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Wetland Ecology & Water Quality
item Pond-raised hybrid catfish, male Ictalurus punctatus X female Ictalurus furcatus, do not respond to microbial phytase “super-dosing” (Feb 2019)
item Economics of alternative catfish production technologies (Dec 2018)
item Factors driving aquaculture technology adoption (May 2018)
item Oxygen requirements of separated hybrid catfish female Ictalurus punctatus male I. furcatus eggs (Feb 2018)
item Dissolved oxygen and aeration in ictalurid catfish aquaculture (Feb 2018)
item Oxygen requirement of separated hybrid catfish eggs (Dec 2017)
item Effects of a graded partial-harvest on hybrid catfish size variation (Dec 2017)
item Effect of graded fingerlings on hybrid catfish food fish size distribution (Feb 2017)
item Water quality in hybrid catfish ponds after partial fish harvest (Feb 2017)
item Reducing size variation in hybrid catfish culture through graded partial harvest (Jan 2017)
item Water quality and plankton communities in hybrid catfish (female channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus x male blue catfish, I. furcatus) ponds after partial fish harvest (Aug 2016)
item Costs and risks of catfish split-pond systems (Jun 2016)
item Emergency power for fish produced in intensive, pond-based systems (Jun 2016)
item Considerations when using variable frequency drive technology for pond aquculture (Mar 2016)
item Intensive production of hybrid catfish (Feb 2016)
item Role of production intensification on water use efficiency in catfish pond aquaculture (Feb 2016)
item Performance evaluation of pumping systems used in commercial-scale, split-pond aquaculture (Feb 2016)
item Catfish production using intensive, pond-based culture systems in Mississippi (Feb 2016)
item Oxygen and nitrogen dyamics in split ponds vs. intensive and conventional catfish production ponds (Feb 2016)
item Catfish production using intensive aeration (Feb 2016)
item Alkalinity and hardness: Critical but elusive concepts in aquaculture (Jan 2016)
item Performance evaluation of four different methods for circulating water in commercial-scale, split-pond aquaculture systems (Jan 2016)
item No evidence for intercohort cannibalism in mixed-size cultures of food-size and fingerling hybrid catfish (channel catfish x blue catfish) grown in ponds in winter or summer (Dec 2015)
item Catfish production using intensive aeration (Oct 2015)
item Improving water-use efficiency for ictalurid catfish pond aquaculture in Northwest Mississippi, USA (Sep 2015)
item Impact of minimum daily dissolved oxygen concentration on production performance of hybrid female channel catfish x male blue catfish (Sep 2015)
item Variable speed drives for pumps used in intensive pond culture systems (Jun 2015)
item When more is actually less-the tale of chronic ammonia toxicity (Mar 2015)
item Chemical treatment costs reduced with in-pond receway systems comopared to traditional pond aquaculture (Feb 2015)
item Dissolved Oxygen management in catfish ponds using electric paddlewheel aerators: new approaches with old technology (Feb 2015)