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Plant Genome Mapping
item Fine mapping of the chromosome 5B region carrying closely linked rust resistance genes Yr47 and Lr52 in wheat (Mar 2017)
item Utilization of sunflower crop wild relatives for cultivated sunflower improvement (Feb 2017)
item Molecular cloning and characterization of two novel genes from hexaploid wheat that encode double PR-1 domains coupled with a receptor-like protein kinase (Jan 2017)
item Endemic Oscheius Nematodes of Hawai'i (Jan 2017)
item Potential of Heterorhabditis indica to control Cylas formicarius in field culled sweet potato roots (Jan 2017)
item CRISPRi-mediated metabolic engineering of E. coli for O-methylated anthocyanin production (Jan 2017)
item Quantification of disease expression conferred by three host gene-necrotrophic effector interactions in the wheat-Parastagonospora nodorum pathosystem (Jan 2017)
item Toward the molecular cloning of the Septoria nodorum blotch susceptibility gene Snn2 in wheat (Jan 2017)
item Genetic variation for traits associated with domestication identified in a cultivated rice, Nipponbare (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica) x ancestral rice, O. nivara, mapping population (Jan 2017)
item Validation of the quantitative trait locus underlying soybean plant height using residual heterozygous lines and near isogenic lines across multi-environments (Jan 2017)
item Discovery and introgression of the wild sunflower-derived novel downy mildew resistance gene Pl19 in confection sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Jan 2017)
item High-throughput interpretation of gene structure changes in human and nonhuman resequencing data, using ACE (Dec 2016)
item Genome-wide association analysis for drought tolerance and associated traits in common bean (Dec 2016)
item Genotyping-by-sequencing uncovers the introgression alien segments associated with Sclerotinia basal stalk rot resistance from wild species—I. Helianthus argophyllus and H. petiolaris (Dec 2016)
item Progress report to the International Fruit Tree Association (Dec 2016)
item Gramene database: navigating plant comparative genomics resources (Dec 2016)
item QTL analysis of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in a black bean RIL population (Dec 2016)
item Collection of wild Helianthus anomalus and deserticola sunflower from the desert southwest USA (Dec 2016)
item New insights into the roles of host gene-necrotrophic effector interactions in governing susceptibility of durum wheat to tan spot and Septoria nodorum blotch (Dec 2016)
item Relative susceptibility of sunflower maintainer lines and resistance sources to natural infestations of the banded sunflower moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) (Dec 2016)
item Genome-wide diversity and association mapping for capsaicinoids and fruit weight in Capsicum annuum L (Nov 2016)
item Towards an open grapevine information system (Nov 2016)
item Metabolic Differences Found In Seedlings of Rice Varieties That Produce Grains Low Versus High in Arsenic Concentration (Nov 2016)
item Identification of a halotolerant mutant via in vitro mutagenesis in the cyanobacterium Fremyella diplosiphon (Nov 2016)
item Exploring the power of rice (O. sativa x O. rufipogon) chromosome segment substitution line libraries (Nov 2016)
item Genome-wide divergence and linkage disequilibrium analyses for Capsicum baccatum revealed by genome-anchored single nucleotide polymorphisms (Nov 2016)
item Unraveling the genetics of wheat-necrotrophic pathogen interactions reveals a conundrum (Nov 2016)
item Genomic analysis of a novel gene conferring resistance to Ug99 stem rust in Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum (Nov 2016)
item Genomic analysis and tools for the Septoria nodorum blotch susceptibility gene Snn2 in wheat (Nov 2016)
item Quantification of disease expression conferred by three host gene-necrotrophic effector interactions in the wheat-Parastagonospora nodorum pathosystem (Nov 2016)
item Genome-wide association mapping of leaf rust response in a durum wheat worldwide germplasm collection (Nov 2016)
item Rice bran extracts inhibit invasion and intracellular replication of Salmonella typhimurium in mouse and porcine intestinal epithelial cells (Oct 2016)
item The hijacking of a receptor kinase-driven pathway by a wheat fungal pathogen leads to disease (Oct 2016)
item Development, genetic mapping and QTL association of cotton PHYA, PHYB, and HY5-specific CAPS and dCAPS markers (Oct 2016)
item Enhancing the health-beneficial qualities of whole grain rice (Oct 2016)
item SNP discovery and QTL mapping of Sclerotinia basal stalk rot resistance in sunflower using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) (Oct 2016)
item Assessing spatial distribution, stand impacts and rate of Ceratocystis fimbriata induced 'Ohi'a (Metrosideros polymorpha) mortality in a tropical wet forest, Hawai'i Island, USA (Oct 2016)
item Proteomic analysis of anti-nutritional factors (ANF’s) in soybean seeds as affected by environmental and genetic factors (Sep 2016)
item Genome-wide association mapping of provitamin A carotenoid content in cassava (Sep 2016)
item Forage kochia and Russian wildrye potential for rehabilitating Gardner's saltbush ecosystems degraded by halogeton (Sep 2016)
item A comprehensive draft genome sequence for lupin (Lupinus angustifolius), an emerging health food: Insights into plant-microbe interactions and legume evolution (Aug 2016)
item Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling root and shoot traits associated to drought tolerance in a lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) recombinant inbred line population (Aug 2016)
item Genes affecting heading date in cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) (Aug 2016)
item Non-mendelian inheritance of SNP markers reveals extensive chromosomal translocations in dioecious hops (humulus lupulus L.) (Aug 2016)
item Diverse landscapes have a higher abundance and species richness of spring wild bees by providing complementary floral resources over bees’ foraging periods (Aug 2016)
item Genome-wide association mapping of partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean plant introductions from the Republic of Korea (Aug 2016)
item Dynamic transcriptome profiling of Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV) infection in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (Aug 2016)
item Interseeding forage kochia into established Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to improve fall and winter grazing potential (Aug 2016)
item Ricebase: a breeding and genetics platform for rice, integrating individual molecular markers, pedigrees, and whole-genome-based data (Aug 2016)
item Improving abiotic stress tolerance and forage quality in orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) (Aug 2016)
item Inheritance of fresh-cut fruit quality attributes in Capsicum (Aug 2016)
item Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of the dominant glandless gene Gl^e2 in cotton (Gossypium spp.) (Aug 2016)
item A spontaneous eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) color mutant conditions anthocyanin-free fruit pigmentation (Aug 2016)
item Functional characterization of candidate effector proteins identified from the wheat scab fungus Fusarium graminearum (Jul 2016)
item Genome-wide association for plant height and flowering time across 15 tropical maize populations under managed drought stress and well-watered conditions in sub-Saharan Africa (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of warm-season grass nutritive value as an alternative to cool-season grass under limited irrigation in the semi-arid western United States (Jul 2016)
item Fast-flowering mini-maize: seed to seed in 60 days (Jul 2016)
item Transgressive variation for yield components measured throughout the growth cycle of Jefferson rice (Oryza sativa) x O. rufipogon introgression lines (Jul 2016)
item Development of SCAR markers linked to sin-2, the stringless pod locus in pea (Pisum sativum L.) (Jul 2016)
item Correlation-based network analysis of metabolite and enzyme profiles reveals a role of citrate biosynthesis in modulating N and C metabolism in zea mays (Jul 2016)
item A clade-specific Arabidopsis gene connects primary metabolism and senescence (Jul 2016)
item A heavy metal P-type ATPase OsHMA4 prevents copper accumulation in rice grain (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of indigenous Lotus species for the western USA for rangeland revegetation and restoration (Jul 2016)
