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Plant Cellular Metabolism
item Mass spectrometry-based metabolomic discrimination of Cercospora leaf spot resistant and susceptible sugar beet germplasms (Jan 2019)
item Genome encode analyses reveal the basis of convergent evolution of fleshy fruit ripening (Sep 2018)
item HS-SPME-GC-MS analyses of volatiles in plant populations – quantitating compound x individual matrix effects (Sep 2018)
item Natural genetic variation for expression of a SWEET transporter among wild species of Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) determines the hexose composition of ripening tomato fruit (Jul 2018)
item Molecular species of triacylglycerols in the rubber particles of Parthenium argentatum and Hevea brasiliensis (Jul 2018)
item Effects of selenium supplementation on glucosinolate biosynthesis in broccoli (Jul 2018)
item A transgenic approach to alfalfa crown rot control (Jun 2018)
item Ectopic expression of ORANGE promotes carotenoid accumulation and fruit development in tomato (May 2018)
item Genetic mapping identifies loci that influence tomato resistance against Colorado potato beetles (May 2018)
item Deciphering genetic factors that determine melon fruit quality traits using RNA-seq based high-resolution QTL and eQTL mapping (Mar 2018)
item Genetic diversity within African tomato using next generation sequencing (Mar 2018)
item Differential metabolism of 1-phenylalaninein the formation of aromatic volatiles in melon (Cumis melo) fruit (Mar 2018)
item A bicistronic transgene system for genetic modification of Parthenium argentatum (Feb 2018)
item A transgene design for enhancing oil content in Arabidopsis and Camelina seeds (Feb 2018)
item Tomato multiomics reveals consequences of crop domestication and improvement (Feb 2018)
item Interference with Clp protease impairs carotenoid accumulation during tomato fruit ripening (Jan 2018)
item High-resolution spatiotemporal transcriptome mapping of tomato fruit development and ripening (Jan 2018)
item Periderm disorder syndrome”: A new name for the syndrome formerly referred to as pink eye (Jan 2018)
item Quantification of the molecular species of acylglycerols containing hydroxy fatty acids in lesquerella oils using high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (Jan 2018)
item Composition of Acylglycerols in Castor Oil and their Biosynthetic Pathway (Jan 2018)
item Insights into soybean transcriptome reconfiguration under hypoxic stress: Functional, regulatory, structural, and compositional characterization (Nov 2017)
item Ripening activator turned repressor (Nov 2017)
item The tomato expression Atlas (Nov 2017)
item Lesquerella, a potential new oilseed crop for producing industrial bioproducts (Oct 2017)
item Structural characteristics of the molecular species of tetraacylglycerols in lesquerella (Physaria fendleri) oil elucidated by mass spectrometry (Oct 2017)
item Structures of hydroxy fatty acids as the constituents of triacylglycerols in Philippine wild edible mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (Oct 2017)
item A high-oil castor cultivar developed through recurrent selection (Oct 2017)
item Use of a ‘Super-child’ approach to assess the Vitamin A equivalence of Moringa oleifera leaves, develop a compartmental model for Vitamin A kinetics, and estimate Vitamin A total body stores in young Mexican children (Sep 2017)
item Proteins and amino acids as biobased polymer modifiers (Sep 2017)
item Rapid development of a castor cultivar with increased oil content (Aug 2017)
item Seed development and hydroxy fatty acid biosynthesis in physaria lindheimeri (Jul 2017)
item Biotechnology for improved hHydroxy fatty acid production in oilseed lesquerella (Jul 2017)
item Fructan reduction by downregulation of 1-SST in guayule (May 2017)
item Thermomyces lanuginosus STm: a source of thermostable hydrolytic enzymes for novel application in extraction of high-quality natural rubber from Taraxacum kok-saghyz (rubber dandelion) (Apr 2017)
item Structural characteristics of the molecular species of tetraacylglycerols in lesquerella (Physaria fendleri) oil elucidated by mass spectrometry (Mar 2017)
item Analysis of castor by ELISAs that distinguish Ricin and Ricinus communis agglutinin (RCA) (Dec 2016)
item Ratios of regioisomers of the molecular species of triacylglycerols in lesquerella (Physaria fendleri) oil estimated by mass spectrometry (Nov 2016)
item Biological differences that distinguish the two major stages of wound healing in potato tubers (Nov 2016)
item Metabolic Engineering for Improved Hydroxy Fatty Acid Production in Lesquerella (Oct 2016)
item Rapid development of a castor cultivar with increased oil content (Sep 2016)
item Effect of non-rubber constituents on Guayule and Hevea rubber intrinsic properties (Aug 2016)
item Understanding pink eye (Jul 2016)
item Application of genomic tools for lesquerella crop improvement (Jul 2016)
item Transcriptome analysis and identification of genes associated with omega-3 fatty acid biosynthesis in Perilla frutescens (L.) var. frutescens (Jun 2016)
item Potato tuber wounding induces responses associated with various healing processes (Apr 2016)
item Effects of heat stress on the endogenous contents of hormones and related gene expression in developing axillary tubes of potato (Apr 2016)
item Expression of castor LPAT2 enhances ricinoleic acid content at the sn-2 position of triacylglycerols in lesquerella seed (Apr 2016)
item Introduction to industrial crops (Mar 2016)
item Castor (Ricinus communis L.) (Mar 2016)
item Wounding induces changes in cytokinin and auxin content in potato tuber, but does not induce formation of gibberellins (Feb 2016)
item Improved method for extraction of castor seed for toxin determination (Dec 2015)
item Conductive elastomers by a new latex process (Aug 2015)
item A sustainability review of domestic rubber from the guayule plant (Apr 2015)
item Amino acid modifiers in guayule rubber compounds (Feb 2015)
item A study of protein and amino acids in guayule natural rubber (Oct 2014)