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Pollination Efficiency
item Social-medication in bees: the line between individual and social regulation (Apr 2019)
item Out of the Middle East: New phylogenetic insights in the genus Tamarix (Tamaricaceae) (Feb 2019)
item Special issue: Honey bee research in the US: Current state and solutions to beekeeping problems (Jan 2019)
item Strong interspecific differences in foraging activity observed between honey bees and bumble bees using miniaturized radio frequency identification (RFID) (Oct 2018)
item Strategic plant choices can alleviate climate change impacts: a review (Sep 2018)
item Molecular diagnosis for a Tamarix species from two reclaimed lands along the Yellow Sea in Korea inferred from genome wide SNP markers (Jun 2018)
item Disarming the Red Queen: plant invasions, novel weapons, species coexistence, and microevolution (Apr 2018)
item Geographic population structure in an outcrossing plant invasion after centuries of cultivation and recent founding events (Mar 2018)