item Genome-wide analysis and functional characterization of candidate effector proteins potentially involved in Fusarium graminearum-wheat interactions (Jul 2016)
item Comparative trends in forage nutritional quality across the growing season in thirteen grasses (Jul 2016)
item Analysis of recombination QTLs, segregation distortion, and epistasis for fitness in maize multiple populations using ultra-high-density markers (Jul 2016)
item Interspecific hybrid of xeric Shepherdia rotundifolia and riparian Shepherdia argentea: description, and traits suitable for low-water urban landscapes (Jul 2016)
item Genome mapping (Jun 2016)
item Physiological and molecular characterization of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) germplasm with improved seedling freezing tolerance (Jun 2016)
item Notice of release of Charleston Peak Germplasm: selected class, genetically manipulated track pre-variety germplasm (Jun 2016)
item Unveiling the complexity of the maize transcriptome by single-molecule long-read sequencing (Jun 2016)
item Importance of soil and plant community disturbance for establishment of Bromus tectorum in the Intermountain West, U.S. (Jun 2016)
item Identification of genetic variants associated with maize flowering time using an extremely large multi-genetic background population (Jun 2016)
item Biosynthesis of 8-O-methylated benzoxazinoid defense compounds in maize (Jun 2016)
item Withanolides derived from Physalis peruviana (Poha) with potential anti-inflammatory activity (Jun 2016)
item Effects from early planting of late-maturing sunflowers on damage from primary insect pests in the United States (Jun 2016)
item Current status of feed quality breeding and testing in North America (Jun 2016)
item Genome-wide association study of anthracnose resistance in Andean beans (Jun 2016)
item Large-scale atlas of microarray data reveals biological landscape of gene expression in Arabidopsis (Jun 2016)
item Development of fine-leaved Festuca grass populations identified genetic resources having potential for improved forage production and wildfire control in the western United States (Jun 2016)
item Cell wall composition and biomass recalcitrance differences within a set of Brachypodium distachyon inbred lines (May 2016)
item Contributions of host cellular trafficking and organization to the outcomes of plant-pathogen interactions (May 2016)
item Characterization and development mechanism of Apios americana tuber starch (May 2016)
item Unlocking the genetic potential of Upland cotton: Insights into TM-1 genome and its sub-genomes (May 2016)
item Open chromatin reveals the functional maize genome (May 2016)
item Genome-wide association mapping of barley yellow dwarf virus tolerance in spring oat (Avena sativa L.) (May 2016)
item Bran data of total flavonoid and total phenolic contents, oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and profiles of proanthocyanidins and whole grain physical traits of 32 red and purple rice varieties (May 2016)
item Recent developments and applications of cotton genomic resources for fiber improvement (May 2016)
item Sunflower insect pests (May 2016)
item Sunflower disease compendium: Sunflower botany (May 2016)
item Genes and small RNA transcripts exhibit dosage-dependent expression pattern in maize copy-number alterations (Apr 2016)
item Genomic prediction using phenotypes from pedigreed lines with no marker data (Apr 2016)
item Efficacy of insecticides to limit caterpillar damage to prairie cordgrass seed (Apr 2016)
item A pipeline strategy for grain crop domestication (Apr 2016)
item Cultivation legacies in soils after rehabilitation seeding in the Great Basin, USA (Apr 2016)
item iTAG Barley: A grade 7-12 curriculum to explore inheritance of traits and genes using Oregon Wolfe Barley (Apr 2016)
item Chickpea damping-off due to metalaxyl-resistant Pythium: An emerging disease in the Palouse (Apr 2016)
item Searching for genetic tolerance to choke in orchardgrass germplasm (Apr 2016)
item Registration of an oilseed sunflower germplasm HA-DM1 resistant to sunflower downy mildew (Apr 2016)
item Concentrations of oligomers and polymers of proanthocyanidins in red and purple rice bran and their relationships to total phenolics, flavonoids, antioxidant capacity and whole grain color (Apr 2016)
item Multi-population selective genotyping to identify soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) seed protein and oil QTLs (Apr 2016)
item Chromosome painting by GISH and multi-color FISH (Apr 2016)
item Notice of release of Turkey Lake Germplasm of bottlebrush squirreltail (Apr 2016)
item Notice of release of Columbia Germplasm of bluebunch wheatgrass (Apr 2016)
item Global patterns of protein abundance during the development of cold hardiness in blueberry (Apr 2016)
item Identify and validate a quantitative trait locus underlying stearic acid on chromosome 14 in a soybean landrace using recombinant inbred lines and resident heterozygous lines (Mar 2016)
item Susceptibility of sunflower inbreds to Melanagromyza minimoides in Argentina and potential association with plant resistance traits (Mar 2016)
item Construction of a SNP and SSR linkage map in autotetraploid blueberry using genotyping by sequencing (Mar 2016)
item Putative rust fungal effector proteins in infected bean and soybean leaves (Mar 2016)
item Vitamin E homologs and ¿-oryzanol levels in rice (Oryza sativa L.) during seed development (Mar 2016)
item Hulled and hull-less barley cultivars with the genetic trait for low-phytic acid increased the apparent digestibility of phosphorus and calcium in diets for young swine (Mar 2016)
item Pulse crop diseases in the Pacific Northwest (Mar 2016)
item Genetics and mapping of a novel downy mildew resistance gene, Pl18, introgressed from wild Helianthus argophyllus into cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Mar 2016)
item MaizeGDB: New tools and resource (Mar 2016)
item Stewardship of the Maize B73 feference genome assembly (Mar 2016)
item Investigating diversity and possible functions of G-quadruplexes in regulatory regions of maize genes (Mar 2016)
item Maize - GO annotation methods, evaluation, and review (Maize-GAMER) (Mar 2016)
item Sequencing, assembly, and annotation of Maize B104 : A maize transformation resource (Mar 2016)
item Breeder survey, tools, and resources to visualize diversity and pedigree relationships at MaizeGDB (Mar 2016)
item New trait data at MaizeGDB (Mar 2016)
item MaizeGDB video tutorials, feedback booth and introducing the agBioData working group (Mar 2016)
item Sequence, assembly and annotation of the maize W22 genome (Mar 2016)
item Evaluation of a native prairie Junegrass collection from Eastern Oregon for use in the Great Basin (Mar 2016)
item Genome-wide association and prediction analysis in African cassava (Manihot esculenta) reveals the genetic architecture of resistance to cassava mosaic disease and prospects for rapid genetic improvement (Mar 2016)
item GSP: A web-based platform for designing genome-specific primers in polyploids (Mar 2016)
item A proposal regarding best practices for validating the identity of genetic stocks and the effects of genetic variants (Mar 2016)
item Design and sampling plan optimization for RT-qPCR experiments in plants: a case study in blueberry (Mar 2016)
item Genetic analysis of genetic basis of a physiological disorder "straighthead’’ in rice (Oryza sativa L.) (Mar 2016)
item Molecular mapping of a rust resistance gene R14 in cultivated sunflower line PH 3 (Mar 2016)
item Progress on the determination of genetic variation for orchardgrass' resistance to the choke disease (Mar 2016)
item The merits of artificial selection for the development of restoration-ready plant materials of native perennial grasses (Mar 2016)
item Mapping snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) pod and color traits, in a dry bean x snap bean recombinant inbred population (Mar 2016)
item Seed dormancy mechanisms in basalt milkvetch and western prairie clover (Mar 2016)
item Protection and coexistence of conventional papaya productions with PRSV resistant transgenic papaya (Feb 2016)
item The genome sequences of Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaensis, the diploid ancestors of cultivated peanut (Feb 2016)
item Development of fine-leaved Festuca grass for forage and wildfire control in the Great Basin (Feb 2016)
item Genome-wide association mapping of partial resistance to Aphanomyces euteiches in pea (Feb 2016)
item Transcriptome analysis of soybean leaf abscission identifies transcriptional regulators of organ polarity and cell fate (Feb 2016)
item Phylogenetic examination of two chemotypes of Lupinus leucophyllus (Feb 2016)
item Advances in metabolomic applications in plant genetics and breeding (Feb 2016)
