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Water Stress
item High-throughput phenotyping of crop water use efficiency via multispectral drone imagery and a daily soil water balance model (Oct 2018)
item Spinach (Spinacea oleracea, L.) response to salinity: nutritional value, physiological parameters, antioxidant capacity, and gene expression (Oct 2018)
item Water productivity under strategic growth stage-based deficit irrigation in maize. (Sep 2018)
item Thermal video of maize canopy with wind using background subtraction technique (Sep 2018)
item Hydrologic downscaling of soil moisture using global data without site-specific calibration (Sep 2018)
item Crops under pressure: Conductivity, root pressure, and productivity in droughted maize and sorghum (Jun 2018)
item Root functional traits for water and nutrient acquisition linked to plant strategies: unpacking the black box (Jun 2018)
item Hybrid finite volume-finite element model for the numerical analysis of furrow irrigation and fertigation (May 2018)
item Linking fine root morphology, hydraulic functioning, and shade tolerance of trees (Apr 2018)
item The links between leaf hydraulic vulnerability to drought and key aspects of leaf venation and xylem anatomy in a diverse group of Australian woody angiosperms. (Mar 2018)
item Vessel scaling in angiosperm leaves conforms with Murray’s law and area-filling assumptions (Feb 2018)
item Achieving balance in your early career (Feb 2018)
item Advances in greenhouse automation and controlled environment agriculture: A transition to plant factories and urban farming (Jan 2018)
item Nitrogen management impacts nitrous oxide emissions under varying cotton irrigation systems in the American Desert Southwest (Jan 2018)
item Improving nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in surface- and overhead sprinkler-irrigated cotton in the desert southwest (Jan 2018)
item Vessel scaling in angiosperm leaves conforms with Murray’s law and area-filling assumptions (Jan 2018)
item Simulated effects of winter wheat cover crop on the cotton production systems of the Texas rolling plains (Dec 2017)
item Cotton irrigation scheduling using a crop growth model and FAO-56 methods: Field and simulation studies (Dec 2017)
item Crop modeling applications in agricultural water management (Dec 2017)
item Implementing Standardized reference evapotranspiration and dual crop coefficient approach in the dssat cropping system model (Oct 2017)
item Exploring plant root traits and fungal interactions governing plant community structure: Re-focusing long standing questions. (Oct 2017)
item A global analysis of vessel diameter, plant height and axial parenchyma patterns in woody angiosperms (Sep 2017)
item Investigating deficit irrigation as a climate-smart farming option (Sep 2017)
item Economic viability of deficit irrigation in the western US (Aug 2017)
item Linking managed and natural ecosystems through evapotranspiration and NASAs upcoming ECOSTRESS mission (Jun 2017)
item Improvement in estimation of soil water deficit by integrating airborne imagery data into a soil water balance modelents into a soil water (May 2017)
item Maximizing the value of limited irrigation water: USDA researchers study how producers on limited irrigation can save water and be profitable (Aug 2016)