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Environmental Stress - Plant Response
item Registration of high-yielding exotically-derived soybean germplasm line LG03-4561-14 (Aug 2019)
item Simple background subtraction of thermal imagery for crop water stress detection in greenhouse (May 2019)
item Variable salinity responses and comparative gene expression in woodland strawberry genotypes (May 2019)
item Conservation of soil organic carbon and nitrogen fractions in a tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma (Apr 2019)
item Apparent competition, lion predation, and managed livestock grazing: can conservation value be enhanced? (Apr 2019)
item Manuresheds: Redesigning crop-livestock agriculture for sustainable intensification (Apr 2019)
item The chloroplast envelope protease FTSH11 - interaction with CPN60 and identification of potential substrates (Apr 2019)
item Elevated ozone concentration reduces photosynthetic carbon gain but does not alter leaf structural traits, nutrient composition, or whole plant biomass in switchgrass (Apr 2019)
item Dissecting the nonlinear response of maize yield to high temperature stress with model-data integration (Mar 2019)
item Flexible stocking with Grass-Cast: A new grassland productivity forecast to translate cliamte outlooks with ranchers (Mar 2019)
item Expression of the high-affinity K+ transporter 1 (PpHKT1) gene from almond rootstock 'Nemaguard' improved salt tolerance of transgenic Arabidopsis (Mar 2019)
item Stand density and carbon storage in cypress-tupelo wetland forests of the Mississippi River delta (Mar 2019)
item Evaluating composition and conservation value of roadside plant communities in a grassland biome (Mar 2019)
item Metabolite and transcript profiling of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq) response to elevated [CO2] and temperature (Mar 2019)
item Comparing nadir and multi-angle view sensor technologies for measuring in-field plant height of upland cotton (Mar 2019)
item Black-tailed prairie dog Cynomys ludovicianus (Sciuridae), metapopulation response to novel sourced conspecific signals (Mar 2019)
item Hyperspectral analysis of leaf pigments and nutritional elements in tallgrass prairie vegetation (Mar 2019)
item Designing a platform for ethical citizen science: A case study of (Mar 2019)
item Metabolic engineering for enhanced oil in biomass (Feb 2019)
item Data management infrastructure: building elements at Central Plains (Feb 2019)
item The Restore New Mexico Collaborative Monitoring Program: The Action and the Science (Feb 2019)
item terradactyl: R Package for Rangeland Core Methods Data Extraction and Calculation (Feb 2019)
item Trials and tribulations of quantifying hotspots of cattle use in large desert pastures (Feb 2019)
item Variation of Seed Banks among Ecological States in the Chihuahuan Desert: Implications for Restoration (Feb 2019)
item Using Ecological Site Descriptions and State and Transition Models to inform native plant restoration strategies (Feb 2019)
item Movement and Cow-calf proximity patterns of Raramuri Criollo vs. Angus-crossbred nursing cows grazing Chihuahuan Desert rangeland in summer (Feb 2019)
item A New Institution to Promote Resilience-Based Rangeland Management in Mongolia (Feb 2019)
item Long-term Trends in Perennial Grass Production, Precipitation and Temperature in the Chihuahuan Desert (Feb 2019)
item Juniper sapling regrowth following targeted grazing treatments in relation to terpenoid concentration (Feb 2019)
item Rapid Soil and Ecological Site Identification and Vegetation Monitoring Using the LandPKS App and EDIT (Feb 2019)
item Detection of Helminthosporium Leaf Blotch disease based on UAV RGB Imagery (Feb 2019)
item The influence of rising tropospheric carbon dioxide and ozone on plant productivity (Feb 2019)
item Community-engaged research builds a natureculture of hope on multifunctional North America great plains rangelands (Jan 2019)
item The impact of foliar fertilizers on growth, and biochemical responses of Thymus vulgaris to salinity stress (Jan 2019)
item Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the field (Jan 2019)
item Evaluating RZWQM2-CERES-Maize and water production functions for predicting irrigated maize yield and biomass in eastern Colorado (Jan 2019)
item Comparison of hydrocarbon yields in SA-2269 cotton grown in four test plots in Texas and Utah (Dec 2018)
item Rhizobial inoculation and molybdenum fertilization in peanut crops grown in a no tillage system after 20 years of pasture (Dec 2018)
item An RK/ST C-terminal motif is required for targeting of OEP7.2 and a subset of other Arabidopsis tail-anchored proteins to the plastid outer envelope membrane (Dec 2018)
item Physiological and biochemical responses of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) to salinity stress (Nov 2018)
item Registration of ‘CP 10-1208’ Sugarcane (Nov 2018)
item Drift and deposition of pesticide applied by UAV on pineapple plants under different meteorological conditions (Nov 2018)
item Sugarcane growth, physiological, and yield responses to the mid-season application of moddus (Nov 2018)
item Spinach (Spinacea oleracea, L.) response to salinity: nutritional value, physiological parameters, antioxidant capacity, and gene expression (Oct 2018)
item Modeling Evapotranspiration and Crop Growth of Irrigated and Non-irrigated Corn in the Texas High Plain Using RZWQM (Oct 2018)