item Genome wide association study of seedling and adult plant leaf rust resistance in elite spring wheat breeding lines (Feb 2016)
item Use of metabolomics for the chemotaxonomy of legume-associated Ascochyta and allied genera (Feb 2016)
item Open Access Resources for Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in rice (Oryza sativa) illustrate the power of population-specific mapping (Feb 2016)
item Sunflower (Feb 2016)
item Estimation of genetic parameters and their sampling variances of quantitative traits in the type 2 modified augmented design (Feb 2016)
item Genome-wide analysis of small secreted cysteine-rich proteins identifies candidate effector proteins potentially involved in Fusarium graminearum-wheat interactions (Feb 2016)
item Book title: Exotic brome grasses in arid and semi-arid ecosystems of the western US: causes, consequences, and management implications (Feb 2016)
item Turfgrass varieties and when to use them (Jan 2016)
item Characterization of soybean storage and allergen protein affected by environmental and genetic factors (Jan 2016)
item Germination response of Apocynum venetum seeds to temperature and water potential (Jan 2016)
item Evaluation of Utah trefoil collections for rangeland restoration in the southern Great Basin (Jan 2016)
item Genetic relationships between race-nonspecific and race-specific interactions in the wheat-Pyrenophora tritici-repentis pathosystem (Jan 2016)
item Agrobacterium rhizogenes - based transformation of soybean roots to form composite plants (Jan 2016)
item Soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines, infection assay using soybean roots (Jan 2016)
item Grazing effects on soil characteristics and vegetation of grassland in northern China (Jan 2016)
item Progress in the paddy field (Jan 2016)
item De novo transcriptome sequencing and customized abscission zone-specific microarray as a new molecular tool for analysis of tomato organ abscission (Jan 2016)
item Transcriptome profiling of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) accessions in response to salt stress (Jan 2016)
item First report of sunflower white mold caused by Sclerotinia minor Jagger in Inner Mongolia region, China (Jan 2016)
item The iPlant collaborative: cyberinfrastructure for enabling data to discovery for the life sciences (Jan 2016)
item Transgressive variation for yield components and dynamic traits in Jefferson (Oryza sativa) x O. rufipogon introgression lines (Jan 2016)
item Introgression of a new Ug99-resistant gene from Thinopyrum junceum into wheat (Jan 2016)
item Construction of high resolution genetic linkage maps to improve the soybean genome sequence assembly Glyma1.01 (Jan 2016)
item MaizeGDB: The Maize Genetics and Genomics Database. (Jan 2016)
item Registration of two double rust resistant germplasms, HA-R12 and HA-R13 for confection sunflower (Jan 2016)
item MaizeGDB update: New tools, data, and interface for the maize model organism database (Jan 2016)
item PeanutBase and other bioinformatic resources for peanut (Jan 2016)
item Ensembl genomes 2016: more genomes, more complexity (Jan 2016)
item Toward a better understanding of the genomic region harboring Fusarium head blight resistance QTL Qfhs.ndsu-3AS in durum wheat (Jan 2016)
item Maximizing seed resources for restoration in an uncertain future (Jan 2016)
item Genetic mapping of major-effect seed dormancy quantitative trait loci on chromosome 2B using recombinant substitution lines in tetraploid wheat (Dec 2015)
item WheatExp: an RNA-seq expression database for polypoid wheat (Dec 2015)
item An ultra-high-density map as a community resource for discerning the genetic basis of quantitative traits in maize (Dec 2015)
item Genetic dissection of heterosis using epistatic QTL mapping in partial NCII mating design (Dec 2015)
item Evaluation of a M-202x Oryza nivara advanced backcross population for seedling vigor, agronomic traits, yield components, yield and grain quality (Dec 2015)
item The proteomics of nitrogen remobilization in poplar bark (Dec 2015)
item Examination of the abscission-associated transcriptomes for soybean, tomato, and Arabidopsis highlights the conserved biosynthesis of an extensible extracellular matrix and boundary layer (Dec 2015)
item Notice of release of Fanny Germplasm, Carmel Germplasm, and Bonneville Germplasm Searls' prairie clover: Selected class of natural germplasm (Dec 2015)
item An integrated approach to exploit linkage disequilibrium for ultra high dimensional genome-wide data (Dec 2015)
item Wheat - Aegilops introgressions (Dec 2015)
item Cultivar by environment effects of perennial ryegrass cultivars selected for high water soluble carbohydrates managed under differing precipitation levels (Dec 2015)
item Comparative drought response in eleven diverse alfalfa accessions (Dec 2015)
item Distribution of Heterorhabditid populations in Hawaii (Dec 2015)
item The gene CmACS-7 provides sequence variation for the development of DNA markers associated with monoecious sex expresion in melon (Cucumis melo L.) (Dec 2015)
item Vernalization response of domesticated× wild chickpea progeny is subject to strong genotype by environment interaction (Nov 2015)
item An alternative covariance estimator to investigate genetic heterogeneity in populations (Nov 2015)
item First report of Orobanche ludoviciana parasitizing sunflowers (Nov 2015)
item Accumulation of arsenic in leaves and grain are affected by variety and soil arsenic (Nov 2015)
item Rice varietal differences in arsenite metabolism (Nov 2015)
item Preserving rice quality: fine mapping and introgressing a fissure resistance locus (Nov 2015)
item Mapping quantitative trait loci controlling seed and grain production traits of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) (Nov 2015)
item Genetic architecture of grain chalk in rice and interactions with a low phytic acid locus (Nov 2015)
item Greenhouse validation of yield component transgressive variation effects of wild Oryza species introgressions in an elite US rice cultivar (Nov 2015)
item Rice breeding trends over 30 years for predicting response to climate change (Nov 2015)
item GrainGenes: Changing Times, Changing Databases, Digital Evolution. (Nov 2015)
item Comparison of nutrient content in fruit of commercial cultivars of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) (Nov 2015)
item Revealing gene regulation and association through biological networks (Nov 2015)
item Gramene 2016: comparative plant genomics and pathway resources (Nov 2015)
item Legume Information System ( a key component of a set of federated data resources for the legume family (Nov 2015)
item Development of genotyping by sequencing (GBS) and array derived SNP markers for stem rust resistance gene Sr42 (Nov 2015)
item Genomic analysis of Ascochyta rabiei identifies dynamic genome environments of solanapyrone biosynthesis gene cluster and a novel type of pathway-specific regulator (Nov 2015)
item Determination of the absolute configuration of Chaetoviridins and other bioactive Azaphilones from the endophytic fungus Chaetomium globosum (Nov 2015)
item Effect of nitrogen rate and the environment on physicochemical properties of selected high amylose rice cultivars (Nov 2015)
item Utilization of papaya waste and oil production by Chlorella protothecoides (Nov 2015)
item Unlocking the variation hidden in rice germplasm collections with genomics (Nov 2015)
item Germination and seedling emergence of three western North American rangeland legumes (Nov 2015)
item Genome-wide association study and marker-based selection for seed weight in soybean (Glycine max) (Oct 2015)
item Pesticide use within a pollinator-dependent crop has negative effects on the abundance and species richness of sweat bees, Lasioglossum spp., and on bumble bee colony growth. (Oct 2015)
item Expression of a synthetic rust fungal virus cDNA in yeast (Oct 2015)
item Screening edible ginger and turmeric cultivars for resistance to root-knot nematodes (Oct 2015)
item A spontaneous segmental deletion from chromosome arm 3DL enhances Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat (Oct 2015)
item The Geneva apple rootstock breeding program (Oct 2015)
item Ecogeography and utility to plant breeding of the crop wild relatives of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Oct 2015)
item Map saturation and SNP marker development for the rust resistance genes (R4, R5, R13a, and R13b) in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Oct 2015)
item Brachypodium distachyon genetic resources (Oct 2015)
item Sequencing of 15,622 gene-bearing BACs clarifies the gene-dense regions of the barley genome (Oct 2015)
