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Irrigation Application & Delivery
item Irrigation initiation timing in soybean grown on sandy soils in Northeast Arkansas (Mar 2017)
item Plant, soil and weather-based cues for irrigation termination timing in soybean. (Feb 2017)
item Transport and transformation of nutrients and sediment in two agricultural watersheds in northeast Arkansas (Jan 2017)
item Alternate wetting and drying in high yielding direct-seeded rice systems accomplishes multiple environmental and agronomic objectives (Jun 2016)
item Residual effects of fertilization history increase nitrous oxide emissions from zero-N controls:Implications for estimating fertilizer-induced emission factors (May 2016)
item Sub-canopy evapotranspiration from floating vegetation and open water in a swamp forest (May 2016)
item Plant, soil and weather based cues for irrigation timing in soybean production 2014 (May 2016)
item Alternate wetting and drying of rice reduced CH4 emissions but triggered N2O peaks in a clayey soil of central Italy (Apr 2016)
item Seasonal variation in measured H2O and CO2 flux of irrigated rice in the Mid-South (Feb 2016)
item Assessing fertilizer N placement on CH4 and N2O emissions in irrigated rice systems (Jan 2016)
item Early findings from artificial recharge efforts of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer (Jul 2015)
item Agronomic and water quality impacts of incorporating polyacrylamide in furrow irrigation water in Arkansas cotton -- 2014 (Jul 2015)
item Rice Water use efficiency and yield under continuous and intermittent irrigation (Feb 2015)
item Effects of forage-to-concentrate ratio and dietary fiber manipulation on gas emissions and olfactometry from manure of Holstein heifers (Jan 2015)
item A retrospective review of cotton irrigation on a production farm in the Mid-South (Nov 2014)
item Final irrigation timing 2013 in Northeast Arkansas cotton (Aug 2014)
item Development of a solar radiation stress index for cotton (Aug 2014)
item Can variable frequency drives reduce irrigation costs for rice producers? (Jul 2014)
item A pump monitoring approach to irrigation pumping plant testing (Jul 2014)
item Measurement of sub-canopy evaporation in a flooded forest (Apr 2014)
item Monitoring agricultural water quality and water quantity in Arkansas: A statewide, collaborative effort (Mar 2013)
item A statewide network for monitoring agricultural water quality and water quantity in Arkansas (Mar 2013)
item Characterizing irrigation water requirements for rice production from the Arkansas Rice Research Verification Program (Jul 2012)
Last Modified: 05/21/2017
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