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Hydrological Processes
item Compost improves urban soil and water quality (Mar 2017)
item Delta-Flux: An eddy covariance network for a climate-smart lower Mississippi basin (Feb 2017)
item Big sagebrush seed bank densities following wildfires (Feb 2017)
item Plant, soil and weather-based cues for irrigation termination timing in soybean. (Feb 2017)
item Using the Lawson Aerator for range improvement practices (Jan 2017)
item Seed storage effects on germination for two forage kochia cultivars (Jan 2017)
item Competition effects from cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) differs among perennial grasses of the Great Basin (Jan 2017)
item Rangeland resilience and resistance: annual and perennial grass stable states (Jan 2017)
item Practical and effective rehabilitation of rangelands: lessons learned (Jan 2017)
item Importance of shrub restoration on rangelands (Jan 2017)
item Lawson Aerator applications on rangelands (Jan 2017)
item Climate change, soil health, and ecosystem goods and services (Dec 2016)
item Evaluation of downscaled daily precipitation for FIELD scale hydrologic applications (Nov 2016)
item Recovery of soil organic matter on reclaimed and unreclaimed oil and gas wellpads in the Sagebrush Steppe of the western U.S. (Nov 2016)
item Subsurface application enhances benefits of manure redistribution (Oct 2016)
item Distant views and local realities: The limits of global assessments to restore the fragmented phosphorus cycle (Oct 2016)
item Pastoral mobility and policy recommendations for livestock herding in the Borana pastoral system in southern Ethiopia (Sep 2016)
item Intermountain west range improvement practices: lessons learned (Sep 2016)
item Imaging hydrological processes in headwater riparian seeps with time-lapse electrical resistivity (Sep 2016)
item Exploring lag times between monthly atmospheric deposition and stream chemistry in Appalachian Forest using cross-correlation (Sep 2016)
item Morphological dynamics of gully systems in the subhumid Ethiopian Highlands: The Debre Mawi watershed (Sep 2016)
item Phosphorus and nitrogen losses from poultry litter stacks and leaching through soils (Sep 2016)
item Estrogen transport in surface runoff from agricultural fields treated with two different application methods of dairy manure (Sep 2016)
item Vegetation canopy cover effects on sediment erosion processes in the upper Colorado River Basin mancos shale formation, Price, Utah (Aug 2016)
item Experimental investigation of the effect of vegetation on soil, sediment erosion, and salt transport processes in the Upper Colorado River Basin Mancos Shale formation, Price, Utah, USA. (Aug 2016)
item A new approach of using multiple composite fingerprints to apportion sediment sources (Aug 2016)
item Suitability of global circulation model downscaled BCCA daily precipitation for local hydrologic applications (Aug 2016)
item Insight into sediment transport processes on saline rangeland hillslopes using three-dimensional soil microtoprgraphy changes (Jul 2016)
item Estimating rangeland runoff, soil erosion, and salt mobility and transport processes (Jul 2016)
item Plant/life form considerations in the rangeland hydrology and erosion model (RHEM) (Jul 2016)
item Rangeland runoff and soil erosion database (Jul 2016)
item Application of the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model to Ecological Site Descriptions and Management (Jul 2016)
item Integrated approach to cheatgrass suppression on great basin rangelands (Jul 2016)
item Changes in erosion and runoff due to replacement of pasture land with sugarcane crops (Jul 2016)
item Parameterization of erodibility in the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (Jul 2016)
item Effect of variable annual precipitation and nutrient input on nitrogen and phosphorus transport from two Midwestern agricultural watersheds (Jul 2016)
item Prediction of sand transport over immobile gravel from supply limited to capacity conditions (Jul 2016)
item Development of a portable passive-acoustic bedload monitoring system (Jul 2016)
item A method for identifying boundary interference in PADV data (Jul 2016)
item Acoustic signal propagation and measurement in natural stream channels for application to surrogate bed load measurements: Halfmoon Creek, Colorado (Jul 2016)
item Turbulence measurements over immobile gravel with additions of sand from supply limited to capacity transport conditions (Jul 2016)
item Field and laboratory calibration of impact plates for measuring coarse bed load transport (Jul 2016)
item Iron filings cement engineered soil mix (Jul 2016)
item Quantifying sediment provenance using multiple composite fingerprints in a small watershed in Oklahoma (Jul 2016)
item A new method for fingerprinting sediments source contributions using distances from discriminant function analysis (Jul 2016)
item Importance of shrub restoration on great basin rangelands (Jul 2016)
item Assessment of range planting as a conservation practice (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of alternative management practices with the AnnAGNPS model in the Carapelle Watershed (Jul 2016)
item Improved numerical modelling of morphodynamics of rivers with steep banks (Jul 2016)
item Ecohydrologic impacts of rangeland fire on runoff and erosion: A literature synthesis (Jul 2016)
item A review of concentrated flow erosion processes on rangelands: fundamental understanding and knowledge gaps (Jun 2016)
item Bed topography and sand transport responses to a step change in discharge and water depth (Jun 2016)
item A protocol for collecting and constructing soil core lysimeters (Jun 2016)
item Management and land use implications of continuous nitrogen and phosphorus monitoring in a small non-karst catchment in southeastern PA (Jun 2016)
item Alternate wetting and drying in high yielding direct-seeded rice systems accomplishes multiple environmental and agronomic objectives (Jun 2016)
