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Germplasm Enhancement & Plant Breeding
item Decades of Breeding Scab Resistant Durum Wheat in North Dakota: Challenges and Successes (Sep 2019)
item Registration of high-yielding exotically-derived soybean germplasm line LG03-4561-14 (Aug 2019)
item Combating crown rot with antimicrobial peptides (May 2019)
item Antibacterial activity of plant defensins (May 2019)
item High throughput sequencing for plant virus detection and discovery (May 2019)
item Genome-wide association study (GWAS) of leaf cuticular wax components in Camelina sativa identifies genetic loci related to intracellular wax transport (May 2019)
item More to alfalfa frost damage than meets the eye (May 2019)
item Seedling root architecture and its relationship with seed yield across diverse environments in Phaseolus vulgaris (May 2019)
item The genome sequence of segmental allotetraploid peanut Arachis hypogaea (May 2019)
item Bitter gourd, Momordica charantia L., breeding lines differ in secondary metabolite content according to market type (Apr 2019)
item Genome of ‘Charleston Gray’, the principal American watermelon cultivar, and genetic characterization of 1,365 accessions in the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System watermelon collection (Apr 2019)
item Red blotch disease update (Apr 2019)
item Multi-allelic APRR2 Gene is associated with fruit pigment accumulation in 1 melon and watermelon (Apr 2019)
item Vegetation structure and species composition variation of roadside slopes in Sichuan Basin, China (Apr 2019)
item Testing locations in regional high quality tests for cotton seed quality traits (Apr 2019)
item Phenolics composition in lettuce upon ultraviolet radiation and temperature effects (Apr 2019)
item Characterization of Pm63, a new powdery mildew resistance gene identified in Iranian landrace PI 628024 (Apr 2019)
item Genetic improvement of naked-tufted seed mutants in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Mar 2019)
item Lettuce genetics of lettuce drop and Verticillium wilt resistance (Mar 2019)
item Tolerance of transplanted guayule seedlings to post-emergence herbicides (Mar 2019)
item Lettuce and Spinach Breeding (Mar 2019)
item Germplasm with resistance to Potato Virus Y derived from Solanum chacoense: Clones M19 (39-7) and M20 (XD3) (Mar 2019)
item Residual heterozygosity and epistatic interactions underlie the complex genetic architecture of yield in diploid potato (Mar 2019)
item Identifying new seed treatments for alfalfa (Mar 2019)
item Linkage mapping and genome-wide association studies of the Rf gene cluster in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and their distribution in world sunflower collections (Mar 2019)
item Multi-year Evaluation of Stilbene Levels among Selected Muscadine Grape Cultivars (Mar 2019)
item Growing degree-days accumulation and trends in phenological stages of the maize billbug [Sphenophorus maidis (Chittenden)] in eastern gamagrass [Tripsacum dactyloides (L.) L.] (Mar 2019)
item Plant defensin peptides have antifungal and antibacterial activity against human and plant pathogens (Mar 2019)
item ‘Hall’s Beauty’ thornless trailing blackberry (Mar 2019)
item Cytological evaluations of advanced generations of interspecific hybrids between Allium cepa and Allium fistulosum Showing resistance to stemphylium vesicarium (Mar 2019)
item ‘WSU 2166’ red raspberry (Mar 2019)
item Peanut variety test (Mar 2019)
item Experimental sugar beet cultivars evaluated for rhizomania resistance and storability in Idaho, 2017 (Mar 2019)
item Beet curly top resistance in USDA-ARS Ft. Collins germplasm, 2018 (Mar 2019)
item Commercial sugar beet cultivars evaluated for rhizomania resistance and storability in Idaho, 2017 (Mar 2019)
item Beet curly top resistance in USDA-ARS Plant Introduction Lines, 2018 (Mar 2019)
item Foliar insecticides for the control of curly top in Idaho sugar beet, 2018 (Mar 2019)
item Disease evaluations and agronomic traits of advanced peanut breeding lines in 2018 (Mar 2019)
item Development of a peanut canopy measurement system using a ground-based LiDAR sensor (Feb 2019)
item Genetic diversity and population structure of a Camelina sativa spring panel (Feb 2019)
item Identifying QTL for the control of flowering time under multiple environments in lettuce (Feb 2019)
