophoblast cells of the porcine placenta possess a transcriptome consistent with a migratory cell type (Jul 2013)
item Roles of selected nutrients in development of the porcine conceptus during pregnancy (Jun 2013)
item Application of RNA-seq transcriptomic analysis to reproductive physiology of the pig: Insights into differential trophoblast function within the late gestation porcine placenta (Jun 2013)
item Comparison of methods of extracting messenger Ribonucleic Acid from ejaculated Porcine (Sus Scrofa) Spermatozoa (Apr 2013)
item Estrogen receptor 1 and 2 mRNA expression and protein localization in the porcine endometrium during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy (Mar 2013)
item Fetal liver glycogen production and glycogenic transcript expression during prenatal development from pig breeds differing in preweaning survivability (Mar 2013)
item Methylation patterns in fetal tissues generated from gilts inseminated with fresh or cryopreserved semen (Mar 2013)
item Poultry germplasm preservation: modulating membrane lipids for successful cryopreservation of semen from valuable genetic stocks (Jan 2013)
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