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Animal Breeding Production Systems
item Rambouillet and Romanov reciprocal breed effects on survival and growth traits of F1 lambs and on reproductive traits of F1 ewes (Feb 2019)
item Increasing accuracy of genomic selection in presence of high density marker panels through the prioritization of relevant polymorphisms (Feb 2019)
item Maternal age influences the number of primordial follicles in the ovaries of yearling Angus heifers (Jan 2019)
item A Bayesian approach for analysis of ordered categorical responses subject to misclassification (Dec 2018)
item Maternal nutrition alters concentrations of nutrients in fetal fluids and expression of genes impacting production efficiencies in bovine fetal liver, muscle, and cerebrum during the first 50 days of gestation (Dec 2018)
item Developmental and reproductive characteristics of beef heifers classified by number of estrous cycles experienced by start of first breeding (Nov 2018)
item Inbreeding depression in line 1 Hereford cattle population using pedigree and genomic information (Oct 2018)
item Status of evaluation of three maternal lines under pasture lambing management conditions at USMARC (Sep 2018)
item Influence of preovulatory estradiol on uterine luminal fluid proteomics around maternal recognition of pregnancy in beef cattle (Sep 2018)
item Influence of estrus expression in a fixed-time AI protocol on reproductive performance (Sep 2018)
item Effects of preovulatory estradiol on uterine environment and conceptus survival from fertilization to maternal recognition of pregnancy (Sep 2018)
item Ovarian cortex from high A4 cows secrete excess steroid hormones contributing to arrested follicle development, increased oxidative stress and fibrosis which can be rescued by angiogenic VEGFA165 (Jul 2018)
item Maternal age influences folliculogenesis and gene networks in the ovaries of beef heifers (Jul 2018)
item Microarray analysis predicts differentially expressed genes in theca cells from cows with high intrafollicular androstenedione are regulated by ESR1 and VEGFA signaling and increased mRNA stability (Jul 2018)
item Altered blood plasma and follicular fluid lipid profiles predict alterations in cell signaling, metabolism, and immune function in cows with androgen excess (Jul 2018)
item Attainment and maintenance of pubertal cyclicity may predict high A4 cows with reduced fertility (Jul 2018)
item Cyclicity phenotype and ovarian cortex androgen secretion in androgen excess cows are predictive of plasma steroid and lipids, liver enzymes and follicular fluid cytokines (Jul 2018)
item Influence of vaccination with a combined chemically altered/inactivated BHV-1/BVD vaccine or a modified-live BHV-1/BVD vaccine on reproductive performance in beef cows and heifers (Jun 2018)
item Antral follicular count is a tool that may allow the selection of more precocious Bradford heifers at weaning (Jun 2018)
item Effects of copper and zinc supplementation on standard and novel measures of fertility in peripubertal beef bulls [Abstract] (May 2018)
item Test duration for water intake, ADG, and DMI in beef cattle (May 2018)
item Genomic predictions combining SNP markers and copy number variations in Nellore cattle (May 2018)
item Invited review: Learning from the future--A vision for dairy farms and cows in 2067 (May 2018)
item Gene expression correlated with delay in shell formation in larval Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) exposed to experimental ocean acidification provides insights into shell formation mechanisms (Feb 2018)
item Status of evaluation of three maternal lines under pasture lambing experiment at USMARC (Feb 2018)
item Incorporation of genomic information into genetic evaluation: U. S. beef industry as a model (Feb 2018)
item Uterine influences on conceptus development in fertility-classified heifers (Feb 2018)
item Regulation of preovulatory estradiol and its impacts throughout the bovine estrous cycle (Feb 2018)
item Treatment for bovine pathogenic diseases during the first year of life does not alter antral follicle counts in Angus heifers at a year of age (Feb 2018)
item Current understanding of factors influencing antral follicle count and applications to reproductive management in cattle (Feb 2018)