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Type, Placement, & Timing of Fertilizer
item Projected drought effects on the demography of Ashe juniper populations inferred from remote measurements of tree canopies (Aug 2018)
item Effects of manure history and nitrogen fertilizer rate on sugar beet production in the northwest U.S. (Jul 2018)
item Ammonia emissions from dairy lagoons in the western U.S. (Jul 2018)
item Spatial heterogeneity in species composition constrains plant community responses to herbivory and fertilisation (Jun 2018)
item Inter-annual precipitation variability decreases switchgrass productivity from arid to mesic environments (Jun 2018)
item Variability in community productivity-mediating effects of vegetation attributes (Apr 2018)
item Tracking antibiotic resistance genes in soil irrigated with dairy wastewater (Apr 2018)
item Soil CO2 response to organic and amino acids (Apr 2018)
item Nutrients and environment influence arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization both independently and interactively in Schizachyrium scoparium (Apr 2018)
item Flowering in grassland predicted by CO2 and resource effects on species aboveground biomass (Mar 2018)
item Effects of precipitation changes on switchgrass photosynthesis, growth, and biomass: A mesocosm experiment (Feb 2018)
item Nitrogen mineralization as affected by temperature in calcareous soils receiving applications of dairy manure (Feb 2018)
item Local loss and spatial homogenization of plant diversity reduce ecosystem multifunctionality (Jan 2018)
item Effects of dairy manure storage conditions on the survival of E. coli O157:H7 and listeria (Jan 2018)
item Occurrence and abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in agricultural soil receiving dairy manure (Jan 2018)
item Co-occurring woody species have diverse hydraulic strategies and mortality rates during an extreme drought (Jan 2018)
item Effects of diet and manure storage method on carbon and nitrogen dynamics during storage and plant nitrogen uptake (Dec 2017)
item Occurrence of antibiotics in an agricultural watershed in south-central Idaho (Nov 2017)
item Removal of lithium citrate from H3A for determination of plant available P (Nov 2017)
item Intercropping with switchgrass improves net greenhouse gas balance in hybrid poplar plantations on a sand soil (Aug 2017)
item Responses of switchgrass soil respiration and its components to precipitation gradient in a mescocosm study (Aug 2017)
item Responses of switchgrass to precipitation changes: Nonlinear and asymmetric? (Aug 2017)
item Methane emissions from dairy lagoons in western U.S. (Aug 2017)
item Effects of precipitation changes on aboveground net primary production and soil respiration in a switchgrass field (Jul 2017)
item Effects of tillage and irrigation management on sugarbeet production (Jul 2017)
item Greenhouse gas emissions from an irrigated dairy forage rotation as influenced by fertilizer and manure applications (Jun 2017)
item Impact of climate change adaptation strategies on winter wheat and cropping system performance across precipitation gradients in the inland Pacific Northwest, USA (May 2017)
item Nutrient addition shifts plant community composition towards earlier flowering species in some prairie ecoregions in the U.S. Central Plains (May 2017)
item Accelerated development in johnsongrass seedlings (Sorghum halepense) suppresses the growth of native grasses through size-asymmetric competition (May 2017)
item Species composition but not diversity explains recovery from the 2011 drought in Texas grasslands (Mar 2017)
item QTL x environment interactions and latitudinal adaptation in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) (Jan 2017)
item Vegetative biomass predicts inflorescence production along a CO2 concentration gradient in mesic grassland (Dec 2016)
item Addition of multiple limiting resources reduces grassland diversity (Sep 2016)
item Biotic regulation of CO2 uptake-climate responses: Links to vegetation properties (Aug 2016)
item Biochar and manure effects on soil biochemical properties under corn production (Jul 2016)
item Canopy foliation and area as predictors of mortality risk from episodic drought for individual trees of Ashe juniper (Jul 2016)
item QTL and drought effects on leaf physiology in lowland Panicum virgatum (Jun 2016)
item Promises and challenges of eco-physiological genomics in the field: Tests of drought responses in switchgrass (May 2016)