item Seedling salt tolerance for above ground-related traits in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) (Feb 2019)
item Rare maternal and bi-parental transmission of the cucumber mitochondrial DNA reveals sorting of polymorphisms among progenies (Feb 2019)
item High-frequency somatic embryogenesis, nuclear DNA estimation of milkweed species (Asclepias latifolia, A. speciosa, and A. subverticillata), and genome size stability of regenerants. (Feb 2019)
item Molecular mapping of the downy mildew and rust resistance genes in a sunflower germplasm line TX16R (Feb 2019)
item Introgression of peanut smut resistance from landraces to elite peanut cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Feb 2019)
item Novel primers and sampling for PCR detection of Xylella fastidiosa in peach (Feb 2019)
item ‘Echo’ ornamental reflowering blueberry (Feb 2019)
item Fusarium graminearum KP4-like proteins possess root growth-inhibiting activity against wheat and potentially contribute to fungal virulence in seedling rot (Feb 2019)
item The status and future of the strawberry industry in the United States (Jan 2019)
item Meloidogyne incognita intensifies the severity of Fusarium wilt on watermelon caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum (Jan 2019)
item Mass spectrometry-based metabolomic discrimination of Cercospora leaf spot resistant and susceptible sugar beet germplasms (Jan 2019)
item Water availability and root-knot nematode management alter seedcotton yield through similar effects on fruit distribution patterns (Jan 2019)
item Delimitation of wheat ph1b deletion and development of ph1b-specific DNA markers (Jan 2019)
item Investigation on various above-ground traits to identify drought tolerance in cowpea seedlings (Dec 2018)
item Registration of three confection sunflower germplasms, HA-DM2, HA-DM3, and HA-DM4, resistant to downy mildew and rust (Dec 2018)
item Lettuce breeding and genetics. Resistance to diseases, improved quality, molecular markers (Dec 2018)
item Genetic diversity and resistance to Fusarium head blight in synthetic hexaploid wheat derived from Aegilops tauschii and diverse Triticum turgidum subspecies (Dec 2018)
item Rapid change in host specificity in a field population of the biological control organism Pasteuria penetrans (Dec 2018)
item Pm223899, a new recessive powdery mildew resistance gene identified in Afghanistan landrace PI 223899 (Dec 2018)
item Effect of tree type and rootstock on the long-term performance of 'Gala', 'Fuji' and 'Honeycrisp' apple trees in a Tall Spindle production system under New York State climatic conditions (Nov 2018)
item Genes regulating gland development in the cotton plant (Nov 2018)
item Rootstocks for Florida stone fruit (Nov 2018)
item Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of six wheat-Aegilops markgrafii disomic addition lines and their resistance to rusts and powdery mildew (Nov 2018)
item Registration of ‘CP 10-1208’ Sugarcane (Nov 2018)
item Sugarcane growth, physiological, and yield responses to the mid-season application of moddus (Nov 2018)
item Incidence, distribution, and pathogenicity of fungi causing root rot in Idaho long-term sugar beet storage piles (Oct 2018)
item ‘Muffin Man’ an Edible Ornamental Rabbiteye Blueberry (Oct 2018)
item Reaction of Different Vaccinium species to the Blueberry Leaf Rust Pathogen Thekopsora minima (Oct 2018)
item Native solitary bees provide economically significant pollination services to confection sunflowers (Helianthus annuusL.) (Asterales:Asteraceae) grown across the northern Great Plains (Oct 2018)
item Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDB): a central portal for comparative and functional genomics of cucurbit crops (Oct 2018)
item The USDA cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) collection: genetic diversity, population structure, genome-wide association studies and core collection development (Oct 2018)
item Effects of marker concentration errors on digesta kinetic parameters (Sep 2018)
item Using carbon emissions, oxygen consumption, and energy retention estimates to calculate dietary energy partitioning and estimate ME intake by beef steers (Sep 2018)
item Sugarcane Yield Response to Soil Amendments and N-P-K Application (Sep 2018)
item Two steps on the path to maize adaptation (Sep 2018)
