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Irrigation Application & Delivery
item Development of wireless infrared thermometer networks and their use in smart irrigation (May 2019)
item Fertilizer efficacy of poultry litter ash blended with lime or gypsum as fillers (May 2019)
item Yield determination of maize hybrids under limited irrigation (Apr 2019)
item Automated mapping of rice fields using multi-year training sample normalization (Apr 2019)
item Multisite evaluation of an improved SWAT irrigation scheduling alogrithm for corn (Zea mays L.) production in the U.S. Southern Great Plains (Apr 2019)
item Field scale estimation of evapotranspiration (Apr 2019)
item Contrasting tillage effects on stored soil water, infiltration and evapotranspiration fluxes in a dryland rotation at two locations (Mar 2019)
item Evaluation of sensible heat flux and evapotranspiration using a surface layer scintillometer and a large weighing lysimeter (Feb 2019)
item Evaluation of evapotranspiration from eddy covariance using large weighing lysimeters (Feb 2019)
item Performance assessment of a variable-rate fertilizer applicator (Jan 2019)
item Quality management for research weather data: USDA-ARS, Bushland, Texas (Dec 2018)
item Assessing SWAT plant stress algorithms using full and deficit irrigation treatments (Dec 2018)
item Toward an integrated watershed zoning framework based on the spatio-temporal variability of land-cover and climate: application in the Volta River Basin (Dec 2018)
item Water in the Cloud: A new system for field water monitoring with Cloud data access (Dec 2018)
item Members of all genders can become fellows (Dec 2018)
item Happy trails - bridges to the future (Dec 2018)
item Evaporative loss differences between SDI and sprinkler irrigation - Southern High Plains experience (Dec 2018)
item 2016 USDA-ARS Bushland Texas 15-minute research weather data (Nov 2018)
item Heat storage and its effect on the surface energy balance closure under advective conditions (Nov 2018)
item The importance of precision water management for sustainability (Nov 2018)
item Characterization of transgenic cotton over expressing thaliana related to AGAinsensitive3/Vivparous1 and AtABI5 transcription factors: improved water use efficiency through altered guard cell physiology (Oct 2018)
item Lessons learned planting trees (Oct 2018)
item Tools for precision irrigation management (Oct 2018)
item The role of precision agriculture in achieving sustainability (Oct 2018)
item Effects of irrigation uniformity on yield response and production economics of maize in a semiarid zone (Oct 2018)
item Water and food security challanges: ASA and ARS respond (Oct 2018)
item Eddy covariance measurements of carbon dioxide and water fluxes in Mid-South U.S. cotton (Oct 2018)
item Assessment of alternative agricultural land use options for extending the availability of the Ogallala Aquifer in the Northern High Plains of Texas (Sep 2018)
item Conservation tillage impacts and adaptations in irrigated corn production in a humid climate (Sep 2018)
item Focus on precision conservation (Sep 2018)
item The Wendell irrigationist (Aug 2018)
item Precision agriculture and irrigation - Current US perspectives (Aug 2018)
item Evaporative losses from sprinkler and subsurface drip irrigation in a region of large evaporative demand (Aug 2018)
item Calibration and tests of commercial wireless infrared thermometers (Aug 2018)
item Advantages and disadvantages of variable rate irrigation using mechanical move systems (Aug 2018)
item Determining planting date effects on seasonal water use of full and short season maize using SWAT in the southern Ogallala Aquifer region (Jul 2018)
item Modern irrigation management: Forget Nostradamus; Tesla had it right! (Jul 2018)
item Soil water and bulk electrical conductivity sensor technologies for irrigation and salinity management (Jul 2018)
item Trends in the construction of on-farm irrigation reservoirs in response to aquifer decline in eastern Arkansas: Implications for conjunctive water resource management (Jul 2018)
item Fusion of moderate resolution Earth observations for operational crop type mapping (Jul 2018)
item Improving water management in sorghum cultivation (Jul 2018)
item Evaluation of the oceanic nino index as a decision support tool for winter wheat cropping systems in the Texas High Plains using SWAT (Jun 2018)
item Center-pivot-mounted sensing system for monitoring plant height and canopy temperature (Jun 2018)
item Validation of a spectrophotometric procedure for determining nitrate in water samples (Jun 2018)
item International cooperation strengthens all our peoples (Jun 2018)
item Greenhouse gas emissions and management practices that impact them in US rice systems (May 2018)
item Our science matters - and is recognized (May 2018)
item Supplemental irrigation for grain sorghum production in the US Eastern Coastal Plain (Apr 2018)
item Electromagnetic and nuclear soil water sensing methods: Comparisons and newer technologies (Apr 2018)
item Does it matter what we call it? (Apr 2018)
item Irrigation timing and rate affect cotton boll distribution and fiber quality (Mar 2018)
item Comments on "J. Singh et al., Performance assessment of factory and field calibrations for electromagnetic sensors in a loam soil [Agric. Water Manage. 196 (2018) 87-98] (Mar 2018)