item Residual effects of fertilization history increase nitrous oxide emissions from zero-N controls:Implications for estimating fertilizer-induced emission factors (May 2016)
item Ecohydrologic response and recovery of a semi-arid shrubland over a five year period following burning (May 2016)
item Trends and variability of daily precipitation extremes during 1960-2012 in the Yangtze River Basin, China (May 2016)
item Sub-canopy evapotranspiration from floating vegetation and open water in a swamp forest (May 2016)
item Uncertainty of climate change impacts on soil erosion from cropland in central Oklahoma (May 2016)
item Passive acoustic monitoring of bed load for fluvial applications (May 2016)
item Behavior of fiber reinforced sandy slopes under seepage (May 2016)
item Spatial distribution and morphologic characteristics of gullies in the Black Soil Region of China: Hebei watershed (May 2016)
item Laboratory and field investigations of wave attenuation by live marsh vegetation (May 2016)
item Effects of hydrology, watershed size, and agricultural practices on sediment yields in two river basins in Iowa and Mississippi (May 2016)
item Foliar fertilization–induced injury and recovery of a creeping bentgrass putting green (May 2016)
item A western photographic collection: birds of prey (May 2016)
item Plant, soil and weather based cues for irrigation timing in soybean production 2014 (May 2016)
item Performance of the rangeland hydrology and erosion model for runoff and erosion assessment on a semiarid reclaimed construction site (May 2016)
item GIS-based channel flow and sediment transport simulation using CCHE1D coupled with AnnAGNPS (Apr 2016)
item Alternate wetting and drying of rice reduced CH4 emissions but triggered N2O peaks in a clayey soil of central Italy (Apr 2016)
item Woodchip denitrification bioreactors: Impact of temperature and hydraulic retention time on nitrate removal (Apr 2016)
item Persistence and surface transport of urea-nitrogen: A rainfall simulation study (Apr 2016)
item Simulating woodchip bioreactor performance using a dual-porosity model (Apr 2016)
item A system's approach to assess the exposure of agricultural production to climate change and variability (Apr 2016)
item Improved simulation of edaphic and manure phosphorus loss in SWAT (Apr 2016)
item Phenology of cheatgrass and associated exotic weeds (Apr 2016)
item Soil pipe flow tracer experiments: 1. Connectivity and transport characteristics (Apr 2016)
item Soil pipe flow tracer experiments: 2. Application of a transient storage zone model (Apr 2016)
item Nutrient leaching when compost is part of plant growth media (Mar 2016)
item Assessing the performance of structure-from-motion photogrammetry and terrestrial lidar 1 at reconstructing soil surface microtopography of naturally vegetated plots (Mar 2016)
item Determination of lake sediment accumulation rates in an agricultural watershed using lead-210 and cesium-137 (Mar 2016)
item Eleven years of runoff and phosphorus losses from two fields with and without manure application, Iowa, USA (Mar 2016)
item Fate and transport of tylosin-resistant bacteria and macrolide resistance genes in artificially drained agricultural fields receiving swine manure (Mar 2016)
item The ability of winter grazing to reduce wildfire size, intensity, and fire-induced plant mortality was not demonstrated: a comment on Davies et al. (2015) (Mar 2016)
item Temporal variability in microclimatic conditions for grass germination and emergence in the sagebrush steppe (Mar 2016)
item Using Cesium-137 to quantify sediment source contribution and uncertainty in a small watershed (Mar 2016)
item Measuring the erosion of an irrigation reservoir levee (Feb 2016)
item Using multiple composite fingerprints to quantify fine sediment source contributions: A new direction (Feb 2016)
item Erosion of sand from a gravel bed (Feb 2016)
item Seasonal variation in measured H2O and CO2 flux of irrigated rice in the Mid-South (Feb 2016)
item Publish unexpected results that conflict with assumptions (Feb 2016)
item Wildlife Habitat Improvement Using Range Improvement Practices (Feb 2016)
item Plant Material Testing: Can we learn from small plots (Feb 2016)
item Biophysical and economic assessment of a community-based rehabilitated gully in the Ethiopian highlands (Feb 2016)
item Can biochar be used as a seed coating to improve native plant germination and growth in arid conditions? (Feb 2016)
item Developing soil erodibility prediction equations for the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) (Jan 2016)
item The value of off-stream water developments for protecting riparian areas in northeastern Oregon (Jan 2016)
item Effects of tillage and poultry manure application rates on Salmonella and fecal indicator bacteria concentrations in tiles draining Des Moines Lobe soils (Jan 2016)
item A novel treatment system to remove phosphorus from liquid manure (Jan 2016)
item Infiltration and interrill erosion rates after a wildfire in western Montana, USA (Jan 2016)
item Postfire grazing management effects on mesic sagebrush-steppe vegetation: spring grazing (Jan 2016)
item Lasting effect of soil warming on organic matter decomposition depends on tillage practices (Jan 2016)
item Assessing fertilizer N placement on CH4 and N2O emissions in irrigated rice systems (Jan 2016)
item Ephemeral gully channel width and erosion simulation technology (Jan 2016)
item Interactions with soils conditioned by different vegetation: a potential explanation of bromus tectorum L. invasion into salt-deserts? (Jan 2016)
item Long-term trends in climate and hydrology in an agricultural headwater watershed of central Pennsylvania, USA (Jan 2016)
item Integrating precipitation, grazing, past effects and interactions in long-term vegetation change (Jan 2016)
item Characterizing drought for forested landscapes and streams (Jan 2016)