item Linkage analysis and QTL mapping in a tetraploid russet mapping population of potato (Sep 2018)
item Genetic diversity of day-neutral converted landrace, Gossypium hirsutum L., accessions (Sep 2018)
item Albinism in sugarcane: significance, research gaps, and potential future research developments (Sep 2018)
item Classification of fruit trichomes in cucumber and effects of plant hormones on type II fruit trichome development (Sep 2018)
item Pheromone loading in cranberry insect lures and trapping data (Sep 2018)
item Development of a ground-based peanut canopy phenotyping system (Sep 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: September 5, 2018 (Sep 2018)
item Pheromone loading in cranberry insect lures and trapping data (Sep 2018)
item Oil concentration and fatty acid profile of naturalized wild annual Helianthus annuus populations from Australia (Sep 2018)
item Molecular Dissection of Sugar Related Traits and it’s Attributes in Saccharum spp. hybrid (Sep 2018)
item Co-regulation of ribosomal RNA with hundreds of genes contributes to phenotypic variations (Aug 2018)
item Physico-chemical characterization of pedigreed sorghum mutant stalks for biofuel production (Aug 2018)
item Rhizomania and storage rot resistance in USDA-ARS plant introduction lines evaluated in Idaho, 2017 (Aug 2018)
item Ft. Collins sugar beet germplasm evaluated for rhizomania and storage rot resistance in Idaho, 2017 (Aug 2018)
item Kimberly sugar beet germplasm evaluated for rhizomania and storage rot resistance in Idaho, 2017 (Aug 2018)
item Beet curly top resistance in USDA-ARS Kimberly germplasm lines evaluated in Idaho, 2017 (Aug 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: August 22, 2018 (Aug 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: August 14, 2018 (Aug 2018)
item Two contrasting methods improve Silphium integrifolium Michx. germination rate to agronomically acceptable levels (Aug 2018)
item Genetics and mechanisms underlying transmission of Wheat streak mosaic virus by the wheat curl mite (Aug 2018)
item Image-based phenotyping for identification of QTL determining fruit shape and size in American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon L.) (Aug 2018)
item Asymmetry in synergistic interaction between wheat streak mosaic virus and triticum mosaic virus in wheat (Aug 2018)
item Meiotic homoeologous recombination-based mapping of wheat chromosome 2B and its homoeologues in Aegilops speltoides and Thinopyrum elongatum (Aug 2018)
item Green mosaic: A new vitivirus associated with symptoms (Aug 2018)
item Blueberry certification: Towards efficient movement of plants across borders (Aug 2018)
item A new, prevalent virus infects blueberry (Aug 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: August 8, 2018 (Aug 2018)
item Registration of ‘CP 09-1952’ Sugarcane (Aug 2018)
item LsGA2ox2 regulates lettuce seed germination under darkness (Aug 2018)
item Novel sources of resistance to Florida isolates of Bacterial leaf spot in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) (Aug 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: July 24, 2018 (Jul 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: July 24, 2018 (Jul 2018)
item RNA polymerase mapping in plants identifies enhancers enriched in causal variants (Jul 2018)
item Fungal Gummosis in peach (Jul 2018)
item Influence of alternative soil amendments on mycorrhizal fungi and cowpea production (Jul 2018)
item STAYGREEN, STAY HEALTHY: a loss-of-susceptibility mutation in the STAYGREEN gene provides durable, broad-spectrum disease resistances for over 50 years of U.S. cucumber production (Jul 2018)
item Evolutionarily informed deep learning methods: Predicting transcript abundance from DNA sequence (Jul 2018)
item Impact of mislabeling on genomic selection in cassava breeding (Jul 2018)
item Large-scale replicated field study of maize rhizosphere identifies heritable microbes (Jul 2018)
item Maize genomes to fields: 2014 and 2015 field season genotype, phenotype, environment, and inbred ear image datasets (Jul 2018)
item Massive phenotyping of multiple cranberry populations reveals novel QTLs for fruit anthocyanin content and other important chemical traits (Jul 2018)
item Registration of a bread wheat recombinant inbred line mapping population derived from a cross between 'Harry' and 'Wesley' (Jul 2018)
