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Conservation Tillage
item Assessing the Economic Impact of inversion tillage, cover crops, and herbicide regimes in palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) infested cotton (Dec 2016)
item A simple approach to enhance multiprobe soil cone penetrometer analyses (Nov 2016)
item Effects of a custom cover crop residue manager in a no-till cotton system (Oct 2016)
item A simple, gravimetric method to quantify inorganic carbon in calcareous soils (Aug 2016)
item Measurement of in-field variability for active seeding depth applications in southeastern U.S. (Jul 2016)
item Glyphosate resistant weeds - a threat to conservation agriculture (Jun 2016)
item Cotton production in the united states: production expenses and crop diversity (May 2016)
item Herbicide and cover crop residue integration in conservation tillage tomato (May 2016)
item Organic weed conrol and cover crop residue integration impacts on weed control, quality, and yield and economics in conservation tillage tomato - A case study (Mar 2016)
item Evaluation of organic cover crop termination methods: flame or fiction? (Feb 2016)
item Multiple rolling/crimping effects on termination of two summer cover crops in a conservation system (Jan 2016)
item Nitrogen mineralization from 'AU Golden' sunn hemp residue (Jan 2016)
item High residue cover crops alone or with strategic tillage to manage glyphosate-resistant palmer amaranth (amaranthus palmeri) in Southeastern cotton (gossypium hirsutum) (Jan 2016)
item Timing of cover crop termination: Management considerations for the Southeast (Jan 2016)
item Carbohydrate and nutrient composition of corn stover from three Southeastern USA locations (Dec 2015)
item Conservation tillage under threat in the United States (Dec 2015)
item Rye termination by different rollers/crimpers developed for no-till small-scale farms (Dec 2015)
item Peanut performance and weed management in a high residue cover crop system (Nov 2015)
item Summary of cover crop effects on cotton production (Nov 2015)
item Soil compaction across the old rotation (Nov 2015)
item 120 years of sustainable crop production (Nov 2015)
item The oldest, continuous cotton experiments in the world (Nov 2015)
item Considerations for site-specific implementation of active downforce and seeding depth technologies on row-crop planters (Nov 2015)
item Cotton population and yield following different cover crops termination practices in an Alabama no-till system (Nov 2015)
item Cropland rental tool (CROPRENT) for agricultural producers (Oct 2015)
item Glyphosate-resistant horseweed (conyza canadensis) control with dicamba in Alabama (Oct 2015)
item Strategic adaptation of nitrogen management for el nino southern oscillation-induced winter wheat system (Aug 2015)
item Economics of conservation systems research in the Southeastern United States (Jul 2015)
item Evaluation of a custom residue manager to manage cover crops and its effects on cotton population and yield in a no till system (Jul 2015)
item Effects of cover crop management and planting operations on cotton establishment and yield in a no-till system (May 2015)
item Impact of conservation systems on net returns to cotton production in Alabama (Mar 2015)
item Who, what, and where: Cotton production in the United States 1997-2012 (Mar 2015)
item Nitrogen applications for wheat production across tillage systems in Alabama (Feb 2015)
item Vertical distribution of corn biomass as influenced by cover crop and stover harvest (Jan 2015)
item Field testing a mobile inelastic neutron scattering system to measure soil carbon (Dec 2014)
item The oldest, continuous cotton experiments in the world (Nov 2014)
item Nutrient movement in a 104-year old soil fertility experiment (Nov 2014)
item Soil health benefits using cover crops across the Southeast (Nov 2014)
item Net returns and risk for cover crop use as an integrated pest management practice in Alabama cotton production (Aug 2014)
item Row-crop planter requirements to support variable-rate seeding of maize (Aug 2014)
item Roller/crimper designs for cover crops management on different farm scales using conservation practices (Jul 2014)
item Impact of ground speed and varying seeding rates on meter performance (Jul 2014)
item Current performance of planter technology to support variable-rate seeding in the Southern US (Jul 2014)
item Glyphosate resistant weeds - a threat to conservation agriculture (Jul 2014)
item Effect of roller/crimper designs in terminating rye cover crop in small-scale conservation systems (Jul 2014)
item Conservation cropping systems: Increasing water use efficiency and lowering production costs (Jun 2014)
item Evaluation of vegetation indices for early assessment of corn status and yield potential in Southeastern U.S. (May 2014)
item Renting cropland: choosing the best option using a decision tool (May 2014)
item Cover crops for Alabama (Mar 2014)
item Sunn hemp as a cover crop to reduce nitrogen inputs for winter wheat (Feb 2014)
item Planter unit test stand (Jan 2014)
item Performance of planter meters for cotton (Jan 2014)
item Continued support of long-term research - cullars rotation (Jan 2014)
item Continued support of long-term research - the old rotation (Jan 2014)
item Effects of terminating cover crops with rolling/crimping and herbicides in a cotton no-till system (Dec 2013)
item Nitrogen and tillage interactions for wheat in Alabama (Nov 2013)
item Climate variability and nitrogen rate interactions affecting corn nitrogen use efficiency in Alabama (Nov 2013)
item Corn stover biofuel potential and nutrient removal across the Southeastern US. (Nov 2013)
item Effects of terminating cover crops with rolling/crimping and herbicides on cotton population and yield in an Alabama no-till system (Oct 2013)
item Cover crop biomass harvest for bioenergy: implications for crop productivity (Jan 2011)
item Producing sorghum cellulosic feedstock for advanced biofuels production and its impact on soil physical properties (Jan 2011)
item Cover crop management practices-implications for early season weed control in conservation tillage corn cotton rotation (Jan 2007)
item Host status of noxious weed plants associated with Gossypium hirisutum-Zea mays rotation systems to Rotylenchulus reniformis (Jan 2006)
Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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