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Assessment of Plant Nutrient Adequacy
item Influence of composted dairy manure and perennial forage on soil carbon and nitrogen fractions during transition into organic management (Apr 2017)
item Intensifying a semi-arid dryland crop rotation by replacing fallow with pea (Mar 2017)
item Crop yield and soil organic carbon in conventional and no-till organic systems on a claypan soil (Mar 2017)
item Soil organic carbon and nitrogen in long-term manure management system (Feb 2017)
item Yield potential and nitrogen requirements of Miscanthus × giganteus on eroded soils (Jan 2017)
item Replacing fallow with forage triticale in dryland crop rotations increases profitability (Jan 2017)
item Topsoil thickness influences nitrogen management of switchgrass (Jan 2017)
item Long-term impact of a precision agriculture system on grain crop production (Dec 2016)
item Soil water infiltration affected by topsoil thickness in row crop and switchgrass production systems (Nov 2016)
item Topsoil thickness effects on phosphorus and potassium dynamics on claypan soils (Nov 2016)
item Evaluating potential dryland cropping systems adapted to climate change in the Central Great Plains (Oct 2016)
item Hydraulic properties affected by topsoil thickness in switchgrass and corn-soybean cropping systems (Oct 2016)
item Improving canopy sensor algorithms with soil and weather information (Sep 2016)
item Topsoil depth effects on corn yield and nitrogen uptake efficiency (Aug 2016)
item Which Fields Need Precision Nitrogen Management the Most? (Aug 2016)
item Nitrogen recommendation systems (Aug 2016)
item Sensor based soil health assessment (Aug 2016)
item Modifying the University of Missouri corn canopy sensor algorithm using soil and weather information (Jul 2016)
item Will algorithms modified with soil and weather information improve in-field reflectance-sensing corn nitrogen applications? (Jul 2016)
item Claypan depth effect on soil phosphorus and potassium dynamics (Jul 2016)
item Sensor-based nitrogen applications out-performed producer-chosen rates for corn in on-farm demonstrations (Jul 2016)
item Estimation of soil profile physical and chemical properties using a VIS-NIR-EC-force probe (Jul 2016)
item A decade of precision agriculture impacts on grain yield and yield variation (Jul 2016)
item A content review of precision agriculture courses in the United States and Canada (Jul 2016)
item Field potential soil variability index to identify precision agriculture opportunity (Jul 2016)
item Development of a multispectral sensor for crop canopy temperature measurement (Jul 2016)
item A global spectral library to characterize the world's soil (Feb 2016)
Last Modified: 05/21/2017
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