item Selection of tolerant rice germplasm through phenotypic and genotypic evaluation for germination under low temperatures (Oct 2015)
item First report of Ascochyta blight of Spotted Locoweed (Astragalus lentiginosus) caused by Ascochyta sp. in Idaho (Sep 2015)
item A population structure and genome-wide association analysis on the USDA soybean germplasm collection (Sep 2015)
item Construction of high-quality recombination maps with low-coverage genomic sequencing for joint linkage analysis in maize (Sep 2015)
item Genotype by sequencing in autotetraploid cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) without a reference genome (Sep 2015)
item Variation in chromosome constitution of the Xiaoyan series partial amphiploids and its relations to stripe rust and stem rust resistance (Sep 2015)
item Genomic consequences of selection and genome-wide association mapping in soybean (Sep 2015)
item Population genetics and structure of a global foxtail millet germplasm collection (Sep 2015)
item First report of Ceratocystis wilt on `Ohi`a (Sep 2015)
item Association analysis of stem solidness and wheat stem sawfly resistance in a panel of North American spring wheat germplasm (Sep 2015)
item Identification of the VERNALIZATION 4 gene reveals the origin of spring growth habit in ancient wheats from South Asia (Aug 2015)
item SNP marker development for linkage map construction, anchoring of the common bean whole genome sequence and genetic research (Aug 2015)
item Notice of release of 'Bannock II' thickspike wheatgrass (Aug 2015)
item Soil respiration patterns for four major land-use types of the agro-pastoral region of northern China (Aug 2015)
item Registration of 24 ‘IR36’ rice trisomic lines (Aug 2015)
item pH Dependency of sclerotial development and pathogenicity revealed by using genetically defined oxalate-minus mutants of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Aug 2015)
item A global survey of low-molecular weight carbohydrates in lentils (Aug 2015)
item Mapping Fusarium solani and Aphanomyces euteiches root rot resistance and root architecture quantitative trait loci in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Aug 2015)
item Low-altitude, high-resolution aerial imaging systems for row and field crop phenotyping: A review (Aug 2015)
item Interactions between cranberries and fungi: the proposed function of organic acids in virulence suppression of fruit rot fungi (Aug 2015)
item Development of a diagnostic co-dominant marker for stem rust resistance gene Sr47 introgressed from Aegilops speltoides into durum wheat (Aug 2015)
item Effects of selection on genetic diversity in native grass species (Aug 2015)
item Mapping Fusarium solani and Aphanomyces euteiches root rot resistance and root architecture quantitative trait loci in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Aug 2015)
item A ToxA-like protein from Cochliobolus heterostrophus induces light-dependent leaf necrosis with host selectivity on maize (Aug 2015)
item Impact of the D genome and quantitative trait loci on quantitative traits in a spring durum by spring bread wheat cross (Aug 2015)
item Identification of candidate effector proteins potentially involved in Fusarium graminearum-wheat interactions (Aug 2015)
item Non-constant thermal regimes enhance overwintering success and accelerate diapause development for Smicronyx fulvus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (Aug 2015)
item Barriers to movement and spread of Radopholus similis in anthurium (Aug 2015)
item Fingerprinting soybean germplasm and its utility in genomic research (Jul 2015)
item Phomopsis Stem Canker: A Reemerging Threat to Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in the United States (Jul 2015)
item Effects of cultivars, organic cropping management and environment on antioxidants in whole grain rice (Jul 2015)
item Impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 on nutrient content and yield of important food crops (Jul 2015)
item 2015 Progress Report – Evaluation of the Cornell-Geneva Apple Rootstocks and Other Promising Apple Rootstocks (Jul 2015)
item Marker development, saturation mapping, and high-resolution mapping of the Septoria nodorum blotch susceptibility gene Snn3-B1 in wheat (Jul 2015)
item Mapping fall dormancy and winter injury in tetraploid alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) (Jul 2015)
item The wheat Snn7 gene confers susceptibility upon recognition of the Parastagonospora nodorum necrotrophic effector SnTox7 (Jul 2015)
item Genes and quantitative trait loci (QTL) controlling trace element concentrations in perennial grasses grown on phytotoxic soil contaminated with heavy metals (Jul 2015)
item Genome-environment associations in sorghum landraces predict adaptive traits (Jul 2015)
item Detection of a new QTL/gene for growth habit in chickpea CaLG1 using wide and narrow crosses (Jul 2015)
item The BioMart community portal: an innovative alternative to large, centralized data repositories (Jul 2015)
item Ceratocystis Wilt of ‘Ohi‘a (Jun 2015)
item Rice tissue accumulation of particular elements is dependent on the plant’s physiology (Jun 2015)
item Fine genetic mapping of a locus controlling short internode length in melon (Cucumis melo L.) (Jun 2015)
item Identification of black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) polyphenols that inhibit and promote iron uptake by caco-2 cells (Jun 2015)
item Independent molecular basis of convergent highland adaptation in maize (Jun 2015)
item The triticeae toolbox: combining phenotype and genotype data to advance small-grains breeding (Jun 2015)
item Methane uptake by four land-use types in the agro-pastoral region of northern China (Jun 2015)
item A unified SNP map of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) derived from current genomic resources (Jun 2015)
item A ToxA-like protein from Cochliobolus heterostrophus induces light-dependent leaf necrosis and acts as a virulence factor with host selectivity on maize (Jun 2015)
item The knottin-like Blufensin family regulates genes involved in nuclear import and the secretory pathway in barley-powdery mildew interactions (Jun 2015)
item Distribution and evolution of cotton fiber development genes in the fibreless Gossypium raimondii genome (Jun 2015)
item Abscission, organ separation, is more complex than you might think (Jun 2015)
item Registration of Arsenal meadow bromegrass (Jun 2015)
item Selenium fertilization on lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) grain yield, seed selenium concentration, and antioxidant activity (Jun 2015)
item Chromosome engineering, mapping, and transferring of resistance to Fusarium head blight disease from Elymus tsukushiensis into wheat (Jun 2015)
item Development of genetic and genomic resources for target breeding in durum wheat (May 2015)
item Pruning time × cultivar effects on flower-bud hardiness in northern highbush and southern highbush blueberry (May 2015)
item The potential of novel native plant materials for the restoration of novel ecosystems (May 2015)
item Chilling tolerant U.S. processing cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.): three advanced backcross and ten inbred backcross lines (May 2015)
item Fine mapping and characterization of candidate genes that control resistance to Cercospora Sojina K. Hara in two soybean germplasm accessions (May 2015)
item Evaluating the predatory potential of carnivorous nematodes against Rotylenchulus reniformis and Meloidogyne incognita (May 2015)
item OrthoVenn: a web server for genome wide comparison and annotation of orthologous clusters across multiple species (May 2015)
item Identification and distribution of the NBS-LRR gene family in the cassava genome (May 2015)
item Genome evolution of intermediate wheatgrass as revealed by EST-SSR markers developed from its three progenitor diploid species (May 2015)
item Optimization of genomic selection training populations with a genetic algorithm (May 2015)
item Metabolomic profiling of the nectars of Aquilegia pubescens and A. canadensis (May 2015)
item Registration of 'Nash' Chickpea (May 2015)
item Development of PCR-based assays for detecting and differentiating three species of botrytis infecting broad bean (May 2015)
item Genome sequence of cultivated Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum TM-1) provides insights into genome evolution (May 2015)
item Heritability of fruit rot resistance in American cranberry (May 2015)
item LT25, LT50, and LT75 determinations for a diverse selection of vaccinium genotypes (May 2015)
item Broadly conserved fungal effector BEC1019 suppresses host cell death and enhances pathogen virulence in powdery mildew of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (Apr 2015)
