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Improving Nutrient Absorption by Crops
item Biochar compost blends facilitate switchgrass growth in mine soils by reducing Cd and Zn bioavailability (Apr 2019)
item Application of gas-permeable membranes for semi-continuous ammonia recovery from swine manure (Mar 2019)
item Soil property changes from stover removal under irrigation: a multi-location assessment (Feb 2019)
item History of ecosystem model development at Colorado State University and current efforts to address contemporary ecological issues (Feb 2019)
item Combustion behavior of animal-manure based hydrochar and pyrochar (Dec 2018)
item Extraction and recovery of phosphorus from dairy manure using the Quick Wash Process (Extraccion y Recuperacion de Fosforo del Estiercol Vacuno Utilizando el Proceso Quick Wash) (Nov 2018)
item Future biochar research directions (Nov 2018)
item Elemental and spectroscopic characterization of low temperature (350 degrees celsius) lignocellulosic- and manure-based designer biochars and their use as soil amendments (Nov 2018)
item Biochar for mine land reclamation (Nov 2018)
item Agricultural Collaborative Research Outcomes System: AgCROS - An emerging network of networks for national food and environmental security and human health (Nov 2018)
item Biochar, soil and land-use interactions that reduce nitrate leaching and N2O emissions: A meta-analysis (Oct 2018)
item High-rate solid-liquid separation coupled with nitrogen and phosphorous treatment of swine manure: Effect on ammonia emission (Sep 2018)
item Efficacy of different biochars in removing odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from swine manure (Sep 2018)
item Biochar utilization for soil quality improvement, greenhouse gas reduction, metal and nutrient sequestration (Aug 2018)
item Assessing the Effects of Conservation Practices and Fertilizer Application Methods on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses from Farm Fields – A Meta Analysis (Aug 2018)
item High-rate solid-liquid separation coupled with nitrogen and phosphorus treatment of swine manure: Effect on water quality (Aug 2018)
item Capitulo 5: Nuevas estrategias de gestión, tratamiento y valorización de los efluentes organicos pecuarios: Experiencias en USDA (Jul 2018)
item Effects of crop rotations and intercropping on soil health (Jul 2018)
item Impact of edible cricket consumption on gut microbiota in healthy adults, a double-blind, randomized crossover trail (Jul 2018)
item A rapid-test for screening biochar effects on seed germination (Jul 2018)
item Economic recovery of calcium phosphates from swine lagoon sludge using quick wash process and geotextile filtration (Jul 2018)
item Gas-permeable membrane technology coupled with anaerobic digestion for swine manure treatment (Jun 2018)
item Recovery of ammonia in raw and co-digested swine manure using gas-permeable membrane technology (Jun 2018)
item Remediation of an acidic mine spoil: Miscanthus biochar and lime amendment affects metal availability, plant growth and soil enzymatic activity (May 2018)
item Nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions from cattle excrement on C3 pasture and C4-dominated shortgrass steppe (May 2018)
item Enhanced dispersion and removal of ammonia emitted from a poultry house with a vegetative environmental buffer (Mar 2018)
item Recycled agricultural wastes: biochars multifunctional role in agriculture and environment (Mar 2018)
item Nitrogen recovery from wastewater using gas-permeable membranes: Impact of inorganic carbon content and natural organic matter (Mar 2018)
item Interactions of stover and nitrogen management on soil microbial community and labile carbon under irrigated no-till corn (Feb 2018)
item A simple mathematical method to estimate ammonia emission from in-house windrowing of poultry litter (Jan 2018)
item Manure-derived biochars for use as a phosphorus fertilizer in cotton production (Jan 2018)
item Hydrothermal carbonization: modeling, final properties design and applications: a review (Jan 2018)
item The Utilization of Edge-of-Field Monitoring of Agricultural Runoff in Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution (Jan 2018)
item A New Concept: National Living Soil Repository (Dec 2017)
item The ALFAM2 database on ammonia emission from field-applied manure: description and illustrative analysis (Nov 2017)
item Simple models to predict grassland ecosystem C exchange and actual evapotranspiration using NDVI and environmental variables (Nov 2017)
item Oxidation resistance of biochars as a function of feedstock and pyrolysis condition (Nov 2017)
item Effects of biochar addition on evaporation in the five typical Loess Plateau soils (Oct 2017)
item Nematode communities on putting greens, fairways, and roughs of organic and conventional golf courses (Oct 2017)
item Conservation agriculture improves yield and reduces weeding activity in sandy soils of Cambodia (Oct 2017)
item Nutrient loading impacts on culturable E. coli and other heterotrophic bacteria fate in simulated stream mesocosms (Oct 2017)
item Phosphorus dynamics in long-term flooded, drained and reflooded soils (Sep 2017)
item Within-house spatial distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in poultry litter (Sep 2017)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of food waste for nutrient recovery and resuse (Sep 2017)
item Seasonal switchgrass ecotype contributions to soil organic carbon, deep soil microbial community composition and rhizodeposit uptake during an extreme drought (Sep 2017)
item Improved water quality and reduction of odorous compounds in anaerobic lagoon columns receiving pre-treated pig wastewater (Aug 2017)
item Conservation agriculture in high tunnels: soil health and profit enhancement (Jun 2017)
item Properties of animal-manure based hydrochars and predictions using published models (Jun 2017)
item Applicability of five models to simulate water infiltration into soil with added biochar (Jun 2017)
item Achieving lower nitrogen balance and higher nitrogen recovery efficiency reduces nitrous oxide emissions in North America’s maize cropping systems (Jun 2017)
item Biochar as a tool to reduce the agricultural greenhouse-gas burden-knowns, unknowns, and future research needs (Jun 2017)
item Characterization of a combined batch-continuous procedure for the culture of anammox biomass (Jun 2017)
item Biochar research activities and their relation to development and environmental quality: A meta-analysis (Jun 2017)
item Abundance of bacteria, fungi, and Sclerotina homoeocarpa in the thatch and soil of golf courses (May 2017)
item Ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from broiler houses with downtime windrowed litter (May 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and production of high-grade phosphates from side-stream digester effluents using gas-permeable membranes (May 2017)
item Research overview at USDA-ARS Coastal Plains, Soil, Water and Plant Research Center, and potential collaborative research projects with RDA - NIAS (Apr 2017)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of livestock mortality for the reduction of pathogens and microbially-derived DNA (Apr 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and production of high-grade phosphates from digester effluents (Mar 2017)
item Recovery of proteins and phosphorus from manure (Mar 2017)
item Phosphorus recovery from anaerobic swine lagoon sludge using the quick wash process (Mar 2017)
item Removal of antimony (III) and cadmium (II) from aqueous solution using animal manure-derived hydrochars and pyrochars (Mar 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and phosphate minerals from swine wastewater using gas-permeable membranes (Jan 2017)
item Nitrate Leaching Management (Jan 2017)
item Nitrate leaching index (Jan 2017)
item Nuevas estrategias de gestión, tratamiento y valorización de los efluentes organicos pecuarios: Experiencias en USDA. (Management strategies for organic livestock effluents,innovative treatment and valorization) (Jun 2016)