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item Aquaculture genomics, genetics and breeding in the United States: Current status, challenges, and priorities for future research (Feb 2017)
item Reproduction (Jul 2016)
item Modification of trout sperm membranes associated with activation and cryopreservation. Implications for fertilizing potential (Jun 2016)
item Biobanking genetic resources: Challenges and implementation at the USDA National Animal Germplasm Program (Dec 2015)
item Enhance of the estrus and ovulation sychronism in ewes using protocols with progesterone (Oct 2015)
item Genetic structure of goat breedsfrom Brazil and the United States: Implications for conservation and breeding programs (Oct 2015)
item An update on USDA swine gene banking (Aug 2015)
item Utilizing cattle genetic trends to evaluate the robust nature of gene bank collections (Jul 2015)
item Development and validation of a low-density SNP panel related to prolificacy in sheep (Jul 2015)
item Untapped genetic variability in Herefords: implications for climate change (Jun 2015)
item Enhanced fertility prediction of cryopreserved boar spermatozoa using novel sperm function assessment (May 2015)
item Status of genetic diversity of U. S. dairy goat breeds (Feb 2015)
item Status of genetic diversity of U. S. dairy goat breeds (Jan 2015)
item Membrane modification strategies for cryopreservation. pp 337-342. In: Willem F. Wolkers and Harriette Oldenhof (eds.). Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocls. 3rd ed.The Lab Protocol Series Methods in Molecular Biology. (Dec 2014)
item A new SNP panel for evaluating genetic diversity in a composite cattle breed (Aug 2014)
item Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR): the Next Decade (Aug 2014)
item Merging molecular data for evaluating cross country genetic diversity of pigs. (Aug 2014)
item Gene banks a mechanism for harnessing animal genetic resources for food security (Jul 2014)
item Fertility prediction of frozen boar sperm using novel and conventional analyses (Jul 2014)
item North American animal breeding and production: meeting the needs of a changing landscape (Jul 2014)
item A preliminary report on the impact of cryopreservation diluent on ram sperm physiology and cervical artificial insemination (Jun 2014)
item Novel and traditional traits of frozen-thawed porcine sperm related to in vitro fertilization success (May 2014)
item Angus sattle at high altitude: Genetic relationships and initial genome-wide association analyses of pulmonary arterial pressure (Apr 2014)
item Impact of genetic drift on access and benefit sharing under the Nagoya protocol: The case of the Meishan pig (Feb 2014)
item Current biotechnologies and future possibilities in preservation of animal germplasm (Aug 2013)
item Rooster sperm plasma membrane protein and phospholipid organization and reorganization attributed to cooling and cryopreservation (Jul 2013)
item Post-thaw motility of frozen boar sperm does not predict success with in vitro fertilization (Jul 2013)
item Impact of genetic drift on developing access and benefit sharing guidelines under the Nagoya Protocol: The case of Meishan pigs imported into the US (Jul 2013)
item Effect of storage time on the viability of cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa (Jul 2013)
item Genetic variation and differentiation of bison (Bison bison) subspecies and cattle (Bos taurus) breeds and subspecies (May 2013)
item 59 Effect of storage duration on post-thaw parameters of bull semen. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 25: 177. (Dec 2012)
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