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Atmosphere - Plant Response
item Emissions of N2O and CO2 following short-term water and N fertilization events in wheat-based cropping systems (Apr 2019)
item Parameterization schemes on dust deposition in northwest China: model validation and implications for the global dust cycle (Apr 2019)
item Controlled infrared-heating of an arctic meadow: challenge in the vegetation establishment phase (Jan 2019)
item Soil carbon loss by wind erosion of summer-fallow fields in Washington’s dryland wheat region (Dec 2018)
item Wind erosion and dust emissions in central Asia: Spatiotemporal simulations in a typical dust year (Sep 2018)
item Soil properties influenced by summer fallow management in the Horse Heaven Hills of Southcentral Washington (Jul 2018)
item East Asian dust storm in May 2017: observations, modelling and its influence on Asia-Pacific region (Jun 2018)
item Early-season wind erosion influenced by soil-incorporated green manure in the Pacific Northwest (May 2018)
item Wind erosion potential influenced by tillage in an irrigated potato-sweet corn rotation in the Columbia Basin (Apr 2018)
item Dynamic effects of biochar concentration and particle size on hydraulic properties of sand (Mar 2018)
item Chemical composition of windblown dust emitted from agricultural soils amended with biosolids (Feb 2018)
item Field and laboratory comparison of PM10 instruments in high winds (Feb 2018)
item Altered bacterial communities in long-term no-till soils associated with stratification of soluble aluminum and soil pH (Feb 2018)
item Wind erosion potential of a winter wheat–summer fallow rotation after land application of biosolids (Feb 2018)
item Confronting climate change challenges to dryland cereal production: a call for international collaborative, transdisciplinary research and producer engagement (Jan 2018)
item Effects of climatic conditions and management practices on agricultural carbon and water budgets in the Inland Pacific Northwest USA (Dec 2017)
item Windblown sediment transport and loss in a desert–oasis ecotone in the Tarim Basin (Aug 2017)
item Atmospheric dust events in Central Asia: Relationship to wind, soil type, and land use (Jun 2017)
item Evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural mulches for reducing post-wildfire wind erosion (May 2017)
item Sediment and PM10 flux from no-tillage cropping systems in the Pacific Northwest (May 2017)
item Rotational diversification and intensification (May 2017)
item Crop Residue Management (May 2017)
item Projected dryland cropping system shifts in the Pacific Northwest in response to climate change (Apr 2017)
item Evaluation of the RWEQ and SWEEP in simulating soil and PM10 loss from a portable wind tunnel (Apr 2017)
item Climate change predicted to negatively influence surface soil organic matter of dryland cropping systems in the Inland Pacific Northwest, USA (Mar 2017)
item Impacts of terrain attributes on economics and the environment: Costs of reducing potential nitrogen pollution in wheat production (Mar 2017)
item A Long-Term Agro-ecosystem Research (LTAR) Network of the United States (May 2013)
item Organic Research Activities of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (Apr 2013)
item Climate Change and Agriculture: Effects and Adaptation (Feb 2013)
item Biofuels-Strengthening links between agriculture and military (Nov 2011)
item Agricultural Air Quality: A USDA Perspective (Jul 2011)