item Generating a unique germplasm base for the breeding of day-neutral strawberry cultivars (Jul 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: June 28, 2018 (Jun 2018)
item Leveraging mutational burden for complex trait prediction in sorghum (Jun 2018)
item High risk blueberry viruses by region in the North America; implications for certification, nurseries, and fruit production (Jun 2018)
item Selection of bread wheat lines for low grain cadmium concentration using shoot cadmium concentration and KASP markers at seedling stage (Jun 2018)
item Introgression of Gossypium barbadense L. into Upland Cotton Germplasm RMBUP-C4S1 (Jun 2018)
item Cadmium concentration in terminal tissues as tools to select low-cadmium wheat genotypes (Jun 2018)
item Geographic variation in hexane extractable hydrocarbons in natural populations of Helianthus annuus (Asteraceae, Sunflowers) II (Jun 2018)
item Screening of Seed Soluble Sugar Content in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) (Jun 2018)
item Chemistry and value-added utilization of oats through innovative processing (Jun 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: June 13, 2018 (Jun 2018)
item Kinome expansion in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex driven by accessory chromosomes (Jun 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: June 5, 2018 (Jun 2018)
item Evolution and characterization of the AhRAF4 NB-ARC gene family induced by Aspergillus flavus inoculation and abiotic stresses in peanut (Jun 2018)
item Genetic mapping of resistance to Aphanomyces root rot in alfalfa (Jun 2018)
item Fusarium wilt of alfalfa caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. medicaginis identified in Wisconsin (Jun 2018)
item Improving frost tolerance of alfalfa through resistance to bacterial stem blight (Jun 2018)
item Discovering new frontiers in aflatoxin prevention using "omics" and genetic engineering (Jun 2018)
item Molecular mapping of QTL for Fusarium head blight resistance introgressed into durum wheat (Jun 2018)
item Register of new fruit and nut cultivars List 49 - Raspberry (Jun 2018)
item Water: A renewable resource for life (Jun 2018)
item Biomass production and composition of temperate and tropical maize in central Iowa (Jun 2018)
item Almond rootstocks (Jun 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: May 30, 2018 (Jun 2018)
item Register of new fruit and nut cultivars List 49 - Blackberry (Jun 2018)
item Ethylene signaling regulates natural variation in the abundance of antifungal acetylated diferuloylsucroses and Fusarium graminearum resistance in maize seedling roots (May 2018)
item Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: May 15, 2018 (May 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: May 16, 2018 (May 2018)
item Preliminary evidence of pheromone loading differences (May 2018)
item Pheromone loading in cranberry insect lures (May 2018)
item Expanding the BLUP alphabet for genomic prediction adaptable to the genetic architectures of complex traits (May 2018)
item Variation of agronomic traits of ravenna grass and its potential as a biomass crop (May 2018)
item Strawberry necrotic shock virus (SNSV). A new virus disease in Benguet, Philippines (May 2018)
item Composition and phosphorous profile of high protein rice flour and broken rice and effects of further processing (May 2018)
item An improved wet method to process oats into fractions enriched with protein, beta-glucan, starch or other carbohydrates (May 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: May 2, 2018 (May 2018)
item Cranberry degree-day map and update: May 2, 2018 (May 2018)
item Increased experimental conditions and marker densities identified more genetic loci associated with southern and northern leaf blight resistance in maize (May 2018)
item ‘Norman’ southern highbush blueberry (May 2018)
item Chao-Chien Jan: Thirty-five years of dedicated research utilizing wild sunflower crop relatives for sunflower improvement (Apr 2018)
item Tree fruit orchard of the future: An overview (Apr 2018)
item Registration of ‘Bella’ white-seeded common bean cultivar (Apr 2018)
item Predicting gene structure changes resulting from genetic variants via exon definition features (Apr 2018)
