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Agricultural Chemicals in Water
item Biochar additions across Illinois agricultural soils: Greenhouse gas production, corn growth, and soil microbial responses (Aug 2019)
item Reducing the impacts of agricultural nutrients on water quality across a changing landscape (Apr 2019)
item Nitrogen cycling trade-offs with boadcasting and injecting dairy manure (Mar 2019)
item Changes in sorption and bioavailability of herbicides in soil amended with fresh and aged biochar (Mar 2019)
item Biochar reduces the efficiency of nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) mitigating N2O emissions (Feb 2019)
item Kura clover living mulch: Spring management effects on nitrogen (Feb 2019)
item Commentary: Achieving Phosphorus Reduction Targets for Lake Erie (Feb 2019)
item Land-atmosphere responses to a total solar eclipse in three ecosystems with contrasting structure and physiology (Jan 2019)
item Global diversity of the brachypodium species complex as a resource for genome-wide association studies demonstrated for agronomic traits in response to climate (Jan 2019)
item A simulation study to estimate the effects of wildfire and forest management on hydrology and sediment in a forested watershed, northwestern U.S. (Oct 2018)
item Delineation of agricultural drainage pipe patterns using ground penetrating radar integrated with a real-time kinematic global navigation satellite system (Oct 2018)
item Water balance variation across agroecosystems in North America - the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Oct 2018)
item Furrow infiltration and erosion data 1998 to 2016 (Sep 2018)
item Design and development of a web-based interface for the Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender (APEX) model (Sep 2018)
item Consistency of the threshold phosphorus saturation ratio across a wide geographic range of acid soils (Sep 2018)
item CEAP in the Cedar Creek watershed (Sep 2018)
item Temporal changes in 18O and 15N of nitrate nitrogen and H2O in shallow groundwater: Transit time and nitrate-source implications for an irrigated tract in southern Idaho (Sep 2018)
item Environmental impact of dairy productions trends in the United States and recommendations for abatement (Sep 2018)
item Generalizable, extensible methods to implement QA/QC Tests on environmental data (Aug 2018)
item Comparing CLIGEN-generated storm patterns with 1-min and hourly precipitation data from China (Aug 2018)
item Off-site transport of fungicides with runoff: A comparison of flutolanil and pentachloronitrobeneze applied to creeping bentgrass managed as a golf course fairway (Aug 2018)
item Replicated flux measurements of 1,3-dichloropropene from a bare soil under field conditions (Jul 2018)
item Chemical application strategies to protect water quality (Jul 2018)
item Multi-index evaluation of future drought and climate extreme occurrence in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (Jul 2018)
item Evaluation of Soil Vulnerability Index (SVI) for an intensively managed high desert irrigation district (Jul 2018)
item Uncertainty of water budget closure across the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Jul 2018)
item Dominant glacial landforms of the lower Great Lakes region exhibit different soil phosphorus chemistry and potential risk for phosphorus loss (Jul 2018)
item Pharmaceuticals at Penn State living filter: from wasterwater to groundwater (Jul 2018)
item Using drones to find drainage pipes (Jul 2018)
item A discussion on Mehlich-3 phosphorus extraction from the perspective of governing chemical reactions and phases: Impact of soil pH (Jul 2018)
item Assessing intra-event phosphorus dynamics in drainage water using phosphate stable oxygen isotopes (Jul 2018)
item Carbon dosing increases nitrate removal rates in denitrifying bioreactors at low-temperature high-flow conditions (Jul 2018)
item Atrazine transport through a soil/epikarst system (Jun 2018)
item Cover crops and gypsum applications: soybean and corn yield and profitability impacts (Jun 2018)
item Integrating temporal inequality into conservation planning to improve practice design and efficacy (Jun 2018)
item Effectiveness of conservation reserve program buffers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: 2017 annual report (Jun 2018)
item Celebrating the 350th anniversary of phosphorus discovery: a conundrum of deficiency and excess (Jun 2018)
item Water extractable phosphorus in animal manure and manure compost: quantities, characteristics, and temporal changes (Jun 2018)
item Impact of climate change and climate anomalies on hydrologic and biogeochemical processes in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Jun 2018)
item A geospatial model to quantify mean thickness of peat in cranberry bogs (Jun 2018)
item Gypsum bedding impact on hydrogen sulfide release from dairy manure storages (Jun 2018)
item Top-down constraints on anthropogenic CO2 emissions within an agricultural-urban landscape (May 2018)
item Identifying challenges and opportunities for improved nutrient management through U.S.D.A's Dairy Agroecosystem Working Group (Apr 2018)
item Improved APEX model simulation of buffer water quality benefits at field scale (Apr 2018)
item Imidacloprid sorption and transport in cropland, grass buffer, and riparian buffer soils (Apr 2018)
item Comparing crop growth and carbon budgets simulated across AmeriFlux agricultural sites using the community land model (CLM) (Apr 2018)