item Incorporating hydrologic data and ecohydrologic relationships in ecological site descriptions (Jan 2016)
item Spatial variability in bank resistance to erosion on a large meandering, mixed bedrock-alluvial river (Jan 2016)
item Prescribed fire effects on runoff, erosion, and soil water repellency on steeply-sloped sagebrush rangeland over a five year period (Dec 2015)
item Evaluating ephemeral gully erosion impact on Zea mays L. yield and economics using AnnAGNPS (Dec 2015)
item Cross-scale structural and functional connectivity as a driver of hillslope erosion on disturbed landscapes (Dec 2015)
item Adaptation to climate variability: The role of the USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub (Dec 2015)
item Parameterization guidelines and considerations for hydrologic models (Dec 2015)
item The economic cost of upland and gully erosion on subsistence agriculture for a watershed in the Ethiopian highlands (Dec 2015)
item USDA internet tool to estimate runoff and soil loss on rangelands: rangelands hydrology and erosion model (Dec 2015)
item Uneven nutrient load and potential offsite loss (Nov 2015)
item Assessing impacts of fire and post-fire mitigation on runoff and erosion from rangelands (Nov 2015)
item Estimation of big sagebrush leaf area index with terrestrial laser scanning (Nov 2015)
item The importance of considering shifts in seasonal changes in discharges when prediciting future phosphorus loads in streams (Oct 2015)
item Land and atmospheric controls on initiation and intensity of moist convection: CAPE dynamics and LCL crossings (Oct 2015)
item Climate vulnerabilities in the southern plains (Oct 2015)
item Long-term trends in climate and hydrology in an agricultural, headwater watershed of central Pennsylvania, USA (Oct 2015)
item Hydrologic impacts of woodland encroachment and tree removal in Great Basin sagebrush steppe (Oct 2015)
item Agricultural Conservation Planning Toolbox User's Manual (Oct 2015)
item How irrigation affects soil erosion estimates of RUSLE2 (Sep 2015)
item Integrated watershed management for saturation excess generated runoff, erosion and nutrient control (Sep 2015)
item A physically-based channel-modeling framework integrating HEC-RAS sediment transport capabilities and the USDA-ARS bank-stability and toe-erosion model (BSTEM) (Sep 2015)
item Responses of experimental river corridors to engineered log jams (Sep 2015)
item The effect of community based soil conservation works on runoff and sediment loss in the Ethiopian highlands: case of Birr Watershed (Sep 2015)
item Calculating erosion rates of river bank sediment by combining field measurements of erodibility parameters and small-scale topographic features – A case study at the Danube River (Sep 2015)
item The importance of seed germination in rangeland research (Sep 2015)
item Short-term impacts of tree removal on runoff and erosion from sagebrush-steppe hillslopes (Sep 2015)
item Improving efficacy of landscape interventions in the (sub) humid Ethiopian highlands by improved understanding of runoff processes (Sep 2015)
item Numerical modeling of chemical spills and assessment of their environmental impacts (Sep 2015)
item Hydrological modeling using a multi-site stochastic weather generator (Aug 2015)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from a coal mine land reclaimed with stabilized manure (Aug 2015)
item Seed dispersal of two juniper species: Do scatter-hoarding rodents play a role? (Aug 2015)
item Degradation of soil physicochemical quality by ephemeral gully erosion on sloping cropland of the hilly Loess Plateau, China (Aug 2015)
item Northwest regional climate hub assessment of climate change vulnerability and adaptation and mitigation strategies (Aug 2015)
item Community implementation dynamics: nutrient management in the New York City and Chesapeake Bay watersheds (Jul 2015)
item Evaluation of woodchip bioreactors for improved water quality (Jul 2015)
item Hydrogen sulfide release from dairy manure storages containing gypsum bedding (Jul 2015)
item Early findings from artificial recharge efforts of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer (Jul 2015)
item Effects of temperature and antibiotics on persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in poultry litter (Jul 2015)
item Fate and transport of veterinary antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance gene from fields receiving poultry manure during storm events (Jul 2015)
item Corn yield and nitrate loss in subsurface drainage affected by timing of anhydrous ammonia application (Jul 2015)
item Agricultural hydrology and water quality II: Introduction to the featured collection (Jul 2015)
item Influence of riparian seepage zones on nitrate variability in two agricultural headwater streams (Jul 2015)
item Post-fire grazing management in the Great Basin (Jul 2015)
item Agronomic and water quality impacts of incorporating polyacrylamide in furrow irrigation water in Arkansas cotton -- 2014 (Jul 2015)
item The pivotal and paradoxical role of phosphorus in a resilient water-energy-food security nexus (Jul 2015)
item The role of resource limitation in restoration of sagebrush ecosystems dominated by cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) (Jul 2015)
item Structural and functional connectivity as a driver of hillslope erosion following disturbance (Jul 2015)
item Identification of recharge zones in the lower Mississippi River alluvial aquifer using high-resolution precipitation estimates (Jul 2015)
item Comparison of low-cost methods for measuring ammonia volatilization (Jul 2015)
item Hydrothermal germination models: comparison of two data-fitting approaches with probit optimization (Jun 2015)
item Hybrid mesh generation using advancing reduction technique (Jun 2015)
item Can conservation trump impacts of climate change on soil erosion? An assessment from winter wheat cropland in the Southern Great Plains of the United States (Jun 2015)