item Plant resistance to Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in diploid F2 families derived from crosses between cultivated and wild potato (Apr 2018)
item Taxonomy of the family Arenaviridae and the order Bunyavirales: Update 2018 (Apr 2018)
item Integrated translational genomics and molecular breeding: key to accelerating genetic gain in sorghum (Apr 2018)
item Clean grapevines – Toward a harmonized grapevine certification program for the Pacific Northwest (Apr 2018)
item Clean grapevines – The first and most important step in virus control (Apr 2018)
item Uniform peanut performance test 2017 (Apr 2018)
item Construction of the third generation Zea mays haplotype map (Apr 2018)
item Effects of soybean meal and high protein sunflower meal on growth performance, feed utilization, gut health and gene expression in artic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) at the grow-out stage (Mar 2018)
item Genome-wide association mapping of anthracnose (Collectotrichum sublineolun) resistance in the U.S. sorghum association panel (Mar 2018)
item Increasing temperature reduces wheat resistance mediated by major resistance genes to the gall midge Mayetiola destructor (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) (Mar 2018)
item Nitrogen and sulfur effects on winter wheat yield and quality (Mar 2018)
item Genome-wide association studies and heritability estimation in the functional genomics era (Feb 2018)
item Quantitative genetic analysis of the maize leaf microbiome (Feb 2018)
item Evaluation of a QTL mapping population composed of hard red spring and winter wheat alleles using various marker platforms (Feb 2018)
item Effect of water source and trout strain on expression of stress-affected genes in a commercial setting (Feb 2018)
item Accuracy of genomic selection to predict maize single-crosses obtained through different mating designs (Feb 2018)
item Peanut variety tests (Feb 2018)
item Effects of feed processing method (extrusion and expansion-compression pelleting) on water quality and growth of rainbow trout in a commercial setting (Feb 2018)
item Optimization of dietary manganese for rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, fed a plant-based diet (Feb 2018)
item Transgenerational CRISPR-Cas9 activity facilitates multiplex gene editing in allopolyploid wheat (Feb 2018)
item Pest resistance discovery and introgression (Feb 2018)
item Improvement of resistance of wheat cultivars to fusarium head blight in the Yellow–Huai rivers valley winter wheat zone with functional marker selection of Fhb1 gene (Jan 2018)
item Genome-wide association mapping and genomic prediction for CBSD resistance in Manihot esculenta (Jan 2018)
item Improving genomic prediction in Cassava field experiments by accounting for interplot competition (Jan 2018)
item The fungal myosin I is essential for Fusarium toxisome formation (Jan 2018)
item Cereal grain fractions as potential sources of prebiotics: current status, opportunities, and potential applications (Jan 2018)
item Depletion of stored nutrients during fasting in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) juveniles (Jan 2018)
item Improving genomic prediction in cassava field experiments using spatial analysis (Jan 2018)
item The signature of sea surface temperature anomalies on the dynamics of semi-arid grassland producivity (Dec 2017)
item Resistance to multiple temperate and tropical stem and sheath diseases of rice (Dec 2017)
item Rapid analyses of dry matter content and carotenoids in fresh cassava roots using a portable visible and near infrared spectrometer (Vis/NIRS) (Dec 2017)
item Suppression of aflatoxin production in Aspergillus species by selected peanut (Arachis hypogaea) stilbenoids (Dec 2017)
item Accuracies of univariate and multivariate genomic prediction models in African cassava (Dec 2017)
item Effect of Meloidogyne incognita parasitism on yield and sugar content of sugar beet in Georgia (Dec 2017)
item Influence of root exudates and soil on attachment of Pasteuria penetrans to root-knot nematode Meloidogyne arenaria (Dec 2017)
item Non-mendelian single-nucleotide polymorphism inheritance and atypical meiotic configurations are prevalent in hop (Nov 2017)
item Genome-wide association mapping of correlated traits in cassava: dry matter and total carotenoid content (Nov 2017)