item Isotopic (d18O/d2H) integrity of water samples collected and stored by automatic samplers (Mar 2018)
item What is the relative influence of bed sediment chemistry on aquatic macroinvertebrate metrics? (Mar 2018)
item Evaporation from a temperate closed-basin lake and its impact on present, past, and future water level (Mar 2018)
item Modeling framework for representing long-term effectiveness of best management practices in addressing hydrology and water quality problems: Framework development and demonstration using a Bayesian method (Mar 2018)
item Mineral fertilizer and manure effects on leached inorganic nitrogen, nitrate isotopic composition, phosphorus, and dissolved organic carbon under furrow irrigation (Mar 2018)
item Yield production functions of irrigated sugarbeet in an arid climate (Mar 2018)
item Source partitioning of methane emissions and its seasonality in the U.S. Midwest (Feb 2018)
item Nitrogen management for corn grown in Kura Clover living mulch (Feb 2018)
item Characterizing the phosphorus forms extracted from soil by the Mehlich III soil test (Feb 2018)
item Total petroleum hydrocarbon degradation and BTEX leaching in soils after application of oil-base drilling mud: Impact of application rate, rainfall regime, and time (Feb 2018)
item Assessment of phosphorus availability in soil cultivated with ruzigrass (Feb 2018)
item Flow resistance interactions on hillslopes with heterogeneous attributes: Effects on runoff hydrograph characteristics (Jan 2018)
item CEAP in the Cedar Creek watershed (Jan 2018)
item Self-potential as a proximal soil sensing tool in agriculture (Jan 2018)
item Fertilizer placement and tillage effects on phosphorus leaching in fine-textured soils (Jan 2018)
item Seasonal dynamics of water and nutrient fluxes is an agricultural peatland (Jan 2018)
item Implications of observed and simulated soil carbon sequestration for management options in corn-based rotations (Jan 2018)
item Soil quality improvement through conversion to sprinkler irrigation (Jan 2018)
item Establishment and function of cover crops interseeded into corn (Jan 2018)
item Wine grape cultivar influence on the performance of models that predict the lower threshold canopy temperature of a water stress index (Jan 2018)
item Land use and climate change impacts on runoff and soil erosion at the hillslope scale in the Brazilian Cerrad (Dec 2017)
item Application rate affects the degradation rate and hence emissions of chloropicrin in soil (Dec 2017)
item Phosphorus export from artificially drained fields across the Eastern corn belt (Dec 2017)
item Effective and efficient agricultural drainage pipe mapping with UAS thermal infrared imagery: a case study (Dec 2017)
item Simulating emissions of 1,3-dichloropropene after soil fumigation under field conditions (Dec 2017)
item Effects of outdoor education stream classes on substrate movement and macroinvertebrate colonization (Nov 2017)
item The promise, practice and state of planning tools to assess site vulnerability to runoff phosphorus loss (Nov 2017)
item Short-term disturbance effects of outdoor education stream classes on aquatic macroinvertebrates (Nov 2017)
item Feasibility matrix to identify locally sourced mixed media to mitigate agricultural pollutants in land drainage (Oct 2017)
item Novel design and field performance of phosphorus-sorbing and denitrifying bioreactors (Oct 2017)
item Distribution of dairy production strategies in the US and environmental impact (Oct 2017)
item Hydrologic budgets across the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Oct 2017)
item Soil apparent electrical conductivity sensor data for estimation of CI-based soil compaction status (Oct 2017)
item Atrazine transport through a soil-epikarst system (Oct 2017)
item Batch test screening of industrial product/byproduct filter materials for agricultural drainage water treatment (Oct 2017)
item Phosphorus retention by fly-ash amended filter media in aged bioretention cells (Sep 2017)
item Dairy production systems in the United States: Nutrient budgets and environmental impacts (Sep 2017)
item Microbial electrochemical energy storage and recovery in a combined electrotrophic and electrogenic biofilm (Aug 2017)
item A review of phosphorus removal structures: How to assess and compare their performance (Aug 2017)
item Linking plot, field, and watershed runoff and water quality in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (Jul 2017)
item Evaluating the Soil Vulnerability Index (SVI), an index to characterize inherent vulnerability of croplands to runoff and leaching (Jul 2017)
item Design and construction of phosphorus removal structures for improving water quality (Jul 2017)
item Evaluation of climate variability on drought occurrence in an agricultural watershed (Jul 2017)
item Predicting drought in an agricultural watershed given climate variability (Jun 2017)
item APEX model simulation of edge-of-field water quality benefits from upland buffers (Jun 2017)
item Compensatory response of fathead minnow larve following a pulsed in-situ exposure to a seasonal agricultural runoff event (Apr 2017)
item Surface renewal application and examination over different AmeriFlux landscapes (Mar 2017)
item Impact of macropores and gravel outcrops on phosphorus leaching at the plot scale in silt loam soils (Feb 2017)
item Streambanks: A net source of sediment and phosphorus to streams and rivers (Aug 2016)