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Water Resource Management
item Evaluating evapotranspiration estimation methods in APEX model in irrigated cropping systems (Dec 2019)
item Using detailed surface topography to classify dune beds in a laboratory flume (Jul 2019)
item Assessment of the standardized precipitation and evaporation index (SPEI) as a potential management tool for grasslands (May 2019)
item Fertilizer efficacy of poultry litter ash blended with lime or gypsum as fillers (May 2019)
item Corn stover harvest and N losses in central Iowa (May 2019)
item Changes in lateral floodplain connectivity accompanying stream channel evolution: Implications for sediment and nutrient budgets (Apr 2019)
item Nitrogen cycling trade-offs with boadcasting and injecting dairy manure (Mar 2019)
item Generation of synthetic daily weather for climate change scenarios and extreme storm intensification (Mar 2019)
item Understanding gaseous reduction mechanisms in swine manure resulting from nanoparticle treatments under anaerobic storage conditions (Mar 2019)
item Observed spatiotemporal trends in intense precipitation events across United States: applications for stochastic weather generation (Feb 2019)
item Environmental fate and impact assessment of thiobencarb application in California rice fields using RICEWQ (Feb 2019)
item Mulch derived organic carbon stimulates high denitrification fluxes from agricultural ditch sediments (Feb 2019)
item Laboratory experiments on the removal of soil plugs during soil piping and internal erosion (Feb 2019)
item Biogeochemical recuperation is consistent during succession across secondary lowland tropical forest (Feb 2019)
item Commentary: Achieving Phosphorus Reduction Targets for Lake Erie (Feb 2019)
item Numerical modeling of flow and sediment in Pelahatchie Bay and its upland watershed (Jan 2019)
item Toward an integrated watershed zoning framework based on the spatio-temporal variability of land-cover and climate: application in the Volta River Basin (Dec 2018)
item Challenges of calibrating SWAT for arid/semiarid agricultural regions (Dec 2018)
item Impact of eastern redcedar proliferation on water resources in the Great Plains USA – current state of knowledge (Dec 2018)
item Filling an ephemeral gully channel: Impacts on physical soil quality (Nov 2018)
item Sugarcane biomass, dry matter, and sucrose availability and variability when grown on a bioenergy feedstock production cycle (Nov 2018)
item Combining sediment fingerprinting with age-dating sediment using fallout radionuclides for an agricultural stream, Walnut Creek, Iowa, USA (Nov 2018)
item Reservoir sedimentation management: a sustainable development challenge (Nov 2018)
item Nitrogen component in nonpoint source pollution models (Nov 2018)
item Use of soft data for multicriteria calibration and validation of agricultural policy environmental eXtender: Impact on model simulations (Nov 2018)
item Forty years of livestock grazing and climate research: a synthesis of major findings (Nov 2018)
item Performance assessment of five different soil moisture sensors under irrigated field conditions in Oklahoma (Nov 2018)
item Delineation of agricultural drainage pipe patterns using ground penetrating radar integrated with a real-time kinematic global navigation satellite system (Oct 2018)
item Assessment of levee treatments for an irrigation reservoir in Arkansas (Oct 2018)
item Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework ArcGIS® toolbox User's Manual, Version 3.0 (Oct 2018)
item Predicting streambank erosion rates and instabilities in incised streams using the model CONCEPTS (Sep 2018)
item Assessment of irrigation reservoir levee impairment in Arkansas, USA (Sep 2018)
item Expanding wetland mitigation: Can rice fields remediate pesticides in agricultural runoff? (Sep 2018)
item Reduced expression of iron transport and homeostasis genes in pseudomonas fluorescens during iron uptake from nanoscale iron (Sep 2018)
item Using eddy covariance to determine sugarcane field hydrologic components (Sep 2018)
item Crop yield increases observed with chemically-treated billet seedcane in Louisiana (Sep 2018)
item Impacts of cover crop on soil microbiome in a long-term sugarcane monoculture (Sep 2018)
item Application of fibrous streambank protection against groundwater seepage erosion (Aug 2018)
item Fluvial geomorphology, root distribution, and tensile strength of the invasive giant reed, Arundo donax, and its role on stream bank stability in the Santa Clara River, southern California (Aug 2018)
