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Irrigation Application & Delivery
item Trends in the construction of on-farm irrigation reservoirs in response to aquifer decline in eastern Arkansas (Dec 2017)
item Development of an open-source cloud-connected sensor-monitoring platform (Dec 2017)
item Mobile open-source plant-canopy monitoring system (Oct 2017)
item Performance of precision mobile drip irrigation in the Texas High Plains region (Oct 2017)
item Speed control variable rate irrigation (Oct 2017)
item Exceedance probability of the standardized precipitation-evapotranspiration index in the Texas High Plains (Aug 2017)
item Sino-US cooperation in water saving technologies: essential international problems (Jul 2017)
item Assessing the efficacy of the SWAT auto-irrigation function to simulate Irrigation, evapotranspiration and crop response to irrigation management strategies of the Texas High Plains (Jul 2017)
item The impact of discount rate and price on intertemporal groundwater models in southwest Kansas (Jun 2017)
item Changes in soil nutrients after 10 years of cattle manure and swine effluent application (Jun 2017)
item Documentation of 50% water conservation in a single process at a beef abattoir. Meat Science (Jun 2017)
item Water use, canopy temperature, lint yield, and fiber quality response of six upland cotton cultivars to water stress (May 2017)
item Irrigation strategies that use cutout for optimum boll maturation and yield where growing season duration is limited (Mar 2017)
item Water issues and agriculture - the view from 30,000 feet (Mar 2017)
item An estimate of the shadow price of water in the southern Ogallala Aquifer (Feb 2017)
item Extending the economic life of the Ogallala Aquifer with water conservation policies in the Texas panhandle (Feb 2017)
item Simplified Equations to Estimate Flushline Diameter for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems (Jan 2017)
item Documentation of 50% water conservation in a single process at a beef abattoir (Jan 2017)
item Assessing wheat yield, Biomass, and water productivity responses to growth stage based irrigation water allocation (Jan 2017)
item Economic feasibility of converting center pivot irrigation to subsurface drip irrigation (Nov 2016)
item Overexpression of PP2A-C5 that encodes the catalytic subunit 5 of protein phosphatase 2A in Arabidopsis confers better root and shoot development under salt conditions (Oct 2016)
item The effects of policy implementation uncertainty on groundwater extraction (Aug 2016)
item Water and society: Interdisciplinary education in natural resources (Aug 2016)
item Evaluating deficit irrigation management strategies for grain sorghum using AquaCrop (Jul 2016)