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Hydraulic Structures
item From a small-town beginning to becoming a "Dam" Agricultural and Biological Engineer (Feb 2019)
item Closure to "Estimated Splash and Training Wall Height Requirements for Stepped Chutes Applied to Embankment Dams" by Sherry L. Hunt and Kem C. Kadavy (Sep 2018)
item Preliminary results for embankment dam stepped spillway stilling basin research (Jul 2018)
item Observations on dam overtopping protection: RCC stepped spillway research (May 2018)
item USBR Type III and Type IV stilling basin and rock apron associated with stepped chutes (Apr 2018)
item WINDAM Overtopping and Internal Erosion Software (Sep 2017)
item Stilling basin design for stepped chutes: More than one type to consider (Sep 2017)