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Water Resources Models
item Adaptation of C4 bioenergy crop species to various environments within the Southern Great Plains of U.S. (Jan 2017)
item Field-based estimates of global warming potential in bioenergy systems of Hawaii: Crop choice and deficit irrigation (Jan 2017)
item Evaluation of H3A for determination of plant available P vs. FeAIO strips (Nov 2016)
item Deploying the Win TR-20 computational engine as a web service (Oct 2016)
item Expansion of the MANAGE database with forest and drainage studies (Oct 2016)
item Assessment of drainage nitrogen losses on a yield-scaled basis (Sep 2016)
item Assessment and synthesis of 50 years of published drainage phosphorus losses (Sep 2016)
item Phosphorus uptake by potato from fertilizers recovered from anaerobic digestion (Sep 2016)
item Introducing a new open source GIS user interface for the SWAT model (Sep 2016)
item Scale issues in soil hydrology related to measurement and simulation: A case study in Colorado (Aug 2016)
item Linking climate change and groundwater (Aug 2016)
item Evaluating the effectiveness of vegetative environmental buffers in mitigating particulate matter emissions from poultry houses (Jul 2016)
item Improved simulation of river water and groundwater exchange in an alluvial plain using the SWAT model (Jul 2016)
item Challenging a trickle-down view of climate change on agriculture and groundwater (Jun 2016)
item Improved ant colony optimization for optimal crop and irrigation water allocation by incorporating domain knowledge (Jun 2016)
item Augmenting watershed model calibration with incorporation of ancillary data sources and qualitative soft data sources (Jun 2016)
item Regional effects of agricultural conservation practices on nutrient transport in the Upper Mississippi River Basin (May 2016)
item Phenotypic plasticity of winter wheat heading date and grain yield across the U.S. Great Plains (May 2016)
item Applications of explicitly-incorporated/post-processing measurement uncertainty in watershed modeling (Apr 2016)
item Application of large-scale, multi-resolution watershed modeling framework using the Hydrologic and Water Quality System (HAWQS) (Apr 2016)
item Evaluation of dynamically dimensioned search algorithm for optimizing SWAT by altering sampling distributions and searching range (Apr 2016)
item Phosphorus modeling in tile drained agricultural systems using APEX (Mar 2016)
item Quantifying attachment and antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli from conventional and organic swine manure (Mar 2016)
item Applying statistical causal analyses to agricultural conservation: A case study examining P loss impacts (Feb 2016)
item Uncertainty in monitoring E. coli concentrations in streams and stormwater runoff (Feb 2016)
item Effects of field storage method on E. coli concentrations measured in storm water runoff (Feb 2016)
item Managing acute phosphorus loss with fertilizer source and placement: Proof of concept (Feb 2016)
item Development of cropland management dataset to support U.S. SWAT assessments (Feb 2016)
item Using SWAT to enhance watershed-based plans to meet numeric water quality standards (Jan 2016)
item Integration of a three-dimensional process-based hydrological model into the Object Modeling System (Jan 2016)
item Hydrological processes and model representation: Impact of soft data on calibration (Dec 2015)
item Regional blue and green water balances and use by selected crops in the U.S. (Dec 2015)
item Framework for computationally efficient optimal irrigation scheduling using ant colony optimization (Dec 2015)
item Groundwater and climate change: mitigating the global groundwater crisis and adapting to climate change model (Dec 2015)
item Impact of model development, calibration and validation decisions on hydrological simulations in West Lake Erie Basin (Nov 2015)
item Sediment yield dynamics during the 1950s multi-year droughts from two ungauged basins in the Edwards Plateau, Texas (Nov 2015)
item Functional approach to simulating short-rotation woody crops in process-based models (Nov 2015)
item 4R Water quality impacts: An assessment and synthesis of forty years of drainage nitrogen losses (Nov 2015)
item Assessment of input uncertainty by seasonally categorized latent variables using SWAT (Oct 2015)
item Modeling water-quality loads to the reservoirs of the Upper Trinity River Basin, Texas, USA (Oct 2015)
item Assessing the effects of USDA conservation programs on ecosystem services provided by wetlands (Sep 2015)
item Development of the Land-use and Agricultural Management Practice web-Service (LAMPS) for generating crop rotations in space and time (Sep 2015)
item Development of a landscape unit delineation framework for ecoy-hydrologic models (Aug 2015)
item The AgroEcoSystem (AgES) response-function model simulates layered soil water dynamics in semi-arid Colorado: sensitivity and calibration (Aug 2015)
item Simulating the hydrologic impact of Arundo donax invasion on the headwaters of the Nueces River in Texas (Aug 2015)
item The AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) model: overview and application to experimental watersheds (Aug 2015)
item A robust and flexible Geospatial Modeling Interface (GMI) for deploying and evaluating natural resource models (Aug 2015)
item An open-source Java-based Toolbox for environmental model evaluation: The MOUSE Software Application (Aug 2015)
item Vegetated treatment area effectiveness at reducing nutrient runoff from small swine operations in central Texas (Aug 2015)
