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On-Farm Irrigation Systems
item Regulation of soil CO2 and N2O emissions by cover crops: a 1 meta-analysis (May 2019)
item Soil microbial community and carbon and nitrogen fractions responses to mulching under winter wheat (Mar 2019)
item Energy consumption due to groundwater pumping for irrigation in the North China Plain (Mar 2019)
item Tillage effects on drainage fluxes and nitrate leaching through unsaturated zone under irrigated corn-soybean rotation (Mar 2019)
item Dissimilar responses of fungal and bacterial communities to soil transplantation simulating abrupt climate changes (Feb 2019)
item Microbial functional traits are sensitive indicators of mild disturbance by lamb grazing (Jan 2019)
item Performance assessment of a variable-rate fertilizer applicator (Jan 2019)
item Simulation of efficient irrigation management strategies for grain sorghum production over different climate variability classes (Jan 2019)
item Variability of furrow infiltration and estimated infiltration parameters in a macroporous soil (Dec 2018)
item High-throughput phenotyping of crop water use efficiency via multispectral drone imagery and a daily soil water balance model (Oct 2018)
item Furrow infiltration and erosion data 1998 to 2016 (Sep 2018)
item Conservation tillage impacts and adaptations in irrigated corn production in a humid climate (Sep 2018)
item Temporal changes in 18O and 15N of nitrate nitrogen and H2O in shallow groundwater: Transit time and nitrate-source implications for an irrigated tract in southern Idaho (Sep 2018)
item Site specific crop management (Aug 2018)
item Site specific crop management (Aug 2018)
item Cotton yield estimation based on plant height from UAV-based imagery data (Jul 2018)
item Variety effects on cotton yield monitor calibration (Jun 2018)
item Two poplar hybrid clones differ in phenolic antioxidant levels and polyphenol oxidase activity in response to high salt and boron irrigation (Jun 2018)
item Microbial community and heavy metals content in soils along the Curu River in Ceara, Brazil (Jun 2018)
item Center-pivot-mounted sensing system for monitoring plant height and canopy temperature (Jun 2018)
item Deep injection and the potential of biochar to reduce fumigant emissions and effects on nematode control (Jun 2018)
item Hybrid finite volume-finite element model for the numerical analysis of furrow irrigation and fertigation (May 2018)
item Desert plant for saline and drought stricken farmland: Assessment of Opuntia cactus nutritional characteristics (Apr 2018)
item Effectiveness of crop straws and swine manure in ameliorating acidic red soils (Mar 2018)
item Mineral fertilizer and manure effects on leached inorganic nitrogen, nitrate isotopic composition, phosphorus, and dissolved organic carbon under furrow irrigation (Mar 2018)
item Yield production functions of irrigated sugarbeet in an arid climate (Mar 2018)
item Advances in greenhouse automation and controlled environment agriculture: A transition to plant factories and urban farming (Jan 2018)
item Nitrogen management impacts nitrous oxide emissions under varying cotton irrigation systems in the American Desert Southwest (Jan 2018)
item Soil quality improvement through conversion to sprinkler irrigation (Jan 2018)
item Improving nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in surface- and overhead sprinkler-irrigated cotton in the desert southwest (Jan 2018)
item Wine grape cultivar influence on the performance of models that predict the lower threshold canopy temperature of a water stress index (Jan 2018)
item Simulated effects of winter wheat cover crop on the cotton production systems of the Texas rolling plains (Dec 2017)
item Cotton irrigation scheduling using a crop growth model and FAO-56 methods: Field and simulation studies (Dec 2017)
item Irrigation scheduling using soil moisture sensors (Dec 2017)
item Development of an open-source cloud-connected sensor-monitoring platform (Dec 2017)
item Evaluation of potassium thiosulfate as a nitrification inhibitor to reduce nitrous oxide emissions (Nov 2017)
item Mobile open-source plant-canopy monitoring system (Oct 2017)
item Biochar type and factors affecting N transformation, ammonia volatilization, and nitrous oxide emissions (Oct 2017)
item Measuring short-crop reference evapotranspiration in a humid region using electronic atmometers (Oct 2017)
item Comparison of crop stress and soil maps to enhance variable rate irrigation prescriptions (Oct 2017)
item Fruit quality of pomegranate grown in arid environment and irrigated with saline water (Oct 2017)
item Better almond water stress monitoring using fractional-order moments of non-normalized difference vegetation index (Jul 2017)
item Impact of variety on cotton yield monitor calibration (Jul 2017)
item Drumstick tree (Moringa oleifera) leaves as a source of dietary selenium, sulphur, and pro-vitamin A (Jul 2017)
item A new framework for UAV-based remote sensing data processing and its application in almond water stress quantification (Jun 2017)
item Linking managed and natural ecosystems through evapotranspiration and NASAs upcoming ECOSTRESS mission (Jun 2017)
item Off-tarp emissions, distribution, and efficacy of carbonated fumigants in a low permeability film tarped field (Jun 2017)
item Evaluation of two hybrid poplar clones as constructed wetland plant species for treating saline water high in boron and selenium, or waters only high in boron (Mar 2017)
item Effects of vegetations and temperature on nutrient removal and microbiology in horizontal subsurface low constructed wetland for treatment of domestic sewage (Feb 2017)