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Educational Resources
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science fair demonstrationWe try to make the highly technical stuff of scientific research as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to learn why and how we conduct research, what discoveries we make, and what are their real and potential uses.

Browse below for ARS' online and downloadable resources

At right are links for educational resources at other USDA agencies and other organizations.


Resources at Science for Kids
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Other Resources for Students and Educators
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  • Science in Your Shopping Cart publication and 14-minute video— Learn about the scientific know-how that finds its way to our supermarket shelves. Popular classroom resources for upper elementary through high school.
  • Agricultural Resources for Kids and Teens  — An extensive collection of resources for kids and teens pertaining to all aspects of agriculture, including animals, nutrition, fire safety, and the outdoors.
  • Student and summer employment
  • Kids and Teens Educational Resources (National Agricultural Library)
  • Kid's Corner — Fun facts, quizzes, and games on cows and dairy products. (Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory, Beltsville, Md.)
  • Ag-tivities for Soil-Minded Citizens — Activities and experiments on soil for elementary through high school students. (Coastal Plains Soil, Water & Plant Research Center, Florence, S.C.).
  • Just for Kids! — What insects eat... and who eats THEM, and more. (Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, Sidney, Mont.)


Resources for Everyone
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For everyone we offer online news, features, newsletters and other publications, streaming video and digital photography. Among the highlights:
  • AgResearch — Use our monthly magazine to keep abreast of what's new, search by key words to find stories dating to 1996, and find out how to subscribe to printed issues of the magazine.

  • Research News — Each weekday brings news of recent ARS scientific discoveries and activities. Daily or weekly, you can get the news delivered free by e-mail — in Spanish or English.You can also search our online news archive for stories that meet your interests.
  • Image Gallery — Hundreds of our best downloadable color photographs for use in reports, projects, web sites, and bulletin boards. The gallery and our entire online catalog of thousands of images are searchable by key words. Most are available in both high- and low-resolution formats.
  • Video and podcast features — You can view these over your Internet connection; some are also available in CD-ROM or DVD format. The Video archive provides links to brief news stories. The podcast archive provides content on a variety of topics.