item Deficit irrigation effects on yield and yield components of grain sorghum (Mar 2018)
item Diversity - Essential quality for agronomy (Mar 2018)
item Web/smart phone based control and feedback systems for irrigation systems (Feb 2018)
item Drought tolerant (DT) and non-DT corn production under center pivot irrigation in the Texas High Plains (Feb 2018)
item Biomass and nitrogen-use efficiency of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) with nitrogen and supplemental irrigation in Coastal Plain Region, USA (Feb 2018)
item Water quality of surface runoff and lint yield in cotton under furrow irrigation in Northeast Arkansas (Feb 2018)
item A subsurface drip irrigation system for weighing lysimetry (Feb 2018)
item Planting geometry and growing season effects on the growth and yield of dryland cotton (Jan 2018)
item Treatment of beef cattle feedlot wastewater by electrocoagulation technology (Jan 2018)
item Shoot and root traits in drought tolerant maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids (Jan 2018)
item Long term tillage on yield and water use of grain sorghum and winter wheat (Jan 2018)
item Transitions - opportunities for growth, renewal, and gratitude (Jan 2018)
item Can cover or forage crops replace fallow in the semiarid Central Great Plains? (Jan 2018)
item Irrigation scheduling using soil moisture sensors (Dec 2017)
item Conserving the Ogallala Aquifer in southwestern Kansas: from the wells to people, a holistic coupled natural-human model (Dec 2017)
item Irrigated corn production and management in the Texas High Plains (Dec 2017)
item Ogallala Aquifer Program: A catalysis for research and education to sustain the Ogallala Aquifer on the Southern High Plains (2003-2017) (Dec 2017)
item Crop water production functions of grain sorghum and winter wheat in Kansas and Texas (Dec 2017)
item Development of an open-source cloud-connected sensor-monitoring platform (Dec 2017)
item Yield and water use of drought-tolerant maize hybrids in a semiarid environment (Nov 2017)
item The effects of transcription directions of transgenes and the gypsy insulators on the transcript levels of transgenes in transgenic arabidopsis (Nov 2017)
item Mobile open-source plant-canopy monitoring system (Oct 2017)
item Performance of precision mobile drip irrigation in the Texas High Plains region (Oct 2017)
item More recent wheat cultivars extract more water from greater soil profile depths to increase yield in the Texas High Plains (Oct 2017)
item Speed control variable rate irrigation (Oct 2017)
item Regulation of cotton (G. hirsutum) drought responses by mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase cascade-mediated phosphorylation of GhWRKY59 (Sep 2017)
item Exceedance probability of the standardized precipitation-evapotranspiration index in the Texas High Plains (Aug 2017)
item Sino-US cooperation in water saving technologies: essential international problems (Jul 2017)
item Assessing the efficacy of the SWAT auto-irrigation function to simulate Irrigation, evapotranspiration and crop response to irrigation management strategies of the Texas High Plains (Jul 2017)
item Performance study on evacuated tubular collector coupled solar still in West Texas climate (Jul 2017)
item The impact of discount rate and price on intertemporal groundwater models in Southwest Kansas (Jun 2017)
item The impact of discount rate and price on intertemporal groundwater models in southwest Kansas (Jun 2017)
item Changes in soil nutrients after 10 years of cattle manure and swine effluent application (Jun 2017)
item Documentation of 50% water conservation in a single process at a beef abattoir. Meat Science (Jun 2017)
item Water use, canopy temperature, lint yield, and fiber quality response of six upland cotton cultivars to water stress (May 2017)
item Irrigation strategies that use cutout for optimum boll maturation and yield where growing season duration is limited (Mar 2017)
item Implementing sustainability with a solar distillation project (Mar 2017)
item Water issues and agriculture - the view from 30,000 feet (Mar 2017)
item An estimate of the shadow price of water in the southern Ogallala Aquifer (Feb 2017)
item Extending the economic life of the Ogallala Aquifer with water conservation policies in the Texas panhandle (Feb 2017)
item Simplified Equations to Estimate Flushline Diameter for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems (Jan 2017)
item Documentation of 50% water conservation in a single process at a beef abattoir (Jan 2017)
item Assessing wheat yield, Biomass, and water productivity responses to growth stage based irrigation water allocation (Jan 2017)
item Economic feasibility of converting center pivot irrigation to subsurface drip irrigation (Nov 2016)
item Overexpression of PP2A-C5 that encodes the catalytic subunit 5 of protein phosphatase 2A in Arabidopsis confers better root and shoot development under salt conditions (Oct 2016)
item The effects of policy implementation uncertainty on groundwater extraction (Aug 2016)
item Water and society: Interdisciplinary education in natural resources (Aug 2016)
item Evaluating deficit irrigation management strategies for grain sorghum using AquaCrop (Jul 2016)