item A multifaceted approach to prioritize and design bank stabilization measures along the Big Sioux River, South Dakota, USA (Jun 2015)
item Biogeographical plant-soil relations of invasive medusahead (Elymus caput-medusae) (Jun 2015)
item Soil erosion from winter wheat cropland under climate change in central Oklahoma (Jun 2015)
item A case study of wolf use of a mountainous Idaho landscape (Jun 2015)
item Dating sediment in a fast sedimentation reservoir using 137Cs and 210Pb (May 2015)
item Deterministic modeling of future soil erosion within a framework of uncertain climate change and unpredictable producer adaptation (May 2015)
item Simultaneous determination of mercury and organic carbon using a direct mercury analyzer: Mercury profiles in sediment cores from oxbow lakes in the Mississippi Delta (Apr 2015)
item Agricultural conservation planning framework: 1. Developing multi-practice watershed planning scenarios and assessing nutrient reduction potential (Apr 2015)
item Agricultural conservation planning framework: 2. Classification of riparian buffer design-types with application to assess and map stream corridors (Apr 2015)
item Validation of non-stationary precipitation series for site-specific impact assessment: Comparison of two statistical downscaling techniques (Apr 2015)
item Edge gradients evaluation for 2D hybrid finite volume method model (Apr 2015)
item Estimating Sediment Yield on Disturbed Rangeland Using the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) (Apr 2015)
item Sediment-generated noise (SGN): Comparison with physical bedload measurements in a small semi-arid watershed (Apr 2015)
item RVR meander - a toolbox for river meander planform design and evaluation (Apr 2015)
item Effective particle sizes of cohesive sediment in north Mississippi streams (Apr 2015)
item Assessment of fire impacts on hydrology and erosion using field experiments and the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (Apr 2015)
item Quantifying and modeling sediment loads from streambank erosion along the headwaters of Town Creek in Mississippi (Apr 2015)
item Sediment-generated noise (SGN): Laboratory determination of measurement volume (Apr 2015)
item Uncertainty analysis of an irrigation scheduling model for water management in crop production (Apr 2015)
item Linking nitrogen management, seep chemistry, and stream water quality in two agricultural headwater watersheds (Apr 2015)
item Participatory community-based gully rehabilitation on the Ethiopian Highlands: the case of Birr watershed (Apr 2015)
item Precipitation monitoring to accurately depict drought conditions on your allotment (Apr 2015)
item Event- and site-specific soil wetting and seasonal change in amount of soil water (Apr 2015)
item Approximate analytical solution to diurnal atmospheric boundary-layer growth under well-watered conditions (Mar 2015)
item Soil pipe collapses in a loess pasture of Goodwin Creek Watershed, Mississippi: Role of soil properties and past land use (Mar 2015)
item Quantifying uncertainty of measuring gully morphological evolution with close-range digital photogrammetry (Mar 2015)
item Phosphorus fate, management and modeling in artificially drained systems (Mar 2015)
item The impact of land-use change on the 3-D structure of shrubland and dryland savanna ecosystems (Mar 2015)
item From sacred cows to sacrificial lambs: implementing agricultural phosphorus science and management to combat eutrophication (Mar 2015)
item A modeling approach to evaluate the impact of conservation practices on runoff and sediments in Sasumua watershed, Kenya (Mar 2015)
item A planning approach for agricultural watersheds using precision conservation (Mar 2015)
item USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory: A historic perspective (Feb 2015)
item Rice Water use efficiency and yield under continuous and intermittent irrigation (Feb 2015)
item Evaluation of 137 C's conversion models parameter sensitivity for erosion estimation (Feb 2015)
item Modeling the effects on water erosion processes of rangeland conservation practices in the Great Basin region (Feb 2015)
item Hydrologic ramifications of an increased role of wildland fire across the rangeland-dry forest continuum (Feb 2015)
item Assessment of horse creek conservation seeding (Feb 2015)
item Sagebrush wildfire effects on soil chemistry: A temporal and spatial study (Feb 2015)
item Effects of Phos-Chek® on soil nutrient availability (Feb 2015)
item Estimating hydrologic and erosion response for use in ecological site descriptions (Feb 2015)
item Use of RHEM to assess runoff and erosion following disturbance on rangelands (Feb 2015)
item Soil erosion on upland areas by rainfall and overland flow (Feb 2015)
item Evaluating the potential role of denitrifying bioreactors in reducing watershed-scale nitrate loads: A case study comparing three Midwestern (USA) watersheds (Feb 2015)
item Herbicide efficacy and perennial grass establishment (Jan 2015)
item Characteristics that determine a successful squirreltail (Elymus elymoides) (Jan 2015)
item Big sagebrush transplanting success in crested wheatgrass stands (Jan 2015)
item Conservation seeding and diverse seed species performance (Jan 2015)
item Evaluating perennial grass competition as a management tool (Jan 2015)
item The effect of annual precipitation on Agropyron cristatum suppression of bromus tectorum (Jan 2015)
item The role of hydrology in connecting agricultural phosphorus sources to surface water (Jan 2015)
item Phosphorus leaching from agricultural soils of the Delmarva Peninsula, USA (Jan 2015)
item Learning large-scale dynamic discrete choice models of spatio-temporal preferences with application to migratory pastoralism in East Africa (Jan 2015)
item GIS technology for spatiotemporal measurements of gully channel width evolution (Jan 2015)
item Suppression of annual Bromus tectorum by perennial Agropyon cristatum: roles of soil N availability and biological soil space (Jan 2015)
