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Radiatively Active Gas Sources & Sinks
item Potential for nutrient loss reduction in cover cropped systems in the Upper Midwest (Apr 2019)
item Soil property changes from stover removal under irrigation: a multi-location assessment (Feb 2019)
item Crop residue management challenges: A special issue overview (Jan 2019)
item Stover harvest did not change soil nitrous oxide emissions in two Minnesota fields (Jan 2019)
item Agricultural Collaborative Research Outcomes System: AgCROS - An emerging network of networks for national food and environmental security and human health (Nov 2018)
item Spring camelina N rate: Balancing agronomics and environmental risk in United States Corn Belt (Oct 2018)
item Assessing the Effects of Conservation Practices and Fertilizer Application Methods on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses from Farm Fields – A Meta Analysis (Aug 2018)
item Statistical modeling of phenotypic plasticity under abiotic stress in Triticum durum L. vs. T. aestivum L. genotypes (Aug 2018)
item Manure and residue inputs maintained soil organic carbon in Upper Midwest conservation production systems (Aug 2018)
item Impact of edible cricket consumption on gut microbiota in healthy adults, a double-blind, randomized crossover trail (Jul 2018)
item A "Soil Lorax" perspective on corn stover for advanced biofuels (Jul 2018)
item Nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions from cattle excrement on C3 pasture and C4-dominated shortgrass steppe (May 2018)
item Limited seed and seed yield response of calendula to applied nitrogen does not justify risk of environmental damage from high urea application rates (Mar 2018)
item Interactions of stover and nitrogen management on soil microbial community and labile carbon under irrigated no-till corn (Feb 2018)
item The Utilization of Edge-of-Field Monitoring of Agricultural Runoff in Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution (Jan 2018)
item A New Concept: National Living Soil Repository (Dec 2017)
item Simple models to predict grassland ecosystem C exchange and actual evapotranspiration using NDVI and environmental variables (Nov 2017)
item Agriculture in the Fertile Crescent: Continuity and change under climate change (Nov 2017)
item Effects of biochar addition on evaporation in the five typical Loess Plateau soils (Oct 2017)
item Does soil C accrual under perennial grasses managed for bioenergy offset fertilizer induced N2O emission? (Oct 2017)
item Long-term productivity in traditional, organic and low-input management systems of the Upper Midwest (Oct 2017)
item Nematode communities on putting greens, fairways, and roughs of organic and conventional golf courses (Oct 2017)
item Nutrient loading impacts on culturable E. coli and other heterotrophic bacteria fate in simulated stream mesocosms (Oct 2017)
item Phosphorus dynamics in long-term flooded, drained and reflooded soils (Sep 2017)
item Within-house spatial distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in poultry litter (Sep 2017)
item Impacts of managing perennial grasses in the northern Midwest United States for bioenergy on soil organic C and nitrous oxide emission (Sep 2017)
item Seasonal switchgrass ecotype contributions to soil organic carbon, deep soil microbial community composition and rhizodeposit uptake during an extreme drought (Sep 2017)
item Applicability of five models to simulate water infiltration into soil with added biochar (Jun 2017)
item Achieving lower nitrogen balance and higher nitrogen recovery efficiency reduces nitrous oxide emissions in North America’s maize cropping systems (Jun 2017)
item Stover harvest impacts soil and hydrologic properties on three Minnesota farms (Jun 2017)
item Abundance of bacteria, fungi, and Sclerotina homoeocarpa in the thatch and soil of golf courses (May 2017)
item Nitrate Leaching Management (Jan 2017)
item Nitrate leaching index (Jan 2017)