item Estimation of dry-matter intake in lambs via field-based NIR proximal sensing (Aug 2018)
item Analyzing impacts of swine manure application on soil microbial communities and associated drainage water (Aug 2018)
item Assessing pathogen presence in an intensively tile drained, agricultural watershed (Aug 2018)
item Soil microbial community responses to US grassland management in continental and humid subtropical climates (Aug 2018)
item Burning of the native and improved grasslands of the Southern Plains: A typical management practices effects on mycorrhizal fungi abundance (Aug 2018)
item Managing soil health in organic cultivation (Aug 2018)
item Biological indicators of soil health in organic cultivation (Aug 2018)
item CEAP: Effects of conservation practices on soil and water resources in the Upper Washita Basin (Jul 2018)
item Tiered approaches in analyzing rice field pesticide fate and transport for ecological risk assessment (Jul 2018)
item CEAP: Measuring and understanding the effects of conservation practices within watersheds (Jul 2018)
item Management of water resources for grasslands (Jul 2018)
item Green-cane harvested sugarcane crop residue decomposition as a function of temperature, soil moisture, and particle size (Jul 2018)
item Using drones to find drainage pipes (Jul 2018)
item Impact of acetic acid concentration, application volume, and adjuvants on weed control efficacy (Jul 2018)
item Morphodynamic trends of the Ribb River, Ethiopia, prior to dam construction (Jul 2018)
item Long-term metal and arsenic mobility between wetlands and lakes_variable histories within the same floodplain (Jul 2018)
item Simultaneous calibration of evapotranspiration and crop yield in agronomic system modeling using the APEX model (Jul 2018)
item Measuring ephemeral gully erosion rates and topographical thresholds in an urban watershed using unmanned aerial systems and structure-from-motion photogrammetric techniques (Jun 2018)
item Cover crops and gypsum applications: soybean and corn yield and profitability impacts (Jun 2018)
item Reservoir sedimentation rates in the Little Washita River experimental watershed, Oklahoma: measurement and controlling factors (Jun 2018)
item Evaluating evapotranspiration estimation methods in APEX model for dryland cropping systems in a semi-arid region (May 2018)
item Removal of non-point source pollutants from domestic sewage and agricultural runoff by eco/vegetated drainage ditches (VDDs): Design, mechanism, management strategies, and future directions (May 2018)
item Reduction of solids and nutrient loss from agricultural land by tailwater recovery systems (May 2018)
item Assessment of runoff water quality for an integrated best-management practice system in an agricultural watershed (May 2018)
item Choosing the perfect plot (May 2018)
item Exploring multiple operating scenarios to identify low-cost, high nitrate removal strategies for electrically-stimulated woodchip bioreactors (May 2018)
item Supplemental irrigation for grain sorghum production in the US Eastern Coastal Plain (Apr 2018)
item Spatial, temporal, and experimental: three study-design cornerstones for establishing defensible numeric criteria for freshwater ecosystems (Apr 2018)
item Modeling ephemeral gully erosion from unpaved roads: Equifinality and implications for scenario analysis (Apr 2018)
item Comparison of runoff and soil loss in different tillage systems in the Mollisol region of Northeast China (Apr 2018)
item Assessment of practices for controlling shallow valley-bottom gullies in the sub-humid Ethiopian highlands (Mar 2018)
item What is the relative influence of bed sediment chemistry on aquatic macroinvertebrate metrics? (Mar 2018)
item N loss to drain flow and N2O emissions from a corn-soybean rotation with winter rye (Mar 2018)
item Comparing the effects of soil inputs for NTT and ArcAPEX interfaces on model simulation performance (Mar 2018)
item Right practice, right place: A conservation planning toolbox for meeting water quality goals in the Corn Belt (Mar 2018)
item Using canopy hyperspectral reflectance to predict root biomass carbon and nitrogen content (Mar 2018)
item Impact of temperature and hydraulic retention time on pathogen and nutrient removal in woodchip bioreactors (Mar 2018)
item Leaf composition of American bur-reed (Sparganium americanum Nutt.) to determine pesticide mitigation capability (Feb 2018)
item Fiber reinforced sandy slopes under groundwater return flow (Feb 2018)