item Sesquiterpene lactone composition of wild and cultivated sunflowers and biological activity against an insect pest (Apr 2015)
item A substantial fraction of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) low phytic acid mutations have little or no effect on yield across diverse production environments (Apr 2015)
item Reducing arsenic accumulation in rice grain through iron oxide amendment (Apr 2015)
item High-resolution genetic mapping of maize pan-genome sequence anchors (Apr 2015)
item Genetic diversity provides opportunities for improvement of fresh-cut pepper quality (Apr 2015)
item Development of North American forb plant materials for rangeland revegetation and restoration (Apr 2015)
item Evaluation of regionally-collected sideoats grams and big galleta grass for wildfire revegetation in the Eastern Upper Mojave Desert (Apr 2015)
item Registration of the oilseed restorer sunflower germplasms RHA 472, RHA 473, RHA 474, and RHA 475, possessing resistance to Sclerotinia head rot (Apr 2015)
item Evaluation of Utah trefoil (Lotus utahensis Ottley) collections for rangeland restoration/revegetation in the southern Great Basin and Colorado Plateau (Apr 2015)
item Increased prediction accuracy in wheat breeding trials using a marker x environment interaction genomic selection model (Apr 2015)
item Novel hypovirulence-associated RNA mycovirus in the plant pathogenic fungus botrytis cinerea: molecular and biological characterization (Apr 2015)
item Brachypodium distachyon-Cochliobolus sativus pathosystem is a new model for studying plant-fungal interactions in cereal crops (Apr 2015)
item Comparison of fatty acid composition of oil from original and regenerated populations of wild Helianthus species (Apr 2015)
item From association to prediction: statistical methods for the dissection and selection of complex traits in plants (Apr 2015)
item Functional analyses of the Diels-Alderase gene sol5 of Ascochyta rabiei and Alternaria solani indicate that the Solanapyrone phytotoxins are not required for pathogenicity (Apr 2015)
item Pl17 is a novel gene independent of known downy mildew resistance genes in the cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Apr 2015)
item A new perspective on trait differences between native and invasive exotic plants: reply to critique (Apr 2015)
item Rhizopus oryzae associated with Melanagromyza splendida and stem disease of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) in California (Mar 2015)
item Recombination in maize is stable, predictable, and associated with genetic load: a joint study of the US and Chinese maize NAM populations (Mar 2015)
item Identification of domestication-related loci associated with flowering time and seed size in soybean with the RAD-seq genotyping method (Mar 2015)
item Production of anti-fungal volatiles by non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum and its efficacy in suppression of verticillium wilt of cotton (Mar 2015)
item A genome-wide association study of malting quality across eight U.S. barley breeding programs (Mar 2015)
item Genome-wide association mapping of flowering time and maturity dates in early mature soybean germplasm (Mar 2015)
item Genotype x environment interactions in eggplant for fruit phenolic acid content (Mar 2015)
item Efficient use of historical data for genomic selection: a case study of rust resistance in wheat (Mar 2015)
item The genetic makeup of a global barnyard millet germplasm collection (Mar 2015)
item Genetic and agronomic assessment of cob traits in corn under low and normal nitrogen management conditions (Mar 2015)
item Report of the 2014 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Mar 2015)
item Transcriptome analysis of the blueberry-mummy berry pathosystem (Mar 2015)
item Utilizing V. constablaei and V. ashei in germplasm and cultivar development (Mar 2015)
item SNP discovery in complex allotetraploid genomes (Gossypium spp., Malvaceae) using genotyping by sequencing (Mar 2015)
item New QTL alleles for quality-related traits in spring wheat revealed by RIL population derived from supernumerary x non-supernumerary spikelet genotypes (Mar 2015)
item Variation in the number of capitate glandular trichomes in wild and cultivated sunflower germplasm and potential for use in host plant resistance (Mar 2015)
item Relocation of a rust resistance gene R2 and its marker-assisted gene pyramiding in confection sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Mar 2015)
item Development of low temperature germinability markers for evaluation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) germplasm (Mar 2015)
item Improved understanding and testing for salinity tolerance in cool-season turfgrasses (Mar 2015)
item Locally epistatic genomic relationship matrices for genomic association (Mar 2015)
item First report of blueberry mosaic disease caused by blueberry mosaic associated virus in Kentucky (Mar 2015)
item An ontology approach to comparative phenomics in plants (Feb 2015)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2014 (Feb 2015)
item Genomic selection & association mapping in rice: effect of trait genetic architecture, training population composition, marker number & statistical model on accuracy of rice genomic selection in elite, tropical rice breeding (Feb 2015)
item The soil microbiome – what does it tell us? (Feb 2015)
item Larval mortality and development for rotation-resistant and rotation-susceptible populations of the western corn rootworm on Bt corn (Feb 2015)
item To grow old: regulatory role of ethylene in senescence (Jan 2015)
item Phenotyping nutritional and antinutritional traits (Jan 2015)
item Achievements and challenges in legume breeding for pest and disease resistance (Jan 2015)
item High Concentrations of Condensed Tannins in Utah Trefoil (Lotus utahensis Ottley) (Jan 2015)
item A genome-wide association study of resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) in a worldwide collection of hexaploid spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Jan 2015)
item Ionomics: Genes and QTLs controlling heavy metal uptake in perennial grasses grown on phytoxic soil (Jan 2015)
item Evaluation of fine fescue grasses identifies resources for improved ecological function under rangeland stress environments (Jan 2015)
item Fungal pretreatment of albizia chips for enhanced biogas production by solid-state anaerobic digestion (Jan 2015)
item Comparative analysis of homoeoallele expression in the tocol biosynthetic pathway during oat seed development (Jan 2015)
item The Brachypodium-Puccinia graminis system: Solving a puzzle to uncover the underlying mechanisms of non-host resistance and plant immunity (Jan 2015)
item Genome-wide association mapping of susceptibility to Stagonospora nodorum blotch in emmer wheat (Jan 2015)
item Targeted introgression of stem rust Ug99 resistance from wheatgrasses into pasta and bread wheat (Jan 2015)
item Heterosis for protein, digestibility, fiber, and water soluble carbohydrates in nine sources of orchardgrass germplasm (Jan 2015)
item Training set optimization under population structure in genomic selection (Jan 2015)
item Construction of six Oryza sativa x O. rufipogon Chromosome Segment Substitution Line (CSSL) Libraries (Jan 2015)
item Research tools: ethylene preparation. In: Chi-Kuang Wen editor. Ethylene in plants. Springer Netherlands. Springer Link (Jan 2015)
item Automated update, revision, and quality control of the maize genome annotations using MAKER-P improves the B73 RefGen_v3 gene models and identifies new genes (Jan 2015)
item Root transformation of Glycine max with responsive promoters to nematode infection (Jan 2015)
item An arabidopsis gene regulatory network for secondary cell wall synthesis (Dec 2014)
item Genetic variation for dry matter yield, forage quality, and seed traits among the half-sib progency of nine orchardgrass germplasm (Dec 2014)
item Registration of cytoplasmic male-sterile oilseed sunflower genetic stocks CMS GIG2 and CMS GIG2-RV, and fertility restoration lines RF GIG2-MAX 1631 and RF GIG2-MAX 1631-RV (Dec 2014)
item Identification and mapping of Sr46 from Aegilops tauschii accession CIae 25 conferring resistance to race TTKSK (Ug99) of wheat stem rust pathogen (Dec 2014)
item Development of Japonica mapping populations to validate GWAS in the rice diversity panel 1 (Dec 2014)
item Use of the Rice Diversity Panel 1 to map traits important for rice improvement (Dec 2014)
item US cultivar grain quality as assessed using objective and subjective methods (Dec 2014)
item Effect of enzyme activity on the starch structure and processing quality of selected rice varieties (Dec 2014)
