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Soil-Surface Interactions
item Land-atmosphere responses to a total solar eclipse in three ecosystems with contrasting structure and physiology (Jan 2019)
item The role of hydraulic connectivity and management on soil aggregate size and stability in the Clear Creek Watershed, Iowa (Dec 2018)
item Data for fertilizer management and environmental factors drive N2O and NO3 losses in corn: A meta-analysis (Nov 2018)
item Water balance variation across agroecosystems in North America - the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Oct 2018)
item Role of edamame (Glycine max) seed size in early-season crop-weed interactions (Aug 2018)
item Generalizable, extensible methods to implement QA/QC Tests on environmental data (Aug 2018)
item Ten-year assessment encourages no-till for corn grain and stover harvest (Aug 2018)
item Off-site transport of fungicides with runoff: A comparison of flutolanil and pentachloronitrobeneze applied to creeping bentgrass managed as a golf course fairway (Aug 2018)
item Dormancy-defense syndromes and tradeoffs between physical and chemical defenses in seeds of pioneer species (Aug 2018)
item Corn stover harvest, tillage, and cover crop effects on soil health indicators (Aug 2018)
item Replicated flux measurements of 1,3-dichloropropene from a bare soil under field conditions (Jul 2018)
item Chemical application strategies to protect water quality (Jul 2018)
item Multi-index evaluation of future drought and climate extreme occurrence in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (Jul 2018)
item Evaluation of Soil Vulnerability Index (SVI) for an intensively managed high desert irrigation district (Jul 2018)
item Uncertainty of water budget closure across the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Jul 2018)
item Legacy effects of long-term nitrogen fertilizer application on the fate of nitrogen fertilizer inputs in continuous maize (Jul 2018)
item Plant litter quality affects the accumulation rate, composition, and stability of mineral-associated soil organic matter (Jul 2018)
item Distinct changes in composition of soil organic matter with length of cropping time in subsoils of a Phaeozem and Chernozem (Jul 2018)
item An Iowa on-farm carbon and soil health indicator assessment study (Jul 2018)
item Carbon dosing increases nitrate removal rates in denitrifying bioreactors at low-temperature high-flow conditions (Jul 2018)
item Atrazine transport through a soil/epikarst system (Jun 2018)
item A regionally-adapted implementation of conservation agriculture delivers rapid improvements to soil properties associated with crop yield stability (May 2018)
item Addressing gaps in estimates of NOx from California agricultural land (May 2018)
item Invasion complexity at large spatial scales is an emergent property of interactions among landscape characteristics and invader traits (May 2018)
item Top-down constraints on anthropogenic CO2 emissions within an agricultural-urban landscape (May 2018)
item Summer fertigation of dairy slurry reduces soil nitrate concentrations and subsurface drainage nitrate losses compared to fall injection (May 2018)
item Short corn rotations do not improve soil quality, compared to corn monocultures (May 2018)
item Contributions of residue-C and -N to plant growth and soil organic matter pools under planted and unplanted conditions (May 2018)
item Improved APEX model simulation of buffer water quality benefits at field scale (Apr 2018)
item Imidacloprid sorption and transport in cropland, grass buffer, and riparian buffer soils (Apr 2018)
item Comparing crop growth and carbon budgets simulated across AmeriFlux agricultural sites using the community land model (CLM) (Apr 2018)
item Sugarcane residue management impact soil greenhouse gas (Apr 2018)
item Urea amendment decreases microbial diversity and selects for specific nitrifying strains in eight contrasting agricultural soils (Apr 2018)
item An ecological perspective on managing weeds during The Great Selection for Herbicide Resistance (Mar 2018)
item Evaporation from a temperate closed-basin lake and its impact on present, past, and future water level (Mar 2018)
item Microstructural and associated chemical changes during the composting of a high temperature biochar: Mechanisms for nitrate, phosphate and other nutrient retention and release (Mar 2018)
item Source partitioning of methane emissions and its seasonality in the US Midwest (Mar 2018)
item Priorities for wheat in the eastern Indo-Gangetic plains (Mar 2018)
item Is corn stover harvest predictable using farm operation, technology, and management variables? (Mar 2018)
item Source partitioning of methane emissions and its seasonality in the U.S. Midwest (Feb 2018)
item An early-killed rye (Secale cereale) cover crop has potential for weed management in edamame (Glycine max) (Feb 2018)
