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Plant Genome Mapping
item Decades of Breeding Scab Resistant Durum Wheat in North Dakota: Challenges and Successes (Sep 2019)
item Vegetation structure and species composition variation of roadside slopes in Sichuan Basin, China (Apr 2019)
item Physiological and QTL analysis of slow canopy wilting trait for improvement of drought tolerance in soybean (Apr 2019)
item Cercis: A non-polyploid genomic relic within the generally polyploid legume family (Apr 2019)
item Genetic dissection of nonhost resistance to wheat stem rust in Brachypodium distachyon (Apr 2019)
item Convergent evolution of effector protease recognition by Arabidopsis and barley (Apr 2019)
item Genomic analysis of marker-associated fiber development genes in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L) (Apr 2019)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2018 (Mar 2019)
item Transcriptome analysis reveals cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) genes that are differentially expressed in cadmium (Cd) stress tolerance (Mar 2019)
item Report of the 2018 Uniform Regional Scab Nursery for Spring Wheat Parents (Mar 2019)
item A reference-grade wild soybean genome (Mar 2019)
item Linkage mapping and genome-wide association studies of the Rf gene cluster in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and their distribution in world sunflower collections (Mar 2019)
item Genotypic diversity of bran weight of whole grain rice and its relationship with grain physical traits (Mar 2019)
item Reconstruction of ancestral genome reveals chromosome evolution history for selected legume species (Mar 2019)
item Technological advances in maize breeding: Past, present and future (Feb 2019)
item Hydrolytic rancidity and its association with phenolics in rice bran (Feb 2019)
item Molecular mapping of the downy mildew and rust resistance genes in a sunflower germplasm line TX16R (Feb 2019)
item Fusarium graminearum KP4-like proteins possess root growth-inhibiting activity against wheat and potentially contribute to fungal virulence in seedling rot (Feb 2019)
item The role of manganese redox dynamics in controlling arsenic mobility in paddy soils (Jan 2019)
item Delimitation of wheat ph1b deletion and development of ph1b-specific DNA markers (Jan 2019)
item Structural dynamics of lytic polysaccharide monoxygenases reveals a highly flexible substrate binding region (Dec 2018)
item Registration of three confection sunflower germplasms, HA-DM2, HA-DM3, and HA-DM4, resistant to downy mildew and rust (Dec 2018)
item Periodic dry-downs affect interactions between manganese redox dynamics and arsenic mobility in rice paddy soils (Dec 2018)
item Genetic diversity and resistance to Fusarium head blight in synthetic hexaploid wheat derived from Aegilops tauschii and diverse Triticum turgidum subspecies (Dec 2018)
item Correlation between methane (CH4) emissions and root aerenchyma of rice varieties (Dec 2018)
item Effect of tree type and rootstock on the long-term performance of 'Gala', 'Fuji' and 'Honeycrisp' apple trees in a Tall Spindle production system under New York State climatic conditions (Nov 2018)
item Genomics of fungal disease resistance (Nov 2018)
item Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of six wheat-Aegilops markgrafii disomic addition lines and their resistance to rusts and powdery mildew (Nov 2018)
item First report of apple of peru (Nicandra physalodes) infected with pepper mottle virus in Hawai'i (Nov 2018)
item The role of standing variation in the evolution of weediness traits in south Asian weedy rice (oryza spp.) (Nov 2018)
item Native solitary bees provide economically significant pollination services to confection sunflowers (Helianthus annuusL.) (Asterales:Asteraceae) grown across the northern Great Plains (Oct 2018)
item Profiles of rhizosphere soil microbial composition affecting methane emissions (Oct 2018)
item Identification of genetic diversity in the USDA-minicore and among selected Vietnamese rice accessions for seedling stage salt tolerance (Oct 2018)
item Genes and physiological factors associated with natural variation in rice arsenic concentrations (Oct 2018)
item Identifying panicle architecture traits for rice improvement: a treasure hunt from genome-wide association studies to QTL validation, marker development and germplasm release (Oct 2018)
item Oil concentration and fatty acid profile of naturalized wild annual Helianthus annuus populations from Australia (Sep 2018)
item Co-regulation of ribosomal RNA with hundreds of genes contributes to phenotypic variations (Aug 2018)
item Two contrasting methods improve Silphium integrifolium Michx. germination rate to agronomically acceptable levels (Aug 2018)
item Meiotic homoeologous recombination-based mapping of wheat chromosome 2B and its homoeologues in Aegilops speltoides and Thinopyrum elongatum (Aug 2018)
item Effects of intermittent draining of rice fields on biogeochemical redox processes and arsenic mobility (Aug 2018)
