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Erosion Assessment
item Reducing the impacts of agricultural nutrients on water quality across a changing landscape (Apr 2019)
item A simulation study to estimate the effects of wildfire and forest management on hydrology and sediment in a forested watershed, northwestern U.S. (Oct 2018)
item Design and development of a web-based interface for the Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender (APEX) model (Sep 2018)
item CEAP in the Cedar Creek watershed (Sep 2018)
item Comparing CLIGEN-generated storm patterns with 1-min and hourly precipitation data from China (Aug 2018)
item Dominant glacial landforms of the lower Great Lakes region exhibit different soil phosphorus chemistry and potential risk for phosphorus loss (Jul 2018)
item A discussion on Mehlich-3 phosphorus extraction from the perspective of governing chemical reactions and phases: Impact of soil pH (Jul 2018)
item Assessing intra-event phosphorus dynamics in drainage water using phosphate stable oxygen isotopes (Jul 2018)
item Integrating temporal inequality into conservation planning to improve practice design and efficacy (Jun 2018)
item Isotopic (d18O/d2H) integrity of water samples collected and stored by automatic samplers (Mar 2018)
item Modeling framework for representing long-term effectiveness of best management practices in addressing hydrology and water quality problems: Framework development and demonstration using a Bayesian method (Mar 2018)
item Total petroleum hydrocarbon degradation and BTEX leaching in soils after application of oil-base drilling mud: Impact of application rate, rainfall regime, and time (Feb 2018)
item Assessment of phosphorus availability in soil cultivated with ruzigrass (Feb 2018)
item Flow resistance interactions on hillslopes with heterogeneous attributes: Effects on runoff hydrograph characteristics (Jan 2018)
item CEAP in the Cedar Creek watershed (Jan 2018)
item Fertilizer placement and tillage effects on phosphorus leaching in fine-textured soils (Jan 2018)
item Land use and climate change impacts on runoff and soil erosion at the hillslope scale in the Brazilian Cerrad (Dec 2017)
item Phosphorus retention by fly-ash amended filter media in aged bioretention cells (Sep 2017)
item A review of phosphorus removal structures: How to assess and compare their performance (Aug 2017)
item Design and construction of phosphorus removal structures for improving water quality (Jul 2017)
item Impact of macropores and gravel outcrops on phosphorus leaching at the plot scale in silt loam soils (Feb 2017)
item Streambanks: A net source of sediment and phosphorus to streams and rivers (Aug 2016)