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Conservation Tillage
item Water quality and land cover in the Coastal Plain Little River watershed, Georgia, United States (May 2020)
item Multi-variable sensitivity analysis, calibration, and validation of a field-scale swat model: Building stakeholder trust in hydrologic and water quality modeling (May 2020)
item Productivity and water use efficiency of intensified dryland cropping systems under low precipitation in Pacific Northwest, USA (Apr 2020)
item Cover Crop Management (Mar 2020)
item Planting in Cover Crop Residue (Mar 2020)
item Corn response across plant densities and row configurations for different moisture environments (Mar 2020)
item Macronutrient in soils and wheat from long-term agroexperiments reflects variations in residue and fertilizer inputs (Feb 2020)
item Effect of rainfall events on SMAP radiometer-based soil moisture accuracy using core validation sites (Feb 2020)
item Carinata Yield is optimized at 6 kg seed per hectare rate regardless of tillage regime used (Feb 2020)
item Previous crop effects on yield of Brassica Carinata and summer crops (Feb 2020)
item Impact of winter cover crop grazing on soil health in southeastern cropping systems (Feb 2020)
item Predicted annual biomass input to maintain soil organic carbon under contrasting management (Jan 2020)
item Impact of different cover crops and termination methods on collard yield (Jan 2020)
item Improved SMAP dual-channel algorithm for the retrieval of soil moisture (Jan 2020)
item Peanut residues supply minimal plant-available nitrogen on a major soil series in the USA peanut basin (Nov 2019)
item Runoff and nutrient losses from conventional and conservation tillage systems during fixed and variable rate rainfall (Nov 2019)
item Cover crop mixtures for cotton production (Nov 2019)
item Responses of biological soil health indicators to cover crop mixtures in a conservation agricultural system (Nov 2019)
item Nitrogen mineralization from peanut residue components under simulated conservation and conventional tillage on a major peanut-producing soil series (Nov 2019)
item Evaluation of cover crop mixtures for improving soil health in ultisols (Nov 2019)
item Previous summer crop effects on yield of brassica carinata (Nov 2019)
item Corn yield and nitrogen loss differences between urea and poultry litter systems (Nov 2019)
item Tillage systems and seeding rate effects on the performance of brassica carinata (Nov 2019)
item Radish cover crop growth and compaction alleviation: effects of cultivar and planting date (Nov 2019)
item Effect of cover crop grazing on soil physical properties (Nov 2019)
item Physiological behaviour of brassica carinata in response to different plant population density under different tillage systems (Nov 2019)
item Effect of cover crop mixture and herbicide timing on weed control in cotton (Nov 2019)
item Preemergence-herbicide placement and residue disturbance affect weed control in conservation tillage cotton (Nov 2019)
item Management of high-residue cover crops in a conservation tillage organic vegetable on-farm setting in Alabama (Oct 2019)
item Cereal cover crop response to N fertilizer (Sep 2019)
item Soil water dynamics with spring camelina in a three-year rotation in Washington’s winter wheat-fallow region (Sep 2019)
item Applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for soil characterization, part II: review of elemental analysis and soil classification (Sep 2019)
item Applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for soil analysis, part I: review of fundamentals and chemical and physical properties (Sep 2019)
item Micronutrients decline under long-term tillage and nitrogen fertilization (Aug 2019)
item Micronutrients in the soil and wheat: Impact of 84 years of organic or syntfertilization and crop residue management (Aug 2019)
item Evaluation of miscanthus productivity and water use efficiency in southeastern United States (Jul 2019)
item SWAT+ estimates of peak flows for a Coastal Plain Watershed (Jul 2019)
item Nitrogen credits after peanut (Jul 2019)
item Micronutrient concentrations in soil and wheat decline by long-term tillage and winter wheat-pea rotation (Jul 2019)
item Vegetation-soil moisture coupling metrics from dual-polarization microwave radiometry using regularization (Jul 2019)
item Effects of tillage on macronutrients in soil and wheat of a long-term dryland wheat-pea rotation (Apr 2019)
item Macronutrients in soil and wheat as affected by a long-term tillage and nitrogen fertilization in winter wheat-fallow rotation (Apr 2019)
item Management considerations for rye cover crop production (Feb 2019)
item First leaf emergence force of three deep-planted winter wheat cultivars (Feb 2019)
item Cover crop response to residual herbicides in peanut-cotton rotation (Feb 2019)
item Corn yield, plant N uptake and environmental N loss differences under urea and poultry litter application at different rates and timing in Alabama soils (Feb 2019)
item Should seeding rate change under different land preparation methods of brassica carinata? (Feb 2019)
item Influence of cover crop mixture, cover crop placement, and herbicides on weed control in cotton (Feb 2019)
item Remotely estimating beneficial arthropod populations: Implications of a low-cost small unmanned aerial system (Sep 2018)
item Conservation tillage effects in the Atlantic Coastal Plain: An APEX examination (Jul 2018)
item Hydrologic impacts of extreme precipitation events on a low gradient coastal plain watershed (Jul 2018)
item Measurements and models to identify agroecosystem practices that enhance soil organic carbon under changing climate (Jul 2018)
item Simulating soil organic carbon responses to cropping intensity, tillage, and climate change in Pacific Northwest dryland (Mar 2018)
item USDA Long Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) Network and earth observation research (Feb 2018)
item The Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain (GACP) Tifton, GA, LTAR site (Feb 2018)
item Comparative analysis of SWAT model with Coupled SWAT-MODFLOW model for Gibbs Farm Watershed in Georgia (Jan 2018)
item Simulated soil organic carbon responses to crop rotation, tillage, and climate change in North Dakota (Jan 2018)
item Comparison of NOAA lidar data at 1.5 and 3 meter resolutions, for adequate watershed delineation in Tift County, Georgia, USA (Apr 2017)