item k-mer grammar uncovers maize regulatory architecture (Nov 2017)
item Soybean trypsin inhibitor assay: the sequence effect of adding three reagents and factors involved (Nov 2017)
item Phylogeny, plant species, and plant diversity influence carbon use phenotypes among Fusarium populations in the rhizosphere microbiome (Nov 2017)
item A high proportion of NX-2 mycotoxin producing strains are found among Fusarium graminearum isolates from northeastern New York State (Oct 2017)
item Locally epistatic models for genome-wide prediction and association by importance sampling (Oct 2017)
item Novel loci underlie natural variation in vitamin E levels in maize grain (Oct 2017)
item Incomplete dominance of deleterious alleles contributes substantially to trait variation and heterosis in maize (Sep 2017)
item Use of a ‘Super-child’ approach to assess the Vitamin A equivalence of Moringa oleifera leaves, develop a compartmental model for Vitamin A kinetics, and estimate Vitamin A total body stores in young Mexican children (Sep 2017)
item Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in arid environments (Sep 2017)
item Effects of soybean and sunflower meals on the growth, feed utilization, and gene expression in two Canadian strains of juvenile Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) (Sep 2017)
item Reduce darkening of chips and fries (Sep 2017)
item Whole-genome prediction of reaction norms to environmental stress in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by genomic random regression (Aug 2017)
item Expression of the limited-transpiration trait under high vapour pressure deficit in peanut populations: Runner and virginia types (Aug 2017)
item Integrative functional analyses using rainbow trout selected for tolerance to plant diets reveal nutrigenomic signatures for soy utilization without the concurrence of enteritis (Jul 2017)
item Effector gene suites in some soil isolates of Fusarium oxysporum are not sufficient predictors of vascular wilt in tomato (Jul 2017)
item Effect of dietary tea supplementation on growth performance, fat content, and muscle fatty acid profile of rainbow trout (Jun 2017)
item Characterization of ash in algae and other materials by determination of wet acid indigestible ash and microscopic examination (May 2017)
item Leaf protein extraction from oat forage: investigation into factors involved and optimization (May 2017)
item Cranberry plant and pest degree-day update: April 26, 2017 (Apr 2017)
item Probiotic legacy on gut microbial assembly in fish larvae (Sep 2016)
item Developing low cost feed grade soybean protein concentrates for aquaculture (Jul 2016)
item Effect of anthocyanidins on myogenic differentiation in induced and non-induced primary myoblasts from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). (Jun 2016)
item Development of a high-density linkage map and tagging leaf spot resistance in pearl millet uysing genotyping-by-sequencing markers (May 2016)
item Composition, mineral profiles and characterization of the ash component in 12 algae samples (May 2016)
item The role of energy composition of diet affects muscle programming and fiber recruitment, body composition, and growth trajectory in rainbow trout (Apr 2016)
item Effect of anthocynanidins in myogenic differentiation and antioxidant defense in primary myogenic cells isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Mar 2016)
item Expanding maize genetic resources with predomestication alleles: Maize–teosinte introgression populations (Mar 2016)
item Comparison of ribosomal RNA removal methods for transcriptome sequencing workflows in teleost fish (Jan 2016)
item Short-term feeding cessation prior to harvest does not affect fillet yield in rainbow trout (Oct 2015)
item Feed characteristics alter growth efficiency of cutthroat trout (Jun 2015)
item Comparative analysis and genetic study of aroma volatiles from different citrus selections and hybrids (Apr 2015)
item Effect of dietary taurine supplementation on growth, feed efficiency, and nutrient composition of juvenile sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) (Apr 2015)
item Evaluation of dietary soy sensitivity in snake river cutthroat trout (Mar 2015)
item Genotypes Using Best Linear Unbiased Predictors. Journal of American Society of Sugar Cane Technologist (Nov 2014)