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Crop Management Practices
item Production, milk fatty acid profile, and nutrient utilization in grazing dairy cows supplemented with ground flaxseed (Dec 2019)
item Genetic evaluation of exotic chromatins from two obsolete interspecific introgression lines of Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) for fiber quality improvement (May 2019)
item A global, empirical, harmonised dataset of soil organic carbon changes under perennial crops (May 2019)
item Integrated management of diseases and pests on ornamental geophytes: Challenges and progress (Apr 2019)
item Ethylenediurea (EDU) pretreatment alleviated the adverse effects of elevated O3 on Populus alba ‘Berolinensis’ in an urban area (Apr 2019)
item A national assessment of the environmental impacts of beef cattle production (Apr 2019)
item Conservation of soil organic carbon and nitrogen fractions in a tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma (Apr 2019)
item Understanding agricultural species distributions in the greenhouse, field, and landscape (Apr 2019)
item Forage brassicas: extending the grazing season with an alternative forage (Mar 2019)
item Seed treatment containing Bacillus subtilis BY-2 in combination with other Bacillus isolates for control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on oilseed rape (Mar 2019)
item Short communication: evaluating feed cost, income over feed cost, and the cost of production for milk and crops on 4 case study farms that double cropped winter annual silage and corn silage for 2 years in northern (Mar 2019)
item In rose, transcription factor PTM balances growth and drought survival via PIP2;1 aquaporin (Mar 2019)
item New media tools for data sharing and stories of project ideals and accomplishments (Feb 2019)
item Let it snow! Snow cover reduces freezing mortality in perennial ryegrass (Feb 2019)
item Diversity and redundancy of the ripening regulatory networks revealed by the fruitENCODE and the new CRISPR/Cas9 CNR and NOR mutants (Feb 2019)
item Cropping system effects on global warming potential in a semiarid region (Feb 2019)
item UV-C irradiation technology: nonchemical disease and arthropod pest management (Feb 2019)
item Timing of a short-term reduction in temperature and irradiance affects growth and development of four annual bedding plants (Feb 2019)
item Cranberry phenolics: A refresher (Jan 2019)
item Cane management to improve yield and earliness of primocane-fruiting blackberries (Jan 2019)
item Modified over-the-row machine harvesters to improve northern highbush blueberry fresh fruit quality (Jan 2019)
item Herbaceous perennial biomass production on frequently saturated marginal soils: Influence on N2O emissions and shallow groundwater. (Jan 2019)
item Distribution, Habitat Preference, and Management of the Invasive Ambrosia beetle Xylosandrus germanus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in European forests with emphasis on the West Carpathians (Dec 2018)
item A NAC transcription factor, NOR-like1, is a new positive regulator of tomato fruit ripening (Dec 2018)
item Rhizobial inoculation and molybdenum fertilization in peanut crops grown in a no tillage system after 20 years of pasture (Dec 2018)
item Sugarcane biomass, dry matter, and sucrose availability and variability when grown on a bioenergy feedstock production cycle (Nov 2018)
item Building agricultural resilience with conservation pasture-crop rotations (Oct 2018)
item Use and effects of different Brassica and other rotation crops on soilborne diseases and tuber yield of potato (Oct 2018)
item Strong interspecific differences in foraging activity observed between honey bees and bumble bees using miniaturized radio frequency identification (RFID) (Oct 2018)
item Impacts of cover crop on soil microbiome in a long-term sugarcane monoculture (Sep 2018)
item Crop yield increases observed with chemically-treated billet seedcane in Louisiana (Sep 2018)
item Using eddy covariance to determine sugarcane field hydrologic components (Sep 2018)
item Green-cane harvested sugarcane crop residue decomposition as a function of temperature, soil moisture, and particle size (Jul 2018)
item Impact of acetic acid concentration, application volume, and adjuvants on weed control efficacy (Jul 2018)
item Using milksomatic cell score to predict of milk yield losses of organic dairy farms in the Northeast United States (Jun 2018)
item Long-term cryopreservation of non-spore-forming fungi in Microbank(TM) beads for plant pathological investigations (Apr 2018)
item Phytotoxic and cross-protective effects of culture filtrates of Rhizoctonia solani isolates on Zea mays (Mar 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Relevance and guidance for nitrogen management in corn (Mar 2018)
item Yield and water quality for different residue managements of sugarcane in Louisiana (Feb 2018)
item Sugarcane crop residue and bagasse allelopathic impact on oat (Avena sative L.), tall morningglory (Ipomoea purpurea L. Roth), and redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) germination (Jan 2018)
item Sugarcane biochar as an amendment for greenhouse growing media for the production of cucurbit seedlings (Jan 2018)
item First report of lily root rot caused by Thantephorus cucumeris AG 2-1 in the United States (Jan 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Relevance and guidance for N management in stockpiled tall fescue (Jan 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Standard operating protocol (Jan 2018)
item Soil stability index (Jan 2018)
item Sugarcane field residue and root allelopathic impact on weed seed germination (Dec 2017)
item Sugarcane field residue and bagasse allelopathic impact on vegetable seed germination (Oct 2017)
item Comparative performance of sugarcane bagasse and black polyethylene as mulch for squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) production (Oct 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Henderson County NC (Aug 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Nash County NC (Aug 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Stanly County NC (Aug 2017)
item Managing multi-species cover crops in the southeastern USA (Aug 2017)
item Impact of mustard seed meal applications on direct-seeded cucurbits and weed control (Jul 2017)
item Soil responses to bioenergy crop production in the North Carolina Piedmont (Jul 2017)
item Nitrogen management in corn (Jun 2017)
item Calcium and magnesium released from residues in an integrated crop-livestock system under different grazing intensities (Apr 2017)
item Comparison of permanganate-oxidizable carbon and mineralizable carbon for assessment of organic matter stabilization and mineralization (Oct 2016)
item Production and soil responses to intercropping of forage grasses with corn and soybean silage (Sep 2016)
item Yield and soil carbon sequestration in grazed pastures sown with two or five forage species (Apr 2016)
item Efficacy of agricultural oil and fungicide combinations as a late dormant treatment for control of peach scab in Georgia, 2015 (Mar 2016)
item Efficacy of agricultural oil and fungicide combinations as a late dormant treatment for control of peach scab in Alabama, 2015 (Mar 2016)
item Carbon and nitrogen cycling in an integrated soybean-beef cattle production system under different grazing intensities (Oct 2015)
item Methods to assess pecan scab (Feb 2015)
item Integrated crop-livestock systems – A way to reach compromise between agricultural production and environmental preservation? (Oct 2012)