item Crowdsourcing image analysis for plant phenomics to generate ground truth data for machine learning (Jul 2018)
item Surprises learned from plant immunity-challenges and opportunities for crop protection (Jul 2018)
item Weedy red rice has novel resistance resources to biotic stress (Jul 2018)
item RNA polymerase mapping in plants identifies enhancers enriched in causal variants (Jul 2018)
item SciApps: a bioinformatics workflow platform powered by XSEDE and CyVerse (Jul 2018)
item Report of the 2017 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Jul 2018)
item Evolutionarily informed deep learning methods: Predicting transcript abundance from DNA sequence (Jul 2018)
item Impact of mislabeling on genomic selection in cassava breeding (Jul 2018)
item Large-scale replicated field study of maize rhizosphere identifies heritable microbes (Jul 2018)
item Maize genomes to fields: 2014 and 2015 field season genotype, phenotype, environment, and inbred ear image datasets (Jul 2018)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2017 (Jul 2018)
item Leveraging mutational burden for complex trait prediction in sorghum (Jun 2018)
item Using high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping to dissect rice-soil microbiome interactions affecting GHG emissions and identify candidate genes affecting rice grain quality (Jun 2018)
item Geographic variation in hexane extractable hydrocarbons in natural populations of Helianthus annuus (Asteraceae, Sunflowers) II (Jun 2018)
item Molecular mapping of QTL for Fusarium head blight resistance introgressed into durum wheat (Jun 2018)
item Ethylene signaling regulates natural variation in the abundance of antifungal acetylated diferuloylsucroses and Fusarium graminearum resistance in maize seedling roots (May 2018)
item Expanding the BLUP alphabet for genomic prediction adaptable to the genetic architectures of complex traits (May 2018)
item A confounding effect of bacterial titer in a type III delivery-based assay of eukaryotic effector function (May 2018)
item Increased experimental conditions and marker densities identified more genetic loci associated with southern and northern leaf blight resistance in maize (May 2018)
item Chao-Chien Jan: Thirty-five years of dedicated research utilizing wild sunflower crop relatives for sunflower improvement (Apr 2018)
item Predicting gene structure changes resulting from genetic variants via exon definition features (Apr 2018)
item Maize GO annotation—methods, evaluation, and review (maize-GAMER) (Apr 2018)
item Construction of the third generation Zea mays haplotype map (Apr 2018)
item Genome-wide association studies and heritability estimation in the functional genomics era (Feb 2018)
item Tripsacum de novo transcriptome assemblies reveal parallel gene evolution with maize after ancient polyploidy (Feb 2018)
item Quantitative genetic analysis of the maize leaf microbiome (Feb 2018)
item Accuracy of genomic selection to predict maize single-crosses obtained through different mating designs (Feb 2018)
item Transgenerational CRISPR-Cas9 activity facilitates multiplex gene editing in allopolyploid wheat (Feb 2018)
item Genome-wide association mapping and genomic prediction for CBSD resistance in Manihot esculenta (Jan 2018)
item Improving genomic prediction in Cassava field experiments by accounting for interplot competition (Jan 2018)
item Improving genomic prediction in cassava field experiments using spatial analysis (Jan 2018)
item Resistance to multiple temperate and tropical stem and sheath diseases of rice (Dec 2017)
item Rapid analyses of dry matter content and carotenoids in fresh cassava roots using a portable visible and near infrared spectrometer (Vis/NIRS) (Dec 2017)
item Accuracies of univariate and multivariate genomic prediction models in African cassava (Dec 2017)
item Non-mendelian single-nucleotide polymorphism inheritance and atypical meiotic configurations are prevalent in hop (Nov 2017)
item Genome-wide association mapping of correlated traits in cassava: dry matter and total carotenoid content (Nov 2017)
item k-mer grammar uncovers maize regulatory architecture (Nov 2017)
item Locally epistatic models for genome-wide prediction and association by importance sampling (Oct 2017)
item Novel loci underlie natural variation in vitamin E levels in maize grain (Oct 2017)
item Incomplete dominance of deleterious alleles contributes substantially to trait variation and heterosis in maize (Sep 2017)
item Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in arid environments (Sep 2017)
item Whole-genome prediction of reaction norms to environmental stress in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by genomic random regression (Aug 2017)
item Development of a high-density linkage map and tagging leaf spot resistance in pearl millet uysing genotyping-by-sequencing markers (May 2016)
item Expanding maize genetic resources with predomestication alleles: Maize–teosinte introgression populations (Mar 2016)