item The MANAGE drain load database: Review and compilation of more than fifty years of North American drainage nutrient studies (Jul 2015)
item Development of a grid-based version of the SWAT landscape model (Jun 2015)
item A component-based, integrated spatially distributed hydrologic/water quality model: AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) overview and application (Jun 2015)
item A robust and flexible Geospatial Modeling Interface (GMI) for environmental model deployment and evaluation (Jun 2015)
item Integrating model behavior, optimization, and sensitivity/uncertainty analysis: overview and application of the MOUSE software toolbox (Jun 2015)
item Characterizing a shallow groundwater system beneath irrigated sugarcane with electrical resistivity and radon (Rn-222), Puunene, Hawaii (Jun 2015)
item Development of bankfull hydraulic geometry relationships for the physiographic divisions of the United States (Jun 2015)
item Impacts of climate change on hydrology, water quality and crop productivity in the Ohio-Tennessee River Basin (Jun 2015)
item Code modernization and modularization of APEX and SWAT watershed simulation models (Jun 2015)
item Evaluation of alternative surface runoff accounting procedures using the SWAT model (May 2015)
item Two-year growth cycle sugarcane crop parameter attributes and their application in modeling (May 2015)
item Assessment of model predictions and parameter transferability by alternative land use data on watershed modeling (May 2015)
item Development of sediment and nutrient export coefficients for U.S. ecoregions (Apr 2015)
item Advances in water resources assessment with SWAT - an overview (Apr 2015)
item The Spatially-Distributed Agroecosystem-Watershed (Ages-W) Hydrologic/Water Quality (H/WQ) model for assessment of conservation effects (Mar 2015)
item The Model Optimization, Uncertainty, and SEnsitivity analysis (MOUSE) toolbox: overview and application (Mar 2015)
item Parameterization of ALMANAC crop simulation model for non-irrigated dry bean in semi-arid temperate areas in Mexico (Mar 2015)
item Hydropedology – The last decade and the next decade (Mar 2015)
item What is causing the harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie? (Mar 2015)
item A refined regional modeling approach for the Corn Belt - experiences and recommendations for large-scale integrated modeling (Mar 2015)
item Modeling landscape-scale nitrogen management for conservation (Mar 2015)
item Integration of hydrologic and water allocation models in basin-scale water resources management considering crop pattern and climate change: Karkheh River Basin in Iran (Mar 2015)
item The impact of considering uncertainty in measured calibration/validation data during auto-calibration of hydrologic and water quality models (Feb 2015)
item Analysis methods for the determination of anthropogenic additions of P to agricultural soils (Feb 2015)
item Argonomic practices of dryland grain sorghum maturity, yield, and test weight. (Jan 2015)
item A method to downscale soil moisture to fine-resolutions using topographic, vegetation, and soil data (Jan 2015)
item Evaluation of soil and water conservation measures in a semi-arid river basin in Tunisia using SWAT (Dec 2014)
item Challenges and progress in distributed watershed modeling: applications of the AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) model (Dec 2014)
item Modeling differential growth in switchgrass cultivars across the Central and Southern Great Plains (Nov 2014)
item Estimating the effects of agricultural conservation practices on phosphorus loads in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River basin (Nov 2014)
item Influence of potential evapotranspiration on the water balance of sugarcane fields in Maui, Hawaii (Nov 2014)
item A soil parameters geodatabase for the modeling assessment of agricultural conservation practices effects in the United States (Nov 2014)
item C-SWAT: The Soil and Water Assessment Tool with consolidated input files in alleviating computational burden of recursive simulations (Nov 2014)
item Effects of agricultural conservation practices on N loads in the Mississippi-Atchafalya River Basin (Nov 2014)
item The potential for agricultural land use change to reduce flood risk in a large watershed (Oct 2014)
item Economic risk and efficiency assessment of fisheries in Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE): A stochastic approach (Oct 2014)
item Improvement of the variable storage coefficient method with water surface gradient as a variable (Oct 2014)
item USDA-ARS Riesel Watersheds, Riesel, Texas, USA: Water quality research database (Oct 2014)
item Impact of the agricultural research service watershed assessment studies on the conservation effects assessment project cropland national assessment (Sep 2014)
item Agronomic factors affecting dryland grain sorghum maturity and production in northeast Colorado (Sep 2014)
item The role of interior watershed processes in improving parameter estimation and performance of watershed models (Aug 2014)
item Spatial patterns and cross-correlations of temporal changes in soil carbonates and surface elevation in a winter wheat-fallow cropping system (Aug 2014)
item Multisection transmission line scatter function theory for measurements of soil dielectric properties (Aug 2014)
item Landuse and agricultural management practice web-service (LAMPS) for agroecosystem modeling and conservation planning (Jul 2014)
item Advances in distributed watershed modeling: a review and application of the AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) model (Jun 2014)
