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Animal Germ Cell Manipulation
item Pancreatic duct-like cell line derived from pig embryonic stem cells: expression of uroplakin genes in pig pancreatic tissue (Mar 2019)
item a-1 acid glycoprotein inhibits insulin responses by glucose oxidation, protein synthesis and protein breakdown in mouse C2C12 myotubes (Aug 2018)
item Characterization of two glycosyl hydrolases, putative prophage endolysins, that target Clostridium perfringens (Jul 2018)
item Finite cell lines of turkey sperm storage tubule cells: ultrastructure and protein analysis (Jun 2018)
item Metabolomic analysis of longissimus from underperforming piglets relative to piglets with normal preweaning growth (Apr 2018)
item Targeted mutation of NGN3 gene disrupts pancreatic endocrine cell development in pigs (Feb 2018)
item Feeder-cell-independent culture of the pig-embryonic-stem-cell-derived exocrine pancreatic cell line, PICM-31 (Feb 2018)
item Use of cross-fostering to enhance growth of pigs that are predicted to grow poorly based on plasma a-1 acid glycoprotein concentration (Dec 2017)