item Effects of forage-to-concentrate ratio and dietary fiber manipulation on gas emissions and olfactometry from manure of Holstein heifers (Jan 2015)
item Emergence, persistence, and organization of rill networks on a soil-mantled experimental landscape (Jan 2015)
item Geospatial technologies for conservation planning: An approach to build more sustainable cropping systems (Jan 2015)
item Flow, turbulence, and drag associated with engineered log jams in a fixed-bed experimental channel (Jan 2015)
item Know your community: Model applications in field research (Jan 2015)
item Erosion depth of sand from an immobile gravel bed (Dec 2014)
item Linking organic carbon, water content and nitrous oxide emission in a reclaimed coal mine soil (Dec 2014)
item Evaluating sediment transport capacity relationships for use in ephemeral gully erosion models (Dec 2014)
item Trends and variability of daily temperature extremes during 1960-2012 in the Yangtze River Basin, China (Nov 2014)
item New insights on using fallout radionuclides to estimate soil redistribution rates (Nov 2014)
item Surface compost effect on hydrology: In-situ and soil cores (Nov 2014)
item Spatially distributed sheet, rill, and ephemeral gully erosion (Nov 2014)
item Using the Sacramento soil moisture accounting model to provide short-term forecasts of surface runoff for daily decision making in nutrient management (Nov 2014)
item Does a trend in declining stem density of Lepidium latifolium indicate a phosphorus limitation? A case study (Nov 2014)
item Effectiveness of alternative management scenarios on the sediment load in a Mediterranean agricultural watershed (Nov 2014)
item Compost improves compacted urban soil (Nov 2014)
item Standardized research protocols enable transdisciplinary research of climate variation impacts in corn production systems (Nov 2014)
item Effects of subsurface poultry litter application technology on water quality, odor, and corn yield (Nov 2014)
item A retrospective review of cotton irrigation on a production farm in the Mid-South (Nov 2014)
item Acoustic measurement of suspensions of clay and silt particles using single frequency attenuation and backscatter (Nov 2014)
item Swine manure application effects on ammonia volatilization, forage quality, and yield in the Pre-Amazon Region of Brazil (Oct 2014)
item How to make 137Cs erosion estimation more useful: An uncertainty perspective (Oct 2014)
item A multi-site stochastic weather generator of daily precipitation and temperature (Oct 2014)
item Opportunities for energy crop production based on subfield scale distribution of profitability (Oct 2014)
item Phosphorus and nitrogen leaching before and after tillage and urea application (Oct 2014)
item Estimation of big sagebrush leaf area index with terrestrial laser scanning (Oct 2014)
item Using computer models to design gully erosion control structures for humid northern Ethiopia (Sep 2014)
item Modeling of fluvial geomorphic processes in river channels impacted by agriculture (Sep 2014)
item Watershed runoff and sediment transport impacts from management decisions using integrated AnnAGNPS and CCHE1D models (Sep 2014)
item Simulation of sediment transport due to dam removal and control of morphological changes (Sep 2014)
item A decade of conservation effects assessment research by USDA-ARS: Progress overview and future outlook (Sep 2014)
item Studies in wave barrier design and levee erosion (Sep 2014)
item Evaluation of structure from motion for soil microtopography measurement (Sep 2014)
item Data worth and prediction uncertainty for pesticide transport and fate models in Nebraska and Maryland, United States (Sep 2014)
item A synopsis of short-term responses to alternative restoration treatments in sagebrush-steppe: the SageSTEP project (Sep 2014)
item Application of advanced remote sensing techniques to improve modeling estuary water quality (Sep 2014)
item Impact of weather and climate scenarios on conservation assessment outcomes (Sep 2014)
item Fine sediment sources in conservation effects assessment project watersheds (Sep 2014)
item Short-term effects of tree removal on infiltration, runoff, and erosion in woodland-encroached sagebrush steppe (Sep 2014)
item Numerical modeling of dune progression in a high amplitude meandering channel (Aug 2014)
item 2D and 3D numerical simulations of morphodynamics structures in a large-amplitude meanders (Aug 2014)
item Effect of repeated burning on plant and soil carbon and nitrogen in cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) dominated ecosystems (Aug 2014)
item Modulation of the flow structure by progressive bed forms in the meandering Wabash River (Aug 2014)
item Measurement of soil water content with dielectric dispersion frequency (Aug 2014)
item Measurement of greenhouse gas flux from agricultural soils using static chambers (Aug 2014)
item Development of a solar radiation stress index for cotton (Aug 2014)
item Final irrigation timing 2013 in Northeast Arkansas cotton (Aug 2014)
item Productive Spillovers of the Take-Up of Index-Based Livestock Insurance (Jul 2014)
item Landscape influence on soil carbon and nutrient levels (Jul 2014)
item A pump monitoring approach to irrigation pumping plant testing (Jul 2014)
item Can variable frequency drives reduce irrigation costs for rice producers? (Jul 2014)
item Climate change and observed climate trends in the Fort Cobb experimental watershed (Jul 2014)
item Prescribed fire and timber harvesting effects on soil carbon and nitrogen in a pine forest (Jul 2014)
item Application of a Transient Storage Zone Model o Soil Pipeflow Tracer Injection Experiments (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River experimental watersheds: Sediment Database (Jul 2014)
item Phosphorus loss and its estimation in a small watershed of the Yimeng mountainous area, China (Jul 2014)
