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Plant-Soil-Equipment Interactions
item Diversified crop rotations are a powerful management strategy for improving soil health and function (Jul 2018)
item Corn residue particle size affects soil surface properties (May 2018)
item Seven-year impact of cover crops on soil health when corn residue is removed (Feb 2018)
item Learn about your micro work-force; Manage for their success (Dec 2017)
item Previous crop and rotation history effects on corn health and associated microbiome (Nov 2017)
item Just scratching the surface: how do we measure responses of soil microorganisms? (Nov 2017)
item Maize residue removal and cover crop effects on subsequent soybean crops (Nov 2017)
item Soil health: an emergent set of soil properties that result from synergy among agricultural management practices (Oct 2017)
item Monolith root sampling elucidates Western Corn Rootworm larval feeding injury in maize (Oct 2017)
item Assessment of soil attributes and crop productivity after diversification of the ubiquitous corn-soybean rotation in the northwestern U.S. Corn Belt (Jul 2017)
item Soil nitrogen dynamics in switchgrass seeded to a marginal cropland in South Dakota (Jul 2017)
item Analyzing the impacts of three types of biochar on soil carbon fractions and physiochemical properties in a corn-soybean rotation (Jun 2017)
item Rotation history effects on soybean plants and rhizosphere microbiome (Jun 2017)
item At the heart of soil health (Jun 2017)
item Fungicidal seed coatings exert minor effects on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant nutrient content (May 2017)
item Effects of cropping systems on soil biology (Feb 2017)