item Biomass and nitrogen-use efficiency of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) with nitrogen and supplemental irrigation in Coastal Plain Region, USA (Feb 2018)
item Yield and water quality for different residue managements of sugarcane in Louisiana (Feb 2018)
item Streambank alluvial unit contributions to suspended sediment and total phosphorus loads, Walnut Creek, Iowa, USA (Jan 2018)
item Characterizing ponds in watershed simulations and evaluating their influence on streamflowin a Mississippi Watershed (Jan 2018)
item Can rice (Oryza Sativa) mitigate pesticides and nutrients in agricultural runoff (Jan 2018)
item Sugarcane crop residue and bagasse allelopathic impact on oat (Avena sative L.), tall morningglory (Ipomoea purpurea L. Roth), and redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) germination (Jan 2018)
item Sugarcane biochar as an amendment for greenhouse growing media for the production of cucurbit seedlings (Jan 2018)
item Self-potential as a proximal soil sensing tool in agriculture (Jan 2018)
item Distribution and mass of groundwater orthophosphorus in an agricultural watershed (Jan 2018)
item 5.3.2 Optical measurements (Jan 2018)
item Use of the USDA National Cooperative Soil Survey Soil Characterization Data to detect soil change: A cautionary tale (Jan 2018)
item Electrical stimulation for enhanced denitrification in woodchip bioreactors: Opportunities and challenges (Jan 2018)
item Sugarcane field residue and root allelopathic impact on weed seed germination (Dec 2017)
item Building your conservation story (map) (Dec 2017)
item The microbiome structure of Oklahoma cropland and prairie soils and its response to seasonal forcing and management practices (Dec 2017)
item Phosphorus export from artificially drained fields across the Eastern corn belt (Dec 2017)
item Three-dimensional numerical simulations of local scouring around bridge piers (Dec 2017)
item Consensus on a new definition for soil? (Dec 2017)
item High-frequency surface waves method for agricultural applications (Dec 2017)
item Effective and efficient agricultural drainage pipe mapping with UAS thermal infrared imagery: a case study (Dec 2017)
item Effects of outdoor education stream classes on substrate movement and macroinvertebrate colonization (Nov 2017)
item A modeling framework for evaluating streambank stabilization practices for reach-scale sediment reduction (Nov 2017)
item Short-term disturbance effects of outdoor education stream classes on aquatic macroinvertebrates (Nov 2017)
item Effect of temporal scales on estimating evapotranspiration with APEX (Oct 2017)
item Implication of varying parameter sensitivities and temporal aggregation on estimating evapotranspiration in the semi-arid conditions (Oct 2017)
item Impact of length of calibration period on the apex model output simulation performance (Oct 2017)
item Comparison of highly managed winter wheat soils to improved and tallgrass prairie pastures on soil microbial community structure using PLFA (Oct 2017)
item 2D automatic body-fitted structured mesh generation using advancing extraction method (Oct 2017)
item 2D Automatic body-fitted structured mesh generation using advancing extraction method (Oct 2017)
item Comparative performance of sugarcane bagasse and black polyethylene as mulch for squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) production (Oct 2017)
item Sugarcane field residue and bagasse allelopathic impact on vegetable seed germination (Oct 2017)
item Batch test screening of industrial product/byproduct filter materials for agricultural drainage water treatment (Oct 2017)
item Monitoring tylosin and sulfamethazine in a tile-drained agricultural watershed using polar organic chemical integrative sampler (POCIS) (Sep 2017)
item Seasonal variation of macrolide resistance gene abundances in the South Fork Iowa River Watershed (Aug 2017)
item Impact of mustard seed meal applications on direct-seeded cucurbits and weed control (Jul 2017)
item Soil microbial community structure: mechanical disturbance alters soil microbial community (Jun 2017)
item Air–water CO2 and CH4 fluxes along a river–reservoir continuum: Case study in the Pengxi River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China (Apr 2017)
item Experimental effects of grazers on autotrophic species assemblages across a nitrate gradient in Florida springs (Mar 2017)
item Characterization of drought and climate change in Zacatecas, Mexico (Oct 2013)
item Water budget of the Calera Aquifer in Zacatecas, Mexico (Oct 2013)