item Sugarcane Yield Response to Soil Amendments and N-P-K Application (Sep 2018)
item Water productivity under strategic growth stage-based deficit irrigation in maize. (Sep 2018)
item Cold Hardiness in Trees: A Mini-Review (Sep 2018)
item Albinism in sugarcane: significance, research gaps, and potential future research developments (Sep 2018)
item Thermal video of maize canopy with wind using background subtraction technique (Sep 2018)
item Using APAR to predict aboveground plant productivity in semi-arid rangelands: Spatial and temporal relationships differ (Sep 2018)
item Hydrologic downscaling of soil moisture using global data without site-specific calibration (Sep 2018)
item Molecular Dissection of Sugar Related Traits and it’s Attributes in Saccharum spp. hybrid (Sep 2018)
item Broadening the impact of k–12 science education collaborations in a shifting education landscape (Sep 2018)
item Succession in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities (Aug 2018)
item Optimizing photorespiration for improved crop productivity (Aug 2018)
item Registration of ‘CP 09-1952’ Sugarcane (Aug 2018)
item Ozone pollution will compromise efforts to increase global wheat production (Aug 2018)
item The role of photosynthesis in improving maize tolerance to ozone pollution [abstract] (Jul 2018)
item Crops under pressure: Conductivity, root pressure, and productivity in droughted maize and sorghum (Jun 2018)
item Root functional traits for water and nutrient acquisition linked to plant strategies: unpacking the black box (Jun 2018)
item Overexpressing the H-protein of the glycine cleavage system increases biomass yield in glasshouse and field-grown transgenic tobacco plants (May 2018)
item Exploring the root microbiome: extracting bacterial community data for the soil, rhizosphere, and root endosphere (May 2018)
item Linking fine root morphology, hydraulic functioning, and shade tolerance of trees (Apr 2018)
item Drought delays development of the sorghum root microbiome and enriches for monoderm bacteria (Apr 2018)
item Crop water use and crop coefficients of maize in the US Great Plains (Apr 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Relevance and guidance for nitrogen management in corn (Mar 2018)
item The links between leaf hydraulic vulnerability to drought and key aspects of leaf venation and xylem anatomy in a diverse group of Australian woody angiosperms. (Mar 2018)
item Evaluation of a QTL mapping population composed of hard red spring and winter wheat alleles using various marker platforms (Feb 2018)
item Vessel scaling in angiosperm leaves conforms with Murray’s law and area-filling assumptions (Feb 2018)
item Achieving balance in your early career (Feb 2018)
item Drought stress and root-associated bacterial communities (Jan 2018)
item Soil stability index (Jan 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Relevance and guidance for N management in stockpiled tall fescue (Jan 2018)
item Soil-test biological activity – Standard operating protocol (Jan 2018)
item Vessel scaling in angiosperm leaves conforms with Murray’s law and area-filling assumptions (Jan 2018)
item Crop modeling applications in agricultural water management (Dec 2017)
item Implementing Standardized reference evapotranspiration and dual crop coefficient approach in the dssat cropping system model (Oct 2017)
item Exploring plant root traits and fungal interactions governing plant community structure: Re-focusing long standing questions. (Oct 2017)
item A global analysis of vessel diameter, plant height and axial parenchyma patterns in woody angiosperms (Sep 2017)
item Investigating deficit irrigation as a climate-smart farming option (Sep 2017)
item Economic viability of deficit irrigation in the western US (Aug 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Henderson County NC (Aug 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Nash County NC (Aug 2017)
item Managing multi-species cover crops in the southeastern USA (Aug 2017)
item Keepin’ it covered in the Carolinas – Stanly County NC (Aug 2017)
item Soil responses to bioenergy crop production in the North Carolina Piedmont (Jul 2017)
item Nitrogen management in corn (Jun 2017)
item Improvement in estimation of soil water deficit by integrating airborne imagery data into a soil water balance modelents into a soil water (May 2017)
item Relationship between flower opening in six cotton cultivars and their progeny to pollen dehydration tolerance (May 2017)
item Calcium and magnesium released from residues in an integrated crop-livestock system under different grazing intensities (Apr 2017)
item Comparison of permanganate-oxidizable carbon and mineralizable carbon for assessment of organic matter stabilization and mineralization (Oct 2016)
item Production and soil responses to intercropping of forage grasses with corn and soybean silage (Sep 2016)
item Maximizing the value of limited irrigation water: USDA researchers study how producers on limited irrigation can save water and be profitable (Aug 2016)
item Carbon and nitrogen cycling in an integrated soybean-beef cattle production system under different grazing intensities (Oct 2015)
item Genotypes Using Best Linear Unbiased Predictors. Journal of American Society of Sugar Cane Technologist (Nov 2014)
item Integrated crop-livestock systems – A way to reach compromise between agricultural production and environmental preservation? (Oct 2012)