item Overview and application of the Model Optimization, Uncertainty, and SEnsitivity Analysis (MOUSE) toolbox (Jun 2014)
item The land management and operations database (LMOD) (Jun 2014)
item The geospatial modeling interface (GMI) framework for deploying and assessing environmental models (Jun 2014)
item The Unified Plant Growth Model (UPGM): software framework overview and model application (Jun 2014)
item Model-as-a-service (MaaS) using the cloud service innovation platform (CSIP) (Jun 2014)
item The virtual machine (VM) scaler: an infrastructure manager supporting environmental modeling on IaaS clouds (Jun 2014)
item AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) model delineation and scaling (Jun 2014)
item Linking a modified EPIC-based growth model (UPGM) with a component-based watershed model (AGES-W) (Jun 2014)
item Toward improved calibration of watershed models: multisite many objective measures of information (Jun 2014)
item LUMINATE: Linking agricultural land use, local water quality and Gulf of Mexico hypoxia (Jun 2014)
item Environmental impacts of in-house windrow composting of broiler litter prior to land application in subtropical/semi-arid conditions (May 2014)
item Evaluating, interpreting, and communicating performance of hydrologic/water quality models considering intended use: A review and recommendations (May 2014)
item Development and validation of a basin scale model PCPF-1@SWAT for simulating fate and transport of rice pesticides (May 2014)
item Adaptations between ecotypes and along environmental gradients in Panicum virgatum (Apr 2014)
item Metal and nanoparticle occurrence in biosolids - amended soils (Apr 2014)
item Simulating unstressed crop development and growth using the Unified Plant Growth Model (UPGM) (Apr 2014)
item Evaluation of a method to downscale intermediate-resolution soil moisture to a fine-resolution using topographic, vegetation, and soil data (Mar 2014)
item Multisite-multivariable sensitivity analysis of distributed watershed models: enhancing the perceptions from computationally frugal methods (Mar 2014)
item The role of simulation models in monitoring soil organic carbon storage and greenhouse gas mitigation potential in bioenergy cropping systems (Mar 2014)
item Plant parameters for plant functional groups of western rangelands to enable process-based simulation modeling (Mar 2014)
item Chapter 5: Quality assurance/quality control in stormwater sampling (Feb 2014)
item A framework for propagation of uncertainty contributed by parameterization, input data, model structure, and calibration/validation data in watershed modeling (Feb 2014)
item Hydrologic modeling of detention pond (Feb 2014)
item Hydrological modeling of upper Indus Basin and assessment of deltaic ecology (Jan 2014)
item Introduction to hydrology (Jan 2014)
item An integrated modeling approach for estimating the water quality benefits of conservation practices at the river basin scale (Jan 2014)
item Nutrient delivery from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and effects of cropland conservation (Jan 2014)
item Simulating landscape sediment transport capacity by using a modified SWAT model (Jan 2014)
item Evaluating remote sensing methods for targeting erosion in riparian corridors (Dec 2013)
item Review of nitrogen fate models applicable to forest landscapes in the southern U.S. (Oct 2013)
item Simulating sediment loading into the major reservoirs in Trinity River Basin (Sep 2013)
item Inclusion of glacier processes for distributed hydrological modeling at basin scale with application to a watershed in Tianshan Mountains, northwest China (Aug 2013)
item Modifying SWAT to simulate cropland carbon flux: Model development and initial evaluation (Jul 2013)
item Effects of an off-stream watering facility on cattle behavior and instream E. coli levels (Jun 2013)
item Modeling sedimentation-filtration basins for urban watersheds using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (Jun 2013)
item Energy sorghum biomass harvest thresholds and tillage effects on soil organic carbon and bulk density (May 2013)
item Efficient multi-objective calibration of a computationally intensive hydrologic model with parallel computing software in Python (Apr 2013)
item Ground water and climate change (Apr 2013)
item The impact of asynchronicity on event-flow estimation in basin-scale hydrologic model calibration (Apr 2013)
item Perennial biomass grasses and the Mason-Dixon Line: Comparative productivity across latitudes in the southern Great Plains (Mar 2013)
item Soil and variety effects on the energy and carbon balances of switchgrass-derived ethanol (Dec 2012)
item ArgoEcoSystem-watershed (AgES-W) model evaluation for streamflow and nitrogen/sediment dynamics on a midwest agricultural watershed (Dec 2012)
item The AgESGUI geospatial simulation system for environmental model application and evaluation (Dec 2012)
item Domain specific languages for modeling and simulation: use case OMS3 (Dec 2012)
item The cloud services innovation platform- enabling service-based environmental modelling using infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing (Dec 2012)
item Evolution of the SCS curve number method and its applications to continuous runoff simulation (Nov 2012)
item Effects of urbanization and climate change on stream health in north-central Texas (Aug 2012)
item Impact of suspended sediment and nutrient loading from land uses against water quality in the Hii River basin, Japan (May 2012)
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