item Nitrogen management for corn grown in Kura Clover living mulch (Feb 2018)
item Activated carbon, biochar and charcoal: Linkages and synergies across pyrogenic carbon's ABC (Feb 2018)
item Humic products in agriculture: Potential benefits and research challenges-a review (Jan 2018)
item Genotype adoption in processing sweet corn relates to stability in case production (Jan 2018)
item Weed ecology and population dynamics (Jan 2018)
item Limited fitness costs of herbicide-resistance traits in Amaranthus tuberculatus facilitate resistance evolution (Jan 2018)
item Regression-kriged soil organic carbon stock changes in manured corn silage-alfalfa production systems (Jan 2018)
item Establishment and function of cover crops interseeded into corn (Jan 2018)
item Reproductive sink of sweet corn in response to plant density and hybrid (Jan 2018)
item Year-round shotgun metagenomes reveal stable microbial communities in agricultural soils and novel ammonia oxidizers responding to fertilization (Jan 2018)
item Healthy soils healthy people: Unraveling the complexity (Dec 2017)
item Application rate affects the degradation rate and hence emissions of chloropicrin in soil (Dec 2017)
item Fludioxonil+Mefenoxam seed treatment improves edamame seedling emergence (Dec 2017)
item Simulating emissions of 1,3-dichloropropene after soil fumigation under field conditions (Dec 2017)
item Altered humin compositions under organic and inorganic fertilization on an intensively cultivated sandy loam soil (Dec 2017)
item Altered humin compositions under organic and inorganic fertilization on an intensively cultivated sandy loam soil (Dec 2017)
item Opportunities and challenges for harvest weed seed control in global cropping systems (Nov 2017)
item Feasibility matrix to identify locally sourced mixed media to mitigate agricultural pollutants in land drainage (Oct 2017)
item Novel design and field performance of phosphorus-sorbing and denitrifying bioreactors (Oct 2017)
item Hydrologic budgets across the Long-Term Agroecosystems Research network (Oct 2017)
item Soil apparent electrical conductivity sensor data for estimation of CI-based soil compaction status (Oct 2017)
item Atrazine transport through a soil-epikarst system (Oct 2017)
item Soilborne fungi have host affinity and host-specific effects on seed germination and survival in a lowland tropical forest (Oct 2017)
item Evaluating agricultural management effects on alachlor availability: Tillage, green manure, and biochar (Sep 2017)
item Microbial electrochemical energy storage and recovery in a combined electrotrophic and electrogenic biofilm (Aug 2017)
item Are herbicides a once in a century method of weed control? (Aug 2017)
item Evaluating the Soil Vulnerability Index (SVI), an index to characterize inherent vulnerability of croplands to runoff and leaching (Jul 2017)
item Linking plot, field, and watershed runoff and water quality in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (Jul 2017)
item Evaluation of climate variability on drought occurrence in an agricultural watershed (Jul 2017)
item Predicting drought in an agricultural watershed given climate variability (Jun 2017)
item APEX model simulation of edge-of-field water quality benefits from upland buffers (Jun 2017)
item Tillage and cover cropping effects on soil properties and crop production in Illinois (May 2017)
item Short term impacts provide a management window for minimizing invasions from bioenergy crops (May 2017)
item Vegetable soybean tolerance to pyroxasulfone (May 2017)
item Compensatory response of fathead minnow larve following a pulsed in-situ exposure to a seasonal agricultural runoff event (Apr 2017)
item Surface renewal application and examination over different AmeriFlux landscapes (Mar 2017)
item On-farm soil health evaluations: Challenges and opportunities (Mar 2017)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized soil: Can we manage it? (Feb 2017)
item Reconciling opposing soil processes in row-crop agroecosystems via soil functional zone management (Jan 2017)
item Identifying barriers and motivators for adoption of multifunctional perennial cropping systems by landowners in the Upper Sangamon River Watershed, Illinois (Dec 2016)
item Diversity, specificity and phylogenetic relationships of endohyphal bacteria in fungi that inhabit tropical seeds and leaves (Nov 2016)
item Interspecific variation in persistence of buried weed seeds follows trade-offs among physiological, chemical and physical seed defenses (Oct 2016)
item Soil water holding capacity mitigates maize production downside risk and volatility across the US Corn Belt: Time to invest in soil organic matter? (Aug 2016)
item Precision control of soil N cycling via soil functional zone management (Jul 2016)
item Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems? (Jul 2016)
item Detection and diversity of fungal nitric oxide reductase genes (p450nor) in agricultural soils (May 2016)