item solGS: a web-based tool for genomic selection (Dec 2014)
item The miR9863 family regulates distinct Mla alleles in barley to attenuate NLR receptor-triggered disease resistance and cell-death signaling (Dec 2014)
item A new aspect of flower abscission: involvement of a specific alkalization of the cytosol in the abscission zone cells (Dec 2014)
item Identification of QTLs that enhance the nutritional value of rice grain and limit accumulation of undesirable elements such as arsenic (Dec 2014)
item Rice grain element concentration predictions based on leaf concentrations: accelerating improvement of nutritional quality (Dec 2014)
item Identification of genetic loci underlying the kernel fissure-resistance exhibited by 'cypress' and 'saber' (Dec 2014)
item Early screening of recombinant inbred lines for fissure resistance in non-semidwarf rice (Dec 2014)
item Effects of high night temperature and abscisic acid (ABA) on rice (Oryza sativa L.) physiology (Dec 2014)
item Plant transformation via pollen tube-mediated gene transfer (Dec 2014)
item Identification and mapping of quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in emmer and durum wheat (Dec 2014)
item Effects of durum wheat background on the expression of hexaploid wheat-derived Fusarium head blight resistance genes (Dec 2014)
item Association mapping across numerous traits reveals patterns of functional variation in maize (Dec 2014)
item New whole genome de novo assemblies of three divergent strains of rice (O. sativa) documents novel gene space of aus and indica (Dec 2014)
item Addition of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) to lamb diets enhances production and profits in northern China (Dec 2014)
item Broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) resistance breeding utilizing wild Helianthus species (Dec 2014)
item Wild sunflower species as a genetic resource for resistance to sunflower broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) (Dec 2014)
item Interspecific amphiploid-derived alloplasmic male sterility with defective anthers, narrow disk florets, and small ray flowers in sunflower (Dec 2014)
item Grazing effects on carbon fluxes in a northern China grassland (Dec 2014)
item A high-density, SNP-based consensus map of tetraploid wheat as a bridge to integrate durum and bread wheat genomics and breeding (Nov 2014)
item Regulatory interplay between soybean root and soybean cyst nematode during a resistant and susceptible reaction (Nov 2014)
item Genomic prediction in bi-parental tropical maize populations in water-stressed and well-watered environments using low density and GBS SNPs (Nov 2014)
item Mapping genomic loci for cotton plant architecture, yield components, and fiber properties in an interspecific (Gossypium hirsutum L. x G. barbadense L.) RIL population (Nov 2014)
item Assessment of chilling injury and molecular marker analysis in cucumber cultivars (Cucumis sativus L.) (Nov 2014)
item Accelerating the switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) breeding cycle using genomic selection approaches (Nov 2014)
item Biosystematics and evolutionary relationships of perennial Triticeae species revealed by genomic analyses (Nov 2014)
item Perspectives for genomic selection applications and research in plants (Nov 2014)
item Chemotaxonomy of Hawaiian Anthurium cultivars based on multivariate analysis of phenolic metabolites (Nov 2014)
item Multiple polyploidy events in the early radiation of nodulating and non-nodulating legumes (Nov 2014)
item AIM: A comprehensive Arabidopsis Interactome Module database and related interologs in plants (Nov 2014)
item Comprehensive characterization and RNA-Seq profiling of the HD-Zip transcription factor family in soybean (Glycine max) during dehydration and salt stress (Nov 2014)
item DOP-PCR-based chromosome painting of rye (Secale cereale) and wheat-rye hybrid 1R and 1RS chromosomes (Nov 2014)
item Six rice chromosome segment substitution lines libraries with O. rufipogon introgressions (Nov 2014)
item Rice Genotype Variation in Leaf-Grain Element Concentration Associations (Nov 2014)
item Identification of major genes affecting nutritional element concentrations in rice grains (Nov 2014)
item Developing and delivering biofortified Rice to the consumer (Nov 2014)
item Health-promoting phytochemicals in rice: genotype screening for biofortification breeding (Nov 2014)
item Characterization of Thinopyrum species for wheat stem rust resistance and ploidy level (Nov 2014)
item Occurrence and characterization of Bean common mosaic virus strain NL1 in Iowa (Nov 2014)
item Identification and molecular mapping of quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in emmer and durum wheat using a single nucleotide polymorphism-based linkage map (Oct 2014)
item Enrichment of statistical power for genome-wide association studies (Oct 2014)
item A computational platform to maintain and migrate manual functional annotations for BioCyc databases (Oct 2014)
item A consensus framework map of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) suitable for linkage disequilibrium analysis and genome-wide association mapping (Oct 2014)
item Putative paternal factors controlling chilling tolerance in Korean market-type cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (Oct 2014)
item The chloroplast psbK-psbI intergenic region, a potential genetic marker for broad sectional relationships in Anthurium (Oct 2014)
item SoyProLow: A protein database enriched in low abudndant soybean proteins (Sep 2014)
item Improved understanding and testing for salinity tolerance in cool-season turfgrasses (Sep 2014)
item Novel methods to optimize genotypic imputation for low-coverage, next-generation sequence data in crop plants (Sep 2014)
item Genetic diversity and variation in North American orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) cultivars and breeding lines (Sep 2014)
item Analysis of soybean seed proteins using proteomics (Sep 2014)
item A comparison of protein and phenolic compounds in seed from GMO and non-GMO soybean (Sep 2014)
item Phenotypic and genotypic analysis of a U.S. native fine-leaved Festuca population portends its potential use for low-input urban landscapes (Sep 2014)
item Barley (Sep 2014)
item Genome resilience and prevalence of segmental duplications following fast neutron irradiation of soybean (Sep 2014)
item Two inositol hexakisphosphate kinases drive inositol pyrophosphate synthesis in plants (Sep 2014)
item Assessing genomic selection prediction accuracy in a dynamic barley breeding (Sep 2014)
item Seasonal trends in nonstructural carbohydrates in cool- and warm- season grasses (Sep 2014)
item Genome-wide association mapping of quantitative resistance to sudden death syndrome in soybean (Sep 2014)
item SCNProDB: A database for the identification of soybean cyst nematode proteins (Sep 2014)
item Ensemble learning with trees and rules: supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised (Sep 2014)
item Improvement of drought and salt tolerance in Kentucky bluegrass (Aug 2014)
item UTDG -101, a late-maturing orchardgrass germplasm with increased winter hardiness and forage quality (Aug 2014)
item Registration of two confection sunflower germplasm Lines, HA-R10 and HA-R11, Resistant to sunflower rust (Aug 2014)
item Construction of a genetic linkage map of an interspecific diploid blueberry population and identification of QTL for chilling requirement and cold hardiness (Aug 2014)
item Control of Radopholus similis in anthurium with spinosad, spirotetramat, and thiophanate-methyl (Aug 2014)
item Differential inheritance of pepper (capsicum annum) fruit pigments results in black to violet fruit color (Aug 2014)
item Quantitative trait locus analysis of seed sulfur containing amino acids in two recombinant inbred line populations of soybean (Aug 2014)
item Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) low phytic acid 1-1: an endosperm-specific filial determinant of seed total phosphorus (Jul 2014)
item A super powerful method for genome wide association study (Jul 2014)
item A high-density SNP map of sunflower derived from RAD-sequencing facilitating fine-mapping of the rust resistance gene R12 (Jul 2014)
item Methods for assessing infestations of sunflower stem weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in sunflower stems (Jul 2014)
item Phytotoxin solanapyrone A produced by Ascochyta rabiei and Alternaria solani is nonessential for pathogenicity, but likely plays ecological roles (Jul 2014)
item Update on the genomics and basic biology of Brachypodium: International Brachypodium Initiative (IBI) (Jul 2014)
