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Conservation Tillage
item Macronutrients in soil and wheat as affected by a long-term tillage and nitrogen fertilization in winter wheat-fallow rotation (Apr 2019)
item Management considerations for rye cover crop production (Feb 2019)
item Innovative method for cover crop termination using engine exhaust heat (Dec 2018)
item Remotely estimating beneficial arthropod populations: Implications of a low-cost unmanned aerial system (Sep 2018)
item Conservation tillage effects in the Atlantic Coastal Plain: An APEX examination (Jul 2018)
item Hydrologic impacts of extreme precipitation events on a low gradient coastal plain watershed (Jul 2018)
item Measurements and models to identify agroecosystem practices that enhance soil organic carbon under changing climate (Jul 2018)
item Simulating soil organic carbon responses to cropping intensity, tillage, and climate change in Pacific Northwest dryland (Mar 2018)
item The Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain (GACP) Tifton, GA, LTAR site (Feb 2018)
item USDA Long Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) Network and earth observation research (Feb 2018)
item Comparative analysis of SWAT model with Coupled SWAT-MODFLOW model for Gibbs Farm Watershed in Georgia (Jan 2018)
item Simulated soil organic carbon responses to crop rotation, tillage, and climate change in North Dakota (Jan 2018)
item Comparison of NOAA lidar data at 1.5 and 3 meter resolutions, for adequate watershed delineation in Tift County, Georgia, USA (Apr 2017)