item Enhancing soil and landscape quality in smallholder grazing systems (Jul 2014)
item Transport and persistence of tylosin-resistant enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in soil and drainage water from fields receiving swine manure (Jul 2014)
item Cover crops in the upper midwestern United States: Simulated effect on nitrate leaching with artificial drainage (Jul 2014)
item Bilateral oligopoly in pollution permit markets: experimental evidence (Jul 2014)
item Nitrogen use efficiency research in the United States Department of Agriculture (Jun 2014)
item Misconceptions about mechanical and fluvial erosional strength: implications to streambank stability (Jun 2014)
item The insect microcosm of western juniper berries (Jun 2014)
item Predicting bed load transport of sand and gravel on Goodwin Creek (Jun 2014)
item Feasibility of using a seismic surface wave method to study seasonal and weather effects on shallow surface soils (Jun 2014)
item Guest editor's note (Jun 2014)
item A note on acoustic measurements of turbulence, suspended sediment, and bed forms in mobile bed experiments (Jun 2014)
item Physical-scale models of engineered log jams in rivers (Jun 2014)
item Terrestrial sources of urea to water in a mixed land use watershed: exploring the roles of current and past nitrogen management (May 2014)
item A stability analysis of semi-cohesive streambanks with CONCEPTS: Coupling field and laboratory investigations to quantify the onset of fluvial erosion and mass failure (May 2014)
item Fate and transport of antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes in artificially drained agricultural fields receiving swine manure application (May 2014)
item Biophysical and financial impacts of community-based gully rehabilitation in the Birr Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia (May 2014)
item Bank stability analysis for fluvial erosion and mass failure (May 2014)
item Improving efficacy of landscape interventions in the (semi) humid Ethiopian Highlands (May 2014)
item Salinity mobilization and transport from rangelands: assessment, recommendations, and knowledge gaps (May 2014)
item Gully development processes in the Ethiopian Highlands (May 2014)
item Watershed management (May 2014)
item Modification of meander migration by bank failures (May 2014)
item The history of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service in Nevada (May 2014)
item A comparison of Bromus tectorum growth and mycorrhizal colonization in salt desert versus sagebrush habitat (May 2014)
item FDR probe structure influence on the soil dielectric spectrum measurement (Apr 2014)
item Effects of native perennial vegetation buffer strips on dissolved organic carbon in surface runoff from an agricultural landscape (Apr 2014)
item Measurement of sub-canopy evaporation in a flooded forest (Apr 2014)
item Turbulent flow and sand transport over a cobble bed (Apr 2014)
item A protocol for conducting rainfall simulation to study soil runoff (Apr 2014)
item Time sequence photography of Roosters Comb (Apr 2014)
item Closed depression topography Harps soil, revisited (Mar 2014)
item Analysis of long-term (1969-2011) vegetation data from Bodie Hills, CA: Integrating weather, disturbance, lag effects and interactions in vegetation change (Mar 2014)
item Effects of near soil surface characteristics on soil detachment by overland flow in a natural succession grassland (Mar 2014)
item Cheatgrass invasion and woody species encroachment in the Great Basin: benefits of conservation (Mar 2014)
item Imaging a soil fragipans using a high-frequency MASW method (Mar 2014)
item Predicting phosphorus dynamics in complex terrains using a variable source area hydrology model (Mar 2014)
item Laboratory experiments on dam-break flow of water-sediment mixtures (Mar 2014)
item Estimating sagebrush biomass using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) (Mar 2014)
item Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) enhancements for applications on disturbed rangelands (Mar 2014)
item Effects of thinning, residue mastication, and prescribed fire on soil and nutrient budgets in a Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest (Feb 2014)
item Reconnecting tile drainage to riparian buffer hydrology for enhanced nitrate removal (Feb 2014)
item Groundwater flow path dynamics and nitrogen transport potential in the riparian zone of an agricultural headwater catchment (Feb 2014)
item Reconnecting tile drainage to riparian buffer hydrology for enhanced nitrate removal (Feb 2014)
item Climate risks in the Southern Plains (Feb 2014)
item Streambank erosion rates and loads within a single watershed: Bridging the gap between temporal and spatial scales (Feb 2014)
item Nutrients in soil water under three rotational cropping systems, Iowa, USA (Feb 2014)
item Aboveground total and green biomass of dryland shrub derived from terrestrial laser scanning (Jan 2014)
item Forage harvest representation in RUSLE2 (Jan 2014)
item Rehabilitation of cheatgrass-infested rangelands: management (Jan 2014)
item Nutrient removal by prairie filter strips in agricultural landscapes (Jan 2014)
item Evaluation of the AnnAGNPS model for predicting runoff and sediment yield in a small Mediterranean agricultural watershed in Navarre (Spain) (Jan 2014)
item Laboratory soil piping and internal erosion experiments: evaluation of a soil piping model for low-compacted soils (Dec 2013)
item Hydrologic vulnerability of western US rangelands in the wake of woodland encroachment and increasing wildfire activity (Dec 2013)
item Evaluating the capability of the enhanced Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) for modeling the soil erosion impact of disturbance on rangelands (Dec 2013)
item A Review of Fire Effects on Vegetation and Soils in the Great Basin Region: Response and Ecological Site Characteristics (Nov 2013)
item Adjusting skewness and maximum 0.5 hour intensity in CLIGEN to improve extreme event and sub-daily intensity generation for assessing climate change impacts (Nov 2013)
