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Managing/Supplementing Precipitation
item Over-expression of tomato fructokinase (LeFRK1) in cotton enhances yield. (Nov 2018)
item Analysis of grain size distribution through image analysis. (Nov 2018)
item Soil Health and the Microbial Community: Resilience and Delivering Services in a Shifting Climate (Aug 2018)
item A comparison between fatty acid methyl ester profiling methods as soil health indicators for microbial community composition (Aug 2018)
item Microbial community composition and enzymes of a forest ecosystem in Alabama: Initial response to thinning and burning management selections (Jul 2018)
item Seasonal water-level perturbations beneath the high plains of the Llano Estacado (May 2018)
item Measuring multiple enzyme activities in one sample as soil health indicators of biogeochemical cycling (Oct 2017)
item Changes in soil microbial community under a 28-year conservation reserve program in the semi-arid grasslands (Oct 2017)
item Strengthening the science of soil health through standardized indicator methods (Oct 2017)
item Relationship between microbial community composition, soil physicochemical properties and cotton yields at a field scale (Oct 2017)
item A comparison between fatty acid methyl ester profiling methods as a soil health indicator for microbial community composition (Oct 2017)
item Arthropod and soil microbial community size and composition of native and introduced pastures (Oct 2017)
item Soil enzyme activities¿as indicators of soil health in¿long-term crp and crp converted to cropland (Oct 2017)
item Ground robotic measurement of aeolian processes (Aug 2017)