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Organic Matter & Beneficial Organisms
item Cold-adapted denitrifying bacteria in woodchip bioreactor (Apr 2019)
item Nitrogen fertilizer suppresses microbial mineralization of soil organic matter in maize agroecosystems (Mar 2019)
item Environmental and agricultural relevance of humic fractions extracted by alkali from soils and natural waters (Mar 2019)
item The role of hydraulic connectivity and management on soil aggregate size and stability in the Clear Creek Watershed, Iowa (Dec 2018)
item Sorption of ammonium and nitrate to biochars is electrostatic and pH-dependent (Dec 2018)
item Data for fertilizer management and environmental factors drive N2O and NO3 losses in corn: A meta-analysis (Nov 2018)
item Optimizing Iowa land use: Past perspectives for current questions (Nov 2018)
item Chemical nature of soil organic carbon under different long-term fertilization regimes is coupled with changes in the bacterial community in a Calcaric Fluvisol (Oct 2018)
item Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics under zone tillage of varying intensities in a kura clover living mulch system (Aug 2018)
item Subsoil potassium in central Iowa soils: Status and future challenges (Aug 2018)
item Ten-year assessment encourages no-till for corn grain and stover harvest (Aug 2018)
item Corn stover harvest, tillage, and cover crop effects on soil health indicators (Aug 2018)
item Legacy effects of long-term nitrogen fertilizer application on the fate of nitrogen fertilizer inputs in continuous maize (Jul 2018)
item Plant litter quality affects the accumulation rate, composition, and stability of mineral-associated soil organic matter (Jul 2018)
item Distinct changes in composition of soil organic matter with length of cropping time in subsoils of a Phaeozem and Chernozem (Jul 2018)
item An Iowa on-farm carbon and soil health indicator assessment study (Jul 2018)
item Addressing gaps in estimates of NOx from California agricultural land (May 2018)
item Summer fertigation of dairy slurry reduces soil nitrate concentrations and subsurface drainage nitrate losses compared to fall injection (May 2018)
item Contributions of residue-C and -N to plant growth and soil organic matter pools under planted and unplanted conditions (May 2018)
item Sugarcane residue management impact soil greenhouse gas (Apr 2018)
item Urea amendment decreases microbial diversity and selects for specific nitrifying strains in eight contrasting agricultural soils (Apr 2018)
item Microstructural and associated chemical changes during the composting of a high temperature biochar: Mechanisms for nitrate, phosphate and other nutrient retention and release (Mar 2018)
item Source partitioning of methane emissions and its seasonality in the US Midwest (Mar 2018)
item Is corn stover harvest predictable using farm operation, technology, and management variables? (Mar 2018)
item Activated carbon, biochar and charcoal: Linkages and synergies across pyrogenic carbon's ABC (Feb 2018)
item Humic products in agriculture: Potential benefits and research challenges-a review (Jan 2018)
item Regression-kriged soil organic carbon stock changes in manured corn silage-alfalfa production systems (Jan 2018)
item Healthy soils healthy people: Unraveling the complexity (Dec 2017)
item Altered humin compositions under organic and inorganic fertilization on an intensively cultivated sandy loam soil (Dec 2017)
item Altered humin compositions under organic and inorganic fertilization on an intensively cultivated sandy loam soil (Dec 2017)
item Evaluating agricultural management effects on alachlor availability: Tillage, green manure, and biochar (Sep 2017)
item On-farm soil health evaluations: Challenges and opportunities (Mar 2017)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized soil: Can we manage it? (Feb 2017)