item Resilience to disturbance and resistance to alien grass invasions in the cold desert of western North America (Nov 2013)
item Nutrient concentrations in soil water as influenced by crop rotation in Iowa (Nov 2013)
item Column study to assess bioretention cell filter mixtures for urban stormwater management (Nov 2013)
item Turbulence structure and sand transport over gravel and cobble beds in laboratory flumes (Nov 2013)
item Fate and transport of tylosin and macrolide-resistance genes following manure applications in tile-drained landscapes (Nov 2013)
item Effect of surface application of FGD gypsum on infiltration rates in a Coastal Plain soil (Nov 2013)
item Applying hydropedology to nutrient management in the northeastern US: lessons learned from the Mahantango Creek Experimental Watershed (Nov 2013)
item Phosphorus in drainage waters of the Atlantic Coastal Plain (Nov 2013)
item Curve numbers for long-term no-till corn and agricultural practices with high watershed infiltration (Nov 2013)
item In-field and edge-of-field chemical barriers to dissolved phosphorus losses (Nov 2013)
item Treatment of phosphorus transported from tile and ditch-drained agricultural fields using sorption materials (Nov 2013)
item Fate and surface transport of urea in a coastal plain soil: a rainfall simulation study (Nov 2013)
item Response of carbon dioxide emissions to warming under no-till and conventional till systems (Nov 2013)
item Effects of tillage and application rate on atrazine transport to subsurface drainage: Evaluation of RZWQM using a six-year field study (Oct 2013)
item Mitigation of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from animal operations: III. A review of animal management mitigation options (Sep 2013)
item Combining precision conservation technologies into a flexible framework to facilitate agricultural watershed planning (Sep 2013)
item An efficient sampling protocol for sagebrush/grassland monitoring (Sep 2013)
item Nitrate loss in subsurface drainage and corn yield as affected by timing of sidedress nitrogen (Sep 2013)
item Phosphorus legacy: overcoming the effects of past management practices to mitigate future water quality impairment (Sep 2013)
item Rehabilitation of cheatgrass-infested rangelands: applications and practices (Sep 2013)
item A theoretical treatise of drainage and seepage in bottom land areas adjacent to incised channels: the J. J. van Deemter analysis (Sep 2013)
item Simulation of morphological changes due to dam removal (Sep 2013)
item A review of irrigation termination practices in Northeastern Arkansas (Sep 2013)
item Sorption and photo degradation processes govern distribution of sulfamethazine in freshwater-sediment microcosms (Aug 2013)
item Significance of connectivity and post-wildfire runoff (Aug 2013)
item Influence of soil phosphorus and manure on phosphorus leaching in Swedish topsoils (Aug 2013)
item Separating nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation water application in an alternating furrow irrigation system for maize production (Aug 2013)
item Laboratory measurements of wave attenuation through model and live vegetation (Aug 2013)
item Water quality remediation faces unprecedented challenges from ‘legacy phosphorus’ (Aug 2013)
item Simplified physically based model of earthen embankment breaching (Aug 2013)
item Organic manure as an alternative to crop residues for no-tillage wheat-maize systems in North China Plain (Aug 2013)
item Use of rainfall simulation to determine the persistence and transport of escherichia coli and salmonella in runoff water (Jul 2013)
item Persistence of urea in a coastal plain soil: an incubation study (Jul 2013)
item A decade of advancement in understanding of rangeland hydrology and erosion and the effects of conservation practices (Jul 2013)
item Modeling soil erosion impact of rangeland disturbance using the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) (Jul 2013)
item Eco-hydrology considerations for enhancement of ecological site descriptions (Jul 2013)
item Report on the projected future climate of the Walnut Gulch Watershed, AZ (Jul 2013)
item Serum estrogenicity and biological responses in African catfish raised in wastewater ponds in Ghana (Jul 2013)
item Pore-water pressures associated with clogging of soil pipes: Numerical analysis of laboratory experiments (Jul 2013)
item Bringing together science and policy to protect and enhance wetland ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes (Jul 2013)
item Report on the projected future climate of the Fort Cobb Watershed, Oklahoma (Jul 2013)
item Evaluation of ammonia emissions from manure incorporated with different soil aerator configurations (Jul 2013)
item Managing landscape disturbances to increase watershed infiltration (Jul 2013)
item Composite structured mesh generation with automatic domain decomposition in complex geometries (Jul 2013)
item Parallelized CCHE2D flow model with CUDA Fortran on Graphics Process Units (Jul 2013)
item Report on projected future climate of the Goodwin Creek experimental watershed, MS (Jun 2013)
item Report on the project future climate of the Goodwater Creek experimental watershed, MO (Jun 2013)
item Report on the projected future cliamte of subwatershed WE-38 of Mahantango Creek, PA (Jun 2013)
item Three dimensional numerical modeling of flow and pollutant transport in a flooding area of 2008 US Midwest Flood (Jun 2013)
item A look at the environmental footprints of beef production (Jun 2013)
item Report on the project future climate of the Little River watershed, GA (Jun 2013)
item Report on projected future climate of the Beasley Lake experimental watershed, MS (Jun 2013)
item Laboratory and field investigations of marsh edge erosion (Jun 2013)
item Three-dimensional numerical modeling of water quality and sediment-associated processes in natural lakes (Jun 2013)
