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FY 2019 Highlights

Increasing the Resilience of the Agricultural Enterprise

  • Advancing Sustainable Livestock and Poultry Production
  • Advancing Sustainable Aquaculture Production
  • Improving Pasture and Rangeland Management
  • Crop Breeding for Trait Enhancement and Disease Resistance
  • Advancing Alfalfa Breeding and Production Research

Enhancing the Sustainability of Agriculture through Environmental and Healthy Plants and Animals

  • Increasing the Sustainability of Agricultural Systems
  • Protecting Soil and Air Quality
  • Protecting Agricultural Watersheds
  • Protecting Animal Health through Disease Detection, Prevention, and Control
  • Mitigating Impacts of Vector-borne Diseases
  • Combating Citrus Greening Disease
  • Managing the Spread of Invasive Weeds

Delivering Safe, Healthy, and High-Quality Products to Consumers and Partners in Research

  • Safeguarding the Food Supply
  • Combating Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Advancing Human Nutrition Research
  • Mitigating Food Loss and Waste
  • Expanding Public Access to Agricultural Information