item High-throughput comparison, functional annotation, and metabolic modeling of plant genomes using the PlantSEED resource (Jul 2014)
item What roles do fungal secondary metabolites play in interactions between Ascochyta fungi and cool season food legumes? (Jul 2014)
item Biotype differences for resistance to Russian wheat aphid in barley (Jul 2014)
item Zn2+ blocks annealing of complementary single-stranded DNA in a sequence-selective manner (Jun 2014)
item Biogas energy production from tropical biomass wastes by anaerobic digestion (Jun 2014)
item Rice lines with high leaf mineral nutrient levels (Jun 2014)
item Rice lines with high leaf mineral nutrient levels (Jun 2014)
item Rewiring the wheat reproductive system to harness heterosis for the next wave of yield improvements (Jun 2014)
item A SNP genotyping array for hexaploid oat (Jun 2014)
item Molecular cytogenetic characterization and stem rust resistance of five wheat-thinopyrum ponticum partial amphiploids (Jun 2014)
item The American cranberry: first insights into the whole genome of a species adapted to bog habitat (Jun 2014)
item Genetic control of rhizomes and genomic localization of a major-effect growth habit QTL in perennial wildrye (Jun 2014)
item Orchardgrass heading dates and variation within constans genes (Jun 2014)
item Identification of novel rice low phytic acid mutations via TILLING by sequencing (Jun 2014)
item Forage breeding and genetics at the Forage and Range Research Laboratory (Jun 2014)
item Wild sunflower species as a genetic resource for resistance to sunflower broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) (Jun 2014)
item Estimation of genetic diversity using SSR markers in sunflower (Jun 2014)
item Molecular cloning and characterization of a ToxA-like gene from the maize pathogen Cochliobolus heterostrophus (Jun 2014)
item Cultivar x binary mixture interaction effect on agronomic traits in orchardgrass (Jun 2014)
item Uptake of Al, As, Cr, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sr, and Zn in native wheatgrasses, wildryes, and bluegrass on three metal-contaminated soils from Montana (Jun 2014)
item Map-based analysis of the tenacious glume gene Tg-B1 of wild emmer and its role in wheat domestication (Jun 2014)
item Ecological adaptation of Shepherdia rotundifolia to conditions in its native range (Jun 2014)
item Molecular mapping of three nuclear male sterility mutant genes in cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Jun 2014)
item Identification and validation of quantitative trait loci for seed yield, oil and protein contents in two recombinant inbred populations of soybean (May 2014)
item A roadmap for functional structural variants in the soybean genome (May 2014)
item Manipulation of two alpha-endo-beta-1,4-glucanase genes, AtCel6 and GmCel7, reduces susceptibility to Heterodera glycines in soybean roots (May 2014)
item Association mapping of grain hardness, polyphenol oxidase, total phenolics, amylose content, and ß-glucan in US barley breeding germplasm (May 2014)
item De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Analyses of Gene Expression during Photomorphogenesis in Diploid Wheat Triticum monococcum (May 2014)
item Tobacco mosaic virus: Proof by synthesis (May 2014)
item Genomic selection for quantitative adult plant stem rust resistance in wheat (May 2014)
item Rising atmospheric CO2 lowers food zinc, iron, and protein concentrations (May 2014)
item Should ranchers value sagebrush? Why we need sagebrush (May 2014)
item A nomenclatural guide and simplified key to the squirreltail taxa (May 2014)
item Current efforts to develop perennial wheat and domesticate Thinopyrum intermedium as a perennial grain (May 2014)
item Ecologically appropriate plant materials for functional restoration of rangelands (May 2014)
item Notice of release of Antelope Creek and Pleasant Valley germplasms of bottlebrush squirreltail (May 2014)
item Interactions of genotype and glutenin subunit composition on breadmaking quality of durum 1AS•1AL-1DL translocation lines (May 2014)
item Inferring outcrossing in the homothallic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum using linkage disequilibrium decay (Apr 2014)
item Distinct copy number, coding sequence and locus methylation patterns underlie Rhg1-mediated soybean resistance to soybean cyst nematode (Apr 2014)
item Net Venn - An integrated network analysis web platform for gene lists (Apr 2014)
item Unraveling the secrets of rice wild species (Apr 2014)
item Ectopic expression of Arabidopsis genes encoding salicylic acid- and jasmonic acid-related proteins confers partial resistance to soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) in transgenic soybean roots (Apr 2014)
item A dimeric PR-1-type pathogenesis-related protein interacts with ToxA and potentially mediates ToxA-induced necrosis in sensitive wheat (Apr 2014)
item Efficient genome-wide detection and cataloging of EMS-induced mutations using exome capture and next-generation sequencing (Apr 2014)
item Sources of gene tree discordance on oryza (poaceae) chromosome 3 (Apr 2014)
item Phenotypic performance of timothy accessions under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions (Apr 2014)
item Disentangling methodological and biological sources of gene tree discordance on oryza (poaceae) chromosome 3 (Apr 2014)
item Mapping in an apple (Malus x domestica) F1 segregating population based on physical clustering of differentially expressed genes (Apr 2014)
item Effect of wild Helianthus cytoplasms on agronomic and oil characteristics of cultivated sunflower (H. annuus L.) (Apr 2014)
item Modification of the expression of two NPR1 suppressors SNC1 and SNI1, in coybean (Glycine max) confers partial resistance to the soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) (Mar 2014)
item Association mapping of resistance to leaf rust in emmer wheat using high throughput SNP markers (Mar 2014)
item Relationship of apple rootstock dwarfing loci (Dw1, Dw2) with scion leaf and fruit nutrient status (Mar 2014)
item Molecular and comparative mapping of genes governing spike compactness inherited from wild emmer wheat (Mar 2014)
item New germplasm development using synthetic and other approaches to transfer stem rust resistance from tetraploids to hexaploids (Mar 2014)
item Improving germination and establishment of Great Basin legumes (Mar 2014)
item Report of the 2013 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Mar 2014)
item Dw2 a new dwarfing locus in apple rootstocks and relationship to induction of early bearing in apple scions (Mar 2014)
item Effects of hydrothermal processes on antioxidants in brown, purple and red bran whole grain rice (Oryza sativa L.) (Mar 2014)
item Pericarp strength of sunflower and its value for plant defense against the sunflower moth, Homoeosoma electellum (Mar 2014)
item A genome-wide association study platform built on iPlant cyber-infrastructure (Mar 2014)
item Degradation of oxalic acid by the mycoparasite Coniothyrium minitans plays an important role in interacting with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Mar 2014)
item Characterization of polyploid wheat genomic diversity using a high-density 90 000 single nucleotide polymorphism array (Mar 2014)
item TASSEL-GBS: a high capacity genotyping by sequencing analysis pipeline (Feb 2014)
item Sources of resistance to sunflower diseases in a global collection of domesticated USDA plant introductions (Feb 2014)
item Characterization of developmental and stress mediated expression of cinnamoyl-CoA reductase (CCR) in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) (Feb 2014)
item Rangeland and warm-season forage grasses (Feb 2014)
item A new perspective on trait differences between native and invasive exotic plants (Feb 2014)
item Characterization of an RNase Z nonsense mutation identified exclusively in environment-conditioned genic male sterile rice (Feb 2014)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2013 (Feb 2014)
item Overexpression of four Arabidopsis thaliana NHLgenes in soybean (Glycine max) roots and their effect over resistance to the soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) (Feb 2014)
item Development and characterization of wheat lines carrying stem rust resistance gene Sr43 derived from Thinopyrum ponticum (Feb 2014)
item Lotus utahensis: southern great basin legume for possible use in rangeland revegetation (Feb 2014)
item Optimal design of preliminary yield trials with genome-wide markers (Jan 2014)
item Genetic mapping using genotyping-by-sequencing in the clonally-propagated cassava (Jan 2014)
