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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Water Resources Models
item Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus stoichiometry and eutrophication in River Thames Tributaries, UK (Sep 2017)
item Implications of conceptual channel representation on SWAT streamflow and sediment modeling (Aug 2017)
item Assessing the impacts of climate change on discharge and nutrient losses from a karstic agricultural sub-basin in the Upper Chesapeake Bay watershed (Jun 2017)
item Influence of growth promoting technologies on animal performance,production economics, environmental impacts and carcass characteristics of beef (Jun 2017)
item Identifying consumer preference for beef produced with different levels of growth promotant technology (Jun 2017)
item A large scale GIS geodatabase of soil parameters supporting the modeling of conservation practice alternatives in the United States (Jun 2017)
item Process-based modelling of the nutritive value of forages: a review (May 2017)
item Impacts of alternative climate information on hydrologic processes with SWAT: A comparison of NCDC, PRISM and NEXRAD datasets (May 2017)
item Optimum Returns from Greenhouse Vegetables under Water Quality and Risk Constraints in the United Arab Emirates (Apr 2017)
item Environmental sustainability of beef (Apr 2017)
item Development and testing of a physically based model of streambank erosion for coupling with a basin-scale hydrologic model SWAT (Apr 2017)
item Management Characteristics of Grass-finished Beef Operations in the Northeast (Mar 2017)
item Water balance in paired watersheds with eucalyptus and degraded grassland in Pampa biome (Mar 2017)
item Advancement of a soil parameters geodatabase for the modeling assessment of conservation practice outcomes in the United States (Feb 2017)
item SWATMOD-PREP: Graphical user interface for preparing coupled SWAT-modflow simulations (Feb 2017)
item Assessment of optional sediment transport functions via the complex watershed simulation model SWAT (Jan 2017)
item A process-based emission model for volatile organic compounds from silage sources on farms (Dec 2016)
item Development and comparison of multiple regression models to predict bankfull channel dimensions for use in hydrologic models (Dec 2016)
item Integrated Farm System Model Version 4.3 and Dairy Gas Emissions Model Version 3.3 Software development and distribution (Nov 2016)
item Scientific and technical advisory committee review of the nutrient inputs to the watershed model (Oct 2016)
item Influence of soil structure on contaminant leaching from injected slurry (Oct 2016)
item Simulating economics and environmental impacts of beef and soybean systems in Brazil's Pamas and Amozon Biomes (Oct 2016)
item Western Lake Erie Basin: Soft-data-constrained, NHDPlus resolution watershed modeling and exploration of applicable conservation scenarios (Jul 2016)
item Thinking outside of the Lake: Can controls on nutrient inputs into Lake Erie benefit stream conservation in its watershed? (Jun 2016)
Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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