item Parallelizing alternating direction implicit solver on GPUs (Jun 2013)
item Storm water management: Potential for lower cost & more benefits if farmers & municipalities cooperate on tile drainage (May 2013)
item Evidence of climate change in the 1949-2010 historical climate record of the Fort Cobb experimental watershed, Oklahoma (May 2013)
item Assessing gully widening and its control in the Debri-Mawi Watershed, northern Ethiopia (May 2013)
item Convergence of agricultural intensification and climate change in the midwestern United States: Implications for soil and water conservation (May 2013)
item Changes in spatiotemporal land use patterns in selected hydrogeomorphic areas of China and the USA (May 2013)
item Spatiotemporal urban land use changes in the Changzhutan Region of Hunan Province in China (Apr 2013)
item Go native: blue gamma-buffalo grass and compost benefits urban soil (Apr 2013)
item Estimation of runoff, peak discharge and sediment load at the event scale in a medium-size Mediterranean watershed using the AnnAGNPS model (Apr 2013)
item Monitoring agricultural water quality and water quantity in Arkansas: A statewide, collaborative effort (Mar 2013)
item Calibration and controlled flume evaluation of polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS) for tylosin (Mar 2013)
item Tylosin-resistant Enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in drained fields receiving swine manure (Mar 2013)
item The role of soil surface water regimes and raindrop impact on hillslope soil erosion and nutrient losses (Mar 2013)
item Numerical modeling of flow and sediment transport in Lake Pontchartrain due to flood release from Bonnet Carré Spillway (Mar 2013)
item Developing a web-based forecasting tool for nutrient management (Mar 2013)
item Sustainable utilization of the Calera Aquifer, Zacatecas, Mexico (Mar 2013)
item In situ soil pipeflow experiments on contrasting streambank soils (Mar 2013)
item A statewide network for monitoring agricultural water quality and water quantity in Arkansas (Mar 2013)
item Restoring soil quality on construction sites (Feb 2013)
item Elemental chemistry of sand-boil discharge used to trace variable pathways of seepage beneath levees during the 2011 Mississippi River flood (Jan 2013)
item Toward understanding mechanisms controlling urea delivery in a coastal plain watershed (Dec 2012)
item Quantifying sediment loadings from streambank erosion in selected agricultural watersheds draining to Lake Champlain (Dec 2012)
item Is the change of winter wheat yield under warming caused by shortened reproductive period? (Nov 2012)
item Phosphorus transport by surface and subsurface flow pathways in an upland agricultural watershed (Oct 2012)
item Effect of tillage on phosphorus leaching through coastal plain soils (Oct 2012)
item Pedology: changes in the science, changes in the profession (Oct 2012)
item Ammonia volatilization, corn and forage yield as a function of poultry litter application methods (Oct 2012)
item Response of a soil-mantled experimental landscape to exogenic forcing (Oct 2012)
item An analytical solution to the one-dimensional heat conduction-convection equation in soil (Oct 2012)
item Phase II Report for SERRI Project No. 80037: Investigation of surge and wave reduction by vegetation (Phase II) (Sep 2012)
item The use of soil electrical conductivity to investigate soil homogeneity in Story County, Iowa, USA (Sep 2012)
item Comparison of soil erodibility factors in USLE, RUSLE2, EPIC and Dg models based on a Chinese soil erodibiity database. (Sep 2012)
item A high-resolution finite volume model for shallow water flow on uneven bathymetry using quadrilateral meshes (Sep 2012)
item Novel technology to measure dissolved anions on-site and on-line (Aug 2012)
item Observations on the use of acoustic Doppler velocimeters over rough beds with suspended sediment (Aug 2012)
item Water surface capturing by image processing (Aug 2012)
item Performance assessment and calibration of a profiling lab-scale acoustic Doppler velocimeter for application over mixed sand-gravel beds (Aug 2012)
item Comparison and assessment of four sediment particle-size analysis methodologies (Aug 2012)
item Using terrestrial LIDAR to characterize morphology and texture of a sand and gravel bed in a laboratory flume (Aug 2012)
item Patterns of estrogen occurrence in sewage treatment effluent (STPE) from a university campus (Aug 2012)
item Characterizing irrigation water requirements for rice production from the Arkansas Rice Research Verification Program (Jul 2012)
item Development and adoption of measures to prevent off-site nutrient transfers (Jul 2012)
item Maize yield response to nitrogen as influenced by spatio-temporal variations of soil-water-topography dynamics (Jul 2012)
item Evaluation of revised subsurface tile drainage algorithms in SWAT for a cold climate (Jul 2012)
item Calibration of SWAT2009 using crop biomass, evapotranspiration, and deep recharge: Calera watershed in Zacatecas, Mexico case study (Jul 2012)
item A depth-averaged 2-D shallow water model for breaking and non-breaking long waves affected by rigid vegetation (Jun 2012)
item Water budget considerations regarding groundwater extraction targets in the Calera Aquifer watershed, Mexico (May 2012)
item An improved nearly-orthogonal structured mesh generation system with smoothness control functions (May 2012)
item Above ground plots at the MAFES-Holly Springs Experiment Station for studying impacts of seepage on erosion (Apr 2012)
item Predicting streambank seepage flows: sensitivity to soil properties and layering (May 2009)
item A seepage erosion sediment transport function and geometric headcut relationships for predicting seepage erosion undercutting (May 2009)
item Seepage erosion mechanisms of bank collapse: three-dimensional seepage particle mobilization and undercutting (May 2008)
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