item Comprehensive transcriptome assembly of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) using Sanger and next generation sequencing platforms: development and applications (Jan 2014)
item Genes and QTLs controlling biomass yield and composition traits in perennial wildrye (Jan 2014)
item Introduction (Jan 2014)
item Uses and potential of DNA technologies in forage, turf, and rangeland crop seed production (Jan 2014)
item Elucidating cold acclimation pathway in blueberry by transcriptome profiling (Jan 2014)
item Highly fertile intersectional blueberry hybrids of Vaccinium padifolium Section Hemimyrtillus and V. corymbosum Section Cyanococcus (Jan 2014)
item Gramene 2013: Comparative plant genomics resources (Jan 2014)
item First report of dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) on chickpea (Cicer arietinum) in the United States (Jan 2014)
item Ensembl Genomes 2013: scaling up access to genome-wide data (Jan 2014)
item Genes and quantitative trait loci controlling biomass yield and forage quality traits in perennial wildrye (Jan 2014)
item High-resolution mapping of resistance to cassava mosaic geminiviruses in cassava using genotyping-by-sequencing and its implications for breeding (Dec 2013)
item Genomic selection in plant breeding (Dec 2013)
item Disruption of Rpp1-mediated soybean rust resistance by virus-induced gene silencing (Dec 2013)
item Expression of Arabidopsis genes AtNPR1 and AtTGA2 in transgenic soybean roots of composite plants confers resistance to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) (Dec 2013)
item Parallel analysis of RNA ends enhances global investigation of microRNAs and target RNAs of Brachypodium distachyon (Dec 2013)
item An algorithm for deciding the number of clusters and validating using simulated data with application to exploring crop population structure (Dec 2013)
item Genotype by environment interaction and the use of unbalanced historical data for genomic selection in an international wheat breeding program (Dec 2013)
item A new genetic linkage map of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) facilitates genetic dissection of height and spike length and angle (Dec 2013)
item Testing transgenic spring wheat and barley lines for reaction to Fusarium head blight: 2013 Field nursery report (Dec 2013)
item 2013 North Dakota Transgenic Barley Research and FHB Nursery Report (Dec 2013)
item A modern ampelography: A genetic basis for leaf shape and venation patterning in grape (Nov 2013)
item Integrating environmental covariates and crop modeling into the genomic selection framework to predict genotype by environment interactions (Nov 2013)
item Variation for seed phytosterols in sunflower germplasm (Nov 2013)
item Optimal fertilizer N rates and yield-scaled global warming potential in drill seeded rice (Nov 2013)
item CottonGen: a genomics, genetics and breeding database for cotton research (Nov 2013)
item Phenotypic diversity and QTL mapping of absorption and translocation of nutrients by apple rootstocks (Nov 2013)
item DNA fingerprinting of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars and hybrids (Nov 2013)
item Genetic and field management strategies to enhance the nutritional value of rice grains and limit accumulation of undesirable elements such as arsenic (Nov 2013)
item Generalizations on the use of leaf element concentrations to accelerate improvement of rice grain nutritional quality (Nov 2013)
item Biomass and defoliation tolerance of 12 populations of Pseudoroegneria spicata at two densities (Nov 2013)
item Dissecting genome-wide association signals for loss-of-function phenotypes in sorghum flavonoid pigmentation traits (Nov 2013)
item Genome-wide computational prediction and analysis of core promoter elements across plant monocots and dicots (Oct 2013)
item Genetic considerations in developing germplasm sources of native legumes (Oct 2013)
item BBGD454: A database for transcriptome analysis of blueberry using 454 sequences (Oct 2013)
item iTAG Barley: A 9-12 curriculum to explore inheritance of traits and genes using Oregon Wolfe barley (Sep 2013)
item Genetic diversity for wheat improvement as a conduit to food security (Sep 2013)
item Genome analysis of 7 Kengyilia (Triticeae Poaceae) species with FISH and GISH (Sep 2013)
item Towards Managing Stemphylium Blight of Lentil in the Pacific Northwest (Sep 2013)
item Chromosome engineering for alien gene introgression in wheat: Progress and prospective (Sep 2013)
item Mining conifers’ mega-genome using rapid and efficient multiplexed high-throughput genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) SNP discovery platform (Sep 2013)
item Using common gardens and AFLP analyses to identify metapopulations of indigenous plant materials for rangeland revegetation in western USA (Sep 2013)
item Backcross introgression of plastomic factors controlling chilling tolerance into elite cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) germplasm: Early generation recovery of recurrent parent phenotytpe (Sep 2013)
item Genomic prediction in maize breeding populations with genotyping-by-sequencing (Sep 2013)
item Genome analysis of nonhost resistance to stem rust in Brachypodium (Sep 2013)
item Synthetic hexaploids derived from under-exploited tetraploids as a new resource for disease resistance in wheat (Sep 2013)
item Unique characteristics of Geneva apple rootstocks (Aug 2013)
item Genetic characterization of Kyrgyzstan fine-leaved Festuca valesiaca germplasm for use in semi-arid low-maintenance turf applications (Aug 2013)
item Microdissection and chromosome painting of the alien chromosome in an addition line of wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium (Aug 2013)
item Comparative transcriptome analysis between the necrotrophic pathogens Sclerotina sclerotiorum and S. trifoliorum (Aug 2013)
item Disease Alert: Stemphylium Blight (Jul 2013)
item De novo transcript sequence reconstruction from RNA-Seq: reference generation and analysis with Trinity (Jul 2013)
item Inheritance and linkage map positions of genes conferring agromorphological traits in Lens culinaris Medik (Jun 2013)
item Natural variation in maize aphid resistance is associated with 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-Methoxy-1,4-Benzoxazin-3-One Glucoside Methyltransferase activity (Jun 2013)
item Genetic diversity and population differentiation of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum collected from canola in China and in USA (Jun 2013)
item Starch physicochemical properties of rice accessions and their association with molecular markers (Jun 2013)
item Uses and potential of DNA technologies in forage, turf, and rangeland crop seed production (Jun 2013)
item Genomic predictability of interconnected bi-parental maize populations (Jun 2013)
item Molecular markers highlight variation within and among Kentucky bluegrass varieties and accessions (May 2013)
item A genome scale metabolic network for rice and accompanying analysis of tryptophan, auxin and serotonin biosynthesis regulation under biotic stress (May 2013)
item A 4-gigabase physical map unlocks the structure and evolution of the complex genome of Aegilops tauschii, the wheat D-genome progenitor (May 2013)
item The effects of relatedness and GxE interaction on prediction accuracies in genomic selection: a study in cassava (May 2013)
item Investigating the role of solanapyrone toxins in Ascochyta blight using toxin-deficient mutants of Asochyta rabiei (May 2013)
item Evaluation of regionally-collected sideoats grama and big galleta grass for wildfire revegetation in the Eastern Upper Mojave Desert (Apr 2013)
item Genetic and field management strategies to for limiting accumulation of arsenic in rice grains (Apr 2013)
item Imputation of unordered markers and the impact on genomic selection accuracy (Mar 2013)
item Rhizoctonia root rot of lentil (Feb 2013)
item Population genomic and genome-wide association studies of agroclamatic traits in sorghum (Jan 2013)
item PICARA, an analytical pipeline providing probabilistic inference about a priori candidates genes underlying genome-wide association QTL in plants (Nov 2012)
item Rice root physiological and morphological traits of diverse genotypes grown in different media (Oct 2012)
item Found: genes controlling the nutrient content of the rice grain (Oct 2012)
item Root physiological and morphological characteristics of 24 rice varieties selected for diverse grain mineral (Oct 2012)
item Rice bran phytochemicals and dietary colon chemoprevention teamwork (Mar 2012)
item Genotype and environment effects on Tocopherol, Tocotrienol, and y-Oryzanol contents of southern US rice (Jul 2003)
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