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Biological changes in Soils
item Use and effects of different Brassica and other rotation crops on soilborne diseases and tuber yield of potato (Oct 2018)
item Nutrient demand and fungal access to resources control the carbon allocation to the symbiotic partners in tripartite interactions of Medicago truncatula (Jun 2018)
item Fate of four phthalate plasticizers under various wastewater treatment processes (May 2018)
item The effect of moisture content on solid-state anaerobic digestion of dairy manure from a sawdust-bedded pack barn (Feb 2018)
item Stale seedbed technique for weed control negatively impacts the indigenous AM fungus population (Feb 2018)
item Degradation of triclosan and triclocarban and formation of transformation products in activated sludge using benchtop bioreactors (Jan 2018)
item Fate of triclocarban in agricultural soils after biosolid applications (Jan 2018)
item Influence of liquid surface area on hydrogen sulfide oxidation during micro-aeration in dairy manure digesters (Oct 2017)
item Soil microbial communities under cacao agroforestry and cover crop systems in Peru (Sep 2017)
item High diversity within the periphyton community of an algal turf scrubber on the Susquehanna River (May 2017)
item Positive yield response of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) to inoculation with AM fungi produced on-farm (May 2017)
item Microaeration reduces hydrogen sulfide in biogas (Jan 2017)
item Influence of thermal hydrolysis-anaerobic digestion treatment of wastewater solids on concentrations of Triclosan, Triclocarban, and their transformation products in biosolids (Jan 2017)