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Water Stress
item Improving nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in surface- and overhead sprinkler-irrigated cotton in the desert southwest (Jan 2018)
item Cotton irrigation scheduling using a crop growth model and FAO-56 methods: Field and simulation studies (Dec 2017)
item Simulated effects of winter wheat cover crop on the cotton production systems of the Texas rolling plains (Dec 2017)
item Transposon based functional characterization of soybean genes (Oct 2017)
item Exploring plant root traits and fungal interactions governing plant community structure: Re-focusing long standing questions. (Oct 2017)
item Terminalia catappa: chemical composition, in vitro and in vivo effects on Haemonchus contortus (Sep 2017)
item Investigating deficit irrigation as a climate-smart farming option (Sep 2017)
item Economic Viability of Deficit Irrigation in the Western US (Aug 2017)
item Interactive effects of pH, EC and nitrogen on yields and nutrient absorption of rice (Oryza sativa L.) (Aug 2017)
item Linking managed and natural ecosystems through evapotranspiration and NASAs upcoming ECOSTRESS mission (Jun 2017)
item Synergistic interaction of ten essential oils against Haemonchus contortus in vitro (Jun 2017)
item Isolation of dihydroatemisinic acid from the artemisia annua l. by-product by combining Ultrasound-assisted extraction with response surface methodology (Jun 2017)
item Biofuel production from Jerusalem artichoke tuber inulins (Jun 2017)
item Spinach biomass yield and physiological response to interactive salinity and water stress (May 2017)
item Improvement in estimation of soil water deficit by integrating airborne imagery data into a soil water balance modelents into a soil water (May 2017)
item The challenge of salinity: Hope for the future with new avocado rootstocks (Mar 2017)
item Variable salinity responses of 12 alfalfa genotypes and comparative expression analyses of salt-response genes (Feb 2017)
item Isolation and characterization of the aconitate hydratase 4 (Aco4) gene from soybean (Feb 2017)
item The effects of dried leaves of Manihot esculenta and Artemisia annua on coccidiosis in organically reared pullets in Brazil (Sep 2016)
item Maximizing the value of limited irrigation water: USDA researchers study how producers on limited irrigation can save water and be profitable. (Aug 2016)
item Efeitos dos sais na planta e tolerância das culturas à salinidade (Salinity effects on plants and tolerance of crops to salinity) (Jul 2016)